100% Real Zodiac Stereotypes
  • aries:rude mom
  • taurus:a nice sweetie :)
  • gemini:walking humanization of an extrovert. is either your best friend or your enemy
  • cancer:cry in hell assflounder
  • leo:2011 tumblr fandom blog aesthetic
  • virgo:you love ORGANIZATION and are a PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLE
  • libra:tiny child protect with ur life. Very chill
  • scorpio:satans spicy anus
  • sagittarius:person you think is nice but is secretly rude. Is that obnoxious person who uses "sweetie :)))" in an argument.
  • capricorn:what the f u c k
  • aquarius:weird.. weird.
  • pisces:FISH

I’m seeing a lot of people freaking out and it’s making me sad, so here’s a list of things we know about Clint/Natasha in Age of Ultron. Hopefully, it’ll cheer someone up (ranting about these two helps me, that’s for sure :P). It’s facts and some speculation (which may very well be 110% incorrect). Here we go:

[hears ppl complainin about project castor for 2 seconds] [falls asleep]