Glimpses Leading to the Inevitable

Chapter 69: Rudimentary Science


Leopold couldn’t stop fiddling with his necktie. 

He missed his mum already. 

It was his first time being apart from her for three whole days and two whole nights, and he was nervous about it.

She had encouraged him to be openminded.

Told him it would be good for him to be around other people and get away for a bit. 

He didn’t understand why he needed to get away. 

And she didn’t want to explain the reason.

But his mum knew what was best for him, so he only grumbled a little bit before going along with it. 

Just a wee little bit. 


Jemma set down her half-eaten jelly. 

It was strawberry-flavoured, her favourite, but she was starting to feel nauseous again. 

She sank into her bed and sighed heavily. 

She. was. so. bored.


“Cub Scouts always do their best, think of others before themselves,
and do a good turn everyday.” 

Leopold recited the pledge along with the others, and then their pack leader, Akela, stood up in front of the group and started to talk about the plans for the day.

The boy next to him started poking his side, and Leopold whispered a harsh stop!, but the boy continued, smirking impishly.

Leopold huffed.

Apparently he huffed too loudly, because Akela stopped talking and looked at Leopold and the boy.

“Is there a problem, Brice?” 

The boy pointed at Leopold. “He’s poking me.” 


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Something I worked on weeks ago.

Thanks Blizzard who gave me the opportunity!

I love how Blizzard managed to make the illustrations feels 3D and deep.