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Too Loud

1013 words of kinky sin 

“Come on out, baby. I’m sure you look gorgeous.”

Phil leaned against the wall outside the dressing room, crossing his arms and sighing. He smiled lightheartedly.

“I don’t! It doesn’t… fit me! It’s too tight.” Dan whined from inside the stall.

“Good. Please, Dan? I wanna see.”

A loud sigh came from inside the stall, and the door creaked as it opened. Dan stepped out, crossing his arms self consciously.

He was wearing a skirt, a light blue one with little green aliens decorating it. It was way too small for him, ending at his upper thigh. Under it, Phil could see thigh highs and garters.

Phil’s jaw dropped open. Dan glanced around nervously, making sure no one else could see him.

Without a word Phil stepped forwards, placing two fingers under Dan’s chin to make him look up. Dan still avoided his eyes until Phil grabbed his ass.

“God, you look so sexy…” Phil muttered against his skin, planting his lips on Dan’s neck and sucking. “So gorgeous, kitten.”

Dan moaned quietly, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.


Suddenly, seemingly coming to his senses, Dan pushed Phil back, biting his lip.

“Phil, we’re in public.”


“So, were in public.”

“Mmh.” Phil only made a noise, moving back to bite gently at Dan’s throat, making him moan automatically. “I want you, baby,” he whispered, grabbing Dan’s hips and biting his ear softly. “Wanna fuck you in your pretty outfit.”

Dan groaned, shivering from Phil’s mouth and gripping his shoulders.

“Fuck, Phil…” he sighed, a shuddery breath exiting his lips and he closed his eyes. “Here? You can’t wait until we get home?” Phil smirked.

With one move Phil shoved Dan backwards into the changing room he had just left, pinning his wrists to the wall and attaching his lips to Dan’s collarbone, earning him a loud gasp.

“Since when are you in charge?” Phil asked, before closing the door behind them and locking it.

He turned his attention back to Dan, kissing him deeply, using one hand to tangle in his hair and the other to slowly trail up his thigh, running his fingers over the hem of the skirt.

Dan whined quietly against his mouth as Phil slowly grinded their hips together, giving them both needed friction.

“Daddy… m’ too loud for this…” Dan mumbled, tilting his head back and letting it hit the wall. Phil lifted him swiftly, wrapping Dan’s legs around his waist.

“I’ll just have to keep you quiet then, baby.” He slipped his hand under Dan’s skirt, tugging at the material.

His fingers ran over a silky material, and he paused. Dan bit his lip.

“You cheeky shit, panties?”

“Mhm. Wore them for you.”

Phil reattached his lips to Dan’s neck, sucking and biting harder than before and Dan moaned loudly, digging his black fingernails into Phil’s shoulders. Phil ran his fingertips along the hem of the lace panties, pulling them down slowly and off completely.

“God, you’re such an angel,” he muttered, feeling Dan shudder under his touch. “Wanna feel you shiver, baby. Wanna hear you moan.”

Dan was clearly trying to keep back loud whimpers and groans as Phil trailed his hand over his bum, pinching every now and then.

“Daddy! Oh god, daddy, please fuck me…”

Phil smirked.

“Here? In public?”

“Shut up!”

Phil pinched his ass hard, making him jump and wrap his arms tighter around his neck.

“Alright baby,” he muttered huskily. “Do you need stretching?”

“N-no, did it this morning…” Dan let out a soft gasp, biting his lip as he rubbed against Phil.

“While I was asleep? Tsk…” Phil bit his earlobe, tugging it softly. “Such a slut, aren’t you, kitten?”

“Y-your slut…” He gasped and let out a small moan. “Phil! Please!”

“Mmn.” Phil grunted before unzipping and unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down his hips along with his boxers that were becoming incredibly tight. He lined up with Dan, kissing gently down his collarbones.

He slowly pushed in, giving Dan time to adjust and listened to his small whimpers and whines.

“So pretty baby… So gorgeous like this…” He muttered, groaning when he bottomed out. “God, Dan.”

Dan was practically panting to keep from screaming and alerting the rest of the store of their activities, chewing on his lips and squeezing his eyes shut.

“Phil, daddy, move, please oh god please fuck me fuck me so hard.” He was just rambling now, something he tended to do during sex that Phil fucking loved.

He slowly pulled out almost all the way before pushing back in roughly, drawing a loud whorish moan out of Dan. Phil chuckled.

“You’ll have to be quiet, angel. We don’t want to get caught.” He fucked into Dan hard again, making the boy gasp loudly. “Here, let me help you.”

Phil kissed him hard, connecting their mouths heatedly, muffling Dan’s moans as he pounded into him, gripping his hips tightly.

“OH FUCK, YES, PHIL THERE!” Dan let out a long string of moans, whining practically against Phil’s mouth, gripping onto him almost desperately and trying to grind down on him. Phil smirked, angling himself to hit that spot over and over again, leaving Dan a writhing mess.

