Stone washed olive.

This stainless kitchen knife was found whilst out &about and thought about recycling it as a Christmas gift to a family member .

The old handles were removed and the blade cleaned up before I re-profiled the sheeps-foot blade into a bit more of a pointy Wharncliffe

The blade was then etched in ferric and further stonewashed  and have added some brass pins and some gorgeous olive wood scales

 I collected the olive wood 5 years ago whilst holidaying in Spain from a family friends mango farm and its been seasoning in my wood box ever since  just brought back to life with a light olive oil wipe .

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A few more Bronze and brass  morale beads Ive recycled from reproduction WW2 Willy’s Jeep parts .

These Oilite bronze and brass bushings have been carved , etched ,brass blacked and then stone washed for an aged effect .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from