So, Dekubowl...

i think i figured out a way for every in class 1-A and some from B to date Deku all at the same time.

Calendar Sign-ups

at the beginning of the month, everyone interested gets together in a big meeting and they all discuss who gets to take Deku on a date on which day. They are limited to one (1) date per month, to give everyone a fair chance. Deku has final say, and is allowed to postpone or cancel dates. 

those who have special occasions, such as birthdays, need moral support, or events that are super awesome get priority on those days.

all the girls go on a group date with Deku on valentines day, and the boys split into two groups to go on a group date with him on white day and the day before or after.

if two or more people all want to take Deku out on the same day, they announce their plans, consult deku, and in the event he can’t decide, they battle for the right to take him out on whatever activity it is. doesn’t have to be a physical battle. deku again has final say on who wins.

~Golden Passion~

Chapter 1💛

A Jasper Jordan x reader 1920s Au

Concept: Imagine you are the new, young wife of an old Millionaire. And Jasper is your butler, who you start having a dirty and passionate affair with.

A/N: This Imagine got some great feedback, and I really wanted to write this. So here it is! I’m not entirely sure how long this will be, or really where its going. Each chapter will have a moodboard posted a day before the chapter comes out! So don’t be afraid to tell me what you think and if you have any ideas for this series, or for something else! My door is always open! ✌

Warning: None really. I know, shocker!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Suddenly your life had been transformed. You now wore the most luxurious dresses money could buy. You were surrounded by marble pillars, modeled after the exotic Roman colossiums your Mr. talked so much about. He promised to take you there one day. To take you across the world. To show you the best the world had to offer. From the moment you said, “I do” your world was filled with sparkling surroundings. Everything shined and shimmered.

“Only the best, for my beautiful bride.” Your Mr. Cooed, brushing aside a strain of hair from your face. Even his eyes sparkled as he gazed upon his new wife. Such a wonder, a beauty. Breathtaking, he called you. What a trophy. The perfect trophy. That is what you were. He would mount you in his home and show you off to his colleagues. Other older gentleman with too much money than they knew what to do with. So they bought themselves wives. You sat in the car, a magical machine you couldn’t believe how many your new husband had. Your heel dressed feet, and legs swung over your husband’s legs. One of his hands on your lower back, the other on your knee.

He wasn’t elderly, not just yet. Verging on the age of fifty. He was an aged millionaire who brought home the perfect young bride. You sat, energetic and wide eyed with some sense of innocence in his lap. You watched as the chauffer drove down the isolated road, until out from behind the trees of the surrounding woods, peaked the top of a building. As you got closer, and closer, your heart dropped.

“That…that can’t be it.” You spoke, in surprise. Pointing to the enormous mansion that slowly revealed itself. You looked to your Mr. He simply nodded.

“That is. Your new home.”

“Why, that’s not a home! That’s a castle!” Your voice was soft, but excited. He chuckled.

“Then you may call this castle your home. For you are now my Queen.” He flirted, kissing your hand. A smile stretched across your face. You hugged him tightly. Yes, this marriage was most certainly the right decision on your part. Never again would you have to worry about a thing. You would live out the rest of your days as American Royalty. Even if it was beside this aging King. He was a King never the less. Once the car stopped, you were escorted out of the car by another man. A butler, smiling as he welcomed you by your new name.

“Welcome, Mrs. Gould.” His smile was bright, and his voice was gentle. Charming.

“Thank you, Monty.” Mr. Gould addressed him as he stepped out of the car and stood beside you. He took you by the waist and stepped up the numerous steps leading up to the huge wooden, and gold accednted front door. It was opened to you, two maids stood there with smiles. “Darling, these are the two head maids. Raven, and Harper. They will tend to your every whim.” The girls nodded their heads with smiles. You didn’t know what to say. Another two men stood opposite of them. “John, the gardener. And Jaspe. He works alongside Monty.” John shook your hand, and when you turned, you were struck.

Time slowed down, as a gloved hand held yours. You followed it all the way to his tanned skin. His strick jawline, and high cheekbones. His brown locks fell under his earlobes. It appeared soft. Once your eyes met his deep brown ones, you felt something in your heart jump. Even his eyes sparkled unlike anything else you’d ever seen before in your life. Jasper. His name, was Jasper. Your butler. His plump lips curled into a soft and gentle smile. You almost felt unable to look away from him. You’d only just met the young man, but already you wanted to do nothing else but have him present.

“Welcome mistress.” His voice was just as sweet as his eyes. You couldn’t do much but nod as your husband pulled you into the mansion. The building opened up into a grand hall. Perfect for parties, Mr. Gould noted. He encouraged you to hold as many parties as you like. Truly a sight to behold. The floors were so clean, you can gaze down at your own reflection. The ceilings, covered with intricutly sculpted squars that are either gold, or decorated with the material. Up the main staircase, you are shown more and more rooms as Monty follows behind. He’s practically in your husband’s shadow as he watches the two of you. As the grand tour continues, he often turns to Monty to ask him about something, or demand something else. The whole experience is overwhelming. You are now the proud owner of such a magnificant household. Not only that, but that is not the only property your dear Mr. owns. Your Mr. also owns a quaint but still luxurious, cabin on the seashore upsatate. As well as an apartment in the city, for when he is called in to attend to buisness. Which, Monty playfully warns.

“The master of the household is often absent from his castle mistress.” Gould gives a small chuckle, and turns back to you.

