[steve carlsberg voice] “i dunno about this guy… he’s probably secretly evil or something”

i just kind of finished this up real quick because i posted that WIP a while ago and yeah here you go

i’m very upset over the existence of adorable, affectionate, caring, earnest and adoring carlos the scientist

so basically, caliborn becomes lord english and fucks up everything because he gets upset that on his journey to be the greatest artist ever, he encounters john egbert, who beats him up because he didn’t like the direction his story was going

There are people that do not understand why Barry loves Iris, and that is so upsetting.

Barry said Iris is his everything, and that is nothing that we did not already know, because it had been shown to us from the first episode.

The reasons why Barry loves Iris are not just told to you, but shown to you. She really is his everything, and I understand why he is in love with her, because I am too, just watching her.

That woman sat by his bedside, when he was in a coma for nine months, every day, holding him, talking to him, crying for him, and waiting for him to come back to her.

When his mom was killed in front of him, no one believed him, even the police. Then Iris, ten year old Iris, his best friend, took his hand, told him she believed him, without having to hear what happened, and said she believed him. She had been waiting up for him, even though she knew she may get in trouble, but she was waiting for him to come home.

In school when Barry was bullied it was Iris that stood by him. She was his hero.

He became The Flash, and Iris wanted to reveal to the world that he existed, not for her career, but to help Barry realize that he was right when everyone tried to call him crazy. She didn’t even know Barry was The Flash, and he stood there listening to the reasons why Iris needed The Flash, and it was for Barry. She never idolized The Flash because of his power, but for what he symbolized for Barry.

Every time Barry needed advice, help, love, no judgement, Iris gave it to him. She was his lightening rod years before he ever became The Flash.

Barry loves Iris because of her strength. Even in the grave yard scene, the reason why Iris didn’t like that book, was not just about her, but because it hurt both of them. Iris as a child hated a book because it not only reminded her of what she lost, but what Barry lost too. His pain was her pain, and Iris only wanted to protect him from that.

The image of Iris pulling Barry through the speed force is just a physical image to show you what she has been doing for him for years. The reason why Barry was able to be the good man he is, and the superhero, is because of Iris and the way she believed in him.

Forget the romantic aspect of them, and try and understand what she means to him as a person.

If you don’t like Iris, that is fine, but do not ever call yourself a Barry fan if you want to take away the one person that has always loved and believed in him, the person who he refers to as his everything.

Just imagine

Dan likes physical contact, but only from
Phil. His personal space is HIS BUBBLE, but when he’s scared or upset, Phil’s hand on his hip or waist makes everything okay. Dan will just pick Phil’s hand up and place it on his own thigh sometimes when they’re sitting next to each other. Just imagine Dan getting comforted by Phil’s touch.

Ahh, the morning has come, wednesday is here, the birds are chirping, and rising on the horizon there’s SAD REI AND DISTRESSED nAGISA FREE! ETERNAL PAIN WAKE ME UP INSDI E

but no he just got thROWN INTO THE S U N

Telling your friends about how you dragged someone like:

Me Watching Penny Dreadful

Show: *introduces Victor Frankenstein*
Me: Oh no. Oh no here it comes.
Show: *has Victor awaken his undead man-baby and, instead of running away, step up and be a parent to that undead man-baby like a fucking adult*
Me: Oh! Oh, this is different from the book. This is quite nice actually.
Show: *Victor teaches his man-baby how to eat, helps him pick his name, takes him outside on nice strolls and lets him pet a horse*
Me: Oh, this is really nice! This is so sweet! Look at him and his man-baby!
Show: So you like this? You like Victor being a good creator!daddy to Proteus?
Me: Yes! Yes, I really really do! Wait, why do you -
Show: *kills Proteus horribly* BAM say hello to Caliban!
Me:……… what the ACTUAL FUCK


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Okay okay

But what if the reason sherlock doesn’t get along with his parents is because he’s gay and they had a falling out. I mean you always wonder why his parents weren’t even mentioned until TSoT and that’s only to say that his mother understands very little. And yet we see a perfectly normal loving mother and father appear later in the episode (only after John is happily engaged and sherlock is living alone again I might add).

Thus may also be the source of Mycroft’s iconic line “Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.” Think about it. If Sherlock was gay and came out at a young age in which he couldn’t leave his parents or even if Mycroft came out (“I never upset her mycroft” - ASiP) then Mycroft would have done everything in his power to teach Sherlock to not show that affection so as to not receive the wrath of their parents.

This would also be an explanation for all the resentment that Sherlock has for his parents and Mycroft who basically repressed who he was to the point that he hated himself (which also may be why he turned to drugs and would explain Mycroft’s personal responsibility for Sherlock because he feels he drove him to it).

And obviously Sherlock believes he did it all himself (“I made me, Watson” - TAB) and represses himself too “the body is merely trasport” afterall. And so when he has feelings for John (I mean did you see that special?) he turns right back to his old habits to get rid of the feelings.

BTS Reaction to you coming home mad and upset because you had a bad day

Can I get an bts gif reaction to you (his gf) coming home really mad and upset because everything went wrong and you’re just done? Plz? :)) I love love love your blog btw!!!- Anon. 

Rapmon: Clearly you’re having a bad day because you haven’t had your daily dose of Rapmon yet :) 

Suga: Don’t be sad jagiya. When You’re down, I’m down too :(

Jin: Don’t be mad sweetie… Everyone has had a bad day before. Come on, let’s go eat some ice cream and later we’ll watch a movie and cuddle <3 

J-hope: *trying to do ridiculous things to make you laugh*

Jimin: *nervous* You’re not upset because of something I did right?

V: You know what will cheer you up? Hearts from me because I love you <3

Jungkook: *examining your face*

You: What are you doing?

Jungkook:  I’m searching for that beautiful smile of yours. Where did it go?

First BTS Reaction! Gifs aren’t mine! :D