Every monday I’m uploading a show of the week, and this week is Anne with an E from netflix.

I just LOVE this show it is truly amazing. The actors are all amazing, the surroundings and the filming is just gorgoeus and they use colors flawlessly.

I really LOVE this show and i totally recomend it, (btw Gilbert Blythe is gorgeous).

See you, may uppload some pictured of the horses i tok some photos of later.


Next up some good ol’ Wander Over Yonder doodles! 

Gosh I just love this show so much. QuQ The animation is really fun to watch and the verity of colors is just AWESOME. Wander is just an adorable harry spoon of kindness.

I had drawn these a while back but just wasn’t able/too lazy to scan them until now. There is a whole nother page’s worth of WOY that I still need to uppload… But until then I ya’ll “Adorable Wander 2.0!

RANT WARNING! (please read, something needs to change)

I hate that recently so many ‘fans’ are attacking youtubers for EVERY SINGLE THING they do like:

  • being succesful: “THEY DON’T DESORVE IT”

  • upploading a video late: “IT’S THEIR JOB AND THEY CANT EVEN DO THAT RIGHT”


-relationships: ” U NEED TO BE IN A RELATHIONSHIP WITH “TROYE” (only an example this aplies to every youtuber)”


They do desorve it bc they change MILLIONS of lives around the world.

They have a life too, so don’t force them to uppload when you want.

They can tweet and hang with who ever they want.

STOP INTRUDING ON THEIR LIVES. They are HUMAN BEINGS not some toy you can control.

Do you force your friends/familly to be in a relationship with who you want them to be? NO

Do force your friends/familly to tweet and talk to who you want them to talk? NO

Do you criticise your friends/familly when they win an award or do something succesful? NO

(If your answear to the questions above were yes, than get your shit together)

So STOP doing that to youtubers and start treating them like real people!