• Laughing 24/7 because this boy loves the sound of your laugh.
  • So many kisses, on your hands, thighs, cheeks, neck, collarbone, ect.
  • Skinship.
  • Him singing to your when cuddling.
  • Rubbing circles on your hip bone.
  • Playing with Snow/Snapchat filters.
  • Karaoke dates.
  • “You’re aren’t getting out of bed until i do so lay back down.”
  • Going on double dates with Chanyeol and his partner.
  • Beak being so excited to show you off to the world.
  • “This is my Jagi and i love them very much, i hope you will too.”
  • Him hiding his face in your neck when he’s upset or sad.
  • Petting his hair and telling him that everything will be alright.
  • Running around the house because Baekhyung wants  kiss but you wanna play hard to get.
  • Stupid arguments about small things.
  • “Jagi you’re doing it wrong.”
  • Loud ass sighing coming from him because you are mad at him and ignoring him, but then you’ll get annoyed and forgive him.
  • Him looking at you with the biggest heart eyes ever.
  • You memorizing all of EXO’s songs and him being so proud of you.
  • Singing with him all the time.
  • Silly snapchats.
  • Him calling you and the two of you ending up falling asleep on the phone.
  • His family loving you more than him.
  • Purposely making him jealous because you love the cute little pouts he flashes you.
  • Him wanting you to go to the gym with him as “motivation” but really just uses that time to show off his strength to you.
  • Asking him to taste things you have cooked and him saying it’s the best thing he’s eaten even though you know it’s pretty bad.
  • Matching EVERYTHING.
  •  Him waking you up early because he got up early and gets bored when alone.
  • Having to try on a whole bunch of lingerie because he buys them for you.
  • Him letting you braid his hair and do his make up.
  • “Don’t i look pretty jagi?”
  • Owning a couple pets together and end up calling them “kids”.
  • Playing so much video games together and trying anything to win them.
  • Having a score board in your living room recording everything you had won and everything he had won, because he’s competitive.
  • Hiding the hickies he leaves all over.
  • So much teasing.
  • Forcing Baek to wipe off his makeup when tired. 
  • Going on cheesy cute romantic dates.
  • Him going on and on about his day before going to sleep knowing that used probably go to sleep mid conversation.
  • Smiley Baekhyung.
  • The other members loving ho nice you are to them.
  • Over all a sweet little (kinky) fluff ball that must be protected 100% of the time.

Don’t you just love Baek :’)


This got long... As all my FAHC things tend to do

Trigger Warning: Child Abuse, Violence, Crime, Torture, Body Horror (Kind of?), Main Character feels pain 

You know what’d be cool?

If FAHC!Gavin could cry golden tears.

First, because it’d be visually appealing, but also because it’d be so interesting? All Gavin had to do was burst into tears and he’d be rich right? Except it stings, because hello gold is not supposed to be coming out of there!

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BANGTAN reaction to their s/o not giving skinship often

Bts reaction to their s/o not giving skinship often

i just put vv nice gifs of them bc i couldnt find fitting gifs :(( WARNING THESE GIFS MIGHT KILL YOU FROM PERFECT AND SEXYNESS

JIN: Wouldn’t mind I guess, yes he’d love hugs but he wouldn’t pressure you or anything.

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SUGA: I think Yoongi isn’t much of a skinship person, so he would not mind. but he’d be always up for a hug.

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JHOPE: Like Seokjin he wouldn’t mind but he’d sometimes feel sad and just wanted a hug, so you’d let him hug you.

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RAP MONSTER: He wouldn’t mind, but he had made a deal with you that he did wanted a quick hug before he got on stage.

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JIMIN: He’d be pretty upset the first time you rejected his hug, but when you had explained everything he was okay with it.

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V: Would be very pouty and mad at the circumstances but he wouldn’t be mad at you. 

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JUNGKOOK: Would be okay with it but the times he really needed a hug, he didn’t give a fuck about your rules.

