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The other night husband and I were watching a documentary about the yeti where they were doing DNA analysis of samples of supposed yeti fur, and every one of them came back as bears.

Anyway, the next night we watched a thing about some pig man who is supposed to live in Vermont. People said it had claws and a pig nose but walked upright like a man. Now, I happen to know that sideshows used to shave bears and present them as pig men. So every piece of evidence they gave of this monster sounds to me like a bear with mange.

So now the running joke in our house is that everything is bears. Aliens? Bears. Loch Ness monster? Bear. Every cryptozoological mystery is just a very crafty bear.

Bears. They’re everywhere. Be wary. Anyone or anything could be a bear.

The Devil’s Doughnut

Carson cursed loudly as he pulled off the exit ramp to his work. It was his turn to bring breakfast for the office and he hadn’t remembered until waking up this morning. The dilemma Carson was facing was twofold: he was in direct competition for a promotion at work with Jenny and he feared she may be pulling ahead. Last week, she had brought in homemade quiche, though Carson raised an eyebrow as to the authenticity of the homemade portion of her claims. The quiche tasted suspiciously similar to the ones made at a downtown bistro their boss had previously deemed his favorite restaurant in town. Hack or not, Jenny had been praised throughout the week for her baking skills and now Carson found himself frantically wracking his brain for an immediate solution to office breakfast.

His car slowed as he passed the sign for “Devil’s Doughnuts” and after lingering long enough that a car behind him honked, Carson pulled into the parking lot.  His boss had been on a health craze lately. Though probably laying the foundation for a Human Resources nightmare, Carson’s boss had been chiding employees who were seen eating unhealthier options for their lunch. Carson had the benefit of a fast metabolism and a general apathy towards food. Eating was something that merely fueled his body from Point A to Point B. His slim frame was testament to that. Once Carson took note of his boss’ behavior towards the chips and burger crowd, he made a show of producing salads and crudités for lunch.  Earning a pat on the back and praising of his general trimness, Carson felt his chances of a promotion grow exponentially.

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I'd LOVE if you could write a drunk Simon confessing his feelings to Jace when he drives him home! Especially if it's super fluffy!

yeeeeeeee i love Drunk Shenanigans!!! 

“So this is what you do when I don’t go out with you?” Jace asks, huffing warm air over his fingers. It’s freezing, and he forgot his gloves, because he rushed over here to pick up one Simon Lewis from trying to get back to the apartment they share while drunk as hell. 

“Don’t get mad at me, I made good choices, did good things!” Simon says, pouting prettily as he tilts his head back and looks up at Jace. He’s slumped against Maia and Clary, who are quietly giggling to themselves. 

“He did - ‘good things’ is the cute blonde back in there!” Maia sniggers, and Jace feels his heart break a little more. He scowls, trying to get over the tiny pang in his chest. He’s long since accepted that Simon doesn’t feel the same way as he does, but it still fucking sucks because the guy he likes is the guy he lives with, and the guy who’s made it his mission to insert himself into every part of Jace’s life. 

“I didn’t do him.” Simon insists. “I was gonna, but he’s verrrrrrrrrrrry.”

“Very what?” Clary asks, leaning forward. Jace sighs and pushes her back as she begins to topple off the bench. 

“Very.” Simon agrees, and Jace raises an eyebrow. He’s about to press for more information, when Magnus appears. 

“Oh, finally.” He groans. “Take Simon home, I’ll deal with the girls.” 

“What did you guys drink?” Jace asks, exasperated as Maia nearly punches him in the face in her haste to cling to Clary. 

“We had a competition, and I severely underestimated their tolerance.” Magnus sighs, massaging his temples. “Come along, darlings.” Maia and Clary stumble off with Magnus, and Jace tugs Simon upright. 

“You good, man?” He asks quietly. Simon hums quietly and leans into Jace’s side. 

“Not gonna be sick or anything.” He confirms, and Jace laughs softly, slinging an arm around Simon’s shoulder and steering him to the car. 

“I’ve drunk enough with you to know what you’re like.” Jace muses. “And I am so glad you’re not the kind to throw up. I would not let you within ten feet of my car if you were.” 

“What kind of drunk am I?” Simon asks brightly, then promptly slips on the sidewalk and crumples, holding on to Jace’s arms for dear life. Jace sighs and hauls him back up, and suddenly Simon is very close, close enough to count each eyelash fluttering over warm brown eyes. 

“Clumsy.” Jace says hoarsely, transfixed by the hazy desire clouding Simon’s eyes, before he remembers that Simon is fucking drunk, and he sighs and steps away. “Come on, Lewis.” 

He manages to get Simon into the car with minimal fuss. Simon does try to convince Jace that North Dakota doesn’t exist, but it’s not even the biggest conspiracy theory Simon’s brought up, so Jace isn’t worried as he starts up the car and peers behind him, backing slowly out of the parking space. 

“Oh my god you’re driving.” Simon says suddenly. Jace snorts as he waits patiently for a gaggle of teens to cross the street. “Since when do you drive?” 

“Since a month ago, you went with me to get my license.” Jace mutters. “You’re such a dumbass when you’re drunk.” 

“Let me out, Jace is gonna kill me with his driving!” Simon moans, sinking low into his seat. 


“I’m gonna dieeeeee.” Simon warbles, and then pauses. “Do you have any water? Or can we stop by the ocean to get a drink?” 

“Yeah, I don’t think the Atantic is what you need right now.” Jace says, reaching behind with one hand and grabbing the water he’d thrown in the back seat when he’d heard Simon was drunk. 

Lifesaver.” Simon says gratefully as he takes the bottle and twists the cap off, guzzling it down. He only gets one tiny dribble of water down his chin, and Jace glances over as the car idles at a red light on an empty street. 

“You’ve got a - “ He gestures, and Simon frowns. 

“A printer?” He asks, excited. Jace shakes his head, bemused. 

“Why the fuck would there be a printer?” He asks, glancing once to check that it’s still a red light before he reaches over and swipes his thumb over the drop of water, Simon’s stubble rough under his skin. “There.” 

The light changes to green and he drops his hand back to the wheel, focusing on driving - Simon’s partially right, Jace isn’t the best driver - and there’s silence in the car until he looks back to Simon, worried about the lack of unstoppable rambling. 

Simon is looking at him with a strange, unreadable look on his face, his eyes dark and stormy. Jace frowns and opens his mouth, about to ask what’s wrong, when Simon blurts out, “Do you know Jace Wayland?” 

“Oh my God.” Jace says, shaking his head. “Not this again.” Simon has a habit of conflating Jace and Captain America while he’s drunk, which is cute, but so not helpful. 

“If you see him,” Simon continues, his voice turning a little sad, “can you tell him to kiss me?” 

“What?” Jace asks, not at all proud of the way his voice goes an octave higher. 

“I mean, you’re Captain America. He has to listen to you, right?” Simon asks as Jace tries desperately to focus on pulling into their building’s garage. 

“Buddy,” Jace gets out in a strangled voice, “I think Jace Wayland doesn’t need me to tell him to kiss you.” 

“Did he say something? Does he not want to?” Simon asks, insistently patting Jace’s arm. 

“No.” Jace says shortly, killing the engine and opening the door. 

“Then you should command him. Jace would listen to you, you have muscles!” 

“Oh my God.” Jace groans as he gets Simon out of the car. He staggers a little as Simon leans in with all his weight. “Why is drunk you so horny?” 

“I’m not horny, I love him!” Simon declares. Jace promptly drops Simon. “Ow.” Simon complains from the floor. 

“Lewis. Always complicating things.” Jace says, his heart beating faster and a smile creeping onto his face despite himself. 

“I’m serious, he’s adorable and he cares so much and he’s so good to the world.” Simon says as Jace hauls him off the ground. “Please get him to kiss me.” Jace’s heart clenches and he smiles giddily at Simon. 

“Wake up sober, and I will.” He promises, and Simon nods sleepily, nuzzling into Jace’s neck. 

(The next morning, Jace waits as long as it takes for Simon to stumble into the kitchen and blearily make himself a cup of coffee before he backs the other man into the counter, gets a hand in his shirt, and kisses him as thoroughly as he can. Simon whimpers, his hands flailing for a bit and hitting Jace’s head before settling around Jace’s back, and then he gets with the program, pressing back and sliding his tongue across Jace’s. 

“Got a message from Captain America.” Jace murmurs when they break apart to breathe, his voice low and amused as he watches the bright red flush overtake Simon’s cheeks. 

“Oh God.” Simon groans. “Of all the idiotic things I’ve done - “

“I love you too.” 

“ - that was probably not the worst.” Simon concludes, his smile turning blindingly bright. Jace laughs warmly at that and reels Simon in for another kiss, unable to help himself. The guy he’s in love with is nerdy as fuck, but it’s the sweetest thing in the world, and Jace will send the creator of Captain America a fruit basket if it makes Simon happy.)

Doctor Kim || Seokjin Scenario

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Genre: Fluff | Doctor!Jin

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Word count: 2784

Warnings: Brief mention of being shot (I believe that’s it?)

(A/N: Here it finally is after a week! ^_^ I really hope you guys like this, this is dedicated to @jennilycrown, her and her love for Jin, ah ^_^ Please do leave me feedback guys, it’s always welcome, and do guess who the “blonde haired man” is at the end ;) )

Standing in the queue, you exhaled in frustration, tapping your foot impatiently as you waited. You peered down the line that seemed to stretch on for miles, your hands flying to your hips as you stared ahead, pushing your hair back with a sigh.

