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Just to throw salt in his wounds: I rode horses for 8 years and can confirm that Roy Moore has no idea how to ride a horse. I was trained in both English and Western styles. Moore has NO style. You’re never supposed to hold the reins out on both sides, which upsets and confuses the horse! This borders on animal abuse. On the bright side, at least the horse was of age.

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*Takes Pastel's glasses and quickly smooches her on the cheek before lightly jogging away.*

Pastel: What….j–… I have so many questions… H-hey My glasses!


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been posting much And they aren’t really questions.. I will try to answer actual questions and such. Also, Im going to be answering asks for Milk Tea now

knappl replied to your post “how………………… embarrassing would it be……………… if i drew a genyatta…”

But it’s a good idea

@knappl you know what

you’re absolutely right

So what I said to @iamneversleepingagain was like, “WHOOHOO FUCK YES THOROUGHBRED AU” but what I appear to have meant was, “Thoroughbred stopped being a happy horse story when my own experiences with horses got upsetting and traumatic, so my Thoroughbred AU will not be happy either.” Except, maybe it eventually will be? BUT BITTY AND JACK BOTH GET HORSE TRAUMA. And Alicia gets to be a casually profane horse trainer. And there are mentions of animal death.

Eric spent so long dawdling over his phone that he had to hurry through tacking up, and he and Señor Bunny still arrived at the arena late for their lesson. Alicia didn’t comment on it.

“Let’s warm up at the trot,” she said in greeting, eyes crinkling with a smile. “Counterclockwise.”

Bun shifted his weight at the last minute as Eric mounted, so it took an extra effort to pull himself over instead of falling off, but he managed it in the end, then took his reins up and got his horse quiet before pressing him into a trot.

It seemed to be going fine; Bun was eager to get moving, felt joyous to be moving out. “Nice and easy, that’s it,” Alicia called, and Eric was fixing his posture, adjusting his leg position, as they passed an advertising banner that flapped slightly–and Bun shied.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Eric coached, reining him back. Bun, prepared to run the second before, dropped down to a walk for a few paces as Eric patted his neck and spoke soothingly. “No need for that, Mr. Bun. We’re all okay here. It’s not gonna hurt you.” He looked over to Alicia, nodded, and nudged Bun back up to a trot.

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Motion Sickness

Bucky Barnes x Shy Reader

Summary: Bucky, reader, and the rest of the Avengers go to a carnival on their night off. 

Word Count: 1,998

Warnings: language, panic attack, carnival rides (?), and fluff. (Let me know if I missed any)

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fic lol. I was a little nervous to post it on here… I hope you guys like it. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for reading. :)

 P.s. this will probs be long bc I’m horrible with getting rid of words lol don’t hate me pls. 

It has been a while since you and the Avengers had a night out all together, so you guys decided to go somewhere. When out for their early morning run, Steve, Bucky, and Sam saw a poster for a carnival that was coming to town during the weekend. 

The three of them thought this would be a great thing to do to get their minds off of the stress works caused recently, with saving the world and all. Out of the three, Bucky was definitely jumping up and down on the inside. It’s been a while since he’s attended one, give or take 70 years. 

Once they shared the news with everyone else, they all agreed with the idea of going. You, on the other hand, were nervous to say the least. Being the one who only played the games in the booths rather than taking risks and trying the big rides, you wondered if this was really the best situation for you. You knew someone was going to drag you on a ride whether you liked it or not, so you really didn’t have a choice. 

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The Crows Playing Skyrim

These are probably (most definitely) based off my own experiences.

Matthias: Nord. Likes Windhelm. Explores more than anything. Definitely picked up every fucking object in the first house he came across. Does he need 14 pans? Maybe. For all the potatoes. Fights everyone and anything head on regardless of level. Level 2 BRING IT ON DRAGON. Goes bare handed boxing. And you know that dog? He takes it with him everywhere. Takes unnecessary damage to keep that damned dog safe. He will restart from the last checkpoint if the dog dies. Even if he hasn’t saved in hours. Def does the werewolf thing. Marries Aela the Huntress.