Dan buried his face in Phil’s neck, practically drooling and muffling his own sound. He bit down on Phil’s collarbone, making him groan softly and thrust harder and quicker.

“D-daddy… I’m gonna cum…” He whined into Phil’s ear, desperately trying not to scream like he did at home. Phil pressed him harder against the wall, attacking his throat with his mouth.

“Good. Cum for me, baby. Cum all over your pretty outfit.”

That was all it took for him to let a loud angelic moan rip from his throat, biting down on Phil’s collarbone and scratching his nails down his back desperately.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK DADDY!”

Phil continued thrusting into him, fucking him through his high and chasing his own until he was releasing into him, groaning against Dan’s neck.

After they both calmed down a bit and Dan stopped shaking, Phil lowered him gently to his feet, helping him stand without falling.

“So…” Phil started, smirking, when he could speak. “I’m guessing we’re buying these.”

“If it gets me that reaction, hell fucking yes.”

Piggy Goes to Market

Your belly bumps the cart as you turn down your favorite aisle. You wish you would have taken more time to dress but the store was closing. You hope that sexy cashier isn’t working tonight, you’ve got so much fat showing.  It’s crazy how much weight you’ve gained in the year since your divorce, old friends are shocked now when they see you. But the store was closing - what could you do? A fat girl needs to eat − so you heaved your  *** off the couch and grabbed the closest thing. Now you’re waddling down the aisle, feeling the cool air across a wide expanse of flesh. Your  belly has gotten so wide and sags heavily. It bounces rythmically against your heavy upper thighs as you jiggle-waddle along, putting thousands of calories into your cart as you trundle down the aisle.  You blush thinking of those deep dimples in your buttocks, the ones that got so defined, so obvious with the last fifty pounds. They can easily be seen through the thin cotton pants stretched across your wide, wobbly posterior like cellophane.  You waddle , waddle, waddle along, filling your cart with junk. You watch as you fill it - nothing but fat and carbs. This is why you’ve gotten so heavy, so out of shape. No self control. Such overwhelming desire to be full, swollen. You’re  a selfish, greedy pig, eating and eating and eating. And worse yet, you can’t take a bite of anything sweet anymore without sliding your hand between your thighs and rubbing yourself to orgasm. Oh the fantasies: being fed, being humiliated: pinched and slapped and fattened and fattened.  More stuff goes  in the cart; you laugh. Your ex-husband left you for just this reason, the day you were married you gave up any pretense of dieting. A year ago, he’d finally had enough. Oh if he could see you now, waddling down the aisle 120 pounds heavier, bouncing, shaking, rippling, rippling with every step; if he could see you blushing and salivating as you spy your favorites and toss them defiantly into the cart; watch you struggle as you bend down to retrieve yet another  box of snack cakes sure to make you bigger…softer…flabbier.
You turn now into the bakery section and and load in the cakes and pies. You’re getting wet just thinking about pigging out. Your nipples tighten as you smell the warm bread, the baked crusts. God, you’re such a pig: a hog, a greedy selfish hippo who dreams of being stuffed around the clock, sitting on her wide, spreading ass and gorging on slice after slice, handful after handful, of everything;  greedily filling your belly as it pushes further and further onto your lap. You catch you relfection is the bakery case − thank god the store is all but empty- what a sight!  So much blubber − jiggling, jiggling, jiggling. You’re embarassed at the sight of yourself and so turned on. Desire overcomes you and blushing, you plunge your fat hand into the open bulk container and draw back a fistful of   caramels. You shove them into your mouth, your face hot with lust.
Your heart stops as you turn towards the registers − the sexy cashier is the only one working; god, he looks like he’s in even better shape than last week. You’re so embarassed, this physical contrast , your complete transformation into a flabby, gluttonous hog; a jiggle-pig; a formerly plump woman now covered in layer after thickening  layer of wobbly pig-jelly . You consider leaving the cart and going to another store rather than face him. You’ve  had a serious crush since he started here two years ago. He always recognizes you and says hello, ugh, you’ve put on so much weight since then. He’s watched you  grow every week:   fatter…fatter…FATTER. You gather your courage and push your cart slowly to his register. You can hardly breathe. Your heavy sagging gut slaps your thighs as you approach. The soft, rythmic bump-wobble, bump-wobble is so obvious, oh, you’ve gotten so big and heavy.
The cashier is looks at you and smiles, he can see your belly hanging out, your food-mounded cart, ugh, he’s good-looking. You blush deep red. Your big, soft arms woggle, your back fat wiggles, your  buttocks jounce and jiggle as you nervously unload the piles of junk onto the conveyor. The cashier watches and does not advance the belt or begin ringing you up. The food boxes pile higher and the cashier watches.
“Just stocking up for the family,” you stammer. He laughs.
“You don’t have any family, this is all for you, porky.”   You blush. Oh ***, please humiliate me some more, please, please. You move to the end of the register and he begins to ring you up. Your wide hips and huge belly are in full view, god, you’re so wet. You want to be home with a box of cookies, eating and rubbing your clit.  He scans a few items and then grabs a box of ice cream sandwiches,
“Do you know how many calories are in these? There is a low fat version right next to these,” he glances at your bulging fat, “you should really try them.”  You sputter and struggle to respond.
“I’ve…I’ve …these taste a lot better.”
He scans a few more things and then stops at a huge box of twinkies and grabs the intercom and levels his eyes at you. He’s doing this on purpose, oh please, yes, humiliate me, I’m such a greedy pig.
“Tom, can I get a price check on the jumbo pack twinkie, the 30 count, I think they’re  on sale.”
Tom buzzes back with a price.
“No Tom, the JUMBO pack ,the really big box for like a family of ten or something.”
A few other customers  moving towards the exit turn and stare. They shake their heads in disgust. The cashier smiles at you.
“Sorry, just want to make sure you don’t get over charged.”
He scans more food and continues to glance at your belly.
“Set that big thing on the counter for me, fat girl. I want to see how much of that is pure hog-jelly.”
You stare at him in disbelief, unsure of what you heard.
“C'mon, lard ass, I see how much weight you’ve put on lately. Put that big, wobbly pile of chub on my counter so I can see how fat you really are.”
Your hands shake, your breathing is fast and ragged, you lift your heavy gut and set it on the counter. He pats it playfully then slips his finger in your belly button.
“Wow, you’ve really gotten tubby,  hogged up big time.” He leans forward and grabs a fistful of blubber and jiggles it, “Is this why hubby left you? Is this why?  You couldn’t stop filling this greedy gut with food?”
You begin to sweat, “Yes, oh god, I let myself go, I got huge and fat and lazy,” you’re panting as he jiggles, jiggles, jiggles your belly, “I couldn’t stop myself,  he told me to lose weight, he warned me,  but I just couldn’t help it, I just love eating and eating.”
He laughs  and returns to scanning your items.  Your panties are soaked.
He finishes scanning and begins bagging your stuff.  You watch his arm muscles ripple as he packs the bags with all your favorite food. He smiles at you as if he didn’t just spend five minutes humiliating you. “Write your number down for me. I get off in thirty minutes.”
You stare at him in disbelief and try to pretend you have plans, “I can’t, not now, I…I have a friend−”
“Don’t be silly, the only thing you’re doing tonight is eating, stuffing that huge gut with food you clearly don’t need. Now write down your number and address, you fat blimp.”
You give in easily. Your hand shakes as you write down your information.  What are you doing? You hardly know him, but oh how you want to be teased, teased and fed and humiliated. He loads the bags in your cart and you head for home.                            