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Headcanon- Comforting Draco when he's sad


•He hates showing his emotion because he thinks it makes him weak

•When he’s upset he sometimes gets mad too

•Long silent hugs

•Reminding him how much he means to you

•He finally opens up and spills all his feelings to you

•You get scared when he’s upset because he’s never like that

•Letting him talk about everything to you

•Thanks you for putting up with him

•He apologizes for being upset and all

•Whispering everything you love about him in his ear

•Short but sweet kisses

•Sitting in utter silence, keeping each others company

•Sitting for hours and hours just talking about everything

•Cuddling for a while

•Playing with his hair to calm him down

•He eventually falls asleep on your shoulder

Broken Glass - Part 1 | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: It’s your sixth year with Draco. He has been acting strange this year and you are getting upset. When you find out about his mission, you get really angry and everything falls apart

Warnings: Blood and cuts.

- - - - - - - -

Glass. The glass mirror that Draco gave you is in your hand.

Framed pictures of you and Draco, at your side. In a glass frame.

And your heart, now as fragile as glass.

Draco Lucius Malfoy, the boy you love, has been distant from you. You assume it’s because of his father, but it’s probably more than that.

You are upset. Very. Why has he not been telling you what’s been going on? Why hasn’t he explained his attitude?

You are alone. No one is here. They are at the quiddich game. Slytherin against Ravenclaw. You would go, but Draco wasn’t playing. No other reason to go.

You hear the dormitory door creak open? Who would be here? You see your boyfriend, come in, and walk to the other side of the dormitory. He dosen’t notice you are sitting in your bed.

He puts his head in the wall. He was something clutched in his hands. One of your shirts. He holds it to his chest. He normlly holds one of your belongings to calm him down because he says that you calm him.

You slowly walk up to him. “Draco?” you say quietly. He swiftly turned around, his ocean eyes open with shock. “Uh, (Y/N)… why aren’t you at the game?” He asked nervously. “I didn’t see the point in going if you were not playing. Besides, we’re probably going to win. The Ravenclaw team is rubbish.” you replied.

Draco nodded. You put a hand to his cold cheek. “What’s going on, Draco?” He closed his eyes and then looked to the celling. “It’s just father.” He replied. “Oh, really,” you took your hand off his cheek “Is your father why you’ve been missing classes? Is your father why you’ve been off somewhere after class? Is father why you’ve been avoiding me?”

You turned around and said angrily, “Just bloody tell me, Draco.” You turned back to him. “I can’t. I need to protect you.” He said, his voice wavering.“Why would you need to protect me?” And then you realized something.

You slowly walked to him. You pulled the sleeve of his left arm up. The Dark Mark was etched across the arm of the light of your life. You backed away amd could only muster three words “How could you.”

Draco’s eyes were filled with tears. He walked up to you and kissed your forehead. You were stiff. One of his tears fell in your (Y/H/C) hair. All your could think about is all the wonderful times you had with him. Now they all meant nothing.

You pushed him away. “Why?” you half yelled half wimpered. “Father. I had to do it for him…I had to do it… for him.”

A tear rolled down your cheek. You started to yell, “Is that all that matters to you? Making Lucius proud? Can’t you think of anything else? Can you see he’s destroying you? You know how I feel about the Dark Lord. He killed everyone I loved. My family, my best friend. You’re all I have left and now you’re serving him! I thought you were better than this.”

Draco’s voice wavered “I have to do this. He said, if I didn’t do it, he’d kill you. And me. And my family.” You just stared at him.

You turned around and walked to your handheld mirror. You picked it up. Without looking at Draco you said, “When you have me this, you told me you loved me. That you’d always be there for me and that I could trust you. I guess that’s not true now.”

You smashed the mirror onto the table. Glass shattered everywhere and got into your hands. They made deep cuts but they didn’t hurt as much as the emotinal pain you were feeling right now. Blood dripped from your hands.

Draco rushed up to you, “Please don’t do this, (Y/N). I need you.” He was crying. But you ignored him. You took the picture frame with eleven-year-old Draco and you. Your first picture together.