“This line had better move sometime soon, I really haven’t got all day,” you muttered to yourself, your lips curling into a frown as you glanced around at the other people bustling around in the bank. Some were sitting in corners consulting a banker, kids were impatiently tugging at their mothers’ sleeves while they attempted to work the machines, and here you were, standing in the halted line, purse in hand. You were so absorbed in your own frustration and annoyance, you hadn’t noticed the group of people clad in black dispersing throughout the building; until you heard the shrill sound of screaming, piercing your eardrums and causing to wince.

Spinning around, your hair flying into your face, you spotted the cause of the commotion - someone had the cold barrel of a gun pressed to a woman’s head while she knelt on the floor in plea, her kid bursting out into tears. The other people swiftly dashed through the crowd of people - and past the queue - pointing their guns towards the receptionists, their eyes wide and trembling with fear as they quickly packed wads of notes into black bags, under the stoic, watchful gazes of the criminals stood menacingly in front.

The initial feeling of fear left your body, instead replaced with pure frustration and anger, your fists balling up so tight that your knuckles quickly turned pale. This was the last straw, your day had already gone badly enough.

“Hey!” You shouted over the commotion, narrowing your eyes as you glared  - as menacingly as you could muster - at the man keeping the mother hostage, his eyes snapping up to glance at you, curiousity sparkling in his eyes. “Let her go before I… I…” You faltered, your mind buzzing as you tried to come up with a viable threat, but resulting in nothing.

The man laughed; a dark chuckle that reverberated through the now quiet room. Everyone was cowering away, unable to make their escape due to the men blocking every possible exit, the children clinging tightly to their parents, everyone crouched, frightened whispers echoing through occasionally.

“Before you what?” The man stood upright, casually walking towards you, a maniacal glint in his eyes as he stared at you, lips curled up in a devilish smirk. “What could a weakling like you do, hm? Try me.” He retaliated, standing only a metre away from you, a lump forming in your throat as you attempted to think fast.

Acting on instinct, you whipped off your heel and violently threw it at the man standing in front of you, his eyes widening at he watched the shoe spinning towards him, hitting him directly in the face. He winced, and his eyes quickly darkened with pure anger, rolling his neck and his arm raising to point the gun directly at you. You stood your ground, your body heaving in anger as you stared at this criminal in front of you, your other heel in hand, poised and ready to throw it. Cocking your eyebrow at him, anticipation built up throughout the room as everyone waited for someone to make the first move. More hushed whispers in the corner as someone frantically muttered some directions down the phone.

The man raised his eyebrows, and suddenly the sound of a gunshot spread through the building, your knees buckling, mouth agape as you stared down at the bleeding wound in your upper leg.

“You son of a…” You faltered once again, pressing your hand to the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding, glaring up at the man. He would have pulled the trigger again, but the door burst open, police pouring into the building and apprehending the criminals, the bystanders visibly relaxing in relief and allowing the situation to be taken care of.

One of the police officers, a young man with strikingly purple hair, scanned the scene, spotting you kneeling down on the ground, wincing as he noticed your bleeding wound. He approached you, kneeling beside you, and your head snapped up in surprise and recognition.

“Jungkook?” You exclaimed, briefly forgetting about the throbbing pain in your thigh, your curiosity piquing.

“(Y/N), what did you manage to get yourself into?” He tutted, raising an eyebrow up at you, a smirk dancing on his lips.

You rolled your eyes at him, scoffing as you scolded, “Hey, stop flirting, don’t forgot you have a girlfriend now, I’ll tell her.” Reaching up with your arms, you looked at him expectantly. “Help me up then, there should be ambulances outside, right?”

Jungkook simply chuckled, putting an arm around you to support you as you limped outside with his help, your eyes widened at the several ambulances parked outside.

“Thanks to my amazing heroicness, I reckon I’m the only one who was all that hurt, why exactly do you have so many ambulances lined up outside?” You inquired, your knees still threatening to give way beneath you from the pain of the bullet wedged in your leg.

Jungkook shrugged, taking you to the nearest ambulance and helping you up through the door, as he said, “They must have anticipated more casualties… what exactly did you do?” He turned to face you as best as he could while supporting you, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“I… uh, threw my heel at their leader…” You replied sheepishly, wincing again as another bolt of pain shot through your leg, your legs weak as you sat down inside the ambulance.

“You…” Jungkook looked at you in disbelief, snickering slightly at the thought. “You’ve got some guts, that’s all I can say.” Glancing back at the building, he looked back at you, his eyebrows still raised in disbelief. “I have to get back to help the other guys, good luck with the wound.” He shook his head, walking off with a smirk.

You leaned your head back on the wall of the vehicle, your eyelids cracking open slightly to see, who you presumed was a doctor, looking at you in concern, his eyes soft with care and worry. His black hair was parted to the side slightly, and you perked up at the sight of the rather handsome doctor staring directly at you.

“Are you okay?” The doctor finally spoke, as he leaned forward in his seat, his eyes darting to the blood still trickling out of the open wound, before glancing back up to make eye contact with you.

You opened your mouth to answer, but another sting of pain shot through your leg, and you groaned, leaning your head back and closing your eyes. The doctor took out a bandage from his first aid bag, leaning closer to you, his hands carefully winding it around your thigh as best as he could. You flinched at his touch, before relaxing again, your hand clinging onto his arm tightly as he tied off the bandage. Noticing your discomfort, he gently patted your arm, smiling reassuringly as he said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be okay. We’re almost at the hospital, where I’m going to remove the bullet for you. Luckily, the bullet doesn’t seem to be wedged in too deep, so you’ll be just fine, I promise.”

You blinked at the man throughout his speech, your eyes trailing up and down his face, admiring his sculpted features, his arching nose, his soft eyes, his caring yet worried expression. Cut it out, you told yourself, trying to refocus back on what he was trying to tell you, but you found yourself dreamily staring at the doctor once again, your mind drifting off elsewhere.

“Miss? Are you okay? Is the pain worsening in any way?” The doctor asked you in a worried tone, staring intently at you, his eyes scanning over you in concern. You finally returned to reality, attempting to sit upright, but slumping back as your leg began to throb again. “Just relax, don’t try to strain your body, it’ll just cause you more pain.”

“I think I’m okay,” you blinked at him once again, glancing out of the window behind him to realise you had finally reached the hospital after what seemed like an eternity of time, and the ambulance halted, the doctor reaching to open the doors.

He pulled out a folded wheelchair from the corner of the ambulance, stepping out of the ambulance and setting it up outside, glancing back up at you as you watched curiously. He fought back the urge to smile at your inquisitive expression, looking away and clearing his throat. He beckoned at a nurse standing near by, gesturing at you, and the nurse immediately understood, rushing over to help him support you as they gently lowered you onto the wheelchair, the nurse wheeling you into the hospital building, the doctor following beside you.

“I’m going to try and remove the bullet for you now, okay? It’s likely that’ll leave a scar, but that can’t be helped, the important thing is that the wound heals correctly with infection,” the doctor explained, his lips curling up into that same charming smile, and you stared up at him, processing his words.

“Is this going to hurt? Because you’re literally pulling a bullet out of my leg, what are you going to stick in my leg? Are you sure this is safe, you won’t pierce an artery or something, what if I bleed out too much…” You rambled, the doctor looking at you in surprise at your sudden outburst, chuckling under his breath.

“I assure you, you’ll be perfectly fine. As I said, the bullet hasn’t gone in too deep, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to remove the bullet, and no, you shouldn’t bleed out too much, you’ll be just fine.” The doctor shook his head, a smile dancing on his lips, and the nurse finally wheeled you into a surgical room of some sort. The doctor nodded at the nurse, and the two of them slowly carried you up off the wheelchair, setting you down upright on a hospital bed, a light pink dusting your cheeks at his hands supporting your legs.

The nurse smiled, before rushing back out of the room, likely to tend to another patient, leaving you alone with the doctor once again. He took out a row of surgical tools, and you gulped, your eyes widening as they glistened under the light, your eyes darting back up to the man in slight fear.

Noticing, the doctor shook his head, chuckling as he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not using all of these, I only need one or two tools. I will have to stitch the wound up afterwards though, but I’ll apply some anaesthetic to the area before I do anything so you won’t feel any pain, I promise.”

You shook your head at the mention of stitches, shuddering as you thought about the needle piercing your skin. “I hate needles,” you muttered, sighing and pressing your hand to your forehead dramatically, the doctor smiling to himself with an amused expression. He wheeled closer to you in his chair, and your face flushed pink as he gently lifted up your skirt a little to reach the wound, your hand clinging onto the mattress. A light pink flourished on his face as well, but he continued, treating the wound before he attempted to carefully and precisely remove the bullet.

In an attempt to distract yourself, you began to ramble on about what happened, your hands gesturing wildly in frustration. “You should’ve seen the look on his face, he looked so smug, like it was all a show to him, he looked like he was finding it so entertaining, I just wanted to wipe the smirk off his dumb face, what kind of robber was he…” You continued rambling, and the doctor couldn’t help the smile that spread onto his face at your strangely cute frustration, shaking his head occasionally.

Having successfully removed the bullet, he took out a needle, your eyes once again widening in fear, your hands flying up in protest. “Hey, Doc, is this really necessary? I mean, I’m sure it’ll close up by itself, the body is just amazing like that, I don’t really think we need to stick that thing in my leg…”

He simply looked at you in slight disbelief and slight amusement, before saying, “As amazing as the body is, it does need help healing the wound, so that mean I am going to have to stitch it up. It’ll only take a minute, and it won’t hurt one bit, I promise.”

His hand rested on your thigh to steady it, and once again a blush spread over your face at his warm touch, your arm flying up to grab onto his shoulder, causing him to look up at you with surprise.

“I… uh… need to… um… steady myself, so…” You stuttered, only clinging on tighter, and he simply smiled, beginning to stitch up the wound. He couldn’t help but find you adorable, no matter how much he tried to remain professional, especially the way you obliviously stared at him with curiosity, causing a small flutter in his chest.


