I got tagged by the babe oppaexcited (like 100 years ago I’m sorry) But my phone died recently, so all my old selcas are gone… so I’ll just uppload some recent pictures that i found on my computer!

 I’m tagging liferuinerluhangabbiwholikescandykarineneroth2zimiiinsslat101opal-extravagancetheswedishfanyixiungdamthemboyssimplywookie and everyone who wants to do this because its fun and the world needs to see all of your pretty faces~ have a great day!! 

anonymous asked:

the video you posted about bruna talking on "her first time" with neymar or smothing like that got deleted by youtube :(

Yeah i will try to upploade it on mine

Random realization

I just realized that my tumblr have turned into a normal, private account instead of a, somewhat, whatever-it-was-meant-to-be account. Because, let’s be honest, I haven’t really upploaded anything in a while now…