With some hesitation, you smashed it as well, giving you more cuts. “I don’t need to be reminded of the man you used to be, the one I fell in love with, if you’re this now.” You said.

You turned to Draco. “Baby, no.” He said. You put your two bloody hands on his shoulders and whispered in his ear “I’m sorry, I can’t.” You gave him a final kiss or his cheek.

You took your hands off, leaving bloody handprints on his shoulders. Without saying a word, you started to walk out of the dormitory, glass crunching under your feet.

You walked away from the room in which your memories with Draco Malfoy lay on the floor as broken glass. Along with your glass heart broken with them.

- - - - - - - -

Ok this was really sad uuugh. Do you guys want a part 2? I have an idea for it

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Preferences: Comforting You - Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

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  • Stiles can not stand to see you upset. He will do anything and everything in his power to make you smile, going above and beyond is just almost expected when it comes to him, and when the reason he’s doing it is for your happiness nothing will stop him
  • Stiles would try to show you how much you mean to him, and how much you mean to the world in general. This would start with awkward long conversations about all the amazing qualities you have and all the things you’ve done for him and the pack
  • He would shower you in gifts in an attempt to make you smile, giving you gifts he had planned to save until your birthday. These include things you wanted, things you need and an awful lot of things that just reminded him of you when he saw them
  • Trying to cook you a home cooked meal so you eat something good… and failing badly. Possibly with the food ending up on fire, but almost definitely with smoke filling your kitchen
  • After his abismal attempt at cooking he would order pizza, or your favourite delivered food, set up Netflix and settles in with you for the night, making sure to turn his phone off so you know you’re the priority
  • Playing music that you like and forcing you to get up and dance, even if it’s barely moving, some awkward shuffle, in your room
  • Contacting Lydia and asking if she will take you shopping the next day if he is busy so he knows you’re in good hands and you won’t be able to get caught up in your thoughts
  • Just being there so you know you aren’t alone. Always offering to do anything to help, even if it means beating up someone, including Peter (which almost always brings a hint of a smile to your lips)

but no he just got thROWN INTO THE S U N

Miles really can’t stand messing up even though he is a child with limited experience who is expected to get things wrong, he gets so frustrated and angry with himself. And Gregory used to try to convince him that things didn’t matter, but clearly they did matter because they were upsetting his son. So now Gregory keeps a list of everything Miles can do and brings it out every time Miles is sniffling and saying he can’t do anything right like “Oh the court record I’m holding begs to differ”. And then he hugs Miles in that extra-safe way he has and warms him up from that post-cry chill you get.


                              that when monty falls in love, it’s deep. it’s deep & it’s passionate — without being too intense.  he makes it a point to not smother the object of his affection, even though he thinks about them nearly every twenty to thirty minutes — whether it be a passing image of their face in his mind or a surprisingly lucid daydream that they’re with him even though they aren’t. 

& if they love him back, he’s the happiest man in the world.  it may not always seem that way, with him being constantly busy with research or herpetological society meetings… but he’d like nothing more than to finish his work so he can dote on this person sweetly. 

if he ever found out that they were upset with him, he’d do everything in his power to make it up to them ————— not out of fear of losing them, but just wanting to see them happy again. not that he doesn’t care if they leave him, just that he knows it’s their decision & he’s no one to keep them hostage in a situation they don’t want to be in.

a relationship with him would include:

  • practically being worshipped 
  • never going hungry
  • always having a supportive shoulder to cry on
  • someone to whom you can tell literally anything to
  • somebody to count on, anytime
  • unconditional love & respect.

   ofc cuddles & cutesy romance. but the point is, he’ll do his best for them & only ask for a smile in return.

Best Edd Moment #12

I love Ed and Edd’s friendship. They’re there for the other whenever one of them is upset.

Edd does everything to make Ed feel better from his bad mood, like make him a pudding skin, putting on a puppet show, and giving him a chicken. Edd gives him a hug.

Ed’s bad mood bothers him so much that he cannot go on with the rest of his day. Ed has always been a jolly person. Edd cannot stand change. Everything has to be the same.

