Those Magic Changes

Here it is!  (This is my first imagine)  This takes place BEFORE the chimera pack, and then there is a time skip to [current time].  I think am going to make this two parts!!  Definitely

Characters: Josh Diaz, Corey Bryant, Mason Hewitt, (Basically everyone)

Someone made a head canon where Josh is a basketball player, (And I apologize I can’t remember who) And am going to use it. 

Number 22 has always been my lucky number, considering my last name was always number 22 on those attendance sheets.  Somehow I was always addicted to that number, saying I was my friends ‘good-luck charm’ whenever their jersey’s sported that number.

And would you like to know whose jersey currently was sporting that number? Josh Diaz, the school’s second favorite basketball player.  He was good-looking in the everything department.  He has just cut his once unruly hair, large brown eyes and one hell of a nice back.  And he was tall, compared to my 5′5 frame, his 6′0 towered over me.  

And how would I know this, you ask.  Well, because am walking down the hallway towards my chemistry class and am lucky enough to have him walking in front of me, gracing me with his presence.  

“Y/N!” Someone yelled from behind me, causing me to stop in my tracks.  I smiled when I realized the voice belonged to my long time friend, Corey Bryant.  

“Corey!” I giggled and hugged him when he reached me.  “So, whats up?” I asked him.

“Nothing, I’ve been working hard, maybe hardly working.” He said and I laughed.  Corey and I had the same class together and were currently partners.  We entered the class just as the bell rang and sat down.  We continued on as I tried to pay attention to the lesson of bonding.  

Corey and I went our separate ways when the class was over, and I headed to my locker.  “Oh no…” I stopped in my tracks when I realized I left my homework in class.  I whipped around and sped back down the corridor and rounded a corner when I ran into the wall.

But it wasn’t the solid brick wall.  Oh no, it was warm and kinda soft and it huffed when I hit it.  I backed up, and said ‘Sorry” before moving around it.  

“Hey! Wait, you forgot something.”  A deep voice said.  I spun around and my eyes widened.  Josh Diaz, stood there in all his glory and he was holding my homework.  I stepped forward, “Thanks.”

“No problem.” He handed it over to me, and I grabbed it.  “Uh, am sorry for running into you.”  I rubbed the back of my neck, redness creeping up.  

He smiled, “It’s fine.”  

I nodded and walked around him and walked back towards my locker.  Josh grabbed my wrist,

“We have Chemistry together.”  

I paused and a blush crept up my neck and face, warming my cheeks. “W-what?” I stammered.

“Chemistry, the class.”  He answered and smirked at me.

“O-Oh, that’s right, don’t you sit behind me?”  Diaz has been sitting behind me since the beginning of the year.

He smiled and took a step forward, “I have a question for you Y/N.”

I looked down and folded my homework and tucked it in my back pocket.  “Yeah, go ahead, shoot.” I looked back up at him slowly, from his worn shoes to the very nice fitting jeans and the tight Henley that seemed like it was made for his nice biceps—

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”  I asked him.

He shook his head and smirked, like he knew I was checking him out.  “I asked you if you would tutor me.  My grades aren’t so hot in chemistry.”  


Cue the internal screaming. 

“S-sure.” I bit my lip and looked up at him through my eyelashes.  His eyes watched that movement like a hawk.

Josh stepped forward and gently touched my cheek with his thumb before stepping away and saying, “Sweet, meet me next Thursday?”  He turned and walked away before I could answer him.


What’s that playing on the radio?
Why do I start swaying to and fro?
I have never heard that song before,
But if I don’t hear it anymore It’s still familiar to me
Sends a thrill right through me
Cause those chords remind me of the night that I first fell in love to 

Those magic changes.


So I’ve been upsessed with TMC from Grease Live and I got this idea in my head of a Josh Diaz imagine.  And there aren’t very many imagines of him, so here we go.  Also, this is first imagine ever.  And I realize it is short.  

Also there will be another part to this.  And maybe a third.  It all really depends on how much I want to do my actual homework.  xD