anonymous asked:

If somebody gets cut across one of their femoral arteries, what are their options? How long do they have?

In order: dying, and somewhere south of two minutes. Death may take a little longer, but loss of consciousness will come sooner.

Where the artery is damage will affect how treatable it is. When you have some distance from the torso (the mid-to lower thigh) you can apply a tourniquet above the wound and possibly keep the victim alive long enough to get them medical attention. In the upper thigh or near the groin, unless you already have EMTs on site, you probably won’t have enough time to effectively clamp it.

That said, the last fifteen years have seen an explosion in technologies designed to counter catastrophic blood loss. This includes things like QuikClot and HemCon. The former dehydrates blood on contact inducing rapid clotting. The latter becomes highly adhesive and is supposed to seal into the wound (though the survival rate was reportedly only around 10%.) Of random interest, early iterations of QuikClot came in powdered form (the current version is saturated into gauze), it used a different mineral base, and had an exothermic reaction on contact with blood, resulting in second degree burns. This saw military use in the early 2000s, and never made it to the civilian market.

There’s also NovoEight, which, if I’m reading this correctly, is recombinant blood (or more accurately, just the clotting factor from human blood). This is sold in powdered form and needs to be reconstituted immediately prior to use (once reconstituted it only lasts about 4 hours).  Technically, this stuff is intended for treating hemophiliacs who were seriously injured or going in for surgery.

An earlier iteration, NovoSeven was used experimentally in the mid 2000s. It can be effective for managing blood loss in cases of severe trauma, but is also risky to use, as it in can result in arterial thrombosis, (clotting in the arteries that obstruct the flow of blood). In case it wasn’t clear, this is a very bad thing, though preferable to bleeding to death. I don’t know if NovoEight still has that risk, though, it would surprise me. Neither is actually approved for use on non-hemophiliacs, but it is an option of last resort. (The primary difference between NovoSeven and NovoEight appears to be how the drug is produced, and the potency (NovoSeven is stronger, and indicated for patients who have no clotting factor, while NovoEight is intended for patients with a congenitally deficient clotting factor.)

If you can get the victim into surgery, then it’s possible they may survive. But, this is still an extremely dangerous injury to suffer, and even medical attention doesn’t mean the victim will survive, only that they might. From what little I know, the actual procedure is just to clamp the artery and suture it back together. The problem is that the femoral artery moves a lot of blood, making it harder to control, and causing the bleed out to occur faster.