Edd also quips this is what he likes whenever he is feeling crabby. I don’t feel like Edd gets a lot of hugs. And due to Ed’s poor hygiene Edd has to talk himself through or clean the invisible dirt from Ed before he can hug him.

Friends come first. That’s what I like about Edd. Like in the Christmas episode instead of going to have his Christmas Eve dinner he helps Eddy try to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Edd owes a lot to his friends because they’re the ones who wanted to get to know him more.

Siel: Part Eighteen


That was it. Sam had been captured. His magic wiped out. Whipped. And now his sister was upset and keeping secrets. Everything that Sam had dealt with in the past month, hit him all at once.


Lyria felt the wave of magic before she saw the blue flames reach the sky, “Ciel. Please tell me that you did not send my brother, someone who was just held captive for two weeks, and a newly mated male to another male about his sister.”

He winced.

She smacked him upside the head, “what the hellas is wrong with you?!”

He rubbed the back of his head, “Sorry.”

“Come on, you moron,” Lyria yelled over her shoulder, running towards the flames.


Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, saw the flames from the forest. She knew those flames. They were the same ones that prowled under her skin. She could feel the pain and frustration calling out from them.

She ran. She ran to her son.


Aedion Ashryver, The Wolf of the North, saw the flames from the courtyard. He looked at his king, who, without hesitation, shifted and headed to the flames.

He sheathed his sword and ran too.


With his hand on Gavriel’s throat, Sam held back his flames, from reaching Gavriel. Just barely.

“Sam,” Gavriel gasped out, “this is not you. Calm down.”

“I’m sorry, Gavriel. The past month has been hell for me, you understand, don’t you? You know what it’s like to be whipped and then tortured. After all, you were loyal to my beloved aunt for centuries and let her take my mother to be tortured as well. So you must know,” Sam growled, “that when it comes to my sister, after all of this, I am on edge.”



Gavriel looked over, Lyria was pale, her eyes wide. From behind her, Ciel and the Queen of Terrasen came up to her. The queen’s eyes were world ending.

“Sam.” Aelin ordered, “Let him go.” Not a command from a mother, but a command from his queen.

“Something is wrong with Lyria and he won’t tell me what is wrong.”

“Let. Him. Go.”

Sam let him go, his flames slowly dying down, and left back through the woods, leaving them all staring at each other.

“What the hell happened with the witches?!”

You Are Afraid Of Thunder ~

Jackson: Wonders if you are serious. Thunder is just static unloading between shy and earth and you are safe inside the house. When you don’t cheer up after that, he will come cuddle up to you. 

Jaebum: Is very endeared and builds a nest for you in the bed and cuddles up to you. He likes being protective over you and this is the perfect opportunity.

Jinyoung: He will lay down on the bed with you and sweetly stroke your cheek. He does not want you to be upset. 

Kunpimook: Will do everything in his power to make you laugh. You need to forget about the weather. 

Mark: He will come sit with you and cuddle with you and just be very lovey dovey in general to distract you.

Youngjae: Brings over a fuckton of snacks and does everything in might to make you cheer up. Even if he has to sing from the top of his lungs for an hour straight.

Yugyeom: Will drag you to the bedroom and have distraction sex with you, nuf said.

Give me a roadrat fic where roadhog is in denial and junkrat doesn’t understand what he’s feeling

Roadhog knows he loves junkrat but he doesn’t want to deal with the disappointment of not being able to have him and so he pretends that nothing has changed. But he can’t help but stare at him and touch him a little longer than necessary

Junkrat has never felt like this towards someone else ever. He’s only ever felt this way when seeing explosions and making his bombs but it’s 10x worse when he’s around mako

Roadhog continues doing what he’s supposed to do but notices that junkrat seems to be twitchier than usual but he thinks nothing of it. Soon junkrat is just avoiding all of roadhog’s touches and comes up with lame excuses to get away for a while

This upsets roadhog greatly and he thinks that it’s his fault and now everything is super awkward. But he’s not about to dance around the subject so he confronts junkrat. Junkrat just tries to change the subject and avoids answering directly until he can see how upset mako is and he just blurts out “iT’S YOUR BLOODY DAMN FAULT”

This just leads to junkrat describing his feelings towards hog and how he’s confused and he doesn’t understand what’s happening. Mako just laughs in relief cuz rat doesn’t hate him and he actually returns his feelings holy shit!!!

