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natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// Elowah Falls is one of many photogenic waterfalls found in the Columbia River Gorge that separates Washington and Oregon State. It’s only a short hike from the trailhead to see for yourself. Upper McCord Creek Falls is just beyond the Elowah waterfall and is gorgeous from numerous aerial angles.


Desert City House in Paradise Valley

Located on a relatively flat one acre parcel, the site is opposite the Arizona Canal with panoramic views to the Squaw Peak Mountain reserve to the north and Camelback Mountain to the east. The house designed by Marwan Al-Sayed Architects is conceived as a thick mass casting, with two one story volumes defining the entry courtyard and acting as a base for the plaster volume upper story bridge, which houses the main living, dining, and kitchen spaces, as well as outdoor dining decks. 

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work thoughts

I have so many little sheets of paper with stuff written on them, here we go

-all my friends/mutuals should know that my text hearts (<3) are No Romo.  I love my friends!  but I’m not flirting with anyone so…pls take them platonically.

-the first step to not having anxiety about a distressing situation seems to be learning to bear it.  at work and in social situations, I’ve been slowly getting better at just being uncomfortable and experiencing it fully and accepting it.  it sucks and it’s real hard but I’m not full-on miserable as often?  so that’s nice.

-the other day I was trying to remember ryan gosling’s name and the first thing my brain coughed up was “Reynold Duckberg”

-I need a haircut so bad, ugh

-I like to picture myself in this one clothing commercial alongside its immaculately-dressed + made-up models.  not in like, a bitter way, I just think it’s funny?  the theme of the commercial is “come as you are” or something and everyone at this sexy party has long, slender arms and perfect hair and smiles that aren’t quite wide enough to be inelegant.  and then also toasty’s there, wearing pajama pants and a waffle weave mens’ shirt

-I don’t think I’m being clever pointing out a lack of realism in a clothing commercial of all things, but I’m amused by the idea that there are people who really spend their alone time in their artsy studio apartments looking photogenic and perfectly dressed.  that said, if they’re out there more credit to them.  I hope you’re having fun at your sexy elegant parties.

-you do not have to lie to compliment someone’s art–I don’t care how young or inexperienced or “””cliche””” they are.  look for their potential, find what pieces you think are cute or appealing or funny, and don’t be backhanded about it.  and unless they want a full critique, you don’t have to tell them what’s bad about it either.  there’s plenty to be said for positive reinforcement!

-I never lie when complimenting someone’s art.

-”If you see her in the street/walking by herself/talking to herself/grumbling at herself/swearing at herself–”

-the keys to easily understanding someone with a heavy accent or speech impediment seem to be 1. exposure and 2. relaxing.  Focusing Real Hard and getting freaked out unfortunately just makes it harder, in my experience.

-I like the fact that when a story mentions that someone was “shyly biting their lip” or whatever, they can specific lower lip but they don’t have to–it’s assumed.  but just for kicks, the next time you see that, you should imagine them biting their upper lip instead. :>[ 100% story improvement + laugh factor.

-the word “consternation” doesn’t seem to have any remaining grammatical forms in English?  no one ever says “I’m consternated” or “that was very consternating”.

DAY 3232

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 2/3,  2017                 Thu/Fri 2:04 am

Birthday - EF - Nandkeshor Dattatreya Paatil // Omnia Ef Egypt 

Fri, February 3 .. and we wish them all a very happy birthday .. with wishes that may last for eternity ..

Technology is a wondrous discovery pastime .. bring in one, play with it for hours, find hidden details, thrills in its ingenuity, its capacity to continuously making things easier for humanity, saving us time and effort, building bridges across the world with others, connecting us like never before, evolving, educating us in our own environs .. and its continuous process .. 


The next advanced and superior model arrives, demolishing all that you had so meticulously learnt on the previous one ..

Technology is sending important messages to us .. keeping our upper stories alive and active .. though restricting us to the couch as never before ..

But time heals .. and like never before .. a marriage brings together old friends and associates in the last few days ..

Romesh Sharma, ne Billu, a junior to Jaya in the Pune Film Institute and dear friend from donkey’s years ..who Produced and Directed me in films like HUM and the one he did for his son Karan .. 

Rakesh Kumar .. 1st assistant to Prakash Mehra in Zanjeer, assisted in Hera Pheri and directed me in Khoon Pasina, Do aur Do Panch, Mr Natwarlal, Yaarana .. his daughter marries Billu’s son .. and the celebrations have been occupying us ..

The ‘sarod’ maestro Amjad Ali Khan Saheb his two sons Amaan and Ayaan also sarod players and musicians in their own right .. Ayaan married to Billu’s daughter Nima, have twin sons aged 4 .. and who recognise me as the Swachch Bharat Uncle .. precocious and smart , tech savvy and without any inhibitions or child shy syndrome ..

And that most adorable little angel in green, with the dreamy eyes, daughter to Billu’s wife’s brother  .. 

IS what the evening is all about ..

Billu and Sujata his wife .. I had brought in his wedding Baraat in Delhi when they were getting married .. and today I bless their son getting married ..