Nina: High Elf. Magic. ALL OF IT. Becomes the High Mage up in Winterhold. Fights with all types of Magic. Has an affinity for healing and fire. Always picks the most flirty dialogue options. Decks her character in furs and armor and badass war paint. Loves amulets. Hates alchemy–no patience. Super annoyed when she can’t fast travel. Was gonna marry Mjoll the Lioness but Jesper claimed dibs because well. Mjoll the Lioness Married Vilkas instead.

Wylan: Imperial. Takes time to level up his character in multiple skills. Likes helping people in towns. Likes Whiterun the best. Follows the quest, but takes side quests often to hone his skills. Decks himself out like a knight figure. Good old fashion dragon slayer. Gets really upset if his horses die. This is why he can’t travel with companions. Definitely downloads the packages where he can adopt kids and animals with his husband Perth.

Jesper: Wood Elf. Bow and Arrow because it’s closest to pistols. Delves into fire magic. Likes the thu'un options the best. Rushes around, never really finishing side quests. The list of quests keeps going and going. This stresses Wylan out when he watches him. Like Nina, he likes to sweet talk characters. When he got the marriage amulet he went around and interviewed all possible spouses. Settled on Mjoll because Mjoll. Sets up in Solitude because let’s face it, that house is ballin’. Jarl of everywhere. Occasionally takes companions, but still guilty over getting Lydia killed, even if she was always IN THE GODDAMN WAY.

Kuwei: Argonian. Fire magic duh. Nothing else. Except alchemy. Trains with as many people to become fantastic at alchemy. Poisons, health potions, he can do it all. Memorized all the ingredients needed, too. Actually finished that ridiculous fucking side quest to find all those screaming Ninroot plants. Hasn’t married yet. Likes Morthal for the bridge, and the Throat of the World.

Inej: Khajiit. The Dark Brotherhood, end of story. Was tempted by the Thieves Guild and the Nightingales, but that deep red keeps calling her back. Shadowmere is her constant. Sneak thief and assassin extaordinare. Deeply distressed by Astrid’s betrayal. Hasn’t finished the game yet because she prefers the side quests. Uses the money she gains from her completed assassinations to help the less fortunate characters. So you think you “could lie down and sleep forever?” The Dark Brotherhood says it’s your lucky day. “Hail Sithis.”

Kaz: Breton. Sneak thief. Hones the ever loving shit out of speech skill. Can persuade everyone to do his bidding or to let him walk free. Prefers using just a dagger because he rarely kills face to face. Does enough of the main quest to get the dragon souls. Doesn’t mess with magic too much. Takes over Markarth because FUCK MARKARTH. He got hit with the glitch of doom that doesn’t let you escape imprisonment there, so once he got it fixed all bets were off. Came down with the fury of the saints on Markarth. We’re talking setting the dragon on it, doing storm call. He resets his checkpoints just to fuck Markarth up again and again. Who’s your god, now?

Literally every single one of them was pissed you can’t marry Brynjolf. That’s why half of them are single.


Anonymous said:Imagine the Lost Boys proving to you they care. I’m sorry it’s not a specific guy but I couldn’t chose between my sweethearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, anon, for sending in a request! I wouldn’t have been able to choose either, so no worries there. I’ll post your requested imagine up soon!

I hope that this will suit what you were looking for.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

And the bottom gif is credited to:

Imagine: The Lost Boys proving that they care for you.

It was a peculiar thing to think about the most mysterious boys in Santa Carla proving that they cared for you. It caused many citizens upon the board walk to bat a few eyelashes and glue their eyes to you. They knew not to mess with you.

David, the charismatic leader of the group, would send one ghoulish glower at any offender and send them quaking in their boots. He was awfully protective of you, and whenever you would stray, - head towards danger -, he would show up and command you to come away with him.