So when they have sex for the first time it is the most awkward thing ever. They take it slow and they’re asking each other “is this okay” “are you alright” and honestly it’s just a mess. But they’re laughing and smiling and they wouldn’t have it any other way

Just imagine

Dan likes physical contact, but only from
Phil. His personal space is HIS BUBBLE, but when he’s scared or upset, Phil’s hand on his hip or waist makes everything okay. Dan will just pick Phil’s hand up and place it on his own thigh sometimes when they’re sitting next to each other. Just imagine Dan getting comforted by Phil’s touch.

EXO Reaction to you having a breakdown.

Hey guys, I’m only doing ot9 now, but if you would like ot12 just request it and i’ll make it happen.
- Chloe xx

Baekhyun - When Baek saw you breakdown into tears stressed over an exam coming up, he’d also breakdown in his own way, he’d feel disappointed in himself thinking he could have prevented this from happening if he helped you instead of being away for a while. 

Chanyeol -  Chanyeol wouldn’t exactly know what to do because he have never seen you cry/breakdown. He’d stare in disbelief but then come to the conclusion that you were really stressed out and need him.  

Chen - He’d be one to not make the atmosphere around you so depressing, when Chen see’s you upset deep down he is too but he does everything in his power to lighten the mood and put a smile on your face. *imagine you are kai*  

D.O - He’d be just upset as you are, seeing you in such a state wrecks him, he’d sometimes have to take time so you don’t see him cry. He hates nothing more than to see you cry because it breaks his heart.

Kai - Kai be like Chen, try everything to make you smile, he’d do quirky gestures and laugh. He also wouldn’t back down from helping you with your school work so he doesn’t have to see you upset again. 

Lay - Sweet Lay would sit down and listen to you and hear your thoughts. He would never push you if you weren’t up for it but he would want to help you with everything. 

Sehun - He’d try to keep his distance but it kills him too, he’d always think it was better to leave you alone to your thoughts but deep down he want to just cuddle you till you fall asleep and forget about everything until the morning. 

Suho - Like Lay, he’d listen to you and listen to why everything is stressing you out so much. He’d give you advice on what do and help you out. But he wouldn’t make you carry on if you’re too upset, he’d just cuddle you till you are up for the challenge. 

Xiumin - Xiumin would give you a happy inspirational pep talk, he’d make you feel better and stronger in an instant. He wouldn’t be pushing you at all, he’d be romantic and solid partner. 


Exo's reaction to you having a bad day and everything has gone wrong

Can I get an exo gif reaction to you (his gf) coming home really mad and upset because everything went wrong and you’re just done? Plz? :)) I love love love your blog btw!!!- Anon. 

Xiumin: Why don’t you come over and give your oppa a big hug?

Luhan: Don’t let the bad day bring you down babe. Everything’s gonna work out just fine. 

Kris: *sees you are angry and upset*

Suho: *tries to make your day better by making you laugh*

Lay: *walks into the kitchen* A person’s never happy when she’s on an empty stomach! Stay right here, I’ll be right back!

Baekhyun: Why don’t you come over and cuddle with me?

Chen: *trying to dance his way into making you laugh* I just want you to smile <3

Chanyeol: Just don’t even worry about the girls at work. They need to get themselves a life. 

D.O: come over here angel. Tell D.O oppa what’s wrong.

Tao: Who made you upset? Who do I need to hurt today?

Kai: *sees you’re angry and runs over to you* omg baby what’s wrong? 

Sehun: Don’t be annoyed babe. I’m here for you. We’ll get through this together.

Gifs aren’t mine:)