NT Moments - 1-800-INTP-Therapy
  • mr-entj: Hey, you're from 1-800-INTP-Therapy right?
  • INTP: I hope that's a therapy line FOR INTPs and not a line run by INTPs.
  • mr-entj: It's run BY INTPs so when someone calls in, Ti asks "Is this a problem? Why is it a problem? Do problems exist or are we just imaginary beings?" And then the line dies and anime music plays.
  • INTP: I'd probably be able to do that for 2 people, then it'd be anime music from then on when I'm all out of extraversion.
  • mr-entj: Push 4 for inferior Fe counseling...silence.
  • INTP: Inferior Fe counseling pre-recorded message: "whatever you're thinking, just say the opposite of it to the person's face."
  • mr-entj: "If confused, just cry." We can make this into a business.
Arachnophobia (TMNT, Leo X Reader)

“ Leo! ”

Leonardo wasn’t the kind of boyfriend to baby you. To patronise you or make you feel small. He was one hundred percent always behind you in anything and it delighted him to see the things you cold accomplish on your own. It made him proud. And with such an attitude towards you, it was hard to think of you as anything less than being just as fearless as he was. He often joked you were more deserving of that title than he was.

However, seeing your cowering; squealing his name as you balanced atop one of the kitchen counters, clinging to one of the cupboards where they kept the plates, that whole ideal was flipped on its head.

And cruel as it may be, you looked rather cute when you were scared.

“ Really? But it’s so small, ” He tried to reason with you, as he collected a glass from one of the cupboards- Not the one you were using to balance thankfully- And a paper towel.

“ It is not! ” You sobbed in response, “ Please j-just get rid of it! ”.

Obediently the leader in blue leaned down to the small, small in scent; placing the cup over top of it before slipping the paper beneath as to encase in the temporary prison.

“ G-Good, now get rid of it! ” Leo had never been one to kill spiders, nor had he ever even really had to catch them. Sure, bugs made Raph’s skin crawl but he dealt with or at least hid it better now they were older. But Leo had never felt any ill will for them. They kept the Lair free of flies, which he did find to be something of a pest especially during meditation, so as far as he was concerned they earned their keep.

Having made it to the entrance, he placed down the cup and the paper, removing the glass over top to allow the creature to scuttle free in its own time, leaving behind the towel and heading back to the kitchen.

As he dunked the glass into the sink and began to wash it, he noticed you were still stop the counter.

“ Is it gone? ” You asked warily, he smiled and nodded before you cautiously lowered yourself back to the floor.

“ I never knew you were scared of spiders, Y/N, ” He commented.

“ I-I am not! I just… Don’t like them, ” You murmured, cuddling into his side as he dried off the glass and returned it to the cupboard. Your hand intertwined with his the moment he had followed through and dried his own hands.

“ It’s cute, ” He said softly, your cheeks blowing up with a blush.

“ W-What? ”

“ The minute you thought you were in danger, even if it was very silly danger, you called on me, ” He explained, his arms moving to wrap around you. You huffed burying your head in his plastron and he chuckled, gently running a hand back through your hair.

“ Don’t look so smug, ” You grumbled.

“ I love you, ” He retorted, causing you to turn up your nose, knowing of course there was only one way to response to that. Leaning up on your tip toes, you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“ I love you too. ”

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Not to be rude (and I hope it's not!!), but why do you add the dots on your uppercase eyes?

Oh its not rude at all; but I’m not sure what you mean by that anon :0 can you be more specific on which drawing?

I’ve been listening to Whitney Houston all week and I couldn’t rest without drawing something inspired by the song.

My Warden Illiana Aeducan and Alistair Therin dancing in their undies because they love each other so damn much.

Do you want to have your Dragon Age or Mass Effect OC Drawn? I’m currently open for commissions!


Soph is working on matching uppercase and lowercase vowels. She had to do something productive while she’s with me today #whenyourmomisateacher

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Let’s start with a simple overview. The title is literally “Monster Read aloud”. That’s a mix of lowercase and uppercase starting words, also read aloud by who? Idk. the pure thought of Michael grant sitting down at his mac webcam and reading from his own book, in an old school computer chair and a geometric painting is a classic. This is the moment I realise; I’ll remember the next 17 minutes and 42 seconds for the rest of my life

Okay but has this been posted? Because I finally paused on it and I’m cackling.

Dear Jonathan,
I have been thinking of you to no small extent these last days and have concluded that it is terribly inconvenient of you men to have these wars so far away from London. Simply from an administrative perspective, I think it would be far better that this business is carried out, say, in Russell Square, so that a wife might see her BELOVED HUSBAND, have him well supplied with hard boiled eggs, or at least get some small note of comfort(?) that he is alive. True, these […] small complaints regarding […] machinery of war […] but I for one […] PREFER IT