So, their options aren’t that appealing.


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if your body positivity only includes curvy chubby people and not actual fat people with no curves, double chins, no asses, big tummies, big thighs, soft upper arms, or basically anything that isnt really considered “sexy” then i dont understand your motive.

Preference #16 NSFW Thigh Riding

Bellamy Blake:
“Cmon baby. You know you have to be punished.” Bellamy ‘tsk'ed an he patted his bare thigh. (Y/n) whimpered. 
She had made the mistake of teasing poor old Bellamy. And Bellamy wasn’t having it. 
“It’s too late baby girl. You teased me. So it’s only fair I tease you…” He smirked as she hesitantly pulled down her underwear. She threw her leg over Bellamy’s thigh and slowly lowered herself onto the awaiting seat. Bellamy smirked as she bit her lip at the contact. 
“Look at you. All desperate.” He murmured as his hand slid up her body and onto her boob. Twisting her nipple. 
“Ride my thigh.” He growled as he flicked the sensitive bud. She quickly nodded before building a pace. He smirked as her juice soaked his upper thigh. Snaking down he placed a finger on her clit. 
“This is fun, yeah babe?”
John Murphy:
John smirked as (Y/n) situated herself onto his thigh.
"Pretty sad. You’ll ride my thigh to get yourself off. What a pretty little slut my girl is.” He smirked as she gulped. She moaned at his warm skin met her needing heat.
“Holy shit.” She whispered. He smirked as he reached out to flick her nipple.
“This is so fucking hot…watching you ride my thigh to get off. What if I did…this?” He guided her with one hand while the other leaned in to lick around her erect nipple. She moaned as her eyes rolled back. He slapped her tit. She yelped as he grabbed her face.
“If you want to cum. You have to look me in the eyes when you’re riding my thigh. Got it?” She nodded with doe eyes. He chuckled as he admired the feeling of her juices on his thigh.
Jasper Jordan:
“A-are you sure you’re comfortable with this?” Jasper asked as (Y/n) make herself comfortable with her hands on Jaspers shoulders. His hand on her waist. He was more nervous than her. She smiled softly before leaning in to kiss him. His hands holding her face. She started to rock her hips gently. Dangerously close to his prominent boner. He gasped slightly as he let out an airy moan.
“So beautiful.” He murmured as he wrapped his arms loosely around her waist. She smiled into the kiss as she rocked a tad faster. He noticed as his eyes fluttered.
“Oh my god.” He muttered in pure bliss as he buried his head into her neck.
Monty Green:
Monty watched as you sauntered towards him with a innocent smile.
“Are you ready for me to ride your thigh?” She purred.
“More than anything.” He whimpered. Monty and (Y/n) have been very adventurous lately and the next thing on the list was to ride Monty’s thigh while his hands were tied behind his back. That’s what was happening right now.
“Please (Y/-) oooooo….” He whined as she let her soaking heat coat his upper thigh. His head immediately burying itself in between her boobs. Kissing them gingerly as she started to build pace.
“Do you like it?” She gasped.
“I’ve never been so wanting in my life…faster.” He begged.
“Anything for my baby boy.” She cooed as she picked up her pace. Leaving poor Monty to be a moaning mess beneath her.
(Y/n) sat on top of Lincoln’s passionately making out. She slid onto his thigh and smirked into the kiss.
“Beautiful…mhm…what are…you doing?” He asked in between kisses.
“Pleasing you, handsome.” She smiles innocently as she began grinding on his muscular thigh. He bit back a moan as his hands landed onto her waist.
“Damn.” He whispered as she pressed her bare chest against his shirtless body.
“That feels amazing.” He grinned cheekily as her bare heat soaked his thigh. He couldn’t deny how amazing it felt to see how wet he got her. Smirking proudly when he buried his head into her neck to leave his mark on her body.
Roan wasn’t shy when it came to the bedroom. And had in fact created a whole week which would be filled with pleasing each other. Tonight (Y/n) would ride his thigh. (Y/n) ran her hands down her thighs before straddling his muscular one.
“Steady.” He said gruffly as she knew she was teasing him.
“Like…this?” She smirked as she slowly began to grind his upper thigh. He growled before harshly grabbing her waist.
“Must I do all the work.” He growled as he ran her rapidly against his thigh as she gasped.
“Later. Not till you’re done fucking my thigh princess.” He winked as he didn’t let up.




“I would not mind you laying in my bed.”

Pan’s hand was laying on my leg as he spoke. The lost boys laughed at his words. They were used to our harmless flirting and just laughed at the comments we made.

We would walk past each other looking the others body up and down and smirking in approval. We would make comments about each other hair and that we wanted to see each other in bed or that we would love to take a peek under that piece clothing but we never really went any further than that except from some small touches on the head and arms.

Tonight was different though. He would stroke my upper thigh and whisper in my ear. It’s not like I had a problem with it. It made me actually want more then that harmless flirting.

