upper quad


This is a 1 year difference.

Whenever I talk about understanding the anatomy in a dance perspective in my anon replies asking for advice, this is what I mean. There’s no point in “fixing” something that you don’t understand how to fix.

I didn’t understand which muscle groups to work in order to achieve something as simple as a basic leap. Once I grasped at the fact that there’s a lot more than just throwing yourself into the air while holding a super awk position, it all kinda clicked.

A leap: you need to strengthen your hips, quads, gluts, upper and lower back for posture, and work on fast twitch muscle movements. How are u going to be able to quickly move into this position without strength and speed? Well, you can’t.

Take some time to figure out which muscle groups you’ll be using, when it comes to some of your weak areas. It really has been working for me :)