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wet (m)

request: shower sex. pwp. 

word count: 2,702

A jolt of hands, followed by a loud shriek and you suddenly find yourself wrapped within a strong pair of arms. Pressed firmly to his bare chest you hear the familiar chime of his laughter and you’re certain then that Jeon Jungkook would be the death of you. Lathered in scented suds you attempt to twist around within his grip only to slip upon the tiled floor, amusing him further.

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Bite Me

SNS Summer Week Day 1 ( Teeth) 

Author: https://milkshake-fairy.tumblr.com/  (Ao3http://archiveofourown.org/works/11237097 )

Paring: Sasuke x Naruto

Rating: Explicit 

The first time it happens, they’re in the midst of a heated tickle fight, Naruto pinned under Sasuke as the former thrashes around trying to free himself from his boyfriend’s merciless fingers.

In an attempt to escape, Naruto jerks forward and bites into an offending arm that Sasuke is using to hold him down as his other arm roams across Naruto’s stomach and thighs, wiggling fingers looking for the most sensitive spots to attack.

It isn’t a particularly hard bite, doesn’t really hurt, but it catches Sasuke off guard, allowing Naruto the time he needs to roll off the bed and assume a defensive stance a few feet away.  

“Hah! Bastard!” Naruto’s waiting for Sasuke to leap up and come after him, but his boyfriend is still sitting on the bed, staring at his own arm.

It wasn’t pain that caught Sasuke off guard, nor was he particularly surprised at being bitten, but what was entirely unexpected was the wave of arousal that rolled through his body. Watching Naruto’s bright white teeth sinking into Sasuke’s own fair skin, feeling the pressure on his flesh as it’s being indented, pointy canines pressing in harder than the rest of the teeth, slightly painful but fully arousing.

He stares at the reddening marks on his arm now, the light indentations by the teeth quickly disappearing. He runs his fingers softly over them, wishing the marks would stay.

Wait what the hell.  

Suddenly Naruto’s sitting in front of him, holding Sasuke’s arm and observing the bite mark he’s made.

“What’s wrong. Does it hurt?”

Sasuke doesn’t know what’s wrong. Too embarrassed and confused by his own thoughts, he jerks his arm away.

“You bit me, idiot.” He can feel his face and neck burning. You bit me and it turned me on. He’s only been dating Naruto for a month now, still getting used to their relationship, the transition from just best friends to best friends as well as boyfriends. Though, in all honestly, he’s probably always loved the blond more than platonically.

“You started it!”

“Yeah? I’m gonna end it now too.” He lunges towards Naruto, ready to effectively tickle the life out of the other boy but misses as Naruto shoots up and bolts out of the room, laughing hysterically.

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Give Me That Gold *Lance Tucker x Reader* NSFW

Originally posted by rikkisixx

Summary: You’re considered a ‘has been’ since winning a silver at Worlds, after always getting golds in previous competitions. You run into Lance, things get heated up and you score him on his sex.
Ratings: Mature Content (+18)-No oral, other than Lance finger fucking you! I tried to write acrobatic smut, didn’t go so well, so I kept it mildly average with a few weird positions. (I promise, the more comfortable I am with writing him, the more it will get better- I already have a series idea, if people are interested in me writing that?)

Note: First time ever writing Lance, I’ve seen the movie a handful of times and I am in no way, a good smut writer. So, this may be all types of bad. Forgive me if so. Such an original title. I don’t know what it is, I fucking love Lance, I love him more than Seb’s Bucky atm! God, I think it’s his cocky attitude but jfc I love it! I shouldn’t because he’s such a cunt, but I’d let him do all sorts of things. - Rosalee (please be nice! This may be shitty, so please go easy on me)

You walk into Amherst gym, a confidence in your step. It had been a while since you last stepped foot here, it hadn’t changed much, apart from the fact Pavleck’s gym was now owned by Hope. You dropped your duffle bag into the ladies changing rooms, pulling your hair into a tight but slightly messy bun and exiting to the actual gymnasium.

You pushed the doors open, the familiar gym coming into view. Balance beams and mats laid out, vaults and bars placed. It was like you had never left to Miami all those years ago, a few younger gymnasts practised with their coaches. You instantly recognised one of them, rolling your eyes instantly as soon as, you saw him. You had hoped you’d never see him, it would have seemed likely considering he’s a gold medalist and they tend to get too big for their sweats. You’d know since from the age of 4 you had been winning golds, till you got your first silver, ever.

It was obviously, better than Hope’s bronze which actually made her a celebrity, much to the despise of Lance. Lance Tucker, the obnoxiously arrogant, sleaze ball. He basically dripped egotistical, cocky dick. You hated him, you’d still hate him even if he didn’t win that gold and parade it around but his personality still stood. In fact, winning gave him a god-complex with every shiny gold medal, it was just another pat on the behind for his ego. It irked you.

Since you got your silver it’s like all your credibility went down, you made it to the big leagues and leave with a silver rather than a usual gold, suddenly you’re the laughing stock. It was difficult, you went from being seen as one of the greatest gymnasts to people pointing out you won a silver, like all the golds before that meant nothing. It still kind of upsets you today, you used to hang around people like Lance, talking yourself up and now you can hardly step into a gym that you know anyone in because of the fear of being mocked. No one wants to believe that their favourite gold medalists athletes are up their own arses, but they are; a few are humble most are Tucker.

“Well, well look who we have here.” You sighed and refrained from rolling your eyes, spinning on your heel to glare up at Lance who had his arm crossed, smirking as he gave you a once over. “Didn’t expect to ever see your face again, Y/N!”

