ups and downs ch.1


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)


[Manolo]: Yeah my family is allowed to come visit me when I want them to, as for joaquin’s father, I’m sure if I asked La Muerte she could arrange a visit, but I don’t know if joaquin’s ready for that quite yet…


Oh that was it! 

For some reason I thought it was a lot longer. 


And now we have credits!

Is this CLAMP?

In all my wildest dreams, this is not how I would have pictured them, BUT AFTER ALL THAT I AM WILLING TO ACCEPT THIS WITHOUT QUESTION.


The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist

anonymous asked:

$29/hour???!??? I make $8/hour at subway and I'm not allowed to sit down unless I have a 10 hour shift (I'm not exaggerating at all, we can only take an actual lunch break if we're working a double, and even then it depends on how busy we are)

yeah see that would be just… illegal here lol. A subway worker here would make probablyyyyyy… $12-20 depending on their age? Maybe more i’m not too sure. Plus here you’re required by law to take at least one half-hour break for any shift that would go longer than 5 hours. Plus not to mention you automatically get a cut of your pay put into a superannuation fund. That’s the law.

when i worked at Mad Mex which is a mexican fast food chain, at 17 years old I was getting paid $13 and I thought I was getting it raw which is why I quit lmao. The job I got after that was at a trampoline park where I was getting $16.59 to stand/sit/do whatever to make sure that kids didn’t injure themselves and followed the rules. It’s a small business and I still work there because it’s Great. Plus I can do flips and whatnot lol

my NEW job which I literally started last week (ye i work two now woot) is at one of australia’s largest supermarket chains as a nightfill worker, the reason why I get $29 is because I get a penalty rate of 1.5 for working past 11pm, which is totally fine by my insomnia ahaha!! 

Australia is quite a socialist country, especially in terms of worker’s rights, wages, and healthcare. One downside though is although the pay seems pretty good, the cost of living is damn high too. In Sydney you’d struggle to find a three bedroom house that’s close to the city that’s less than 2 million dollars.

ANYWAY yeah! that’s just how things are here. I am sorry you must suffer this way my friend :( 

im listening to predatory wasp to get a nice cry in before work and honestly the whole thing is just fucking. ronsey anthem. someday i’ll make a mix that has predatory wasp and 400lux on it at the same time and still be tonally consistent with ronsey and then i will have Won

lemonade mouth came out 6 years ago as of today and i really want to watch it with someone tonight but idk who to watch it with so aaahhhh

the get down 2x01 is killing me with francisco and lydia

they are such a team about mylene and ramon is on the outskirts, they held hands in public, and now francisco is helping lydia with groceries and they’re talking about mylene and he’s venting to her about work and she’s reassuring him “everything good takes time” in this ridiculous domestic scene and

“Edwin Durland, you’re a diamond in the rough.”