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Dark frogopera give us the taako shitpost

hjsdkhdkhdjsakhj my friend @vollmetall was doing ms paint drawings and fused some taako legs and a head and i was cr acking up so i drew the horrible leggo

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And not just gender binary.

Literally all binaries.

People LOVE either/or scenarios. It makes things easy. You’re presented with two sides and you pick the side that most aligns with your thinking or morals or preferences.

Coffee or tea.

Dogs or cats.

Trump or Clinton.

Girl or boy.

But people fail to recognize how COMPLEX every situation is, and binaries KILL complexity.

You can like coffee AND tea, or maybe you prefer coffee in the morning and tea at night, or maybe you only drink coffee on the weekends, or maybe you prefer hot chocolate over both those options.


You would NEVER say that a person is truly and completely good or bad (except in the case of a few very specific circumstances, think Buddha or Hitler, although even then Hitler wasn’t always awful to everybody as we have seen in that one video that went around [i.e. evil can masquerade as reason when well and logically presented] and Buddha did that starving himself for 40 days thing and also founded a religion based on the idea that life is suffering, so not perfectly “good” either, but that depends on your definition of good).

So why would you assume that everything else is so simplistic as to be a this-or-that, either/or scenario?

Everything is SO MUCH MORE COMPLEX than just selecting between two options.

Why would you dare boil it down to having to make one choice between two?

Where is the logic in that?

Where is the fun in that?

What, you would rather live a complacent existence because it’s EASY?

You’d rather say “I’m a cat person” than talk about what kind of dogs you like too and why?

You’d rather say “I’m a Republican so I’m voting for Trump” than analyze situations that exist outside your little bubble?

You’d rather say “I’m a boy/girl” than consider all the intricacies and nuances of the gender spectrum, of gender “expression,” of misogyny and patriarchy, of why so many cisgender girls grow up hating the color pink before they understand why that happened?



I’m a human. That means I’m not perfect. I’m growing. So is everyone else. You can’t just say this person is good and this person is bad.

The only binary I will EVER accept is the closed-minded vs open-minded binary.

Because the closed-minded will be content with their strict binaries.

And the open-minded will realize that nothing is that simple.

And if your waitress asks if you’d like coffee or tea, you’re allowed to ask what other drinks are on the menu.

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Stiles and Derek both have fierce protective instincts towards those they love and are loyal to. Maybe some anger and abandonment issues fueling those instincts. Sam seems like such a gentle soul. Will this aspect of his parents' personalities manifest in him in any way? Darcy just seems likes she isn't ever going to take anyone's shit ever.

sam is a total crybaby. his anger translates directly to crying. eventually he’ll grow up and learn to cap the crying a little. his loyalty manifests as clinginess.

darcy is impatient. she speaks her mind and does what she wants. she gets antsy and interrupts. but she loves deeply and softly. she’s still a person.

they both share a toddler fear of abandonment. neither of them is neurotypical.


bucky’s trigger words + the thirteen letters, by dropdead-dream and whatarefears