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One of my fave things about Crowley is just his whole apartment aesthetic?? I just have so many headcanons?

Like I can imagine him through the centuries, following the trends and fashions, clad in leather like a rocker in the 60s and 70s, wearing the finest frilly laces in the court of Versailles, all buckled up in straight line suits and glossy top hats in the streets of Victorian London, and he carries that style into his house, wherever it may be, because it’s all part of the image, the faux human life he’s carefully crafted, and he never cares if the decor is ostentatious, if it’s too florid or gaudy or darkly lit, cos why would he care about the paint on a few walls when he hasn’t felt at home since he slipped Eve that apple (not that he regrets it, how could he ever) and the world changed forever

And then styles shift and minimalism comes around, where everything is big spaces with clean lines and white walls and natural light flooding from big windows, and Crowley buys a new apartment and gets it decorated as minimalistic as possible, and fills it with gadgets and gizmos and all the human trappings of the age

And he almost likes his new apartment, almost but not quite, because there’s something strangely familiar about it, but there’s something off, something missing, and it comes to him one day when he’s walking through Camden market and sees the plants trailing from terracotta pots, the vines creeping around trellises and the colourful clusters of tiny flowers, and before he knows it he buys a plant, and then two, and then three, and then a dozen

And then one day he wakes up, sleepy and satisfied from indulging himself in a long nap in his ridiculously expensive bed, and sees for the first time summer sunshine lighting up gleaming white walls, a light so bright it’s almost painful, and plants bathing in the sunlight, flowers unfurling their petals in the joy of summer, their leaves lit up in a hundred shades of green, the air heavy with the scent of greenery and growing things, and he can almost hear the birds singing their praises and the warmth of an earth newly formed under his scales, and it’s the closest to home he’s felt in over a millennia, in this little Garden all of his own

WOW IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I’VE DRAWN TEXAS TOAST. I finally finished that one drawing of Pyro and Engineer that I started like I think a month ago. Lawl I’ve been a lazy asshole. It’s Jo and Delllll.

Here’s my crappy art. Posting the colored drawing of Pyro and Engineer separate, too. I need to draw more texas toast guys.

Also a bonus is lil baby Johnny in the upper right corner. (their tiny son)

I also got really lazy on the sketch on the right with Pyro’s left arm fffttss

This image is from the Sing Core 24 ft. THOW by Upper Valley Tiny Homes. This is the first time that I’ve seen a double stair system, particularly connected with a bench.

This house sits atop a flatbed trailer (the tires are below the surface of the trailer deck) but this stair arrangement would be suitable for a drop deck trailer where the wheel well often becomes a design obstacle.

The kids will be relegated to the two upper lofts, the wife insisting on a main floor bedroom for us. I like this stair solution but would rather a central kitchen fill this area.