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Okay so I went left my house today and socialized with my friends. I took a walk with friend 1 and then we walked to friend 2's house to play with her new puppy. And then the 3 of us made a Wawa run through the cemetery but it was relaxing and peaceful. I split a hoagie with friend 1. It was good. I saw my cousin at Wawa and I was so embarrassed because I'm awkward around ppl (I told u about the pool party with upperclassmen before) and then we walked home and it was a good day -2am

omg that’s so fun I’m goin to the zoo today to see lil baby animals

“I for one would love to know when first years decided it was alright to speak to upperclassmen, and just how I might go about getting that problem fixed. They’re like flies, you see -    sticky and buzzing about at the wrong times. Hell’s bells, it wasn’t my fault the tiny bloke was lost, and Merlin knows I’ve already given far too much charity today for my own good.”

I remember one time when someone asked me if my girlfriend identified as a cat. She wasn’t my girlfriend at the time and I just answered, “I don’t know…”

She would wear these adorable cat ears and a tail. To be honest, I was jealous because I didn’t have a tail at the time and even if I did and wore it, I’m certain the upperclassmen at my school would tell my brother about it… My family is strongly Christian. They don’t know about my kin identities or my girlfriend. But that’s okay. We’re all happy.

Anyway, I still don’t know how she identifies herself when it comes to whether she’s human or an otherkin. Regardless, if she didn’t identify as otherkin, I’d be the happiest girl in the world. And if she did, I’d still be the happiest girl in the world!

Ladies and gentleman, otherkins and humans, my girlfriend: i-do-what-i-want-biatch GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG

I love you! ^.^

|( ̄3 ̄)| (つД`)ノ


College freshmen:


A Clean Slate: Making Friends in the Unknown

Let me start off by telling you guys something about me, okay? I went into highschool in a heart-pounding anxiety mode. One thing I was most afraid of by far was making new friends. But I will let you in on a little secret: we all feel that way. It doesn’t matter if you were friends with every single person in your junior high or if you’re moving to a completely new school. Even the upperclassmen are struggling to get a good footing. But this post is going out especially to the Freshman who are going to a whole new school!

I know it must be scary, especially if you over-analyze things like me. As if the whole ‘going to highschool’ thing wasn’t bad enough, you have to deal with knowing nobody, right? Wrong! I would say that going in to highschool, its somewhat of a clean slate. Your reputation will still precede you, however. But going in to a completely new school system? I would kill for that opportunity!

Listen up, I know you probably think I’m crazy. But just think about it: you get something completely new. Nobody knows that you wore that outfit constantly last year or that you had a really bad haircut in sixth grade (as long as you delete the evidence off of your Facebook).

You truly get a new start. You can recreate yourself in a way that gives you confidence you never had at your old school! Take on that haircut that you loved so much but could never get because you would sooo be copying Taylor. Wear those jeans with that top. Be the kid who is not afraid, okay? I’m gonna try to motivate you a little bit here because that is really all we need!

Listen to me, first impressions are vital! They can change everything for you about highschool. So you get up that morning, give yourself the best of all pep talks, and put on something cute. Hopefully you have spent your summer doing things to build self confidence, such as: exercise, volunteering, activities, meditating, etc. Make sure you have attended any and all open houses and orientations. Do yourself a favor and be prepared! Now, back to that first day:

  • Pick out your outfit the night before
  • Make sure you have spent the past few weeks attempting to get on track for your sleep schedule
  • Wear yourself out the day before so you don’t lie awake for three hours worrying
  • Get up, do some stretches, 15 crunches, 15 jumping jacks and 15 squats. Its good to start things with an air of productivity and it increases blood flow!
  • Shower, do your hair, put of some makeup. The general feel-good hygiene stuff, ya know? 
  • Eat. Your. Breakfast.
  • If you drive to school or your parent/sibling drive you, make a CD of some fierce songs to prep you for the day. Get pumped yo
  • If you ride the bus, there is a bit of etiquette to keep up your morale. If you make it into an empty seat, don’t sit your bag beside you. Stay approachable man, its how you make friends! If you are to sit next to someone, select someone who is friendly looking and has not placed their bag beside them. Ask them politely if you may sit beside them. Don’t go for a negative nelly with their bag sprawdled out and earbuds in. There is no bubble-popper like a sourpuss
  • Okay, you have arrived. The moment before you get out of the car is one of the most nerve-wracking of all. Take in a deep breath. Smile. Keep your chin up! I’m serious, you can feel the difference. Now go forth and become a beautiful butterfly
  • lol
  • I wish it was that easy

Okay, we’ve made it into the school, now what? Operation locker buddy is a good place to start. Its always good to be friendly with your locker neighbor. You will probably have classes with them, and perhaps even seated near eachother because of alphabetical ordering

