Exarchia, Aug. 4th: Against Prison Slavery info event, with a comrade from Portland ABC, at Themistokleous 58 squat


On September 9th 1971, prisoners took over and shut down Attica, New York State’s most notorious hellhole.

On September 9th 2016, prisoners in struggle will launch work stoppages and other actions to shut down prisons all across the U.S., to push for a final end to prison slavery.

That the fires of solidarity spread across the world!

Presentation & discussion about the prisoner strike with a comrade from Portland ABC (USA)

Thursday August 4th at 20:00 at the terrace of the anarchist squat on 58, Themistokleous Street, Exarchia, Athens

Themistokleous 58 squat | Anarchist Black Cross [Greece] Anarchist solidarity cell | Contra Info translation counter-information network


On July 29th in 1547 the siege of St Andrews Castle ended this followed the killing of Cardinal David Beaton at the castle the previous year.

The occupation of St Andrews Castle and the killing of the Archbishop acted as a clarion call to Protestant reformers, who flocked to St Andrews. Among the reformers who came to support the Protestant uprising was John Knox, who was allowed enter the castle under a temporary truce, and act as a preacher to the occupiers. What followed was one of the most bloody and bitter sieges in Scotland’s history. The besieging forces could not breach the defenses so they decided to dig a tunnel through the solid rock, under the gate tower, so that it would collapse.
The defenders dug a counter-tunnel, hoping to intercept the attackers’ tunnel. They were guided in their efforts solely by the sound of the attackers’ digging, so they made three false starts before they oriented their counter-tunnel correctly. You can tell a lot about the situation by the fact that the attackers’ mine if wide, well-carved, and easy to navigate, while the counter-tunnel is narrow, winding, and roughly carved. The defenders were in a desperate race against time to intercept the mine, and they knew it! Today you can walk - or waddle like a duck in low places - up the length of the counter-tunnel.
The end of the siege came when a French fleet arrived off St Andrews. The French bombarded the castle, and additional cannon were set up at St Salvator’s College and the Cathedral priory towers. Not surprisingly, the defenders were forced to surrender. Most were sent to work on French galleys as oarsmen. As for the mines, they were forgotten to history until 1879, when cellars were being dug for a nearby house.The castle passed to Archbishop John Hamilton, the illegitimate brother of the Earl of Arran. Hamilton rebuilt much of the castle before he was executed for his role in the murder of Lord Darnley, Mary, Queen of Scots second husband. From 1560, after the eventual triumph of the reformers, the castle was used as a gaol for political prisoners. At that time a political prisoner could simply mean someone who held to a different faith!

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September 9th Nationwide Prisoner Strike

Download Poster Here

Here is a poster (11×17) for the upcoming nationwide prisoner strike on September 9th. Download, print and put it up around your city if you feel it.

For more information about the strike and the ongoing wave of prison rebellions across the country, check out these articles:

Strike Against White Supremacy

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead

Call To End Prison Slavery

Text from the poster:

“We are not beasts and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such… What has happened here is but the sound before the fury of those who are oppressed.”
– L. D. Barkley, participant in Attica rebellion

On September 9, 1971, the inmates of Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York seized control of the prison. The Attica uprising, which lasted for five days, was not the first and certainly not the last prison rebellion. And yet its importance is indelibly marked within the history of the struggle against white supremacy and the prison society we still inhabit today.

In the forty years since Attica, prisons have swelled to bursting with the tragedies of disrupted lives, fractured families, and broken communities. In the last decade, resistance movements have steadily grown behind the prison walls. From the statewide work stoppage in Georgia prisons of 2010 to the hunger strike that spread throughout the California prison system in 2013; from fires lit in I.C.E. detention centers in Texas to riots and prison takeovers in Nebraska and Alabama, prisoners across the country are wide awake and on the move.

This September, prisoners, their families, and supporters on the outside are coordinating a nationwide prisoner strike to take place on the 45th anniversary of the Attica rebellion. This historic effort holds within it the potential to expand and embolden the movement against the horrific conditions of confinement, the prisons themselves and the society that creates them.

Towards the destruction of all prisons and the creation of a free and genuine human community!


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Heute vor 80 Jahren!!
Vor 80 Jahren, im Juli 1936 erhoben sich Millionen Menschen gegen den faschistischen Putsch des General Franco in Spanien.

Die Ereignisse in dieser Zeit sind wahrscheinlich einer der meist umstrittensten und heftigst diskutierten Themen innerhalb der Linken, aber darum soll es bei diesem Plakat nicht gehen. Viel mehr wollen wir an die mutigen und entschlossenen Menschen erinnern, die in der Hoffnung auf eine gerechte Gesellschaft nach Spanien gereist sind und die, um den Faschismus zu besiegen, in den Reihen der Internationalen Brigaden gekämpft haben.
Den Internationalen Brigaden schlossen sich mehr als 40.000 Männer und Frauen aufgrund antifaschistischer Überzeugung oder politischer Verfolgung in den Heimatländern an. In den Brigaden waren Angehörige von mehr als 40 Nationen vertreten.

Der Spanische Bürgerkrieg begann, als am 17./18. Juli 1936 Militärs, unter der Führung von General Franco, versuchten, die junge spanische Republik zu stürzen. Ziel der Franquisten und katholischen Klerikalfaschisten war es, in Spanien eine Diktatur zu errichten.
Anders als 1933 in Deutschland gab es in Spanien jedoch massiven und lange Zeit erfolgreichen Widerstand großer Teile der Bevölkerung gegen die faschistische Machtergreifung.
In den Städten übernahmen revolutionäre ArbeiterInnen die Fabriken. Auf dem Land ergriffen Bauern, Bäuerinnen, LandarbeiterInnen und Tagelöhner die Initiative, gründeten Agrarkollektive und bemächtigten sich des Landes. Durch die Schaffung tausender freier Schulen und die autodidaktische Aneignung gelang den AnarchistInnen eine Alphabetisierungskampagne, die historisch beispiellos ist. Die Basis der Sozialen Revolution war der spanische Anarchismus, der sich schon vor 1936 zu einer Massenbewegung entwickelt hatte.

Es gibt dazu sehr viel spannende Literatur. Wir wollen euch als Lesetipp einige Bücher ans Herz legen.
* Lisa Fittko - Mein Weg über die Pyrenäen
* Mary Low - das rote Notizbuch
* George Orwell - mein Katalonien
*  Magnus Enzensberger - ein kurzer Sommer Anarchie

Ken Loach - Land and Freedom

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Disorder Rebel Store.

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