HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO SO MUCH!! THANK YOU FOR CONSTANTLY MAKING SMILE AND LAUGH! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY AFTER A LONG DAY OF SCHOOL &/or OF WORK! Just thank you for existing. Thank you to your parents for birthing such a beautiful, hilarious, awesome, etc. (there are way too many adjectives to describe you) into this world!! Not sure why this text turned from uppercase to lowercase, but I’m not gonna change it because I would never change anything about you! Thank you for working so damn hard! A hard work ethic is a trait that I admire so much in people, and thank you for setting that example for me! Thank you for being so kind! Thank you for showing us that it’s better to be nice than to mean! I met you 7 months ago, and you were the nicest human being ever! Thank you for that! Also thank you for signing a maxipad for me,me that day, that was really cool of you! Thank you for thriving to make the best content that you can make! Thank you for constantly wanting to expand your horizons! Thank you for DIRTY 30! Thank you for NOT TOO DEEP! Thank you for ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL! Thank you for THE GRACE HELBIG SHOW! Thank you for ITS GRACE! Thank you for GRACE’S GUIDE: THE ART OF PRETENDING TO BE A GROWN-UP! Thank you for GRACE & STYLE: THE ART OF PRETENDING YOU HAVE IT! Thank you for CAMP TAKOTA! Thank you for the LOWES COMMERCIALS! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 1! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 2! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 3! Thank you for FREAK WEEK! THANK YOU! I APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN THIS CHEESY TUMBLR POST COULD EVER SAY! YOU CONSTANTLY INSPIRE ME IN WAYS HAT I CAN NOT PUT IN TO WORDS! I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU FOR MAKING STUPID VLOGS WITH MICHELLE! thanks for everything!

P.S. I WILL NOT REREAD THIS BECAUSE I WILL BEGIN TO CRY MY EYES OUT! Ignore the immense amount of grammatical mistakes and weird structure!


jan 25 // 12:58 pm This will be my next read once I finish THE DETERMINED HEART (about the young Mary Shelley and surprisingly a m a z i n g). 💙 Since this is my birthday month I splurged and bought my first ever @uppercasebox which I LOVED of course. I wish I xpuld afford to do this every month. 😊 I had my fingers crossed for this, TRUTHWITCH, or PASSENGER so of course I’m very happy. Tonight I’ll be leaving town & heading to the mountains with my boyfriend for a short but romantic snowboard vacation - another gift to myself for my 21st birthday on the 27th. 🎉🎉 Gonna buy myself some hard cider and curl up by the fireplace. 😄 Yes, I’m super excited. - {#books #booklr #bookstagram #truthwitch #uppercase #happybirthdaytoME}

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