I guess they did the right thing?

We had started a new easy game to allow our three new first time players  a chance to get familiar with how it works. So we all choose our classes; I was a human bard and the leader, one of my new friends was an elf ranger/hunter, and my sister another new player was a warlock. We decided (since we only had one map at the time), to have this all take place in a single town. The DM gave us one direction to win this trial-like map, “stop the dark sorcerer”. 

Mayor (DM)- welcome adventurers, may I ask what a large band of such mighty warriors are doing in my humble town?

Me (Bard)- Hello good mayor, we have heard rumors of…

Ranger- *Is making narrow eyes at the DM and the map, then locks eyes with warlock irl*

Ranger suddenly yells out-  I use my daily and elf special (rolls 20 and 6)

Warlock- I use feifire! (rolls 2)

DM-  Ranger, you kill the mayor instantly. Warlock, you miss with your spell lighting a near by hay house on fire. The mayor turns into a tiger, then snow, then melts. Lizard men jump out of the flaming building and start attacking nearby houses while on fire, lighting the entire town on fire; people are running everywhere screaming. 

*After a minute of just starting at each other in horror*

Bard- I guess we start killing the lizard men? I use song of valor (rolls 1).

DM- The guards mistake your singing for an enemies and begins assaulting your team, the lizardmen also take notice and begin moving towards you. You are now titled Leo, Nero of Rome. 

Bard- WE RETREAT and hide.

DM-You run across the bridge and the guards and lizardmen become distracted by each other. After a couple of hours the entire town lays burned and dead, no survivors. 

Warlock- Did we win?

DM-Actually… since you killed everyone except the dark sorcerer… Well… you did stop his plans from taking the town? Ya… I guess you win? Ranger gets (whtever half a level was) and Warlock, you get (whtever 10 levels is) since you technically tapped everything with your faefire. 

We decided to continue the story as is, which lead us to go on a bloodthirsty looting spree with our overpowered warlock and lucky ranger, the DM hated us so much after that 1 week game that we haven’t played since. 

I just saw the most disgusting fetishizing thing in a new years related tag. Why can’t we celebrate our culture and holidays without white people coming in and invading it and ruining it.

i can think of like a million other mainstream songs to get upset about and question the lyrics/video/message/morality/inequality themes of besides “formation.” like, even if there was something wrong with this song, WHERE HAVE Y'ALL BEEN? you sing along with songs about disrespecting them bitches and hoes all day and it’s all in good fun, but oh no heaven forbid beyonce celebrates being black???

My boss is a princess- 2/8/2016
  • Boss:*nudging edge of the carpet with the toe of his shoe*
  • Me:What are you doing?
  • Boss:*continues to nudge the carpet until the corner flops over to reveal a stray computer cord*
  • Boss:I'm like a princess. If I'm on a bunch of mattresses and there's a pea underneath, I can feel it. I'm like a princess.
I am Disgusted

Totally and utterly disgusted. I told myself I would stay out of this mess some of you have created over the hype with Jai, but today I’ve pulled my last straw. I’ve had a rough god damn day and I am sick and tired of people thinking that attacking anyone is okay. I can’t believe what some of you have turned into, and it makes me want to scratch at my skin until it peels off because of how gross it is. 

Mecki is a person. I don’t understand why you guys seem to think that she isn’t and that she doesn’t have feelings, but you do. You’re treating her like she’s a demon, like she’s trash. She’s human. Yeah, she may be dating a celebrity, and we may admire him, but shouldn’t that mean that we should defend her the same way we do Jai? Wouldn’t he want that? 

It just boggles my mind how people think that because a picture goes around, it makes her public property and that you guys think you can just batter her because there’s a thing called the internet between you and her. Why does this need to be a catfight to you people? Why do you decide that you need to be fucking repulsive bullies? Where in your head do you deem that as being fucking okay? Would you like it if someone did it to you?

Some of you are just fine. You’re good and you support him and you’re happy because he’s happy, and I like you people, and I hope this doesn’t offend you. However, to the people that think she should go because apparently she’s just some nasty “anorexic” piece of shit that needs to go, you guys can fuck right off, I don’t care if I offend you. 

She’s part of this fandom now, and this is what you guys are putting out. To me, I would defend her just as much as I would Jai, and as you can see, that’s exactly what I’m doing, because somehow she’s playing a role in his life (be it friendship, or romance, I don’t care) and because of that, she should be taken care of. Oh, and I will repeat myself, you should defend her anyway because she is a living and breathing fucking person. 

Thank you to those who support me, the fandom, her, and Jai. Rack off to those who don’t. 

i’m kind of on the fence about twenty one pilots’ sudden exposure to mainstream media because like i’m so proud of them and happy for them because they’ve come so far since they started but i also desperately miss when they were a small lesser-known band because i feel like while the fanbase was smaller there was an undeniable family-like connection between everyone and we were all there for one another but when vessel era ended and blurryface came out everything changed and i have no doubt in my mind that it’s because of the new fans that joined because the amount of hatred and negativity that has happened during the blurryface era didn’t really exist or wasn’t very prominent during vessel era and before and it’s upsetting to me how something so beautiful changed into what it is now. i just miss old twenty one pilots and i miss being a family