Rakesh Kumar .. such enjoyable days spent with him in multiple films ..

the dreamy eyed sweet heart .. niece of Nima, Billu’s daughter, married to Ayaan, younger son of Amjad Ali Khan .. and who quietly and most graciously walked up to me and asked in the politest of a Mauritian-French-English accent - her parents heritage - if she could take a photo with me .. after which, she came came even closer to my ear and whispered : “ I adore you “ !!

I wanted to take her home .. sooooooo cute ..!! hehahaha !!

Khan Saheb and his grandsons, twins, sons of his Son and daughter in law Nima , daughter of Billu ..

Amaan and Ayaan .. the older and the younger sons of Khan saheb .. childhood friends of Shweta and Abhishek .. Ayaan the younger married to Nima daughter of Billu, and their twin sons on our laps ..

marriage spotting .. hehaha  .. keenly hearing the pundit at the mandap giving ‘gyaan’ to the newly weds on how they should lead their married life .. the amused faces of the bride and groom, giving away their complete disinterest in his preachings .. hahahahahahaha !!

the blessings with rose petals .. 

Love forever and happiness always for all those that hold hands in matrimony and eternal bliss ..

Amitabh Bachchan

okaaay ..’ Houston .. errr back end Blog .. we have a problem !!’

Cannot open my signature file … !!!! 

the signature was stored on desktop from where I used to post above my name .. this morning the extensive exercise we went through to correct the DropBox issue has now not allowed me to post the signature .. the file is showing, but as an ‘alias’ ??!!!! and the window says it cannot be opened,because the original cannot be found .. ehh ..? but it was there till the morning .. and yaaa .. there is a green tick ok mark on the side of the signature file .. so what .. I don’t get to sign off or WHHHAAAATTTTTTTT !?

AND may I inform you that almost all the files are showing ‘alais’ and with that green tick mark .. !!!!  


( and no JIO your complimentary sim card is not going to solve this one ) !!

Bossy as Usual (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,942

Summary:  After your less than professional encounter on a plane, you find out your new business partner is Park Jinyoung. A man whom, despite all the reasons otherwise, you find impossible to stay away from. 

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Jazz at the Village Gate

The Village Gate was a nightclub at the corner of Thompson and Bleecker Streets in Greenwich Village, New York. Art D'Lugoff opened the club in 1958, on the ground floor and basement of 160 Bleecker Street. The large 1896 Chicago School structure by architect Ernest Flagg was known at the time as Mills House No. 1 and served as a flophouse for transient men. In its heyday, the Village Gate also included an upper-story performance space, known as the Top of the Gate.

Throughout its 38 years, the Village Gate featured such musicians as John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Duke Ellington, Jimi Hendrix, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, Art Blakey, Woody Shaw, Miles Davis, Vasant Rai, Nina Simone, Herbie Mann, Woody Allen, Patti Smith, Velvet Underground, Edgard Varèse, and Aretha Franklin, who made her first New York appearance there. The show Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, debuted at the Village Gate in 1968.

Niedpath Castle, Scotland

Sir William de Haya probably built the present castle in the late 14th century.  In 1645, Neidpath was garrisoned against the Royalist forces of James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, although the following year, John Hay of Yester joined the King’s party, and was created 1st Earl of Tweeddale by King Charles II. During Oliver Cromwell’s invasion of Scotland in 1650, Neidpath was attacked. Mike Salter states that the castle was surrendered without a fight, although other sources suggest that it required the longest assault on any stronghold south of the River Forth to force it to surrender. James Taylor, writing in 1887, states that the 13th-century tower was demolished by artillery during the siege. During the 1660s, the 2nd Earl of Tweeddale remodeled the castle, and constructed outbuidings. The 2nd Earl was an agricultural “improver”, who planted an avenue of yews, of which one side remains. However, he was declared bankrupt, and sold Neidpath to William Douglas, 1st Duke of Queensberry in 1686.

In 1693, Queensberry gave the castle to his second son William Douglas, later the 1st Earl of March. His son William, the 2nd Earl, made alterations to the castle in the 18th century. The 3rd Earl inherited the title and estates of the Duke of Queensberry in 1778, and subsequently let Neidpath to tenants. These included the philosopher and historian Adam Ferguson. The castle suffered neglect, however, and by 1790 the upper stories of the wing had collapsed. William Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott both visited the castle in 1803. On the death of the Duke in 1810, the castle, along with the earldom of March, was inherited by the Earl of Wemyss, although the dukedom went to the Scotts of Buccleuch. Neidpath still belongs to Earl of Wemyss; the Earl’s heir takes his courtesy title, Lord Neidpath, from it.

The castle was visited by Mary, Queen of Scots in 1563, and by her son James VI in 1587.

Niedpath Castle overlooks the River Tweed about 1 mile west of Peebles in the Borders of Scotland.

The Village Gate was a nightclub at the corner of Thompson and Bleecker Streets in Greenwich Village, New York. Art D'Lugoff opened the club in 1958, on the ground floor and basement of 158 Bleecker Street. In its heyday, the Village Gate also included an upper-story performance space, known as the Top of the Gate. Throughout its 38 years, the Village Gate featured such musicians as John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, Art Blakey, Woody Shaw, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Herbie Mann, and Aretha Franklin, who made her first New York appearance there.