You sat up in the recovery room, after spending a significant amount of time resting and regaining the strength in your legs, the doctor popping in occasionally to change the dressing on your leg. He had to be the most handsome doctor you had ever come across, and so you couldn’t help the blush that rose up onto his cheeks every time he smiled at you, mentally slapping yourself for being so awkward.

For the last time that day, the doctor walked in, charming smile present on his face once again.

“How are you doing?” He asked, standing by the bed you were currently propped up in. “Your leg feeling better I hope?”

You nodded, your hand reaching over to brush over the dressing still on your thigh, remembering the warmth of his touch, and smiling to yourself.

“I think you’re finally ready to be discharged, so some advice, make sure you keep the dressing and the area around it nice and clean, take the painkillers I’ve given you, and make sure you change the dressing regularly.” He explained, gesturing with his hands, and once again, all you could do was stare up at his face, your eyes once again trailing up and down.

“What?” He asked, noticing your expression. “Is there something on my face?” His hand reached out to brush against his cheek, his expression curious.

“You’re cute,” you blurted out, looking down awkwardly as you realised what you’d said, the doctor simply chuckling.

“I’ll leave you gather your things then, nice to meet you, (Y/N).” And with that, he left the room once again, and you pouted. “He could’ve said something back…”

Finally ready to leave, you slipped your coat on over your shoulders, frowning slightly as you realised it meant you might not get to see him anymore, sighing as you went to grab your bag. You cocked your head slightly when you noticed a neatly folded piece of paper by your bag, turning it around in your hands curiously.

Opening it, you smiled as you read the neat handwriting scribbled across the paper. It was a phone number, signed “the ‘cute’ doctor, Seokjin (I’m glad you realised my good looks, I am cute).” You shook your head with a laugh, your heart flipping in your chest as you tucked the paper into your bag, making a note to call him later on.


Ever since that day, you became a regular at the hospital, popping in with a new “sickness” almost every day. You came in with a fever one day, a “broken leg” the next day, and a stomach bug the day after that.

The hospital staff had become accustomed to your visits, laughing it off and informing you that Seokjin - or Jin as everyone called him - would be on break soon, and that you could go see him then.

One day, you were standing in the reception of the hospital, laughing over something with Jin as you playfully hit his arm, when the two of you spotted two men walking in, standing in the middle and scanning the room. One of them - a blonde haired with a backpack slung over his shoulder - saw the two of you standing there, and walked over to the two of you nonchalantly.

“Has a teenage boy, about this tall, injured, been admitted to this hospital today?”

Crash Landing (Part One/?)

Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 777 (I think??)

Part One Part Two Part Three

(gif by @marvelheroes)

It was a week before Christmas. The café you worked at, your aunt’s to be precise, had been completely buried in a plethora of customers wishing to be out of the cold. You’d had to run out and grab more instant coffee and hot chocolate three times in the past four hours.

Deciding you didn’t care if your aunt docked your pay for sneaking off, you tiptoed to the back of the café and slipped out the back. You made your way to the trash cans and slid down the wall behind them, not caring that you weren’t wearing a jacket and the ground was uncomfortably damp. Pulling out your phone, you opened Snapchat and took a video of your grim surroundings to send to your friend.

Suddenly a splat of red thumped into the wall opposite you, making you shriek. Trying to mask your embarrassing outburst, you leant forwards, peeking out from the side of one of the bins.  

“Oh, God,” the red crumpled mass groaned from the floor. “At least no one was around to see that, man.”

“Ahem,” you coughed, sitting up straighter.

The red crumpled mass shot upright. Spider-Man. You could imagine the guy behind the mask, eyes wide. The both of you stared at each other for a minute.

Well, you stared. You couldn’t see his eyes through that mask, so he could have been looking at you or maybe at the limp banana peel sitting beside you. An uncomfortable but simultaneously comfortable silence settled between you.

“It sure must be cold only wearing that suit,” you mused.

“What, you don’t think I wear a vest or boxers underneath?” his voice was muffled from behind the mask.

“Would that make a difference?”

He threw his arms up. “I wouldn’t know. You’re only wearing a polo shirt and jeans, so you can’t talk.”

“Wait… Wait, did you just admit to not wearing underwear under your suit? Gross.”

“No, I… Shut up.”

And you did. Spider-Man gestured towards your phone.

“So…” Spider-Man had managed to pick himself up off the ground and was now brushing himself off. “Did you catch that on your phone?”

Jumping slightly, you looked down at your phone, having forgotten it was in your hand. Sure enough, the video was playing on a loop onscreen. You fought the urge to laugh. It looked like a dumb Vine.

“I did indeed. Catch it. The whole thing.” You grinned mischievously.

“Please don’t post that!” He scrambled forwards. “My friends… My friends would lose their shit over that! I wouldn’t be able to take it!”

You made a show of mulling this over. Spider-Man wrung his hands nervously. He’d suffered enough, you figured; he’d just plummeted straight into a brick wall. He deserved a break. Turning the screen towards him, you carefully clicked the cross and the video disappeared into oblivion. Spider-Man nodded in appreciation.

He was slender and fairly tall, towering over you, still in your crouched position by the trash cans. It was beginning to drizzle.

“Come here often?” he asked, a grin evident in his voice.

“I work here,” you replied bluntly.

“Oh, right. Right…” he muttered awkwardly. “Wait. You work in this seedy back alley?”

“No,” you shook your head in disbelief. “I work in the café.”

Spider-Man smacked his forehead.

“Shouldn’t you be saving the world right now?” you asked, examining your hands.

“You’re right! I should be…” He seemed to be staring at the damp bricks of the wall just above your head. “I should be!”

“Okay, have fun.”

You balled your hands into fists and shoved them into your lap, looking up to stare at Spider-Man quizzically. He should be going.


Spider-Man jumped up, shooting some web at the café roof, and swung gracefully back and forth in front of you.

“I’ll see you around!”

“Yes, I can’t wait to meet you in this smelly, dirty, damp, unsanitary alley again.”

He laughed, and your stomach fluttered a little. Pointing a finger at you, he repeated “I’ll see you around!” and then fwing, he was gone. You gawked at the spot the one and only Spider-Man had occupied a few seconds before. The Spider-Man. Biting your lip, you cursed yourself for not holding back your sarcasm. It was second-nature now, and when you were on a roll, there truly was no stopping you.


Whipping around, you saw your aunt glowering at you.

“We are up to our eyes and you decide that now is the time for your break? I don’t think so, honey.”

“Sorry… I’m coming…”

Slowly standing up, you gazed wistfully in the direction Spider-Man had gone, and withdrew back inside.

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How about cat boy Shiro & shance?

It got away from me….
Lance yawned as he opened to door to his house, tired after a full day of work. Allura was a slave driver, having him work the clearance floor of the fashion building. There had been a huge sale today, customers having flooded the shop and nearly cleaning it out, and not all of them were nice to him.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, shutting the door behind him. After getting changed into some sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he flopped on the couch, shutting his eyes. He got about what felt like ten minutes of blessed sleep before a crash and a yowl of pain woke him up, the lanky 25 year old man bolting upright in surprise. He got up and looked at the clock. What the fuck? Who was even awake at 4am?

With a groan, he got up and decided to investigate the sound. He shrugged on a light jacket and stepped out onto the porch, bare feet cold against the concrete. He glanced around and walked over to where a soft whimpering was coming from, the alleyway with all the trash cans.

“Hello?” He called, padding inside the alleyway, hand against the wall of his house. His eyes caught a hunched shape next to the dumpster, something big with a twitching tail and curled in on itself. Oh.

Now that he was closer, he could see it was a Hybrid, creatures that were a common pet in this city. This one was a Cat Hybrid, with long, messy and dirty black hair and ears and a white forelock and a white tipped black tail. It was making soft, pained sounds, gripping at its right arm.

“Here kitty kitty, what’s wrong?” Lance crooned, attempting to appear as non-threatening as possible. Which wasn’t hard, he could see the muscles through the tattered shirt on the Cat Hybrid’s body, even though it looked very malnourished. He walked a little closer, trying to recall everything Hunk had told him about Cat Hybrids since the big guy worked at a shelter for all kinds of Hybrids, like Keith, a mixed breed of a Cat and a Wolf Hybrid.

The Hybrid’s head shot up, staring at him with wide, panicked silver eyes that were admittedly quite pretty. Now that he could see its face, Lance could tell the Cat Hybrid was male, and hurt too by the bloody cut across his nose. The Hybrid growled warningly, ears flattened back and tail puffed up in fear.

Lance held up his hands, palms outwards, staying calm like Hunk had taught him when handling scared Hybrids. “Woah there, Kitty, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m just trying to help. Can you let me do that?” He soothed, focus entirely on the terrified Hybrid.

The growling paused for a moment, wavering, and an almost curious look flashed through those gray eyes before being replaced with more caution. Lance took a small step forward, encouraged.

“You don’t look too good there, Kitty. Want me to get you some food and a bandage for that cut on your pretty face?” He cooed, shuffling a little closer and crouching low to appear smaller, less dangerous. The Hybrid’s ears flicked, indecision flickering across his face. Lance was now close enough to reach forward with one hand, carefully.

The Hybrid leaned forward, uncurling a little to sniff at Lance’s fingers, before cautiously turning his cheek against the Cuban man’s palm before pulling back a little with a soft whine. Lance smiled gently, keeping his teeth hidden, and ran his hand over the Hybrid’s hair and ears, a small purr startling both males.

Lance spoke up again. “Hey, let’s get you into my place so we can fix you up, okay?” The Hybrid blinked, confused, but allowed Lance to pull him up and suddenly Lance had to reevaluate this because the Cat Hybrid was taller than him by a head and a lot wider than skinny little Twig Lance. Not to mention heavy! For someone so emaciated, he sure packed a lot of weight!

