How Got7 would cheer you up when you’re feeling lonely

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Mark: Mark would cuddle you so much when he saw you were upset and feeling lonely. He’d do everything in his power to make you feel loved. He would plant kisses over your forehead and whisper sweet nothings in your ear so you knew you’d always have him.

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JB: Knowing you had been feeling lonely recently, JB would want to spend as much time as possible with you. He’d be quite clingy and would want to cuddle and kiss you loads. JB would probably plan a day or two for the both of you to go out and just have fun together.

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Jackson: If Jackson knew that you had been quite upset recently, he’d jokingly threaten to fight the people who made you feel like that. He’d want to make you laugh and smile so expect him to joke around loads and pull lots of silly faces for you.

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung seems to be the kind of person who listens really well so he’d know exactly what to do to cheer you up. He would easily be able to tell when you weren’t having a great day and so he’d know how to make you feel better. It’d be a night just for you.

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Youngjae: Youngjae would know that if you’re feeling lonely, the thing you’d want most is to be surrounded by the people you love most so he’d get all the members to come over. Being in their company always cheered you up and he knew it but he always made sure that he was the one to make you smile the most.

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Bambam: Bambam would also use humour to make you feel better. He’d do anything to get you to laugh. Whether that be through terrible puns, silly dancing or his bad singing. As long as he could make you laugh, he wouldn’t care how stupid he looked.

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Yugyeom: Being the adorable maknae he is, Yugyeom would so much aegyo to try and cheer you up. He’d love to hear you giggle at his cute actions because it would mean that your mind was away from everything and everyone that had made you feel lonely.

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It’s been a couple of months. Swimming practice is going great, his times are improving consistently, Rin’s made friends this time around, and he feels as though he’s exacting some much needed revenge Down Under.

Still, there’s something nagging at him. A sense deep in his chest that he keeps ignoring, because no, no way is he going to give in to letting himself get upset again. Everything is great, Rin, stop it. On his way home he stops by the store, picks up a few things, and heads back to the little apartment he’s staying in. Dinner doesn’t take long to make and soon enough he’s sitting at the bar-style counter, no need for a dining room for just him, and looks at his plate.

Mackerel. Saba shioyaki and rice. Why? He didn’t even remember buying stupid fish at the store.

The nagging is back. Pushing harder than ever before.

He misses Haru.


biqui  asked:

ahEM i gotta ask for science... what would mob and teru's relationship be in ur au?? i need to kno w

mobs encounter with teru still happened when they were in middle school but mob beat teru fair and square in a fight as opposed to getting choked out and going ???% (hes still a pacifist and dislikes fighting but he beat teru enough and still gave the “in my eyes youre a commoner speech” but yeah they became friends after that just because.


if we really wanna keep the “everything is reversed anyways” theme i can say that after mob met reigen is when he met teru, who has a very prestigeous job because he cheated his way through school with his powers. then they have their fight except its between 28 year olds and mob is refusing to fight back because he wants to be good for reigen (if reigen found out he hurt someone with his powers hed be Really Upset). and uh, everything happens, they become friends and Work Partners because teru quits the job hes cheating at, and its All Good!!


Ava was sitting around and sulking,her dad had recently adopted several people.Some of which were in their twenties or thirties,she thought that was sort of weird I mean they were Pretty much adults.

But that wasn’t exactly why she was upset,everything from his job to everyone else seemed to take up most of her dad’s attention.lately she seemed to be receiving less and less of it from Mason.She was beginning to feel hurt and a bit neglected,she also felt mad and a bit jealous of everyone but her who received attention from her father.

Why did he have to adopt so many other People? She liked it better when it was just the three of them plus her uncle’s.