Candy bomb

Our very own Jesper has created a series of pictures combining candy with death and destruction. To see the other ones you can either visit the art gallery in the hillbilly town of Karlskoga where they are currently being displayed, or come back here later and hope they make it here as well.


A passion for miniatures

Jesper is one of our 3d wizards. But he doesn’t have to use his computer to do his magic. Here Jesper tells us a bit about his passion for building miniatures.

- I’ve been fascinated by miniatures since I was a kid. There’s something special happening when you shrink reality to a well made diorama or model. Some kind of magic that is hard to really put you finger on. And just as in other forms of art or craft there are several different factors that contribute to the final result.

- The craftsmanship is obviously important, as it’s often a very complicated task to recreate reality as a miniature. But that’s also a part of what make it so fascinating to watch. The aesthetic aspect is also crucial. Just as in traditional arts it’s important that the composition and colors work well together.

- The idea behind the model is also something that plays a major role. For example are a lot of miniatures made from historic scenes, with great attention to detail, and where a lot of time is spent on making it as realistic and as true as possible to the original.

- In other cases the miniatures have no ambition of replicating reality, but instead to entice the imagination of the viewer and take him to new, exciting worlds. A good example of this is the beautiful and humorous work of Christopher Boffoli. Another incredibly talented artist in this area is Takanori Aiba. Personally I’ve mostly been building historic miniatures, but I have the ambition to explore this more creative side of the craft as well, just as we do in our digital work.

- And what do you do when you have spent so many hours on a miniature, you might ask. You bring it to a miniature competition! And it’s just as geeky as it sounds…