Lance carefully led the Cat Hybrid out of the alleyway and into his house, shutting the door quietly and tugging him into the bathroom. “Okay, I know cats hate water, but we need to get you washed and cleaned before we bandage you up.” Lance explained to the startled Cat, who was staring at his reflection in the mirror with something akin to horror.

Lance filled the bathtub with hot but not scalding soapy water, and guided the Hybrid in. The water seemed to relax the dirty kitty, and Lance easily pulled off the ragged and soon to be burned old shirt and boxers the Hybrid had been wearing, finally able to assess the damages.

The Cat was covered in old scars and new injuries, like he’d been in a fighting ring. His right arm was missing, obviously recently because the stump hadn’t healed completely and was an angry reddish purple, blotchy and clearly infected. The poor Cat was going to need a Vet, and Lance hoped Hunk would cover this. But first he had to do what he could to help, since he’d never been one to turn down a creature in need.

He set to work, using safe shampoos and soaps to clean the dirt and blood away, having to drain and refill the tub several times until the water stayed mostly clear and bubbly. The Cat Hybrid flinched with every wound wiped down, but seemed to recognize that Lance was helping him and didn’t fight back. Lance hummed to fill the silence, a soothing Spanish lullaby his Mama loved singing.

Once he finished, he rinsed the Cat one last time before leaving to grab some overly large clothes that would probably fit the huge Hybrid, which he was guessing was of the Maine Coon variety. He came back and drained the tub, tugging the relaxed kitty out and drying him off, bandaging every wound with a bandaid or gauze before helping him into soft, clean clothes that actually fit the Cat just right, if not only slightly tight.

“Okay, just a haircut and then some food, sound good?” Lance soothed, sitting the other male on the closed toilet and holding up a pair of scissors and a hair razor. The Cat eyed the items warily, but merely made a soft noise of agreement before letting his eyes fall shut.

Lance pulled a towel over the Cat’s neck and shoulders, before setting to work snipping the long, tangled black locks of hair. He shaved away the worst of it, giving the Hybrid an undercut and leaving the top alone, trimming around the ears to a short, fluffy length and even grooming the ears and tail to get rid of the matting. The white forelock was left a little longer than the rest, since Lance found it kind of cute.

He cleared away the mess and once again tugged the Cat Hybrid by the wrist along with him to the kitchen, the poor kitty making a soft mew, a wordless question. “Food then! You look pretty hungry, kitty, and I think I still have a package of turkey somewhere.” Lance clarified, gesturing for the Hybrid to sit on the couch while he entered the kitchen to rummage around his fridge.

He came back to see the Cat Hybrid looking around curiously, tail flicking and ears up, which was definitely a good sign if he was showing interest in his surroundings. Lance gave himself a mental high five and cleared his throat lightly, gathering the kitty cat’s attention. He held up the package of turkey and had to stop himself from giggling at the way the Hybrid’s eyes lit up and ears perked, staring at the wrapped meat hungrily. His stomach let out a demanding growl too, and Lance definitely laughed then.

“Haha, okay, here you go then.” Lance chuckled, opening the plastic package and unwrapping the seal around the meat, plopping it back into the container and handing it to the Cat Hybrid.

While the cat scarfed down the meat, Lance dug his phone out of his jacket.

He had a few calls to make.
This….. got waaaaaaaayyy out of control…… it was supposed to be a small fluffy fic and I turned it into some angst? And yes, Shiro is the nameless Hybrid. I don’t suppose you’d want more, maybe? I mean I wouldn’t mind making more? Gah- I need to stop making all these AU’S, my brain is out of control ;0;
Hope you enjoyed!

(edit- here’s chapter 2- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/161255787588/companions-au-chapter-2 )

Winter Interrupted (Part 3/?) (Barnes/Avengers x reader)

Part 2

“Sir?  I don’t understand.”

“I want you to come with me, and stay silent,” the Soldier commanded under his breath.  He was leading you down a dark and winding hallway, your bodies pressed tightly to the wall as to not be seen as you moved.  “I’m transporting you to D.C., where I’ve set up a safe house for you.  I’ve arranged for someone to pick you up from there in exactly 48 hours.  You will not step foot outside of that building until that exact moment.  I’ve put those directions in your pack so that you don’t forget, along with a few more specifics that you’ll need to meet up with your contact there.  You are going to follow exactly what’s written. That’s an order.”

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Epitome of Eighteen Histories: Kururi Orihara & Mairu Orihara Episode

This is a story from the past

A twisted story from the past.

A Few Years Ago   Raira Junior High

“Liike I saiid~, butler clothes fit Yuuhei Hanejima-san the best!”

“……Deny (No) …… Alcohol (bartender clothes) …… Fashionable (looks the best)…….”

“Noo, stupid, stupid Kuru-nee! You can drown in a cocktail shaker for all I care!”

During break the first year sisters Kururi and Mairu were fighting over an extremely meaningless topic.

“Both of them are similar though, right?”

The boy who stated that not reading the mood was glared at by the two of them with a look that said “this guy doesn’t even know anything…..”, and although receiving a shock he has doubt over his own disposition with his heart throbbing at the strangeness of those cold gazes, but that is an entirely another matter.

“But Yuuhei Hanejima would like both of them, right?”

When a girl nearby said that, the two of them nodded at the exact same timing.

“Of course!”

“…..Of course….”

Hearing that, their classmates laugh in amazement.

“Really, you two get along well, don’t you.”

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Midnight Robbery: Ch1

You run into strange things, wandering New Yorks streets at night.

(Credence/Newt. AU where Newt ends up being Credence’s alleyway wizard connection instead of Grindlegraves. Also I just wanted to write Newt being a weirdo while Credence quietly and intensely thinks “what in the fuck” on repeat)

(Warning for very mild hints of suicide ideation. Also warning for the fact that most of this was written on my phone)

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if you still accept prompts but can you write a fic about Nesta making Cassian jealous on purpose before the bond snaps into place (they're mates, I refuse to accept any other option)? Thanks :)

Here you go anon! A short drabble of these two at Rita’s and finally realizing the bond between them.

Rita’s was packed with fae in celebration of winning the war. Hybern was defeated and would eventually fade into a horrible memory. He no longer had his clutches in the future the dreamers worked for.

Because that’s what the fae and humans were. Beings that sought to live a life worth living and obtain what they desired from it.

Which is why Nesta was tired of holding back. For most of her existence she kept her feelings bottled inside. Then she died and was remade into a fae. A second chance was given to her and she fought every second to make sure Hybern and his army did not take away the hope of a better tomorrow.

And tomorrow had finally arrived. Elain was laughing with Lucien who was obviously head over his two left feet for Elain as they danced on the floor. Other members of the Inner Circle greeted other guests and exchanged words accompanied by smiles.

Nesta caught Cassian near the bar talking with a few female fae. If the pouting lips and fingers reaching to touch Cassian’s arms weren’t clear enough then the inviting smiles the females gave him made it evident what their intentions were.

It made Nesta sick to even watch. Her stomach boiled and her face flamed in either rage or embarrassment.

But why should she be embarrassed? It’s not as if Cassian was –

She slammed the thought down. Weeks before the final battle Nesta had subtly dropped hints to Cassian that her feelings of loathing toward him had shifted into something she was afraid to verbally admit.

Their banter had always made them passionate since fighting with words and fists was what they knew best. Except overtime Nesta had found herself becoming more of a comrade than an adversary. And that in turn transformed into an unknown feeling that Nesta couldn’t quite understand.

Love felt to weak a word for what made her chest ache. As if there was a thread pulling her closer to Cassian. Trying to answer a question that Nesta never knew to ask.

Nesta monitored Cassian closely over the past few weeks and noticed that he too warmed up to her. But he didn’t react the way she did. As if he wasn’t being tugged by an unseen string that would go taut and loosen at random moments when Nesta would think of him.

Right now it felt as though that warm thread was cutting into her heart. It hurt every second she saw those females touching Cassian.

She jerked her head away from the sight. No longer bearing the will to see if Cassian would turn toward her.

What would if have done if he saw her staring?

Shakily Nesta went to the other side of building. As far away from the wrenching site behind her as she heard Cassian’s familiar laugh drift to her ears through the crowd.

Gritting her teeth Nesta stepped onto the dance floor in the hopes that the music would drown out Cassian’s voice. Suddenly an arm bumped into her and she was sent stumbling into someone’s else arms.

“Are you alright?” A male voice asked.

Nesta adjusted herself to stand upright, but the man kept his hands on her forearms to make sure she didn’t fall again.

“I’m fine,” she bit out. “I never imagined a dance floor could be so dangerous.” Her sarcastic tone was not lost to the man and he laughed at the statement. It was a bellowing laugh that probably the whole of Velaris could hear, but it wasn’t rude. Not if anything the fae on the dance floor seemed to think the laugh was infectious and gave smiles of their own.

“Mind if I have this dance?” The male asked smoothly.

A million thoughts ran through Nesta’s head. She could have swore that a pair of eyes were watching her from behind, but she paid no heed.

If Cassian wanted to have his own fun with twittering females on his arm the whole night then Nesta could dance with any fae she pleased.

“Of course,” Nesta replied and took his hand. Immediately they were in the midst of the dancing crowd. Bodies pressed up against Nesta to the point where she felt uneasy when an arm brushed her back or close to her breasts when she moved to the beat.

The whole time dancing though the male stuck close to her. He would give her suggestive glances on occasion. Perhaps he thought he get lucky tonight and have a tumble in the sheets with one of the Night Court’s strongest warriors.