“I suppose it will be up to you to run this place while I am away. Of course, you are always welcome to join me on my trips. Though, I doubt you would take much interest in my affairs. It’s rather complicated.” He pats your back affectionately. “Not for your sort.” You look around the master bedroom, ignoring his comment.

“Mr. Gould.” You snap to attention when you hear that soft voice. “Mr. Astor is calling for you. Shall I leave him a message?” Jasper stands at the door, partially leaning in. Your heart skips a beat. Never have you been so attracted to a stranger. You try to brush these thoughts aside. You’re a married woman.

“Ah, no, I’ll take the call. Excuse me my dear. Monty.” He bows his head to you as a small farwell, and walks off with Monty. Jasper stays, standing in the door, awkwardly. You try to advert your attention elsewhere. Around the room once more.

“I welcome you again Mrs. Gould.” His voice almost cracks. You’re not aware, but he can’t help but stare at you.

“Oh, Y/N. My name is Y/N.” You encourage with a soft smile. He looks down at the floor, almost uncomfortable.

“It would be, inappropriate to call you by your first name mistress.” The word mistress rolls off his tongue so perfectly. You nod.

“Of course. My apologies.”

“No, no. The apology is all mine mistress.” He bows his head slightly in subservience. He looks you in the eyes once more. You feel a pull towards him. As though some unseen force is pulling you closer, and closer towards him. Before you can take a step further. “Excuse me.” He blurts out before quickly turning and leaving you alone. You look to your bed, and your suit cases which have been placed on a chair in front of the fireplace. You begin unpacking your clothes, at which point your husband walks in once again. He tells you not to worry about unpacking. Harper will do that for you.

“I hope, my humble abode is to your liking.” He jokes.

“Howard…It’s more magical that I ever imagined.” You sigh gleefully. He takes you in his arms, and begins kissing your cheek before the two of you are whisked away to dinner. Which, of course is presented by Jasper. You can hardly keep your eyes off him, he’s utterly adorable. More than adorable, he’s…ridiculously handsome. When you’re finished with your meal, and the moon rises high in the sky. You retire with your husband, Howard.

“Darling, you haven’t seen my white laced glove, have you?” You question, looking around the room curiously. How could such a thing go missing? You hadn’t worn them that day. You hadn’t touched them since you packed them in the first place.

“No my dear. Now, come to bed. Tomorrow, I will be having a party in your honor. And you, must be well rested for the festivities.” You smile.

“A party? What for?”

“For my bride, of course! I must show you off to my colleagues, and their wives. They’ll turn green with envy.” He pulls you to bed, proudly holding you, and staring. But does not touch you beyond that. He doesn’t kiss you on the lips, he doesn’t touch you like you thought a husband should. Why, the only sexual contact you had with him, was your wedding night. Nothing beyond that. And that, would get real old, real fast.

Your iPhone/iPod/iPad is fun to play on, so it can be a really good distraction. However, it can also help you enhance your studying! Some I have installed on the iPad that my family and I share, and some I haven’t, but they seem cool (just not applicable for me). Hope they help!

Note: All apps are free except for the ones with prices in parentheses. Italicized ones indicate the ones I use!

Organizing Your Life

Taking/Presenting Notes

Resumes? What are those?

College Search

Living that IB Life

Standardized Testing

If Your School Uses These

Time Management

Hope these helped! xo

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hi kappa! i'm going to ask for a big favor so it's okay if you dont wanna answer ;; could you give me a step by step/tutorial on how you color your hairs?? because your yoongis hair look so fluffy i NEVER SUCCEED in making him fluffy sobs.

ok! this is going to be more of a process/how i color hair thing than a tutorial ^^ i’m sure there’s plenty more methods to color hair that are a lot better/faster but this is how i do things~ i’m going to be using fluffy pink-haired yoongi as an example: 

also, i really apologize for taking so long to finally make this;; ..aaand as a warning, this is my first time explaining how i do things like this, so i’m pretty much just learning everything along the way and things may be bit rough aha;; 

that said, let’s begin under the cut~ 

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Sunday night I went to bed at 11, and woke up at 3, could not go back to sleep for the life of me, so I caught up on tumblr, and talked to Christian on skype til like 7AM.

Last night (monday) I fell asleep at 9, and woke up at 12… wtf. I didn’t want to deal with not being able to sleep, so I took a melatonin pill… It’s almost 2, and I still can’t sleep.

My DV-R decided to stop recording things, and erased everything I had prior to 2011, so I have nothing to catch up on, either. I never realized how boring being upstate was. All my friends are busy a lot, too… I am kind of glad that I moved into the city. Even on days where there’s nothing to do, there’s something I can do.

Oh, P.S: This is my 1,000th post!

Oranbeg is looking for New York based artists and Massachusetts based artists.
If interested please send an email with the subject New York based or Massachusetts based to with a link to your website. Oranbeg is looking for a variety of work that strides the genres of photography. Bonus points if you are making work about one of the areas. Curse of the Bambino will be an exhibition mounted in late fall/early winter.

Deadline: September 28th, 2015 at 11:59pm

Leaving for Nyc in 8 hours!

Time to finish packing, cleaning and doing laundry before going to pick up our car from being serviced! Then we just have to ship Aidan off to Avia’s, make our dinner, snacks for the road, wash the car and take our showers before we are off! Excited to visit Pocahontas state park in VA tomorrow! :D