Dwayne was practically your personal bodyguard, his muscular stature was almost impenetrable. And his hawk-like glare and brooding expression would cause sheer uncomfortable energy to surround and overwhelm whomever was bothering you. He was like your guarded wall.

Paul and Marko were a duet in proving that they cared for you, always offering you entertainment and a wonderful sense of humour. If you were upset, Paul would horse around, doing impressions of famous people or pretending to be animals or something immature and funny. Marko would flash you his Cheshire grin, which always made you happy; along with his shoulder to cry on.

Neither of these boys were comforting with words, but their presence made you feel safe, as they brought you care and a fun night for eternity.

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My bf says he won't buy Shadow of War which is implementing micro-transactions that allow players to progress more quickly because he thinks it's a sign of the publisher's greed. I think that may be true but it's single-player, and afaik you can't buy anything you couldn't earn. Seems like someone weighed the players who could possibly leave against the players who either wouldn't care/would shell out the extra money and decided it was worth it. He thinks it's going to ruin them. Your thoughts?

The number of people who will skip over Shadow of Wardor because of microtransactions is probably going to be statistically negligible. Maybe if it were 2006 and people were still getting upset over Bethesda selling Horse Armor in Oblivion such an issue might get some traction, but microtransactions and paid DLC has appeared in many beloved games and had very few problems for years and years now. Every now and then there will be some kind of public backlash about this sort of thing, but they rarely affect the actual bottom line or the game’s general reception. Given the success of other games with loot boxes and the fact that this loot box content has no effect on anyone else’s gameplay, I find it unlikely that it will have any sort of real effect on the game’s reception. If the game is good, microtransactions will not harm it. If the game is mediocre or bad, the microtransactions won’t make it any better.

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How do you manage to stay above the discourse and not be affected by it? I've had to distance myself from the fandom just because it hurt too much to watch Shiro. The character who I genuinely love, the character I who I wanted growing up, the character I wished for in my childhood watching sci-fi animes as a 5-6 year old. Become nothing more than a demonized pariah all because of this disgusting discourse. I just want to know how you've managed to keep yourself afloat.

Avoiding Discourse and Negativity: a Guide

1. Understand that a lot of “discourse” is just manufactured outrage over nothing, or ship wars in disguise. Ignore that stuff. Focus on people’s actual, legitimate concerns about representation and issues, because that’s what’s actually important. I am always here for critical discussions about how characters/ships are presented in canon and fanon works and the intersections of different marginalised identities in the show’s characters. I’m not here for fake outrage and hypocrisy. There’s a difference between discourse and disk horse.

2. Heavily curate your tumblr dash and block/unfollow anyone who annoys you. A Big Name Blog that posts gross stuff about Shiro? Unfollowed. A mutual you’ve followed for months who starts posting annoying disk horse that upsets you? Unfollowed. An otherwise good blog that attacks and harasses people? Unfollowed and probably blocked. Don’t even feel bad.

3. Install xkit and use the blacklist to block any tags that routinely annoy you. I have “langst” blocked because so much of it gets on my last fucking nerve. That’s my personal preference and it makes my tumblr experience 8000% happier and calmer. You can also use xkit’s “block post” function to make any really annoying/upsetting posts disappear forever into the void. I make liberal use of this too.

4. Turn off anon asks and leave them off. Trust me on this.

5. Find salty friends and vent to them in the chat. I do this a lot so all the bitter, salty ranting doesn’t make it onto my blog. Believe me, I am not unaffected by the Shiro grossness, but I have people I talk to about it when it gets me down and those people completely understand and get my anger and whenever I talk to them I feel way better. They know who they are.

6. Take a break if you need to. Step away from tumblr for awhile. I’ve done this at times when the Disk Horse became incredibly frustrating or particularly tiring. You don’t owe anyone a response or a reaction. You’re allowed to nope the fuck out if you need to and come back when things have calmed down.