But Nesta kept sneaking glances back at Cassian. Wondering if had already left with any of the fae females that surrounded him.

Yet all she saw was Cassian staring intently at her from the bar. All the females had scattered at some point during one of the songs Nesta and the other male was dancing to.

His hand gripped the glass of his drink so tightly it could shatter at any moment. His mouth was set in a rigid line that Nesta knew meant he was pissed.

Right now Nesta was not in the mood for pissy males. If Cassian was upset with her then he could talk to her. Not just stare moodily and expect Nesta to walk up to him.

In a graceful turn she undid the clasp in her hair to let the long strands down in waves of gold. She laughed at the weightless feeling and danced with abandon.

And then the thread to her heart ripped her from the moment and made her freeze on the dance floor. She felt compelled to follow the burning path that was clearer than it ever had been before.


Her head shot up and there was Cassian with his mouth gaping open. In shock or awe Nesta was unsure. Perhaps both. She was sure her face mirrored his as the bond between them snapped into place.


She sent back softly. Unsure if he felt the same thing. 

His eyes widened. As if he heard her with ease over the loud noises filling the air. He stood up from the bar stool and strode to her. Anyone in his path cleared the way as he made his way out onto the dance floor until he was standing in front of Nesta.

His hand tentatively reached for hers and tugged her away from the onlookers. He snarled at anyone who got too close.

Before Nesta knew it they were out on the street and walking toward the bridge.

“Cassian wait,” Nesta pulled him to a stop. Her chest heaved with every breath she took to fill her lungs with oxygen. She doubted it was from the dancing and their near jog to find a more secluded place.

Slowly Cassian turned to face her. His eyes shone in the dark as if flickering embers swirled in them.

“Nesta,” he said before wrapping his arms around her. His embrace was warm and Nesta found herself sinking deeper into it. Her face on his chest and he leaned down to press his nose at the column of her throat. Inhaling deeply and shuddering at her scent.

“Nesta,” he whispered over and over again into her skin. His lips caressing each time he spoke her name as if it was his salvation.

Unspoken words were made clear that night in each other’s arms. And through the newly discovered mating bond they revealed their love for each other. A love they felt the other didn’t return until now.

And so they made their way back to the House of Wind to celebrate the rest of the night in the privacy of their own rooms.

Guardian Angel - Part 6 - Jimin angst

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Fuck check me out lads, 2 parts to this shit fest of a story in 2 days. this has never happened in the history of this blog lol sorry

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Jimin’s hands were trembling around the popcorn bucket and he knew that he probably should have followed you out of there to make sure his friend was okay. Jimin didn’t want to look at you, though. He didn’t want to look at you and see the hurt in your eyes because Jimin had chosen Mina and he didn’t mean to.

He didn’t fucking mean to.

Sighing for what felt like the hundredth time that day, Jimin raked his hands through his hair and sank his teeth into his bottom lip as hard as he could. The pain was fine, it was bearable; but Jimin didn’t know what you and Mina were discussing out there, or if Mina would tell you at all what had happened between them.

What then? What would Jimin actually do?

You would have evidence for him supposedly being in love with Mina and you would stay away from him for fear of getting in the way of the two of them.

This couldn’t have gotten more tits up even if Jimin had purposefully tried to ruin everything.


“Mina!” You called, jogging to catch up with your friend who was darting down the hallway between cinema rooms. “Mina, wait! What’s going on?”

You latched onto her arm, pulling her to a stop and she whirled to face you with glossy eyes.

“Y/N, leave me alone, please?” She whispered, lip trembling. You shook your head, moving your arm from it’s tenacious grip to rub up and down, soothing her.

“No way, not when you’re like this,” you insisted. “What’s up? Talk to me,”

She shook her head, laughing humorlessly and brushing some hair from her face.

“Honestly Y/N, it’s nothing. I just thought something wrong apparently, it’s on me.”

“But what did you think that’s wrong? I don’t understand,”

She breathed in deeply, shutting her eyes momentarily and then opening them to search your face.

“Jimin and I had sex.” she confessed and it was like a punch to your gut.

Jimin and Mina…? Mina and Jimin?

They… Slept together.

Honestly, of course they did. What did you expect, that all this time spent with him and all the cuddles, laughter and those little outings he insisted were dates actually meant something? Of course they didn’t. People like you didn’t get the guy; people as resplendent as Mina did, and even as she stared at you, waiting for your response, with her shiny eyes and pink nose - she was absolutely gorgeous.

“O-Oh, I see…”

“Are you mad?” she murmured, stepping closer to you.

“Mad?” you laughed, and even to you the noise was harsh and metallic. “Why would I be mad? You’re both consenting adults, right?”

“Well, I don’t know. I thought maybe… You might have liked him?”

“That doesn’t matter Mina, it’s none of my business who the two of you choose to sleep with.”

You were bitter; she told you she thought that you might have liked him and she still had sex with him anyway. You had thought your friendship was more sacred than that.

“Right, well…”

“Y/N, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have-”

“Mina, seriously, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” You said, perhaps too sharply. “My feelings for Jimin don’t really matter anymore, do they?”

You were angry, certainly, but not at Mina. Not at your best friend, who hadn’t really done anything wrong. You were more angry at Jimin, who had disappointed you. Maybe you were being absurd and childish, but you had really thought that he liked you. He had paid so much attention to you and he was so… So sweet and charming with you. Obviously you were wrong.

“But Y/N-”

“I want to go home.” you whispered, crossing your arms tightly over your chest. “I’ll drive you home. Can you go and get Jimin?”

“Wait, no, Y/N we can talk about this, what do you mean your feelings for Jimin don’t matter anymore? You like him?”


“Y/N please just tell me,” Mina said assertively.

Whilst the two of you were similar heights, you had never before felt that she was looking down on you as much as you did in that moment. She was glaring, with a glint of something you had never seen before. Was it anger? Sadness? Guilt? You weren’t even sure.

“I- Yes, fine, I really, really like Jimin. He makes me feel comfortable and he makes me feel special. He makes me feel like no other guy in the world will compare. We have so much in common that I keep wondering if we were literally designed for each other. He makes me feel safe and so, so fucking secure when he hugs me, and he holds me so close to his body that I can feel his heartbeat and swear it beats for me, because fuck it, my heart beats for him.” You were breathless, shoulders heaving as tears finally made their way to your eyes.

“But that doesn’t matter anymore, Mina.” You said, voice completely devoid of emotion. “Because you got him. You got the guy, and I can’t believe I ever thought I had a chance.”

You turned, aiming to leave the building and get some fresh air to try and calm down and then wait by your car for the two of them to come out too. You couldn’t help but latch your eyes onto the very defeated looking man standing barely a few feet away, his usually pristine hair flopping into his eyes and shoulders slumping forwards.

“I’ll be waiting by the car,” you said, addressing them both. An acidic feeling was rising in your oesophagus and you just wanted to leave the presence of both of them - they were looking at you, staring at you, and the weight of their gazes was too much for you to bear. “Come out whenever you’re ready and I’ll drive you both home.”

With that, you walked past them, dodging the hand that Jimin shot out to grab onto you. He choked out your name, the familiar crushing sensation in his heart suddenly dissipating.

Where had the pain gone? Where was his heart? He couldn’t feel it in his chest anymore.

“Jimin, I’m so sorry.” Mina whispered, tears dripping down her porcelain face. “I’ve ruined everything, I’m so sorry.”

Jimin shook his head, glancing at the girl before turning his body to go after you. “No you didn’t, Mina, I messed up. This is all my fault.”

Jimin ran after you, leaving Mina behind in his hurry to get to you. To explain, to apologise - just to do something to ease the hurt in your heart.

This was all his fault. This was his fault and he had no idea how he could fix any of this mess he had created.

“Y/N!” He called, jogging up to the car that you were leaning up against, tears still running down your face. “Y/N, please, let me explain-”

“It’s fine, Jimin, you don’t have to explain yourself to me.”

“No, but I really, really so, you don’t understand-”

“I understand better than you think I do, Jimin. I knew that you liked her anyway so this really isn’t that big of a deal-”

“Stop, can you just liste-”

“Don’t worry, I support you two. I hope that you’re happy togeth-”

“Y/N seriously let me-”

“You don’t have to-”

“Y/N FOR FUCKS SAKE LET ME TALK,” Jimin yelled, latching onto your upper arms so you had no choice but to look at him. The volume of his voice was enough to stun you into silence, and then your anger came back full force.

“No. Y’know what, fuck you Park Jimin. Fuck you. Do you get some kind of enjoyment out of playing with my feelings? You knew that I liked you and you slept with my best friend anyway. Is this some kind of cruel way to spite me? Have I pissed you off in some way because I didn’t take you for such a spiteful man.”

“Y/N, please, I’m so sorry. It happened a while ago and it was a mistake, I’d take it back if I could, please believe me.” He was crying at this point, but you refused to let your resolve weaken. He had hurt you and he was going to have to deal with that.

“I’m so fucking disappointed in you, Jimin. I really fucking like you, but now I’m not so sure. What, did you have sex with her and then come running to me? Was she not good enough? Did you think it would be a fun game to have us both and then tell all your friends about what a real man you are?”

Jimin swore he was going to die. His heart was beating way too hard and way too fast and he was legitimately concerned that it was going to rupture.

You were being completely unforgiving and Jimin didn’t know what to do.

“That’s pathetic. You’re pathetic. Y’know what, you can take yourself home. Tell Mina I’m sorry but I’m not hanging around here anymore.”

You shoved his hands off you, got into your car and tore out of the car park as fast as you could.

Despite all the hurt and anger you held in your body, the widening distance between the two of you tugged harshly on your heartstrings.


