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Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.


I was walking in a nearby neighborhood the other day and it blessed me with the Kuroo shirt.

things i’ve realized in 2016 that i should’ve known earlier

ok this is waaaay later than it should be, it’s already been a month since the new year but january was such a shitty month and there was so much going on that i haven’t found time to really reflect on the past year but here it is :’)

1. there will be people in your life that you can’t just cut out of your life even if they’re super toxic and bad for your mental health but that doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated like shit and your feelings invalidated

2. find yourself some upperclassmen/older friends that you can trust and not only ask for advice, but to confide in. they will save your life and it’s always nice to know that someone older and more experienced than you always has your back.

3. boys/girls can be dumb as fuck and 9/10 times they’re most definitely not worth wasting your time daydreaming/freaking/over-analyzing about. you don’t need a bf/gf, finding a bf/gf/SO is not more important than your goals, you are not an incomplete person without one. 

4. not everything is about you–sometimes you just need to get your head out of your ass and recognize that although you are important, you aren’t the world/the center of the universe. ask your friends how they’re doing once in a while instead of just ranting/complaining to them about your problems, get them a thoughtful gift, tell them that you genuinely appreciate them, etc. 

5. stop settling. sign up for that survey, register for that seminar, apply for that exclusive internship. you’re the only one who’ll make sure you get shit done, not your parents, your friends, or your teachers. 

6. wear whatever the fuck you want. people won’t care tbh, and the people who do don’t matter. clothes/makeup is meant to make YOU feel better, not for anyone else. an outfit is pulled together by your personalty and confidence, not by other’s opinions

7. don’t be afraid to let loose. party hard, but work harder. if you work all day and never have any fun you won’t have balance, and this will make you less productive. go to that party, get drunk with your friends, watch that movie, go to that concert, as long as you’re able to get back on track

8. prioritize your health. running clears the mind, yoga is calming, wash your hands, invest in that hand lotion, drink more water. you won’t be able to get anything done if you’re sick half of the time. you do good work when you feel good. 

9. it’s ok to experiment. wear the edgy outfit, make your makeup bolder than usual, switch up your study routine, re arrange your desk layout, buy a different planner, etc. you don’t have to always stick to the stuff you know.

Everyone’s always talking about English professor Kenobi. Considering his love of research and tendency to take notes in the field during the show, I propose: 

overenthusiastic field biologist/zoologist/archaeologist Dr. Obi-Wan Kenobi, who teaches when he’s not off doing research, and has become somewhat of a myth at the university because he’s always out in the field. (And when he’s on campus for a semester, everyone tries to get his classes because not only is he a great teacher, he’s just so damn fun)

Andreil Quits Smoking

so i somehow messed up answering your ask directly, but this was requested by @vexingcosmos! i’m sorry it took me forever, but i actually did some research because i know NOTHING about smoking. also, this got long. like…really long. 

