This Weekend Update Post

Watching Scrubs has actually taught me a lot of lessons; odd how TV shows or magazines can help you learn more than actual real-life situations. Now, I’m not saying that those aren’t as valuable, in fact, those times are usually waaaaaayyyyy more powerful to learn from because, well, obviously, it’s actually happening to you or around you and you are seeing and/or feeling/getting the reproductions for whatever it is, good or bad.

I love the show Scrubs. Definitely recommend it; it’s on Netflix.

Anyways, sorry for not posting lately. Not much has happened. I am getting over my anxiety with my tumbling though I think; I was stressed out over my back tuck this weekend for some reason and I was able to finally let it go (after resisting the urge to do a thousand back tucks in my parents yard after doing probably 50 and causing dents in the yard because of how hard I land which I feel quiet guilty about). SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful to God for that.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 this Friday, I can’t remember if I mentioned actually seeing it yet, but





It sucks.

Okay, so that’s my opinion, but I think they tried WAAAYYYY too hard in my opinion. I think honestly the first one was better because they didn’t try as hard and I almost wonder if it accidentally got huge feedback (I don’t know if they were super confident or what. I would have to do research to get into that). Plus, they let that new girl into the house but what is confusing is that they all decided to graduate, so she would be the only remaining member. Plus, they never said who won!!! Like, what?? And also, they went to the Worlds competition so that they could compete in international again, right?

Isn’t International the same as Worlds?

All I can say is, I only laughed really hard when the quiet girl said,” I keep a penny under my tongue.” Ah, that leads me to another complaint. I think they tried too hard with her as well.

Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad movie. The actors played their parts well and I think the movie was well produced and they used great camera angles and good music, but I just wasn’t satisfied with what happened. I read and was told it was really good, and I got my hopes up a little. Not too much because I didn’t want to be totally disappointed in case I was, so I didn’t get “too hype” about/over it, but I was still disappointed. My brother even said it sucked when he went the other day with a group of friends. Now, it may just be my humor. The audience laughed quite a bit, so I’m not saying it’s a totally terrible movie. If you wanna still see it, go for it. If you think it’s great, glad you think so. This is just my opinion and my rant about/over it.


So yeah, there’s that. There are a few more thing I want to post about, but I’m gonna write about them on separate posts.

Ohhh! I also have a few more post ideas for my Dating Post series!!! I hope you guys liked that one I made, btw! I have dating someone younger (by a year or two this time I mean), dealing with a/falling for a “fuckboy” as our generation calls it (though it’s simply a major flirt/someone who just wants to get into yo’ pants), and online dating! Tell me which one you want first!!!! I may just spam post it at one point, haha!:D! Soooooo excited!!!!

OH!!! Also, check out my friend’s blog!

I HATE shout outs, so I won’t give them hardly at all if for anyone besides her unless it relates into a topic I’m talking about to look more into a situation or whatever. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! Gimme some love by giving me some feedback!

Have a great day/evening/night!



I spent last week in a yurt on Liberty View Farm, with Farmer Billiam and other members of the farm family. Since Sami and I arrived in New York, we’ve returned again and again to towns along the Hudson River as it’s so pretty and so easy to get to by train, even just for a day trip. If you want to take a look at where else we’ve been, here are my posts on Hudson, Cold Spring, Peekskill and Beacon

I got a Metro North train into Poughkeepsie, where I was picked up by Rene, Billiam’s partner, and taken back to the farmhouse to be greeted by the dogs: Gentle George and Oliver the Pervert, about whom I wrote last week. The house and the hamlet in which it sits (Clintondale) are Victorian, so by American standards pretty old. The farmhouse is so pretty: a big white wooden building with a front porch and lovely red shutters on all the windows. Creeper grows up over the house and there’s a huge Weeping Willow in the driveway.

My yurt, which was sweet and cosy, faced west and the views over the Shawnagunk mountains (“the Gunks”) at sunset were beautiful. Thankfully the way to it through the apple groves was lit with lanterns hanging from branches, as I would have had no chance finding it after dark. There was no electricity in the yurt, so at night I used candles to see. Billiam and Rene set me up with torches and hot water bottles when it got cold (which it did), and there was something so nice about walking through the trees each evening to get to bed. I used the shower in the farmhouse, but in the summer there’s an outdoor one that Rene rigs up. Oliver followed me in most days.

The farm is lovely. I missed piglet season by a hair! They also have goats, turkeys, those grumpy ducks and chickens, and between late spring and early autumn they host really fun-looking weddings. If anyone around here is looking for a present, Billiam started a scheme where for $99 you can lease a tree and harvest your own apples (between 60 and 150lbs of them) come the Autumn. 

I spent most of my time alone in the yurt or the garden, reading and writing. I also met up with my new friend Ellie who Sami and I met in a pub on Wall Street a few months ago. She lives a little further north along the Hudson River. We had dinner together in Poughkeepsie one evening. As a hobby, she and her dad renovate old cars, and she picked me up in a bright red Austin-Healey 3000; for sure the only car I’ve ever been in that people have looked at for the right reasons. Ellie also came bearing homemade sparkling apple wine, another of her hobbies!

Breakfasts were up at the house with Billiam, Rene and the dogs. Rene produced some feasts, all with eggs from the farm’s chickens. I tried to keep out of their way as I knew they had a farm to run, but I grew so fond of them over these breakfasts that times between my visits up to the house got shorter and shorter. Thankfully they didn’t seem to mind, and one day Billiam invited me to go and watch his sailing boat (also called Liberty) put back on the water after its winter in dry dock. At Poughkeepsie Yacht Club I met his friend Peter, a sweet man with one of the best Brooklyn accents I’ve heard (his wife, Linda, is to him Linder) who shares the boat with Billiam and you can see in the photo above. He was so excited to be sailing again that he couldn’t stop singing and telling us jokes.

One day Billiam took me into Kingston with him; a pretty town of colourful, low-set Dutch-influenced 19th century buildings which used to be the capital city of New York State. It was burned down by the British in 1777. I never know where to look when they tell me these things. It’s divided into three sections, and I spent most of my time wandering around the uptown Stockade District. I had tea in a place called Outdated, an antiques cafe where nearly everything you see is for sale. It was pretty nutty, but I liked it, and I see Design Sponge did too. 

I had a great time, and woke up yesterday morning a bit sad to find myself no longer in my yurty bed looking up at the sky. I’m looking forward to going back soon to steal a piglet. Thank you so much, Billiam and Rene!