Jimin was a mess. You had found out about him and Mina two nights ago and Jimin had yet to contact you. His phone was completely silent, except for one or two panicked messages from Mina demanding to know what she could do to try and fix this.

Jimin hadn’t the heart to reply to her. At this point he wasn’t sure that he would be able to fix this at all.

He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to look at you again, and be horrifically reminded of the way you looked at him that night, eyes full of tears and burning with resentment.

He was wandering aimlessly around town, having just come out of work but not really feeling like going home. There was nothing to do there, and he couldn’t even sleep. Exhaustion was beginning to set into his bones but still he walked, crossing into an unfamiliar part of town. Jimin wasn’t worried though; he knew he’d be able to find his way home when he needed to.

He turned a corner, not really paying proper attention to his surroundings, and he accidentally launched himself into the body of another, the both of them going stumbling backwards. The other person cursed loudly, and Jimin reached his hands out automatically to pull them upright again.

“Oh, man, I’m so sorry,” Jimin started babbling, hoping that the slightly taller man wasn’t annoyed or anything. “I really wasn’t paying attention to where I was going at all, I’m sorry, my mind is everywhere-”

“Don’t worry about it!” He said, square grin immediately setting Jimin’s heart at ease. “You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, are you okay?”

Jimin blinked at him, almost stunned by the radiance of the man’s face, and then nodded. “Yeah, I made a really bad decision and fucked up everything.”

The man nodded seriously, as if he understood what had happened perfectly without needing to be told any more details.

“I get that, I do that on a daily basis. My grandma is reaching the end of her tether with me.” Despite the weight of his comment, his grin was like the sun, and Jimin found himself laughing with the stranger. “I’m Kim Taehyung, what’s your name?”

“My name is Jimin- uh, Park Jimin.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Jimin! Do you wanna walk and talk? I’m headed to the shop now to get some tea for my grandma, you can come with me and tell me all about this heavy decision.”

The offer, whilst perhaps unorthodox, was one Jimin couldn’t resist. He didn’t really have any proper friends outside of you and Mina other than Jungkook (who did nothing but hum at appropriate moments whenever Jimin was ranting about something) and Taehyung’s sunny disposition was already unravelling the tightly coiled stress in Jimin’s body. He found himself nodding without really thinking about it, and the two of them continued back the way Jimin had come to the small grocery store.

“Well go on, tell me. Is it family struggles? No, wait- it’s a girl isn’t it?” Taehyung took a basket from the front of the shop, tucking his arm through the handles and beginning to meander down the first aisle in the most relaxed fashion Jimin had ever seen someone shop in.

“How did you know?”

“I’m perceptive and you’re good looking, so I just assumed it was girl problems.”

“What if I was gay?”

“Trust me, I know who’s gay and who isn’t,” Taehyung said, his voice the most serious since Jimin had met him less than ten minutes ago and Jimin nearly laughed. “Tell me about this girl, then.” He picked up two bags of gummy bears, examining the two identical bags in detail before settling on the one in his left hand and dropping it into his basket.

“She’s- Well, she’s…”

Jimin wasn’t eloquent enough for this. How was he meant to describe you, your very essence, to someone who hadn’t met you? He didn’t think he could in this language. Perhaps in his own, but not this one.

“She’s the world.”

“That’s deep.”

“You have no idea.”

“Divulge, then.”

“It’s weird and you wouldn’t believe me anyway.”

Taehyung turned to face Jimin, scrutinising Jimin in a way that he hadn’t felt since he met The Ancients for the first time when he was sixteen. Taehyung was thoughtful, just staring at Jimin, but Jimin didn’t feel uncomfortable. He felt at ease, as if he could trust Taehyung with his very soul if he had to.

“Try me.”


“So, let me get this straight,” Taehyung said, popping a sour worm into his mouth and pulling until it snapped, head of the worm in his mouth and body in his hand. “You looked into this magical whirlpool of destiny or whatever, and saw the two of them together.”


“And you were immediately drawn to this Mina?”

“That’s right.”

“Did you look at Y/N at all? Like, at all, even for a second?”

Jimin furrowed his brows, thinking as hard as he could.

He couldn’t really… Remember…?

He told Taehyung so, who nodded and continued munching on his sour worm. He looked so deep in thought about this whole situation whilst eating a fucking sour worm, and honestly, Jimin wouldn’t have told him anything if he didn’t immediately trust Taehyung and his innocence.

“Okay… Have you apologised to Y/N yet? Explained?”

“Explained, like, all this? All the angel crap?”


“I’m not allowed to tell her anything about this.” Jimin admitted, eating his own sugar coated jelly treat.

“Wait, what? Then why did you tell me?” Taehyung spluttered, sitting upright from his relaxed position on his sofa. “Oh fuck, are big, scary angel dudes gonna be after my hide now?”

“No, no, I’m allowed to tell people that aren’t affiliated with my charge, but that’s it. If you tell anybody, like Mina or Y/N or anybody that knows the two of them, we’ll both suffer the consequences.”

Taehyung looked very grave suddenly, before perking up and resuming his previous puppy personality.

“That’s fine, I have nobody to tell anyway!” He finished off the packet of gummies, screwing up the packet and shoving it into the plastic bag that the two of them were using as a bin for their junk food feast. “But why did you tell me at all? This is a big secret and we don’t even really know each other.”

Jimin shrugged. “I don’t know, I just trust you. My instincts are rarely wrong.”

“Except when it comes to something as huge as the actual reason for your existence.”

“That’s cold, bro.”

Taehyung just laughed, lounging back into the squashy sofa and lolling his head back to look at the ceiling. “Do you have wings?”

“What?” Jimin asked, having been too focused on reading all of the titles of the movies Taehyung had lined on the shelves of his room.

“Do you have wings? Like big ass angel wings. Are they white, like in all the films and shit? Is God real? Oh, shit, have you partied with Jesus?”

Jimin shook his head, standing from where he was squatting to get to the lower shelves, and laughed gently.

“Yeah, I have wings, but you just can’t see them right now, and yes, they’re white. Uh, God isn’t real in the sense that you’re thinking of God. He doesn’t have a physical form and only The Ancients can confer with him-”

“The Ancients being those guys that made you look into the magical whirlpool of destiny?”

“Yeah, those guys. And I haven’t partied with Jesus, no.”

“So Jesus is real?”

“Well, yeah, but he was just a guardian angel that had a serious problem with keeping it all a secret. He’s an Ancient now.”

Taehyung’s mouth was hanging wide open as he digested this new information. “I feel like I have all the answers to everything in the world ever.”

“Well, I mean, nobody will believe you.” Jimin said, shifting a cushion so he could sit down heavily next to Taehyung.

“Why should I believe you, then?”

Jimin was stumped. He hadn’t actually considered that Taehyung might not believe him. In all honesty, thinking about it, he was surprised that Taehyung hadn’t already called bullshit and told him to get out of his house and deal with his own problems. Maybe Taehyung would give him the contact details of the closest rehabilitation centre and tell him he was praying for his swift recovery.

“I can, uh, show you my wings? If you want?” A light blush dusted over Jimin’s cheeks at the idea. He had never shown his wings to anybody on Earth before, and suddenly he was nervous. What if Taehyung didn’t like them? Earning his wings had been the proudest moment of Jimin’s entire life but what if they were ugly in Taehyung’s eyes?

Despite only knowing him for a very brief amount of time, Jimin cared what he thought.

“Yes! Yes, please! I wanna see them, show me!” Taehyung was immediately upright, excited at the prospect. He tugged a cushion onto his lap, pressing it against his chest and biting his lip to try and hide the thrilled grin.

Jimin breathed in a deep breath to try and steel his nerves, then stood and moved to where there wasn’t a risk of damaging any of Taehyung’s furniture.

Then his breathing stopped, focusing on the sensation of the feathery appendages protruding from his back. There was a burning, piercing sensation in his shoulder blades and Jimin felt the skin of his back stretch and pull and only quickly remembered to pull his shirt off over his head to avoid ripping it and having to walk home in a tattered shirt later.

The feeling of his skin peeling apart along the already present exit wounds was one he wasn’t yet used to in its grimness, but he ignored that in favour of ensuring his wings would leave the cavity of his body and grow rapidly, unfurling and stretching out.

Like finally getting to scratch a lifelong itch, Jimin sighed in content and opened his wings out to their full span, flapping them just once, twice to stretch them properly. The billow almost upset his balance, and Taehyung’s hair was blown away from his face and causing him to flinch slightly, but his eyes were almost entirely round in shock and awe.

“Wow, they’re- Wow, I don’t know, fuck, oh my God?” Taehyung stuttered, hardly able to believe his eyes. “Wow…” He was unable to find any other word to say as he rose to his feet, hand tentatively outstretched. “M-May I…?”

Jimin nodded, and Taehyung immediately stroked his hand along the feathery plumage, sighing in awe.

“They’re soft!” He chirped, excited. His other hand joined the first, raking through Jimin’s wings - gently, as not to accidentally tug out any feathers - and then he, as carefully as possible, tugged on the end of his wing and pulled it outwards to stretch one of Jimin’s wings to it’s full span. “Jesus, they’re really huge too…”

“That’s what she said,” Jimin coughed, laughing when Taehyung immediately let go of the wing and it near enough snapped back to Jimin’s body, causing the unfamiliar weight to overbalance him and send him sailing into the sofa.

“That’s foul,” Taehyung wrinkled his nose, but his eyes were still focused on Jimin’s newly revealed secret. Then a devilish grin spread across his face and he was poking fun at Jimin. “They’re taller than you, look-”

A fist sank into Taehyung’s stomach, and he curled over, still managing to laugh through his wheezes.

“-Haven’t even know each other a full four hours and you’re already mocking me-!”

“-Ah! Hyung, get off! I’m delicate-!”

