Presenting one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever spent three hours on: 

Fordese. Exactly as seen in Journal 3, but as a font. You too can confuse your work partner, twin brother, and dream demon arch-nemesis by simply typing on the keyboard as normal, no pen needed!

I must thank @picnokinesis and the fics they wrote in code for putting the random inspiration in my mind to do this, ahahah. XD 

The font includes all coded letters from A-Z, both in uppercase and lowercase. (They’re both the same, though- I just figured it wouldn’t hurt to double up.) It has a full set of numbers, and the most common punctuation. Some of the letters are annoyingly close to each other, but it couldn’t easily be helped. 

But hey, if anyone actually uses this and makes a post, please feel free to tag me in it so I can see! And if anyone tries this out and there’s any major issues with it, let me know and I can try to fix it! :D

You can find the font right here!

Your Preferred Username is Already Taken, D&D Alignments Edition

  • Lawful Good - Add an adjective
  • Neutral Good - Use it as part of a phrase
  • Chaotic Good - Append a “420″ or a “69″
  • Lawful Neutral - Append a “1″ (or a “2″ if “1″ is already taken, etc.)
  • True Neutral - Go with your second choice because you weren’t really that invested anyway
  • Chaotic Neutral - Deliberate and flagrant misspelling
  • Lawful Evil - Add a pun
  • Neutral Evil - Visually similar glyph substitution (e.g., uppercase I for lowercase L)
  • Chaotic Evil - Homestuck typing quirk

@sanchezeliezer this is actually a question I had when first starting out, too.

Short answer, both ways are okay but using the uppercase name just once is preferred.

Long answer, stageplays are what commonly keep the name in uppercase throughout. Many writers who switch from or between writing stageplays to screenplays keep names in caps, which is why the style differs. Screenplay writers typically prefer the first way because the uppercase can make the action/description crowded and busy.

Characters are almost always introduced before their dialogue. It establishes them in the scene and as a character (it’s weird to have a character seemingly appear out of nowhere).

As for the “BIRTHMARK” in uppercase, sometimes crucial information is in caps to draw attention to it. This is most commonly used with sound (such as: “The alarm clock RINGS.”)

Hope this clarifies!


NT Moments - 1-800-INTP-Therapy
  • mr-entj: Hey, you're from 1-800-INTP-Therapy right?
  • INTP: I hope that's a therapy line FOR INTPs and not a line run by INTPs.
  • mr-entj: It's run BY INTPs so when someone calls in, Ti asks "Is this a problem? Why is it a problem? Do problems exist or are we just imaginary beings?" And then the line dies and anime music plays.
  • INTP: I'd probably be able to do that for 2 people, then it'd be anime music from then on when I'm all out of extraversion.
  • mr-entj: Push 4 for inferior Fe counseling...silence.
  • INTP: Inferior Fe counseling pre-recorded message: "whatever you're thinking, just say the opposite of it to the person's face."
  • mr-entj: "If confused, just cry." We can make this into a business.

23 June 2017 || 


Over the last few semesters, I developed my own system of revising for exams. I’m a visual learner and writing things down in an organised way helps me loads. I posted pictures of my exam notes several times before (here, here, here, here) and I use this format for basically every class that requires an exam instead of an essay - so far: calculus 1, real analysis, maths education, english literature, and teaching german as a second language. Many people really liked this format, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how I do it! 

1. Supplies

I use:

  • blank A4 paper
  • one sheet of A4 grid paper 
  • a black gel pen by Kyocera (you can use any pen, but it should have a somewhat fine tip and should dry easily)
  • Stabilo fine liners point88 (one or two matching colours per class)
  •  a set square (imo that works better than a ruler)
  • a Faber-Castell 0.7 Grip 1347 pencil in 2B (you can use any pencil you like, but it should be HB or 2B because you need to erase it later)
  • lecture notes/slides, class notes, homework, basically any info that is necessary for the exam

