The hardest part of the entire Supergirl cast shitstorm to me is that it feeds that little insecure part of me that constantly says that people just don’t care. About my experiences or my sexuality and that this world will always be a heteronormative society and that the LGBT community will constantly be hurt whether it be a gay character dying on a tv show or a cast of a show with a canon wlw relationship and calls itself progressively feminist still can mock a gay ship that means a lot to a lot of people. That no matter what we go through, no matter how much we endure it will never be enough, that I will never be enough.

My first time DMing

Me: Oh hey, guys. Seeing as you’re new to this, DnD is like a fantasy video game, but literally anybody can be fought, and you can have your own unique agenda to do pretty much whatever you want!

Me: Ok, so. You’re in your normal, rpg equipment shop, right?

Me: Behind the counter is a kindly old woman with the warm smile of a grandmother

One of my players, a wizard: What have you got?

Old woman: Oh… all the usual supplies. Rations, bedrolls, potions.

Wizard: What are your prices li-

Another of my players, a fighter: I kill her and steal her stuff.

Me: …

Me: Um. I… Guess you can do that.

Me: Make an attack roll.

*Fighter rolls Nat 20*

Me: Shit.

Me: You cleave her in half and start looting the place.

What hurts in this clip (x) is that they all  laugh…Every. Single. One. 

Wlw relationships aren’t a joke, period. 

There’s no excuse for them to all erupt in laughter after Jeremy willing chooses to bring up SuperCorp, which is a relationship they know has a large fanbase. It’s a relationship that many lgbt people look to for hope and a bit of happiness. 

The SuperCorp fandom is amazing. So many talented, beautiful, funny, valid people. This was ugly, but you’re all still super. 

i hate getting seriously involved (read: not in meme form) in drama but can i just say that Jeremy Jordan’s apology is so fucking unapologetic. First of all, calling everyone kids is THE MOST CONDESCENDING THING I’VE EVER SEEN. I don’t care if it’s in a joking way, don’t start an apology like that.

Secondly, if he - a grown man - can’t understand that as a person with a platform his words have legit meaning then maybe he should stop speaking altogether. Because all I hear from that “apology” is ‘I SAID SHITTY THINGS AND YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING ME FEEL BAD ABOUT IT AND I DONT LIKE THAT SO PLEASE STOP MAKING ME FEEL WHATEVER SEMBLANCE OF GUILT THIS IS’

anyway it was a dick move and why can’t people just own up to their mistakes and apologise and realise that what they say affects so many people outside of that damn interview room.

Hey YJ Fandom, you know I love you all but let’s try to keep the discourse at a minimum? We’re all very happy with the Season 3 news! Let’s try to be civil and keep the whole fandom happy!

Dwarf Dangers

This occurs when we need to discredit a nobleman from his role running the town we’re in. Three of the players (the human rogue, human druid and dwarf fighter) talk him into playing cards and getting drunk enough to do something stupid. The teifling bard seduces a guard for access to the nobleman, using the excuse that if she gets my friends to the card game we can spend more time in the bedroom. It works and they are playing and getting drunk, the tiefling is about to find out how drunk.

The bard and NPC she has just seduced leave the room they were in. The dwarf fighter runs past absolutely naked below the waist, the afterglow is gone.

A slightly pudgy nobleman in his underwear comes running out after him and we then see the druid and Rogue chasing after them. The rogue passes the bard and yells “Get your mage hand ready we have to catch a pantsless dwarf!

DM: I had hopes and dreams for this campaign…..I no longer do.

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Hey I don't want to be rude or anything but I saw the post about ur water friend and I just wanna know if he's doing any better, it makes me really worried to not see any updates or anything after seeing that stuff

no youre not being rude! i really appreciate everyone thats so concerned. axolotlapothecary is currently helping me out directly, because i was severely misinformed about the proper care i need to do by the people i bought him from, and all the research id been doing on the internet was also incorrect.

im extremely upset about this as i would never intentionally harm any creature, and i am taking steps to immediately amend his care so that he can be as healthy as possible. again i appreciate everyones concern, it does mean a lot to me, and i love him dearly and i want the best for him. i truly thought that what i was doing was fine, and its good that someone was able to intervene and tell me otherwise.

i am going to purchase him a larger tank and filter and hopefully this will aid him in his development and health.

The thing about living with cats is, you get utterly desensitized to things rubbing against your legs (but never to stepping on something soft). Eyes closed as you’re washing your face or head in a cupboard and something brushes against your legs that you can’t see? You just take it for granted that it’s a cat - it could be a multi-tentacle hellspawn from the netherworld for all you know, but as long as there’s a cat in the house, you shrug it off.


me nd my fave bath bomb drinking buddy :)

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I'm facing another... crisis of faith again. You see, I was reading about some stuff related to SJ and shipping; like the whole "they don't have romantic interactions in canon so why do you ship it", and Zelink came up in it. I wanted to jump right in and talk about ALL OF THE HINTS IN THE CANON AND BY THE CREATORS of their relationship, but then I found myself doubting them too, and I got scared I couldn't ship it (even though I really fucking do). Now I just feel... scared.

I see.ย But arenโ€™t those just mere opinions? ย Why should someoneโ€™s opinion have some type of effect in your enjoyment to the point of making you feel scared? My friend, please donโ€™t give them that power over you.ย 

After all, you said so yourself, Link & Zelda as a pairing have tons of hints in different games and mangas. Not to mention, official merchandise.ย 

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You see, I ship lots of parings and they all have something in common whether theyโ€™re canon or not. That something is: People who disagree with my pairing and question why I like them. ย 

And you can easily tell when someone is genuinely curious or, when they just want to attack you for it.

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