Felix sat beside Pan as I talked with a lost boy. Pan’s hand travelled to my lower back and slowly slid up my shirt making a chill run down my spine. His hands travelled further and further as I tried to concentrate me on the conversation. I felt Pan’s hand stop at my bra and with one easy movement he unclasped it.

My face turned red as I stood up covering my breast to keep the bra at its place. The boys looked at me in confusement while Pan just looked at me with a grin. “I’ll be right back” I said with a smile on my face cursing Pan inside of my mind.

I was walking towards my tent as I heard a familiar voice speaking behind me. “Having trouble now have we” “Thanks to a certain boy we do.” I turned around seeing the boy in green standing against a tree. “What were you even trying to achieve with that.” “nothing in particular.” He moved away from the tree towards me as his eyes wandered to my arms covering my chest. “I just felt something different today.” “Like what?” He stood before me licking his lips seductively.

“little bit of greed and lust.”
“So I need someone’s help to get rid of it.”
“Other word you’re just horny.”
“Will you help me if I admit it?”
“oh god yes”

he smirked and his lips crashed into mine as he transported us to his tree house. His hands travelled over my body as I pushed him towards the bed. I took of my bra from under my clothes and threw it on the floor followed by my shirt and pants leaving me in my panties.

He laid on the bed eyeing my movements as a bulge started to form in his pants. “Don’t let me wait.” He ordered as he removed his shirt. I walked towards him taking my time as hands grabbed my wrist and pulled me on his hip.

We returned to kissing as his hands groped my breast perfectly earning a soft moan to escape my lips which he used as an opportunity to sneak his tongue inside my mouth.

His thumps moved sync over my breast together with his tongue who was exploring every inch of my mouth. He pinched my nipples earning a small sound of pleasure vibrating trough my mouth. He deepened the kiss as his one hand started to stroke my sides earning whimpers from me as he missed the place where I wanted him.

Our lips parted as he looked me in the eye smirking the entire time. He lowered his head not losing the eye contact and started to leave a trail of kisses from my neck to my breast.  The hand on my side moved to the back to support my body as I leaned back to expose all my skin towards him.

His tongue circled around my nipple as he pinched rolled the other one between his fingers. “God damn…” I moaned softly as I felt his smirk against my skin.

Suddenly he stopped as an annoyed groan was heard from the back of my throat. “I don’t do things for free darling.”

I rolled my eyes at him as I stood up to lean my hands on his thigh. “Sounds fair…” I spoke as I pushed his upper body on the bed. I hovered over him as I started to leave butterfly kisses on his chest slowly making my way down to his pants.

Slowly I removed the first layer of clothing as I heard him groan impatient. “Darling speed up.” I heard him say as I moved my body upwards again. “be quiet and just enjoy the service.” I touched the tent in his underpants with my index finger as a growl was heard trough the room. “Don’t tease.”

I removed his last piece of clothing as my hands started to stroke his member up and down while circling my hand a little bit. He arched his back as he tried to sit up only for me to push him down again.

I kept going for a while till I heard his breath turning irregular and stopped. “Why are you doing that!” he yelled in anger sitting up immediately. “I don’t do things for free darling.” I said repeating his own words. “Then why not work on both at the same time.” He pulled me up and tossed me and the bed with my stomach hitting the blankets. Pan pulled my ass up and spread my legs trailing his finger across my panties.

“Look who is dripping wet.”
“Shut up you were moaning a while ago Pan.”

I heard him laugh as he placed a kiss on my back only to use his teeth to remove my underwear.

His finger slowly entered my as a moan escaped my lips. “One finger in and you are already full of pleasure.” “Other then you I had some activity these last couple years.” Another finger entered me as he started to curl his fingers upwards making a silent moan fall from my lips.

The third finger went in and he started to move around more hitting with his long fingers my good spot. “oh my god…” I moaned. “You like that?” He said full of mischief as he stopped moving not removing his hand. “What do you want me to say Pan.” I spoke looking at the boy from the corners of my eyes. “Say you want me, say you want me to enter you to make love to you so that you won’t be able to stand tomorrow and that only I can satisfy you.” “Any extra request?” I asked moving my head back towards the pillows. “Beg like you are being drowned in pleasure.” I signed. “move your hands first, it makes it for me easier.”

His hands started to move more roughly as I leaned on my elbows. “God damn Pan! More” I moaned. “Say it.” He spoke. “Pan please I want you inside of me!” I moaned as I heard a chuckle from behind me. “what else?” “Make love to me till I can’t stand anymore!” I groaned. “I need you!” I moaned.

His fingers left my body as I looked at the boy shifting my body to look at him. His fingers were dripping wet as he licked them seductively. “Good girl.”

He spread my legs as he entered with one big trust earning from both of us a loud moan. “God damn what are you tight.” he groaned as my nails dug into the sheets. He kept his trusts at a fast and steady rhythm but it was not enough. “O god Pan harder!” I would moan as he happily listened.