2. Setup

  1. Place the grid paper underneath the blank one. Make sure it doesn’t move when you write (if necessary, use paperclips to hold it in place). 
  2. Draw margins and aid lines (in pencil - you’ll erase these later). Measure them out so they’ll be the same on every sheet. I usually do approximately 1cm margins left, right, and bottom, 2.5cm margin at the top for title and subheading, and three columns: left one with a width of 6cm, middle one with 5cm, right one with 6cm and 0.5cm blank space between them. (The grid paper underneath will help.) You can also only make two columns - four columns is gonna be very hard though because that won’t leave you with much space. 
  3. Every time you have a list, bullet points, step-by-step guides etc, indent the bullets by another 0.5cm (draw another aid line for this). If you have sub-bullets, indent them another 0.5cm and so on. 
  4. I use colours for bullet points (the actual points /arrows /numbers/ whatever), important names, something that I’m defining, subheadings, and important dates. 

3. Content

  1. Start writing your notes. Make them as condensed as you possibly can without leaving important points out. I try to go for one A4 page per lecture (aka around 28 powerpoint slides or more on one page), but sometimes I’ll also end up with two.
  2. Use abbreviations for words you use a lot, e.g. “+” for “and”, “p.” for “problem”, “str.” for “strategies”, “lit.” for “literature” etc. 
  3. You can absolutely include important diagrams/graphs etc. Either print them out in the size you need or draw them by hand and in the colours you need. If it doesn’t fit in one column, spread it out over two columns and continue the separated columns underneath/above. 
  4. Make your bullet points mean something. Use numbers, arrows, flags, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, dots - each can have a different meaning. Are you writing something where the order is important       (numbers)? Are you giving examples (dots)? Are you mentioning separate important key points (flags)? 
  5. I wrote my last summary page for maths education today and stopped the time - I needed 50 minutes for one lecture with 27 slides (new material because I hadn’t been there), including a small chocolate break. 

4. Final Touches

  • Check if the ink has dried. Check again. 
  • Carefully erase the pencil aid lines with a good eraser. make sure you don’t wrinkle the paper (unless you don’t care about that sort of stuff haha)
  • If you want to, you can highlight key words (or whatever you like). 
  • Number your pages if you’ll write several. I always write down the number of the lecture (session 1, session 2 etc) in the subheading. 
  • Optional, but I do it: Make a copy of your sheet that you carry around with you. Nothing is as frustrating as spilling coffee over your revision sheets. Put the original in a plastic sleeve and keep it in a folder or binder somewhere, and study/revise only with the copy. Especially useful if you have others quizzing you with your summaries and they don’t care if they rip/wrinkle/ruin them lmao 

I hope this was somewhat informative! You can tweak it of course, depending on what class you have and what will be on the exam. I hope you’re having a nice weekend! :) 

Arachnophobia (TMNT, Leo X Reader)

“ Leo! ”

Leonardo wasn’t the kind of boyfriend to baby you. To patronise you or make you feel small. He was one hundred percent always behind you in anything and it delighted him to see the things you cold accomplish on your own. It made him proud. And with such an attitude towards you, it was hard to think of you as anything less than being just as fearless as he was. He often joked you were more deserving of that title than he was.

However, seeing your cowering; squealing his name as you balanced atop one of the kitchen counters, clinging to one of the cupboards where they kept the plates, that whole ideal was flipped on its head.

And cruel as it may be, you looked rather cute when you were scared.

“ Really? But it’s so small, ” He tried to reason with you, as he collected a glass from one of the cupboards- Not the one you were using to balance thankfully- And a paper towel.

“ It is not! ” You sobbed in response, “ Please j-just get rid of it! ”.

Obediently the leader in blue leaned down to the small, small insect; placing the cup over top of it before slipping the paper beneath as to encase in the temporary prison.

“ G-Good, now get rid of it! ” Leo had never been one to kill spiders, nor had he ever even really had to catch them. Sure, bugs made Raph’s skin crawl but he dealt with or at least hid it better now they were older. But Leo had never felt any ill will for them. They kept the Lair free of flies, which he did find to be something of a pest especially during meditation, so as far as he was concerned they earned their keep.

