I was like “maybe my straight idiot male co-worker who supports Tr*mp isn’t so bad, at least he was willing to have a conversation about why I hate Tr*mp” and then he randomly made some stupid comment about lesbians and later on joked about b*ll c*sby. I hate straight men. He likes me for some reason and thinks we’re friends and tells everyone I’m one of only two co-workers he likes I’m like??? Why do you think we’re friends? It’s bizarre.

So I started reading Lady Midnight yesterday and guys I can’t tell you how perfect this book is, seriously. And I’m only on chapter 10.

My thoughts so far:
Julian Blackthorn is perfection
Emma Carstairs could possibly be my favourite character of all time
Mark Blackthorn needs a hug
Ty is amazing
Livvy is amazing
Ty and Livvy’s relationship is amazing
Tavvy is the cutest
Cristina es una diosa y me encanta que hable in español
Also Malcolm is bae
Julian Blackthorn is perfection