He shifted my body to the side hitting a different kind of spot that made sure to hit my g-spot with every trust. “Damn Pan!” He trusts started to get messy and sloppy as I felt my own high approaching.

With one big trust he and I both released as he moved out of me earning small whimpers from me at the loss of contact.

I was about to close my eyes as he pulled my body up towards his. “I’m not finished yet.” “Pan I have no energy left.” He plunged his finger into my aching core as I let out a painful scream. “S-Stop…” I mumbled as he started to move. Curling his finger to the side and circling his fingers inside of me. “Stop please it hurts!” “Really because it seems like you are enjoying it down there…” My face turned red as a painful moan fell from my lips as I came again. I tried to catch my breath as he entered me again. “GOD DAMN PAN!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

He started to move his hips in a circling movements as I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his back. He nibbled at my ear lobe as he pulled me up so I sat on his lap. My head fell back as he left kisses on my skin. He started to move faster as every trust made a moan fall from my lips. I released as he followed after me after a few more trusts.

He laid me down as he sat up again waving his hand to clean us both up. I did not move, not because I was laying perfectly but I was far too tired. “So?” He asked as he waited for me to move. “Give up, I won’t be able to stand tomorrow just let me sleep here.”

“not going to happen.”
“What are you going to bring me back to my tent because my feet can’t carry me.”

He signed in defeat and laid besides me. “If you ever feel horny again please tell me so I can prepare myself…”

Dating Jonathan Byers

I know everyone does these but omg I love him


- “Babe”

- Lots of cuddling

- “You need to listen to this song, it reminded me of you”

- Midnight drives

- Talking on the phone until you fall asleep

- Candid. Just dozens of candids.

- Soup when you’re sick

- “Do you think I’ll be a good father?”

- Makeout sessions in his car

- Dinner with Joyce and Will

- Makeout sessions in the dark room

- Hands on your upper thigh at the dinner table which creep a little to close

- Napping together after school

- “I love you to the moon and back”

- Piggy back rides

- Nudes (like lowkey ones like he just grabs the camera while he’s on top of you)

- Him getting in trouble for developing the nudes in the school dark room

- Skipping class to go adventure in the woods

- Rubbing his back after a nightmare

- “I finally don’t feel like I’m alone”

Passion And Rage (Jung Jaehyun)

Theme/Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1312 words

Warning: I wrote and posted this before as “Red Dress” but I revised it and changed the title to “Passion and Rage.” If anyone is reading this, please enjoy the story! Thank you very much! Let’s show our support to the boys, NCT! :)

Twitter: @oxyjeno

You looked at your naked body at the full-length mirror in front of you, you touched your bare face and gently slapped your cheeks.

Tonight, your family will hold a big business event, it is a formal party; a party for your father and his business partners’ success. Since you’re wild tonight, you decided to wear a long red gown with slit near your upper inner thigh. The fabric is smooth and body-hugging. It shows off your well-curved body, it reveal your shoulders and a bit of your cleavage. The red dress is elegant and sexy at the same time, it suits you very well. As you are, classy and proud.

Red. Red is your color in months now. It was the only color that may symbolize you since Jaehyun left you. You still remember that night when he told you that he’s going to leave you to pursue his dreams. It never occur to you that he might do it, he was always gentle, caring, and for all you knew, he loved you – but there is always a different side of the story, and he might not even tell you what is the reason behind this. That night, you were numb. You didn’t cry as you watch him turn his back from you. You didn’t chase or went after him as he walked slowly away from you. The next day, you felt everything. The rush, the pain, the tears. You had emotional breakdowns after you realized he was gone for his own good, you had been crying after you realized he left you and didn’t need you anymore. Again, for the nth time since he had left you, tears fell from your eyes like the first time – it was always been a bucket of tears when it’s Jaehyun. You pulled yourself together and wore the dress, put some make up on and the red killer heels that made you high and mighty.

“You look breath-taking beautiful today, [Y/N].” Your younger brother, Renjun, in his black tidy suit said as he was praising you. He was sitting on the couch looking handsome as ever. “But isn’t your dress too revealing?” He asked innocently.

You raised an eyebrow, trying to think whether to answer his question or not. “Yes, yes, it is.” You finally answered. “And you crooked teeth is bothering me, brother. Do shut up.” You kidded and laugh while he looked at you with deadly shots.

“Quiet now.” Your parents appeared in front of you two. “Lets go and meet the guests.”

The people in the hall went on silence when they heard the big doors opened, they started to congratulate your father’s success. You looked around. Chandeliers are shining, just like you. The sons of your father’s business allies’ are all looking at you, appreciating the goddess in red tight dress that was once walked on the red carpet. Your parents stopped in the center of the hall and bowed, you and Renjun followed. The exchange of Congratulations and Thank You’s are roaring around you. As you walked towards the tables that were assigned for you, you noticed a familiar figure.

