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Went on a trip Upstate with my sweetie to Dia:Beacon, a must-see spot on the contemporary-art circuit! It was so well curated & beautiful. There was a long, windowed hall which housed light installations by Dan Flavin. Flavin once summed up his practice as “decisions to combine traditions of painting and sculpture in architecture with acts of electric light defining space.” 

“Dia:Beacon’s expansive spaces are well suited to the needs of large-scale installations, paintings, and sculptures. In keeping with Dia’s history of single-artist, site-related presentations, each gallery was designed specifically for the art it contains.”


Sunday night I went to bed at 11, and woke up at 3, could not go back to sleep for the life of me, so I caught up on tumblr, and talked to Christian on skype til like 7AM.

Last night (monday) I fell asleep at 9, and woke up at 12… wtf. I didn’t want to deal with not being able to sleep, so I took a melatonin pill… It’s almost 2, and I still can’t sleep.

My DV-R decided to stop recording things, and erased everything I had prior to 2011, so I have nothing to catch up on, either. I never realized how boring being upstate was. All my friends are busy a lot, too… I am kind of glad that I moved into the city. Even on days where there’s nothing to do, there’s something I can do.

Oh, P.S: This is my 1,000th post!

Oranbeg is looking for New York based artists and Massachusetts based artists.
If interested please send an email with the subject New York based or Massachusetts based to with a link to your website. Oranbeg is looking for a variety of work that strides the genres of photography. Bonus points if you are making work about one of the areas. Curse of the Bambino will be an exhibition mounted in late fall/early winter.

Deadline: September 28th, 2015 at 11:59pm