  • Don’t be shy, okay? Smile. Introduce yourself. Don’t forget to breath
  • Compliment them on something
  • Make small talk, ie: “Wow, we got stuck with these lockers?” “You think they would turn the air on, given how hot it is.” Super simple stuff, ya know? 
  • If you and your locker neighbor meet up again during the day, ask them how their day has been so far
  • If you meet up before lunch, ask them something simple like: “So can Freshman leave campus for lunch?” If you can, ask if they want to go to Burger King or something. This situation all depends on how your locker neighbor has reacted to previous conversations. If they seem friendly, ask that question. (If you can leave campus that is.) If they say you can’t leave, just smile and say something along the lines of “Oh, haha, guess I’ll see you at lunch then, huh?” If you do see them at lunch, try sitting with them. If you’re not too confident or if your locker neighbor seems really friendly, explain that you’re new and you don’t know anybody before you go and steal the show at their lunch table or invite them out to eat. If they are not so friendly, don’t try it. You’ll probably just get a weird look. Even if you do, don’t let that dishearten you. Keep strong lil trooper

If Operation Locker Buddy is a bust or not one you can try at all, don’t worry! You can always find friends among your classmates!

  • clean up your Facebook: remove any pictures that should never have seen the light of day, make sure your name is your actual name, and list your high school
  • Learn your classmates’ names, add them on Facebook
  • Be nice, be friendly! Introduce yourself, make small talk

I know that both of these plans require a lot of confidence, in which we all know not everyone has. So right here, right now, I am going to tell you this: Go in with the falsest sense of confidence if you must. Here, take a bit. Get excited! Be prepared! Have fun! I’m telling you right now that your attitude is everything, so go in with a good one! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask! I love getting feedback! :) Thanks!

xx Tori

Tips for freshman: Don’t be intimidated by upperclassmen. Above is a picture of an upperclassman I first met when I was in 7th grade. She was literally so nice and I’m so thankful I made friends with her back then cause now I’m marching with her. And at least I know that not ALL the seniors are looking at me with that ‘What the fuck are you doing.’ death glare. Also don’t be too confident about what you’re doing. It’s okay to ask for help when you don’t know what the hell to do, but it’s not okay to assume you’re doing the right thing if you’re not and then continue to keep doing it wrong just out of spite or pride. 

Tips for Upperclassmen: Don’t be an asshole. It’s always best to go with the firm but fair route with any new comer to the band. We all make mistakes. If they’re doing it wrong, teach them right. And if you’re doing it wrong, well… you might want to look at the last sentence of 'Tips for Freshman’ above.

Remember all you band geeks. You’re setting an example for the next generation. Do good my friends. 

Some people think that band is just a pass time
Just a clique for nerds and geeks
Band is more than just a class
It’s more than just an activity
It’s a way of life
Band is a part of who we are
Marching band is a way to be free
A way to express yourself
Show your true colors
Knowing that you hold the key
When you step out onto that field
Take a breath and feel the world start to fade
Feel the music pulsing through you
With every step off you feel closer
Closer to the feeling of victory
To know how it feels to make it to state.
How proud you are of yourself, your band, your family
You love your new moms, new dads The hundreds of new brothers
Sisters that you now have
The way you never date outside of band
How going to see a marching show is your ideal date
When the people in the band know who you’re dating
Even before you do
How the moment you assume the position
You can block out everything around you
You can cite your music, as well as the rest of the lines
When the drums beat you can feel it in your chest
The second your flag flies you feel your spirits go with it
Your harness has conformed to the shape of your body
And you can tell one from the other
With every horn flash, every horn snap
Your afraid your mouthpiece will fly
The memories you have, you’ll remember forever
The insane dress up days
And how your section leader looked like a girl
The way you represent your school with pride
The way you performed at the shows
In the rain, sleet, and snow
Knowing that if you slip up
Even a little
You could cost the group another weekend
When you go out on that field
Whether astroturf, asphalt, or grass
You put your feet down and you fight
You don’t remember your performance
You just remember when you step on and step off
Leave that field with pride
Leave regrets at the door
You’re here to strut your stuff
When you sit on your bus
Look at the kid next to you
Know that you’re doing this for them
They’re counting on you
For that extra weekend
Second chance
To feel what it’s like to make at Lucas Oil
You hold the key to success
Know and remember that
Because when it comes down to it
You could be that hundredth of a point
That sends us to one more weekend
We shoot for the moon
We get pushed off the edge
Just to fly again
Be the band to make some history
We’re not doing this to be remembered
For a ring or a banner
We’re doing this for ourselves
Our family
Love, love, love the show
“Self your soul to the tower”
Because you know that’s what it’s going to take
Squeeze out that last breath
Work your wrists to the bone
Don’t let your tiredness or your lack of drive
Conquer what you’ve been ready to do
Do this because you want to
Do this for the people around you
Send us to state
Make them proud
Do this for your section
Your leaders
Your seniors
Drum majors
Staff Members
Drumline and Pit
Woodwinds and Brass
Color Guard
—  Sophia Smith