“-Delicate my ass! I could accidentally kill you with these things, do you get that-!”

“-Help! I’m being attacked by a giant chicken-!”

“-You fucking-!”


“Does it hurt to put them back in?” Taehyung asked, prodding the sensitive wound that was still sealing itself on Jimin’s back.

“Not really, not as much as it used to.”

Jimin’s hands were wrapped around a mug of tea - the tea that actually belonged to the elusive grandmother - and he was sitting on a stool at Taehyung’s kitchen island. His shirt was still off, allowing the curious boy to watch as his wings first shrunk in size and then retracted back into Jimin’s body. His eyes were alight with wonder as he watched the shapes move under Jimin’s skin and settle into place before the long, back-length, perfectly parallel incisions began to knit together.

“I almost feel like this is a really realistic dream, y’know.” Taehyung said, passing Jimin’s shirt to the owner when he had seen his fill of Jimin’s back.

“Funnily, this all feels like a very horrible nightmare.” Jimin commented dryly, pulling his shirt back over his head and reclaiming his tea.

“Ah, yeah, back to the matter at hand.” Taehyung nodded, back in serious mode as if what had just happened didn’t at all. “Like I asked, have you apologised to Y/N?”

“I have, but she didn’t really listen. She was too angry shouting at me.”

“Tough break. I recommend giving her time to cool down, to think rationally. She probably wasn’t thinking straight and was only saying stuff out of anger.”

“Well, yeah, probably, but I don’t wanna sit around waiting. I just wanna be with her.”

“If you don’t give her time to stew and be angry that it’ll come back and blow up ten times bigger than it already has.”

The kid’s right, Jimin.” Namjoon added. “Give her time to sort out her thoughts.

“I don’t think it can blow up any more than it already has, to be honest.”

“Trust me, it can always blow up more than it already has. Always.”

Jimin could have punched himself in the face at the fact that he shrugged off Taehyung’s surprisingly wise words. Barely even thirty minutes later, whilst Jimin and Taehyung had settled down on the sofa to watch one of his countless movies, Jimin’s phone was buzzing repeatedly against his thigh.

He let it ring until it fell silent, but not even ten seconds later it was buzzing again, this time with a series of panicked texts.

He huffed, pulling his phone from his pocket and unlocking his phone to check the string of messages he had received from none other than Mina.

He threw his phone onto the coffee table when he read them, launching himself upwards and stumbling around to find his jacket. Fuck he hadn’t brought his car how the fuck was he going to get there-

“Jimin! Jimin what’s going on?” Taehyung demanded, pausing the film as it’s intro started but Jimin only shook his head, shoving his feet into his shoes and tying the laces faster than he ever had before.

“No time, no time, Taehyung! We have to go! Come with me, can I borrow your car?”

Taehyung could only stare in bewilderment and Jimin stood up, racing towards the door and expecting the younger to follow. He picked up Jimin’s phone that he had left unlocked on the coffee table and his eyes scanned the screen quickly before his heart lurched and he too was sprinting out of the house, not even wearing any shoes in his urgency.


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Lucas takes care of drunk Maya oneshot

~someone requested this on my wattpad so here it is~

Lucas is studying at NYU to become a veterinarian, his dream since the sixth grade. So he knew about lots of animals, but as he told his friends, that didn’t make him a party animal (and may I make it clear that Lucas was very proud of that pun. Riley had laughed hysterically, Maya rolling her eyes and groaning, Farkle looking at Riley in confusion, shouting “he’s just a face!”).

But as dumb as it was, the statement was true. Lucas didn’t particularly enjoy the college keggers that the frats would host almost every weekend. But he ended up being dragged to some by Riley and Zay, along with the rest of his friends.

The parties usually sucked, but would actually be quite enjoyable if Maya came.

She wasn’t that into the whole frat party scene either, so her and Lucas would often find open bedrooms and have long conversations. Maya would often come up with weird inappropriate games like “guess the fetish” where they would give each other a friend and they would come up with their weird fetish or kink. Lucas would act like he thought it was gross, but he secretly really enjoyed the strange yet hilarious exchanges with the fiery blonde.

So Lucas wasn’t too reluctant when Riley got him, Zay, Maya and Farkle invited to another rager, since the blonde beauty would be coming.

He was excited to talk with her, that was until he found out the circumstances.

Maya had just broken up with her boyfriend, Josh, and was planning on drinking heavily and getting wasted. Lucas felt bad, for he knew that drinking has always been Maya’s first instinct when something bad happened to her, like when her dad stood her up or her and Riley got in a fight. He hated to see her hurting, but if drinking was what she wanted to do, then he wouldn’t stop her.

So by the end of the party, Lucas finds himself sitting on a bed in a bedroom, a cup of untouched beer in his hands, the loud music’s soft bass making it in the room, sending ripples in his drink.

He checks the time on his phone and sees that it’s 12:23 am, a fine time for him to skip out.

But just as he starts to get up, the door bursts open. He sees Farkle, holding up Maya as she holds her stilettos in her hand, laughing hysterically.

“Lucas, a little help?” A sober Farkle says, taking her in and sitting her on the bed.

“Lukey!” Maya gasps, pulling him into a tight hug, butterflies filling Lucas’s stomach.

“She’s super drunk, and I was gonna take her home, but she kept asking for you. She wouldn’t unlock herself from the bathroom unless I promised I’d take her to you.” Farkle says exasperatedly, still standing beside the bed.

“I can take her back to her dorm, don’t worry about it.” Lucas replies, Maya still hugging him tightly, her head resting on his shoulder.

“Really? You don’t have to do that..” Farkle says, scratching the back of his neck.

“No, it’s no problem. She’s only a few buildings over.” Lucas waves off, standing up and pulling Maya with him.

She stumbles slightly with a giggle, but Lucas catches her and holds her upright.

“Man, I owe you one. I’m gonna go find Riley.” Farkle smiles, heading out the door.

“Okay Maya, you wanna walk with me?” Lucas says to Maya, her simply almost falling over again.

He holds her up, and decides that there’s an easier way to do this.

Lucas picks Maya up and puts her over his shoulder, her laughing and kicking her bare feet.

He walks out of the bedroom and down the stairs, hearing some cheers and wolf-whistles at him as he descends.

“Where are you taking me lukey?” She asks cutely, letting her long blonde locks swing carelessly.

“Back to your dorm.” Lucas says flatly, blushing at her flirty voice.

Lucas carries a still laughing Maya out of the house and to his red truck that’s parked on the side of the road. He opens the door and puts her in, but when he lays her down, she grabs his shirt and pulls him down into a kiss.

Lucas jumps slightly at the unexpected action, his stomach tying into a knot as his face turns very red. The kiss is burning with hunger and desire, an electric charge flowing from her lips to his, pulsing through his body and making his hair stand up on the back of his neck.

Lucas very reluctantly pulls away from Maya’s lips, her hand still on his shirt, their faces inches apart.

“But Lucas… I want you.” Maya purrs, but Lucas resists every teenage boy urge inside of him and pulls away completely.

“You’re drunk, Maya. We’ll see if that’s still what you want when you’re sober.” Lucas chuckles, closing her door and walking around the truck to get in the driver’s seat.

“Fine. You’re no fun.” Maya huffs, sticking out her lip in a pout.

Lucas starts the truck, pulling out of his spat and starting to drive to Maya’s dorm building.

“I’m tired..” Maya groans, scooting over and hugging Lucas’s arm, resting her head on his shoulder.

Lucas has a hard time keeping his eyes on the road as Maya nuzzles into him cutely, not to mention her short skirt riding up dangerously high.

Lucas takes one hand off the wheel and wraps it around her shoulders, her nuzzling into his chest as her breathing suddenly turns into little snores that Lucas finds adorable.

He pulls up beside her building, gently setting Maya down and getting out of the car as she lays unconscious in the seat. He pulls her out and puts her over his shoulder again, closing the door and walking up the steps to the building.

Carrying Maya is really no challenge for Lucas, considering she’s five feet tall and most likely a size two, not to mention Lucas being strong as a horse.

He walks in the doors and sees a group of college girls on the couch in the commons, their talking and laughing stopping as they all look at him with smirks on their faces.

“He’s so hot…” he hears one of them say quietly to their friend, and he walks over to them.

“Hey, do any of you know where Maya’s dorm is? She passed out.” Lucas asks them.

“Yeah, I live next door.. I can show you.” A dirty blonde, brown eyed girl says, getting up as her friends giggle from the couches.

“We’re on the third floor. I’m guessing the elevator is the best idea.” The girl chuckles, Lucas following her to the elevators before she pushes the up button.

The three of them get in the elevator, the girl pushing the three button.

“So, what’s your name?” The girl asks, making small talk.

“Lucas. You?”


“Nice to meet you.” Lucas chuckles, the elevator doors opening.

“And you.” She replies sarcastically, exiting the elevator.

“So is Maya your girlfriend?” Haley asks, walking down the hall.

“Uh.. no, she’s not. But-” Lucas replies, his face going red.

“You want her to be?” Haley cuts him off.

“Oh, well.. yeah. I do.” Lucas admits.

“You should make a move. Just between us, she talks about you all the time.” Haley says with an eye roll, stopping at a door.

“Really?” Lucas replies, butterflies filling his stomach.

“Yeah. Jesus, you look so excited.” Haley laughs, Lucas chuckling and looking to his feet.

“Well this is her. She leaves it unlocked.” Haley nods.

“Alright, thanks a ton.” Lucas smiles.

“No problem.” Haley responds, Lucas stepping into Maya’s dorm.

The room’s only light is coming from a crack in the bathroom door, giving the room a dim orange light.

He carries her to her bed and lays her down, pulling the comforter over her.

He smiles at her, admiring how beautiful she looks despite her drunk and sleepy state, before he turns and starts for the door.