  • it began as most things do, where the Foxes are concerned: with a bet
  • it’s a Friday night and the Monsters have come to Columbia, and for once, the upperclassmen were allowed to come along
  • Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday, and he just wants to hang out with his best friend and favorite human Neil okay let him live
  • so Neil *asked* Andrew and well…we all know how that goes
  • the whole gang is having a grand ol’ time
    • Aaron, Nicky, Allison, and Dan have been on the dance floor practically since the second they walked into Eden’s
    • Allison dragged a reluctant Renee out to join them within the first hour, and this girl can DANCE don’t fight me on this 
    • Kevin has been drunk since before they even left Sweetie’s (snuck in a flask, the little troublemaker)
    • he’s so far gone that he couldn’t even tell you who the first striker in Exy history to reach 1,000 goals was. he may or may not be aware that he is swaying.
    • Matt has been hanging out at the table with Neil and a rather annoyed Andrew
  • Matt has convinced Neil to take way too many shots for his tiny body to handle, but Andrew is there, so he’s trying not to worry about it 
  • sometime around the seventh shot, the rest of the gang makes their way over to the table
  • Andrew’s hand is on Neil’s thigh, and his pointer finger has been tapping incessantly for the past twenty minutes
    • and Neil can only take so much, even from Andrew
    • he stares at Andrew as subtly as he can (i.e. not very) in an effort to catch his attention
  • Andrew eventually drags his gaze over to Neil and lazily cocks his head to the side, as if to say what could you possibly want at this moment in time, Neil
    • Neil looks pointedly to Andrew’s hand and then jerks his head towards the exit
  • Neil is, of course, very unsubtle with all of this
    • Kevin turns to stare at them and says, in a barely intelligible voice, “if you’re gonna hook up, you could at least wait until we’re back at the house and i’m passed tf out”
    • Nicky laughs and says, “aww Kev c’mon, let the munchkins have playtime whenever they want”
  • Andrew is about to turn his whiskey glass into a weapon for the munchkin comment when Aaron suddenly pipes in
    • “nah, Andrew needs to take care of his other habit”
    • it is now very quiet in their group of normally very loud people
  • everyone looks to Aaron for him to clue them in on what he means
    • everyone except Renee, who has silently moved closer to Andrew just in case he really does decide to use that whiskey glass
  • Aaron continues: “you know what smoking does to your body over time, right? i assume i don’t need to go all Bill Nye on your ass and draw you a picture”
    • Aaron becomes Dr. Minyard when he is very drunk. trust me.
    • Andrew doesn’t say anything, just stares at Aaron. is he even blinking? probably not
  • “who am i kidding. you don’t care. you’ll just let this ruin you. i bet you couldn’t quit even if you tried” 
  • that gets everyone’s attention
    • Nicky: “did he just say the B word”
    • Allison: “looks like it’s that time again where i get even richer”
    • Matt, softly: “oh shit”
  • Neil is about to jump in and open up a can of whoop ass on Aaron when Andrew’s steady voice comes from beside him
  • “fine”
  • everyone, collectively: “WHAT”
  • Andrew rolls his eyes. “fine. i bet that i can quit completely within a week”
    • complete silence. everyone just stares. shock. disbelief. 
  • Andrew gets up and starts heading towards the exit, dragging Neil along with him 


  • Neil decides to join Andrew in Operation Quit Smoking
  • but two days into it, they’re both at their wits end
  • they definitely aren’t about try anything medication-related, for obvious reasons
  • after doing a bit of research related to natural methods like adding more of certain vitamins into your diet, Neil confronts Andrew
    • “you know we have to. we don’t have another choice”
    • “fuck you, i’m not doing that”
    • “Andrew. it’s our last option.”
    • [after a long, defeated sigh] “fine. but you have to ask him”
  • so Neil does the one thing he wished he’d never have to do with anything that isn’t Exy
  • he asks Kevin to help
  • when they wake up the next day, Kevin has printed out color-coded meal plans for both Andrew and Neil
    • Andrew Minyard does not cry. But let me tell you. Looking at that list of food options…it was an extremely close call.
    • on every single day, the breakfast item was a green smoothie
    • Andrew thought he’d rather just pay the entire $500 betting pool off himself
  • but Neil. precious, precious Neil. tells Andrew that they can definitely do it, and wouldn’t it be great to prove Aaron wrong and make him lose money that he probably would have spent on Katelyn?
  • so they pull themselves up by their metaphorical bootstraps and follow all of Kevin’s rules. every. single. one. 
  • halfway to their deadline, Andrew finally wants to kill everyone slightly less than he did yesterday. he marks this as massive progress. 
  • Neil didn’t really smoke in the first place, but he’s still having trouble finding something to replace that feeling he gets from the smell
    • he’ll be okay without it, he thinks. he has Andrew to keep him steady, to ground him when he feels like he could float away from reality for good
  • by the following Friday, the Foxes have gathered in the girls’ room to hear the final word and settle their bets
  • Kevin has become the official referee of this particular bet
  • everyone waits in suspense, heartbeats flying at the thought of all the cash they are either about to lose or gain
  • Kevin takes his role seriously, as he does everything else
  • “i declare that, as of this day at 4:27 pm, Andrew and Neil have gone three consecutive days without one cigarette. i predict that they will be able to continue resisting, if they keep following my suggested guidelines”
    • the last bit is said with a hard look at Neil and Andrew. of course.
    • Allison, Matt, and Dan don’t try to hide the smug looks on their faces as Aaron and Nicky hand over entirely too much for a bunch of college students to bet with
    • Renee chose not to participate, but her new bruises say that she’s been helping Andrew cope all week
    • Aaron grudgingly looks back to Andrew, holding out his hand with his share of the winnings
    • Andrew just stares at him. blinks. turns around and walks out the door. 
  • Neil edges out of the room to follow him up to the roof while everyone is arguing over who gets Andrew’s share, since he’s obviously not taking it
  • Neil reaches Andrew and sits beside him with their shoulders touching
  • they’re looking out over campus when Neil turns to Andrew
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • Neil gets a disgusted scoff and a hand pushing his face away in return
  • “you’re still a junkie”