At the table that is not very far from you, there is a man who was looking intensely at you. The body you longed for, the man you love so much. He was in black sit like many of your guests, but he looks dashingly good compared to others. He left your gaze as his father sucked him for a talk. His side profile is what you loved the most, you are sure it was Jaehyun. It’s Jung Jaehyun, the man who left you months ago. His hair is now different, you can see that he dyed his hair blonde, honestly, it made him sexier, the blonde hair suit him as it made him much of a man than he is when he had black hair. It gave him a mature yet a very good look.

As soon as you reached the table, Renjun immediately hugged Jaehyun. Your brother is very fond of him, he liked him more than you do. They’d team up to piss… that was before. Jaehyun laughed as soon as Renjun threw himself to Jaehyun’s arms. He talked to your brother as well,  and his voice – his voice that you crave to hear for months sent shivers to you.

You gained your composure, making sure he did not notice that he still have this very effect on you and your body. You sit beside him as it was the only available sit on the round table. Your parents are busy talking to his, Renjun, your brother and as your distraction, went to play with the other kids, that left you two quiet and it turned the atmosphere awkward and eerie.

You felt Jaehyun’s left hand on your right thigh, messaging it. You breathe deeply. His mere touch cause every single cell of your body to react.

“Baby,” He leaned towards you, his lips is very near to your ears. “Who told you to wear this kind of dress?” He whispered different praises to your ears, but you only prayed for one thing. Dear God, help me with this. “Baby, you look wonderful tonight but assholes keeps on looking at you and obviously hitting on you,” He said as he continued to massage your thighs. “I’m getting mad.” He, then, slipped his hands in the slit of your dress making access to your inner thighs.

You were getting uneasy. “Jaehyun, stop.”

“No.” Said Jaehyun with a serious tone. His hands finally abandoned your thighs before standing up. “Excuse us, Sirs, Madams.” He nodded before dragging you outside the pavilion hall.

Once you two are outside, he held your shoulders for you not to face him. “God, I missed you.” Jaehyun wrapped his hands around your waist and bend over you to shower your bare shoulders with kisses. He was back-hugging you, like what he do to you when you’re upset before.

“I’m sorry I left you.” The word ruined you. Tears streamed down on your face. “I’m so embarrassed, I don’t even have a face to show you after what I did.” But still, he turned around and looked at you.

“Explain.” You demanded.

He started spitting out apologies and reasons. “It was your father’s idea. Months ago, I asked for your hand on marrying you and your parents’ approval. But your father felt like he was going to lose you once I marry you. That’s why he told me to prove myself worthy for him to give me his blessings.” He stopped to wipe your tears, the silver moonlight is shining in your face, Jaehyun looked at your eyes and kissed you lips. “You’re even beautiful when you cry, baby. That’s the real reason why I left you. I had to build my own empire, I had to build my own company and be successful.”

You smacked his head. Too angry he didn’t let you know about all of this, too happy he’s back. “I don’t know what to say,” You held his cheeks, “You’re crying?”

He sobbed. “This party is not about your father’s business venture, it’s about mine and this is our engagement party, [Y/N]. Please forgive me.” He fell on his knees and hugged your legs. “I love you. Marry me.”

“Shhh, don’t cry.” You pulled him, “Stand up, Jaehyun.” Once he was up on his feet again, you caressed his face. “Yes, I will marry you.”

“Thank you for forgiving me.” He kissed you. “Thank you for waiting for me.” He kissed you again. “Thank you for loving me.” He kissed you again, now even deeper and longer.

And just like that, the world seemed to disappear. Just like that, you truly felt passion and rage and desire. Just like that, everything is right.

That’s My Daughter!

Carl + You

Warning: Cursing

It has been almost a year after Daryl and Rick found me in a barn and took me to join their group in Alexandria. I live with Daryl, he’s basically my father now. Although he’s very protective and always keeps an eye on me.. especially when i’m with Carl. Ever since he caught Carl rubbing my upper thigh under the dinner table, he has been really protective. Although Carl and I are just really good friends…that likes to flirt with each other.

“Hey, Carl, y/n come help me bring these boxes into the supply room” Carol shouts from across the road. We both walk towards the boxes to help Carol until Daryl zooms in.

“Hey heyy, let me help” He eagerly says coming in between Carl and I.

“Daryl, I gotta speak with you” Carol says. “Uh yeah sure later” he smiles. “No now” Carol demands rolling her eyes. Daryl looks back at Carl and I, he sighs giving Carl a death stare.

Carl’s POV:

Daryl is pretty scary, especially when he glares at me but now i’m alone with y/n, hell yeah. I see y/n bend over to lift some boxes. I look around making sure no ones watching. I quickly pace over to y/n and stand right behind her with my crotch rubbing against her ass. 

“If only you didn’t have those pants on huh” I whisper in her ear. She jumps up and turns around to face me with the boxes in her hands. “Could you carry these in” She smirks while passing me the boxes. “I’ll be there in a minute” She smiles filling another box. 