7. Spread light, not heat. Whenever people hate on Shiro or say something particularly gross about him or erase his mental illness, I just passive aggressively reblog all the meta I’ve written about him, or the Shiro appreciation posts, or stuff from bloofyboy. I made bloofyboy to spread more Shiro love, because if this fandom isn’t going to appreciate him then I’ll do it myself, and whenever I get upset or angry about his treatment I just channel that into even more posts and meta about Shiro being amazing.

8. Remind yourself that people love and appreciate Shiro. Go read all the tags on bloofyboy if it helps. There’s a lot of love there and whenever I feel bad I go to bloofyboy and read the tags and feel better.

9. Understand that you cannot control how other fans will interpret/react to a character, nor how they will treat him. However, you absolutely can control your own fandom experience and how you react to him. Focus your energies on yourself, and having a nice time for yourself, and making your little corner of fandom a happy, Shiro-loving haven, and screen-out and ignore all the bad stuff. No matter what any fan says about Shiro, they can’t change canon Shiro from what he is: an amazing, strong, brave, scarred, struggling, inspirational disabled mentally ill Japanese MOC who is also a huge adorable dork who deserves the universe.

This fandom might not deserve Shiro. But you do.

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Could you do one with the Attack On Titan boys (including Erwin, Levi, and Mike) cheering up their girlfriend?

((I had a lot of fun with this one, I made myself squeal while writing about Erwin))

Eren: I can see Eren being the type to think training is the best way to get your mind off things so he would have his girlfriend come and train with him. It wouldn’t really work at first cuz come on Eren really? you think exercise is fun? But eventually it would be kinda fun, Eren would probably mimic Sasha and Connie and try teaching her outrageous moves. Even if he is a little embarrassed because he’s acting so silly the smile on his girlfriends face when she watched him would make it worth it.

Armin: Books, Armin would hunt down the most interesting book he could find. A fantasy novel about far off lands filled with amazing creatures dashing heroes fair maidens and adventure. or a mystery novel that’s full of twists and turns and big reveals. Armin would read to his girlfriend with so much enchantment that nobody could stay down in the dumps. He would want to get his girlfriend’s mind off her troubles for a short time, of course he would still talk with her about why she was upset afterwords.

Jean: *Insert horse joke here* Jean would take his girlfriend on a horseback ride, he would sneak some bread and share it with her by the river. He would think a change of scenery would brighten her mood, I mean they spend everyday either training or being so serious. So just relaxing and just being teenagers would in his opinion be a good idea, to stop and smell the roses to take in the peaceful scenery they never have time to admire.

Marco: It may sound really boring but Marco would think a good nap would help his girlfriend feel better. They live such a stressful life and sleeping sadly isn’t priority. So a peaceful nap to Marco would sound like a good was to ease his girlfriend. Surprisingly enough it really would work, who wouldn’t love taking a calming nap with their cute freckled boyfriend???

Reiner: He would take his girlfriend to dinner, treat her to a nice meal. Wine and dine the little lady, who could stay sad when your bara boyfriend is treating you like a princess? Reiner, like Jean would think doing something different would help his girlfriend feel better. A bit of normality goes a long way, they are teenagers after all and they have every right to act that way sometimes. 

Bertholdt: He would hate to see his girlfriend so unhappy, it would just about break his heart. Bertl would take his girlfriend for a walk during sunset, he wouldn’t want to push his girlfriend to do anything she didn’t want to do. Something simple and relaxing like walking hand and hand would be the best thing in his eyes. It would work wonders, Bertl is a gentle giant and him being so sweet and concerned about her would make any girl feel better.

Connie: He’s the funny guy, so naturally jokes would be his go to tactic. Though it may not work at first since his girlfriend is used to his jokes and funny personality. So he may have to try a different method to cheer her up, he would try something like playing cards or taking her to a lake to skip stones. It may not sound that fun but oddly enough it would work, his girlfriend would be able to tell that Connie was concerned about her and he was trying to be serious about the issue. Connie would be a really good cuddler in these kind of circumstances too.

