Am i the only one who is really satisfied with how danganronpa hope side ended? Like , im reallyy glad for that ending. And tbh I didnt really mind that there wasn’t any komahina interaction cause that was rlly not the point? I mean , i lowkey ship it but im really satisfied with how they handled hinata appart from his relationships with the 77th class. (Some komanami would have been nice tho)

temwaenbast  asked:


it’s just like!! nobody asked him abt how he was living or what was going on and i bet that’s Always what happens nobody ever asks so he never tells anyone they just gloss over it nobody ever reaches out!! and keith is past the point of being bitter about it but it just feels like nobody cares and nobody ever will care…and nobody ever asks for his side of the story. nobody asks him why he got kicked out of the garrison specifically or why he had nowhere to go but Away, why he didn’t have a home to return to or why didn’t his parents care that he was living alone or why was he not with his parents in the first place…and like of course keith doesn’t tell them?? bc they never ever ask so why would they care? 

Captive Prince Discourse:

Honestly it’s so upsetting to see so much hate for captive prince in the tag

There are just so many offhand comments about how ‘disgusting’ the series is and how terrible the people who like it are, and I’m honestly so confused. 1) you go into a fics tag to shit on it? You go into the place where people share media/content and talk about it and express their love of it with one another and demand that they see that negative content, just because you view the books in a certain way? I understand if you find captive prince something you cannot read yourself, certainly it’s not a walk in the park. I defend your right to feel that way, and to view those topics in that light. But to instigate that kind of pettiness is beyond saddening. Do you enjoy making other people upset, or implying the need for censorship? Do you want to have a conversation, or do you want people to know how ‘brave’ you are for putting negative content in a series’ tag? Why are you doing this?

2) it spreads such negativity for ships and fandom content in general. People are afraid to reblog/talk about and engage with content as a result of the vicious hate they receive from people who ‘don’t agree’ with them. You’re not being ‘smart’ or ‘pc’ or helping anyone or any cause by upsetting people and spreading the idea that fandom content needs to be stringently acceptable or monitored or comply with strict guidelines that fit into your world view and catered to you so you aren’t upset by it. If the content isn’t something you can stomach, if it’s something you don’t want to see: don’t look at it. Don’t search for it, don’t engage with it, don’t do anything. Block the tag, unfollow people who start to post it (peacefully, without a parting ‘lol you’re racist and a slavery apologist’), get on with your life. Leave it be, as the world will leave you be. 

The world isn’t an intrinsically happy place, the content we enjoy isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, problematic stuff is everywhere. Life is short. Stop being toxic, stop putting people down, stop implying that you’re better because you are more politically correct. Leave the captive prince tag alone.