anonymous asked:

Love your Elsewhere U and reading all the things made a thing pop in my head - dudebro makes the fae really irritated because he realizes that people are taking the 'fairy' thing seriously and mocks tradition. He disappears for week and when he comes back there's a coffee mug of cream by his door every night and he never says another word of 'fairies' again. Also he's abruptly terrified of the Tinkerbell on his little sister's things when he goes home on breaks.

There’s always one every year, with such regularity that upperclassmen take bets on which freshie is gonna vanish the third week of september this year. It serves as a useful warning to anyone else so inclined, which is why the Gentry are usually less harsh then they’re inclined to be,

(You’ve got it wrong on one count, though - the Tinkerbell doesn’t frighten him, although his mouth twists when he’s near it. The things that frighten him are the  tree branches at night and the sound of dogs barking and the shadows of hands. He keeps his back to a wall for a long time, after that.)


Kuroo’s Adventures in Misheard Song Lyrics

we used to have this book in my house growing up, and..well.. Kuroo would try to show his appreciation for Daichi’s dad music but unfortunately his super smooth plan was thwarted by the misheard lyrics. 

8.27.15 // I am *finally* making an original post! I’ve been so swamped already with readings (welcome to upper division classes, Brooke!) and have had little to no time to blog or answer the 30+ asks I have. I shall try to get to it later tonight. I promise I’m not abandoning you! Currently: taking my highlighted and annotated syllabi and putting important readings and dates into my bullet journal. I highly recommend everyone do this if you haven’t already! It will save you a lot of time going back and forth trying to find what’s due next class. Hope you’re having a wonderful first week! ✨

hadas-the-unseelie  asked:

I feel like the worst thing for me to do as an English major who plays viola, piano, dances a bit, writes, and is unfortunately good at noticing when my stuff has been messed with would be to go to Elsewhere U. I mean, I think the only thing that I could do to make myself more likely to get into trouble would be to loudly give out my name to every being I meet. Speaking of which, do you think there's a betting pool going on among the older students about which freshmen are going to disappear?

There is absolutely a betting pool among the upperclassmen who Know, and another, smaller betting pool about who will come back, which factors in a number of things - natural advantages like cunning and kindness, skills, the people who would fight for them. Whichever candidates are in the lead that week will often find older students they’ve never spoken to before pressing gifts into their hands that seem at first to be totally useless - pebbles, beads, feathers, notes with cryptic phrases on them (this is motivated equally by pity and greed. the betting pool is very, very popular)

And you personally - yes, you would likely be noticed. Don’t talk to strangers with tiny, tiny hands.

Out Of The Rain, Into The Storm - Jughead x Reader (Jason’s Murder Investigation Series) - Part 1

Here it is! The highly requested Jughead and the reader investigates Jason’s death together fic series!
I just need to say a few things:
I will try to keep the reader character as open ended and gender/race neutral as possible.
This begins during the second episode, sometime after Weatherbee announces that it is a murder investigation and just sort of ends at Cheryl’s confession.

You duck into the diner, just managing to escape the sudden torrential downpour, adjusting your school bag as you scan the place apprehensively. Pop’s is more crowded than usual, no doubt due to other people seeking refuge from the rain, and you look around for anyone familiar. You hopefully seek out Betty’s blonde hair, remembering how warm she was to you on your first day, but instead you find nothing but intimidating upperclassmen and elderly couples, until your eyes fall upon a grey beanie clad head. You vaguely remember seeing him in class, seated a couple of seats behind you and as you walk up to his booth, you strain to remember his name. What was it? Jug… Juggie? Jughead?

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