Levi: He’s not good with things like this, what was he supposed to do? He would rack his brain trying to think of what he could do to cheer her up, he may even ask Hanji or the cadets for suggestions. (though he would tell them not to breath a word about it) Even though he loves his girlfriend very much he can’t spoil her in terms of buying her something like a new dress or dinner or something like that. I can see Levi being more open in a sense that he would ask if she wanted to hold his hand or do more things together. He would tell a lot of poop jokes too.

Erwin: I can see Erwin being really cute in his attempts, he would give her a stack of paperwork to do which would piss her off at first but work is work so she would do it. As she gets through a few papers she would find little notes Erwin stuck to the documents, cute little messages like ‘I saw a pair of love birds this morning, it was you and I in the mirror’ or  ’I bet you were really angry with me when I gave you work, fooled ya didn’t I?’ He would also ask her little questions like which of the cadets are the cutest in her opinion or if he should change his hair style. Silly things like that would totally make her smile and once she gets to the last document the last note would read ‘I love you <3’

Mike: Since he has such a good sense of smell he may go for something that is pleasing to the senses, he would buy her a dessert he thought she would like and the best smelling flowers he could get his hands on. He would give his girlfriend lots of secret kisses making sure his whiskers tickled her each time so he could hear her giggle. Mike always has a naturally calming vibe about him so just having him hold her in his arms would do a lot of help. He may dote on her a little more then usually, offer to make her tea or coffee or if she needed anything. Just simple acts like that would improve any girls mood.

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I know every1 here hates horses but speaking of pets. My horse was moving around a ton when I was trying to replace her leg bandage (she got injured recently) and bc she was acting crazy everything was harder/more dangerous/stressful than it needed to be. Bc of that I kind of got after her more than I should’ve and I was telling a friend abt it and she was like “well at least your horse always will love you!” I immediately started crying I feel terrible for getting upset, my horse is an angel :(

this is pure feed your horse some oats for me

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Esme is a very dynamic, present woman – from dancing and performing on the streets for money, to participating as a star attraction in the Festival of Fools, to defying Frollo by freeing Quasi despite orders to the contrary, and fleeing into the church for sanctuary. She doesn’t hesitate to act, using a candelabra to attack Phoebus, and then saving his life later by throwing a stone to upset Frollo’s horse. She leaps into the water and saves him from drowning, then carries him to Notre Dame to entrust him to Quasimodo. Even though she’s “scared” as Quasi helps her escape, Esme doesn’t seem troubled by his admission that he’s never “done this before".

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She has a certain amount of detachment, and doesn’t mince words when telling Frollo what she thinks about him. Esme uses her logic to make a swift but impressive escape, then reasons that Quasi is the best person to protect Phoebus. She is somewhat oblivious to his feelings, failing to notice his crush on her, in favor of turning her focus to more immediate solutions.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Esme loves the crowd and knows how to inspire them. She moralizes at Frollo, by telling him he humiliates and persecutes Quasi, just like “my people”! Esme clearly thinks in terms of group dynamics; rather than pray for her own desires in the church, she begs God to have mercy on all the outcasts, those poor, mistreated and alone. She appeals to Quasi on an emotional level, and doesn’t hesitate to validate him in many ways (she’s impressed by his artistic abilities, she shows him his lifeline and affirms that he isn’t a monster, etc.). Esme has no problem asserting her feelings, either, even if it’s only to spit in Frollo’s face.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): When Frollo enters the church and orders her arrest, Esme leaps immediately to the wrong conclusion – that Phoebus was distracting her long enough for his boss to come along; she doesn’t respond well to him, until he later proves himself trustworthy. She doesn’t think through the ramifications of fleeling inside the church (“gypsies don’t do well inside stone walls”).


Requested by anon

“See, I told you you could do this.” You were riding around a small patch of field outside of Paris, the horse beneath you responding well to you and you going slower than perhaps anyone else would have, but you hadn’t fallen off or upset the horse. You were doing your best and Aramis was right, with more practice you’d be able to do this properly.