Having made it to the entrance, he placed down the cup and the paper, removing the glass over top to allow the creature to scuttle free in its own time, leaving behind the towel and heading back to the kitchen.

As he dunked the glass into the sink and began to wash it, he noticed you were still stop the counter.

“ Is it gone? ” You asked warily, he smiled and nodded before you cautiously lowered yourself back to the floor.

“ I never knew you were scared of spiders, Y/N, ” He commented.

“ I-I am not! I just… Don’t like them, ” You murmured, cuddling into his side as he dried off the glass and returned it to the cupboard. Your hand intertwined with his the moment he had followed through and dried his own hands.

“ It’s cute, ” He said softly, your cheeks blowing up with a blush.

“ W-What? ”

“ The minute you thought you were in danger, even if it was very silly danger, you called on me, ” He explained, his arms moving to wrap around you. You huffed burying your head in his plastron and he chuckled, gently running a hand back through your hair.

“ Don’t look so smug, ” You grumbled.

“ I love you, ” He retorted, causing you to turn up your nose, knowing of course there was only one way to response to that. Leaning up on your tip toes, you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“ I love you too. ”


02/04 ~ i am absolutely in love with this planner i received from the january uppercase box! it has the most adorable drawings & quotes as the cover page for every month 

Uppercase YA Subscription Box

About a year ago, I realized that there were subscription boxes for books, and I was obviously very intrigued. I ended up trying to decide between Uppercase and OwlCrate. At the time I chose Uppercase, so I wanted to write a review of my experience since I have been subscribed for around a year. Recently, I have tried a few OwlCrate boxes so I will write a review for that later, and hopefully I can help anyone else who was trying to decide between the two subscription boxes. 

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she wouldn’t be wearing a swimsuit that small if anyone other than you and the nearby school of angelfish were here.

“mulder, that’s ridiculous,” she said last week at costco when you put two snorkel sets - a pink one for her because you think she looks cute in that color, a grey one for yourself because, unlike her, you don’t look good in pink - into your cart. “we’re not going to get that up-close. you know i don’t like swimming in the ocean.”

but as she dives below the sea’s surface once more, follows the school as they shimmy down by the nearly-endless reef below both of you, you’re pretty sure she was wrong.

she presses against the water with her hands, moves away from you while you look in between sea-fans and fire corals. though you’re thankful for the change, for the difference, you know these colors could never exist in the states, at least not in the part of the states where you both live, no matter how greatly you wish they would. out there, everything is grassy and earthy, the colors being those of mountains, canyons, freshwater lakes, but here, cold and warm fluorescents light up the strangely-blue water, and though you’re wearing goggles, the world comes through in perfectly clear technicolor. the fish are like pizza shop open signs, the reefs textured and endless, the sand flitted with pink flecks that shine out most when they’re stuck to her hands. after the bout of winter you’ve had in virginia, the warmth and vibrance of the maldives feel life-affirming, the combination acting as a brash awakening to the varying beauties of the world. you’re glad that your first true vacation together was to somewhere that feels like another planet.

and dana scully on a beach has been your most pleasant surprise so far. somehow, she found a tiny surf-shack for you both to stay in on himmafushi, just a bedroom and no kitchen, so when you’re both not lounging around and reading with the windows open, you’re on the beach, her sunscreen close by and your typical clothes left in your suitcases; most often, you’re both wearing swimsuits, the exposure of her skin so new even though you’ve known her for so many years. now, you eye her tattoo far ahead of you in the water, her glance drifting back, her eyes signaling keep up, mulder.

then, she dives down, and because she goes head-first past its edge, you’re sure she’s at the end of the reef. kicking forward, you follow, then tense as you see the depth; apparently, you’re farther out than you assumed, for the distance from the sandy bottom to the crests of the waves is…ten, maybe fifteen feet? the reef alone must be four feet tall. with her stomach parallel to the bottom, she swims alongside two stringrays, the three making a pale pack, the rays shimmying like bedsheets on a clothesline in summer; you breathe at the top of the water, the glugging sounds of lapping waves coming into your years, and wish you had a camera so that you could immortalize the way she blends in here, could always remember her sense of ease on this part of the planet. then, the rays swivel off in other directions, and she needs a breath, so she presses up, crests through the water a few feet away, leaves a trail of bubbles behind her. lazily, you pad over to her while her dainty little ankles tread water.

