Lady Riley is one of the strongest okay? She is golden and grace she has a pure heart and she’ll overcome whatever is thrown her way ! She is golden grace !

Well to me anyway ! She grew a lot on me during the whole journey and is one of my favorite Mc, I’ll protect her at all costs !

Going all the way from New york to Codonia and no matter how few people believed in her she did enough to get all the way to the finish line before the witch tricked her. That’s about it She is my favorite ! ♥️

Things I liked about Defenders: pretty much everything

Things I did NOT like about Defenders: It took until the last ten minutes of the final episode to acknowledge that Claire knows Matt. And even then only barely. And Matt and Claire had no scenes together except once with the whole group. I know that currently her primary connections are to Luke and Colleen, but seriously. One scene. One conversation. A hello. A “hey you met Matt, yeah I know him from a while back”. A “this is weird I’ve met all four of you before mostly separate from the others”. Claire is the connective piece, let her be connective. And acknowledge the fact that her relationship to Matt was an important part of both her story and his.  

truly one of the things i’m most upset about is sg’s continued efforts to parallel kara–someone who is literally defined by her kindness like that is Who She Is–with a man who was known across planets to be a terrible person because of?? i guess the fact that they came from planets next to each other? i genuinely don’t know. but they’re trying to create this parallel and in the process it romanticizes the truly and legitimately disgusting things mon-el has done and been a part of and lowers kara down to his level–by saying they’re the same, it says that his apathy and selfishness is just as noble a cause as her generosity and love

meanwhile, they… have a better option. like we joke about it all the time, but “a super and a luthor working together” could be ICONIC. THAT’s the parallel they should be doing: coming to terms with having family members who are not good people but had redeeming qualities. overcoming the idea that darkness is inevitable, that evil is inevitable. choosing kindness and goodwill because it’s the right thing to do and not because it will get them someone or something. losing everything and standing tall because it’s either that or break entirely. god, it could’ve been amazing

me thinking about the dating patterns of harry styles and his commitment issues and the possibility of him being exposed to the predatory behaviors of older women during his sexual maturation informing said commitment issues and his tendencies to date women that remind him of his first sexual encounters as a coping mechanism– 

Do you ever reread the scene in the Last Olympian where Percy decides to take on the curse of Achilles and it’s such a vital and important decision that he could literally die from and had to get his mother’s blessing for and just when Percy thinks he’s not going to be able to handle the curse and is starting to disintegrate we have that beautiful beautiful scene where Percy imagines Annabeth up on the dock at Camp teasing him and saying “You’re not getting away from me that easily. Take my hand” because she is literally the person tying his soul to the world, his weak point, his achilles’s heel, and just get so overwhelming upset because hoo just casually washed away the curse simply to make him more equal to the rest of the seven because I do

My favorite thing is when an idol’s face shows up on the screen and the fans begin screeching, but the idol doesn’t know why they’re screaming all of a sudden, but then they go to look at the big screen and see their face and find out they’re the reason for the cheers and then they get all shy and don’t know what to do and-

omg just idols being loved and them being surprised/baffled at the amout of love shown towards them