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It kind of makes me sad that Viktor has been pining over Yuri all this time, especially when Yuri blanked him after the banquet, and then when Viktor arrived at his house Yuri was distant and cold, flat out refusing Viktor's very real offer to be his boyfriend (which probably really hurt Viktor). It still kind of feels like for most of the time Yuri was more interested in having coach Viktor all to himself rather than Viktor as a person. Their love feels imbalanced.

I’m sorry if this comes off as rude, but it is near painful how much I disagree with this, like it is burning within me with how much I disagree!

You seem to forget that Yuuri has basically been pining for Victor since he was a teenager. Pining to get to know the man he so adores and look up to. It may not have been actual love back then, but I doubt Victor’s pining was either, since they barely knew each other at all.

But what really boils my blood here is this bullshit;

“Yuuri was more interested in having coach Victor all to himself rather than Victor as a person. Their love feels imbalaned.”

I’m sorry, but what show are you watching? Why are you seeking out unnecessary drama that doesn’t exist? Sorry, but I’ve been getting lots of these types of asks lately and they are so cringeworthy!

Yuuri loves Victor. He really loves him.

He spoke on national TV about how he never knew love until Victor showed up.

He wants Victor all to himself and doesn’t care if people hate him for it.

He breaks down at the thought of losing him/Victor leaving him.

He wants to show the entire world his love for Victor.

He sent Victor back to Japan at a critical time despite needing him himself.

He rushes through a freaking airport to embrace him (forgetting his luggage and all) after only being separate for a short while.

He buys a gold wedding ring for Victor.

And those are only some of the gestures. 

How you can even get yourself to say their love is imbalanced is just beyond me, I can’t get it to make sense in my head, at all.

They are deeply, mutually and equally in love with each other.

And I’m sorry if you can’t see that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

LISTEN…i will personally never get over the blatant mistreatment of robbie at ziggy’s birthday party…this man literally happily goes to this kid’s birthday party bc he’s never invited to things…and bakes ziggy cookies from a recipe his grandma made…yet they make fun of his homemade cookies literally right in front of him…honestly kids this is why he doesn’t leave his home

i cant stand thinking that i fucked things up i just bought something for myself and my sister started being a bitch by telling me to stop being such a pissbaby and get money myself, my mom tried to talk to her i just got back from the store and now theyre both crying

i already feel like i dont deserve this game because im full of shit and an awful waste of space and this isnt helping


people are upset about the showrunner and the cast of eyewitness JOKING about philkas having sex. Like come on people its a JOKE. Just in case u forgot what that means…here’s the definition: 

The showrunner and the cast of eyewitness are messing around. Its not meant to be mean or malicious.