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Okay Tumblr, wtf. First off, kinda annoyed via your app and its stupid habit of double-posting. SECONDLY…

Secondly. It’s a double post. About cats. The worst thing said on that post is the word “shit”. WHY IS ONE MARKED AS “Marked Sensitive” and the other isn’t? Your algorithm SUCKS.

I could program better with my fucking eyes closed, you fucking idiots.

Clean up your goddamn idiotic decisions and stop trying to be the moral police while prattling on about how you’re creating safe spaces. This isn’t creating a safe space. This is creating frustration and fury. Implement a proper blacklist, step back, and STOP TRYING TO MICROMANAGE.

INTP, ENFP: capital gains
  • (INTP and ENFP are in Financial Literacy class.)
  • Teacher: *says something about "capital gains"*
  • ENFP: *violently whips out notebook and begins scribbling in it*
  • INTP: *zoning out while eating chicken nuggets*
  • ENFP: INTP look
  • ENFP: *shows INTP drawing of an uppercase "A" with huge biceps, lifting weights*
  • ENFP: capital gains
  • INTP: *softly gasps*
hehe yes u still transphobic tho My other reaction video to arielle's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRhq4sivKvY&t=716s I stream on younow often, com...

I can honestly (and thankfully) say that this is the first time I have seen an afab person perpetuate the cotton ceiling, and I am deeply saddened and disgusted. 

Some backstory: I discovered Chase about a couple months ago, and have been following him on YouTube since. As a young transman, he was a great resource for trans health and discourse, and I found his personality infectious and charming. However, after this video, I can no longer support him. 

To sum up the video, he basically speaks about how Arielle is bigoted and transphobic for how she eloquently and kindly explains she is not attracted to transwomen and male gentalia. She never degrades or insults transpeople, but somehow, her boundaries are still oppressive. He goes on to state it is not open-minded to completely write-off trans people from your dating pool, which is obviously not true, using this as a tactic to paint the picture that she is conservative and close-minded. He later gives the example of meeting someone online, having loads in common, talking for days, and eventually agreeing to meet up for a date, or what have you, then says that he would disclose he is trans, and suddenly, the person he was communicating with no longer wants to meet up or communicate further. He says, quote: “the second you’re telling me you’re not going to sleep with me because I’m trans, that’s really fucking rude.” He argues it is only the trans status that puts these types of people off, but what he fails to realise is that the reason (generally) people are turned off isn’t because he is trans in itself, but because he does not have the genitalia which the person is attracted to, and that is not wrong in the slightest. Chase then encourages trans people to be mad at ‘cis’ people who don’t want to date them, saying, quote: “I just want people to understand that if you are trans, and you are being rejected by people who are cis, you’re allowed to be mad”. I am at a loss for words. How backward have we become?   

update 18

acceptable things to put in the tags, comments, replies on my posts:

(this list is incomplete. you can help by expanding it.)

  • any selfie of you with origami on your head (2k17)
  • just comment “i’m gay” and hope other people just keep commenting it over and over
  • a 10-20 page dissertation on a topic of your choice [MLA FORMAT, WORKS CITED/CONSULTED REQUIRED]
  • the full score to rachmaninoff’s second symphony in e minor (op. 27) or symphonic dances (op. 45) [TWO PIANO REDUCTION NOT ACCEPTED]
  • the letters b, h, f, r, or k, uppercase or lowercase [OTHER LETTERS PENDING REVIEW AT THIS TIME]
  • any selfie of you making any of the above letters using the american manual alphabet

Unacceptable things to put in the tags, comments, replies on my posts:

  • any reference to idubbz
  • ever