I stood in the room shoving the box to side before quickly pulling my pants and briefs off. I wait for y/n to come. I hear footsteps. I smile to myself waiting with only my shirt on. I look up to the doorway where Daryl is standing looking shocked.


“Oh shit” I whisper grabbing my hat to cover my penis.

“THAT’S MY DAUGHTER YOUR WAITING FOR RIGHT!?” He roars coming closer to me. I bolted right past him, I ran out the door butt naked. All I heard were women laughing and Daryl fucking Dixon chasing me down. “COME ‘ERE YOU LITTLE TWAT” He calls while I run around the estate scared for my life.

“Now what do we ‘ave here” I feel a strong hand tug my arm. My fucking dad. shit.

“Dad” I smile trying to get out of his grip. “Train your fucking dog” Daryl says. Y/n runs over holding onto Daryl’s hand trying to pull him away. “Carl, really?” Rick laughs.

“Dad, please let me go” I plead stuck facing a very furious Daryl. “I say we should take his hat off of there, close your eyes y/n kid” He angrily teases trying to pull my hat away from my crotch. “Don’t worry, i’ll control him” Rick smirks. ”You fuckin’ better” Daryl replies pulling y/n back to help Carol. “ Keep him caged up” He shouts again.

My dad looks down at me. “Don’t mess with Dixon especially not his daughter” He laughs. “I know that now” I reply holding my hat tightly to my body.

Feeling the burn from yesterday’s workout🔥P.s I know you probably can’t see, but I have cellulite on my butt and upper thighs. I know a lot of people are self conscious about them and I use to be too, but it’s something that’s apart of me and I will most likely always have cellulite! No one has flawless skin and all body’s are different, it’s important not to compare yourself to others and embrace the skin your in because you are beautiful ❤️ follow me on Instagram @nicole.frenchie ❤️

Prove It (6/?) [Ft. Reader x Loki]

Summary: Loki receives a marriage proposal from a young princess and accepts, becoming King of his own realm. However, he gets more than he bargains for as he learns that the kingdom has more than meets the eye and he finds himself in the middle of something sinister. What will he do when he falls in love with his wife and her life is at risk?…

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 7 / Part 8 Part 9/ Part 10 / Part 11/ Part 12

Loki scowled as he was being fitted in his suit, the tailor was circling him as she pinned various pieces together. He hissed when a pin stabbed him in his upper thigh and the tailor apologized profusely. 

He was about to mouth off when you walked into the room, the moment your eyes met his he felt an overwhelming sense of peace. Kenya was right behind you as she telling you what still needed to be done for the celebration but you weren’t paying attention to her anymore.

You smiled widely when you saw Loki getting fitted for his suit and laughed when the tailor stabbed him once again with a pin. Loki narrowed his eyes at you and you gave him an innocent smile, you felt badly for the tailor as you knew that if she poked Loki one more time he would lose it.

An internal debated waged within you, you could help the tailor with the pins. However, that would mean that you would have to invade Loki’s personal space.

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More ideas from that surfer Lance/ Orca Shiro fic. Mainly because I love the idea of Shiro protecting the seals despite how he’s supposed to be their main predator. Seriously its the closest thing this guy is gonna get to owning a dog pfft.

Top pic: Lance finds Shiro in mer form sleeping on some rocks cuddling the seals. So yeah, he would take a photo haha.

Bottom pic: Sort of wanted to sketch how his legs look during the times he sheds his tail, It’s not so obvious as its in grayscale but on the front of his legs (upper thigh to mid shin) he has much lighter skin in the shape of his white Orca markings so it has the appearance of vitilligo. Most humans just assume it’s that.

Teasing the hotel service guy.. By Picadilla

We tried for service guy teasing today. It was exactly as planned.
I ordered the food whereas wife went to bathroom pretending shower. She removed her short.

she lift the curtain of glass window (between bathroom and room) up to the level where her leg and thigh should be visible. As she was in her undy only her upper inner thigh and panty line were visible from room which i didnt tell her at that time.

I couldn’t capture the service guy expression but i know he had a wonderful glimpse of my wife thigh while i was signing off the bill.

Few screen shot of the video attached

Got bit by a dog today at mile 9 of what was supposed to be a 14 mile run. I had passed a couple walking 2 lhasa apso (?) type dogs in the same direction. Good mornings were exchanged and I passed them. Then, once my back was completely turned, one of them launched himself and bit my upper back thigh.

Luckily I had long tights on and it didn’t break the skin, although I was surprised by how much it hurt. I was only a mile from my car so I decided to call it a day. 

It’s not bad but I’m not happy about it. This wasn’t that dog’s first bite, I’m sure of that. The owner was concerned about me but said nothing like- I can’t believe it! or My dog has never done anything like that before!

I don’t know what you do if you have a dog that bites. No one wants to put their dog down. I have a dog that pees in the house on occasion no matter how hard I try, but what am I supposed to do? Kill him? What do you do if your dog bites but you can’t get him to stop? I don’t know but I would say not taking him on a trail packed with runners, walkers and bikers would be a good move.