“Lucas?” He suddenly hears after a rustle of blankets and a grunt.

“Yeah?” He replies as he turns around.

“Can you stay with me?” She asks, only her head peeking out from under the big blanket.

Lucas opens his mouth to decline, but Maya beats him to it.

“I won’t try anything, I promise. I just don’t wanna be alone.” She says softly, and Lucas gives in to her big blue eyes.

“Sure. I’ll stay.” Lucas gives her a toothless smile, starting to take his shoes off and make a bed on the floor.

“God, don’t sleep down there. I have room up here.” Maya giggles, taking off the comforter and patting the spot next to her.

Lucas tries to say no, but he can’t when she looks up at him with that longing look on her face.

“Fine.” Lucas sighs, joining her in the bed before pulling the comforter over them both.

Maya snuggles her head into his chest, both of them laying on their sides facing each other. Lucas puts his arm around her and rubs her back, Maya resting a leg in between his.

Lucas hears Maya’s breaths grow steady and he plants a small kiss on her forehead, her hair still smelling of peaches.

They lay like this quietly until they both drift off, Lucas’s heart feeling warm and happy as he falls into a soundless sleep.


A/N: Another series….surprise….

Summary: Castiel has been ordered to kill an Nephilim, but can he bring himself to do it?

Warnings: death

Characters: Castiel x Child!reader

Word count: 1.6k

Impure Series Masterlist

Originally posted by moosamuel

Castiel glanced into the window of the aged wooden house he had been to several times in the past year, the living room being lightened up from the flashing television in front of the two humans sitting on the couch, enjoying a Friday night movie by themselves.

Unfurling his cramped wings, he shook off the sleet that had been collected in his feathers from the journey here. He began to move his feet but instantly froze as he felt something rub against the bottom of his leg. Looking down at his shoes, he saw the tiny Himalayan kitten that he had rescued a few months back. Castiel crouched down the slightest and pet the animal, listening to the joyful purrs vibrating through the small cat. 

He had nearly forgotten the reason he had flew all this way. Quickly standing up straighter, he disregarded the small animal that continued to follow him up the stairs. Raising a hand to the doorknob, he allowed some of his grace to get the better of him and threw the whole object off its hinges.

Both humans bolted upright, the man giving the woman a confused yet worried look. The woman on the other hand, instantly glared at Castiel with hatred. “Upstairs, now.” She ordered.

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Three Little Words

Hey :) would you do an imagine where you and daryl dixon are dating but he didnt say the words ‘I love you’ yet. So one day you join a run with some others but you end up getting shot accidentally. Then you’re carried back into the prison and as soon Daryl sees you being unconscious he Freaks out and thinks you’re dead. After you get operated, you survive but you’re out for a while. Daryl stays with you and after you wake up, he tells you that he loves you properly ? :) thank you dear 😊 

“Daryl, can you pass my water bottle?” I asked as I packed my bag. He tossed the bottle over the table and I placed it in the side pocket for easy access on the road. I secured the gun holster on my thigh before putting the pack on my bag and standing upright, facing the man in front of me. He leaned against the doorway, arms crossed, munching on an apple.

“Don’t know how long I’ll be out, but I should be home by tomorrow latest” I said, adjusting the shoulder straps. I took a step closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist as he wrapped a muscular arm around my shoulders.

“Still don’t want me to come?” He asked in his gruff voice.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Plus, I’ll be with Glenn and Michonne, no biggie” I replied. He sighed and placed his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me in to give me a kiss on the forehead.

“Be careful, alright?” he said. 

I nodded. “I love you” I said, standing on my toes, awaiting a kiss. Instead he hugged me. My heart sank a bit; after all this time with Daryl, he still couldn’t say those three little words. I kissed his cheek and left our cell to meet Michonne and Glenn at the gates in a rush. I didn’t want Daryl to see me flustered over something so insignificant– even though it meant so much to me.

Of course, a simple supply run could never be just simple.

On the road back, another group followed and nearly ran us off the road for our supplies. Michonne was able to keep us from turning over as Glenn and I shot at them from the back seat. The car came to a stop and we got out, guns still pointed at the other group’s vehicle, and inched closer. The driver seemed knocked out over the wheel, and the passenger had a bullet in his chest.

“All clear” I called, lowering my gun to put it away. Suddenly, someone jumped out of the backseat, and two gunshots rang out. The third person fell to the ground, and a pain shot through my lower abdomen. It didn’t register to me what happened until Glenn was in front of me, eyes wide and holding me up.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) stay with us. Come on’“ he exclaimed frantically. I looked down to see a spot of blood expanding on my shirt. Breathing became a hard task, and I began to feel drowsy.

“Michonne! Help me get her in the car, we need to get her to Hershel” Glenn called out, his voice seeming farther and farther away with every word.

And then there was darkness.

Daryl’s P.O.V

I made my way to the gate to relieve Maggie and start my watch when a car came blazing down the road. I readied my gun and aimed through the gate when I recognized the car. It was (Y/N).

Something was wrong.

Glenn’s head stuck out the window and he began shouting “Open the gate!”. I ran and began opening just in time for them to drive right in. Michonne stopped the car and opened up the back door, revealing Glenn in a bloody shirt and– (Y/N) passed out in the back seat.

“What happened?” I asked, nearly diving in the car and pulled her out. She was bleeding from her stomach, and was pale, her lips starting to turn blue.

“Someone followed us, nearly drove us off the ro- GET HERSCHEL- they drove us off the road. Someone jumped out and shot her” Glenn rambled, pushing through the crowd that had now formed as I carried her to the med bay. She was growing weaker in my arms by the second. I couldn’t lose her. No, not her.

We reached the med bay and Herschel had a cot prepared. I laid her down, hands shaking. Maggie rushed in with some supplies, and Herschel instructed her on something, but I couldn’t focus on anything but (Y/N).

“Daryl!” someone called.I was spun around by Maggie, her eyes wide. “You need to step out so we can work on her”.

“I- I ain’t leaving her” I protested.

“Daryl, we’ll take care of her. I promise” she said, squeezing my arm. I looked back down at (Y/N), tears welling in my eyes. I should have gone with her. I couldn’t lose her.

“Save her” I said. Maggie nodded and rushed me out, slamming the door closed behind me. I slammed my fists on the door frame, and only then did I see the blood on my hands. I hung my head and let out a small sob.

Save her. Save her. Please.


I felt myself lifted out of my sleep slowly, and a light made me squeeze my eyes shut. The echoes around me told me that I was in the basement… Why? I tried to take a breath, and a pain shot through my side, making me wince.

“(Y/N)?” a familiar gruff voice said. I felt a warmth next to me, and a rough hand rest on mine.

“Daryl?” I asked, my voice weak and hoarse.

“Yeah, yeah it’s me” he replied, squeezing my hand. I heard a sniffle… was he crying?

“What… happened?” I asked, my eyes fluttering open. I blinked a few times to clear my vision, and I saw him: teary eyed and red-nosed.

“You uh, you got shot out on the run… you lost a lot of blood but yer okay now” he said, ending with a sniffle. I nodded, remembering the incident, and the pain in my side.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, attempting to sit up, to no avail.

“Three days” he said. My eyes widened.

“I should have gone out with you. I could have been there-”

“Daryl, there’s nothing anyone could have done. It just happened” I said, cutting him off.

“Naw, I could have…” he trailed off.

“What? You could have taken the bullet for me?” I asked jokingly. He looked up at me and nodded. I shook my head.

“No. I wouldn’t let you” I said.

“I would… (Y/N)” he said softly, moving his hands to cup my face, “I love you”.

I froze in place. My heart nearly skipped a beat. I love you. He finally said it.

“I know it’s taken me a while to admit it but, I nearly lost you. I don’t want that to ever happen again. I need you to know that. I love you”. I smiled softly, a single tear sliding down my cheek.

“I love you too Daryl” I replied in almost a whisper, pulling him close and kissing him deeply. He rested his forehead on mine for a moment.

“From now on, I’m doing the runs. No exceptions” he said. I chuckled softly, wincing at the pain it caused.

“They’re all yours, Dixon”

anonymous asked:

hmm how about one of them being comforted bc of an irrational fear/nightmare as a prompt for mchanzo?

Hanzo has always been a light sleeper, even before he ever started sharing his bed with someone, so when he hears the soft, choked gasps of someone desperately trying not to cry, he is immediately awake.

“Jesse?” he questions sleepily, reaching out for the man sitting upright beside him, visibly trembling, shoulders hunched defensively. McCree doesn’t say anything, but he claps his hand over his mouth as though abruptly aware that the noise he’s making is disturbing someone else, which makes something clench tight in Hanzo’s chest.

“Do you want me to go?” Hanzo asks, knowing very well from personal experience what a panic attack is like, but McCree shakes his head, so he asks instead, “Is it okay for me to touch you?” and receives a nod. He touches the back of McCree’s shoulder with one hand, waits, then embraces him and stays, doing the only thing he can, while McCree shudders and trembles against him. 

A Tiny, Tiny Flame


When the fuck had she last slept? Defiant felt as if her brain was lagging two fulms behind her, every word spoken sounding as if it came from a great distance. She already had trouble hearing people… it took all her energy just to understand the orders she was given, rather than have to ask anyone to repeat what they said.

Which no one wanted to do, surely. It wasn’t as if anyone had had much sleep, with the first strains of sunlight coming up over the mountains… true to her words to her Captain, she hadn’t so much as sat down for more than a few minutes at a time.

She was starting to wish she’d not been so determined to prove her worth. Kale probably wouldn’t have put her on latrine duty for more than a week… maybe two. A month, at worst. It’d be worth it for the nap.

Fuck, was she running an errand?

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