“Let me guess,” you cross your own arms, “still living off the former glory of your old gold wins, I see?” His steel blue eyes narrowed, his jaw locking as you simply smiled cockily.

He uncrossed his arms and stepped to you, “still trying to hide the fact you’re huge fucking failure by giving attitude as if you’re still a gold medalist.” He towered over your small frame, a glare so intense you almost squirmed under it; like one of those girl amateurs meeting him for the first time.

“I am still a gold medalist winner, I didn’t come here to be mocked Tucker, so go fuck your way into winning some competitions.” You regretted the words as soon as they flew from your mouth.

Lance loves to prove a point, he especially loves to win gold medals by his sheer talent. Proving that he didn’t fuck any female judges to win, you hated to admit it but he’s talented. One of the best you’ve seen, it only made you hate him more. He repelled back an inch as if what you said hurt him, it would anyone, you stood your ground against him by glaring. His jaw locked as he glared, pointing a long finger in your face, you raised your eyebrows at the man. God, you’d love to slap him and not even in a sexual way, one hard slap across his face.

“The only one here that should be fucking their way into gold medals is you, you need all the help,” he remarked coolly, you bite your tongue and just glare as he steps around you going back to coaching some teen. You let out a shaky puff of air, feeling a little hot from that exchange, due to being angry- definitely anger.

You walk to the mats, unzipping your jacket and shrugging it off leaving it in a pile just to the side. Stretching your arms above your head, the black sports tank top clinging to you, you felt your muscles contract underneath your skin. You bent forward touching your toes, pressing your palm flat against the cold blue mat and stayed like that for a few seconds, you slowly dragged your left leg up straight and turning your torso to touch left arm to your foot. Torso arching, the tight feeling bunching in your abdomen.

“I’d recognise that ass anywhere,” you chuckled at Hope’s crude behaviour as she yelled walking to you, “you gonna give every man in here a boner or hug me?”  

You lowered your leg, pushing yourself off the floor with your palms and standing straight. Turning to take in the small-but-big attitude-Hope, she hadn’t changed all that much, hands on her hips as she also looked you over. Both chuckling as you stepped forward embracing her, you were the same height as her, small but with a lot of attitude.

“I see you bumped into Lance,” she gave a chuckle as you let out a loud exhale. “I haven’t seen him that tense since… you were last around here, you really get under his skin,” she nudged and wiggled her eyebrows, “he wants to fuck you.”

You coughed loudly in shock, forgetting how crass Hope is. “Okay, that’s definitely not it. We hate one another, we do not- I do not want to fuck Lance Tucker!” You walked away heading to the balance beams, Hope following and she scoffed brushing her blonde bangs out of her eyes.

“The sexual tension I can smell it from five miles away,” you rolled your eyes prepping before jumping up, steadying yourself. “You both need to fuck the hatred out of one another or you know, fuck one another and still hate each other, at least you get rid of the stank.” You barked a laugh and going into a handstand, “point your toes.” She barks unconsciously, instantly doing as asked.

“There’s no sexual tension between us,” you say through your teeth, pointing your right hand out straight and balancing all of your height on your left. “We’re both competitive, needing to prove ourselves through winning. Plus, he’s just an egotistical asshole, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his medals.”

Hope crosses her arms watching as you get back into a standing position, barking little comments to you as you leapt and did an arabesque. It’s silent for a few minutes as you done some scissor leaps. “Do an Omelianchik!” You sighed, giving her a glare as she gave a little shrug with her right shoulder.

You gave a few deep breaths, going into a back dive with a one-quarter twist landing with a handstand. Your eyes glance over to where Tucker was on the steady rings, currently holding a handstand. His hands gripped the rings tightly, his arms straight and bulging, contracting under his weight. His back to you, the muscles defined nicely through the thin white top he wore.

“You need his cock inside of you, I know it.” Hope’s ‘jokey’ comment made you lose balance and fall from the beam, “oh shit! Y/N, you okay?”

You groaned from the floor, landing on a mat didn’t really stop it from hurting as landed with a loud ‘thump’. Hope let slip a few chuckles as you pushed your upper body up, holding a hand to your head as you groaned, flipping her off which only made her laugh a little harder.

“Is she okay?” A deep voice asked from a few feet away, “what happened?” it took a few seconds to figure out it was Lance who was asking. Probably, came over to gloat at how dumb and unprofessional you are.

Hope sighed, “I told her how she needs a good fuck and she lost balance! I think, she’s okay.”

Lance let slip a laugh at Hope’s honesty as you once again, flipped her off. He walked over to you, offering a hand to help you up, you swatted it away and he chuckled holding his hands up as you tried to lift yourself up. You wobbled, your right leg felt stiff and achy due to the fall. Lance put a hand on your shoulder to stop you from swaying, raising his eyebrows at Hope who was smirking lightly.

“I’m okay, I think.” You shrug Lance’s hand off of your shoulder lightly, ready to get started with training again but Hope pulled you back, you gave a defiant look.

Hope shakes her head, “No way, I can’t let you continue after that fall. You need to go back to your hotel or whatever, rest that bashed head. Lance drive her home!” She pushes Lance as best she could to you, he frowned also. “She can’t drive, she hit her head, stop being an asshole for five minutes and give her a ride!”

“I’m fine, Hope.” You grit through clenched teeth and she gave you a cold glare, challenging you to a fight if needed. “Plus, I don’t need him giving me a ride anywhere!”

Lance scoffed, “You’d be lucky to get any sort of ride from me, sweetheart!”

“Oh my god,” Hope yelled angrily, “Don’t you dare talk to her tight pussy like that, she’s a silver medalist plus gold, she has more flexibility you can deal with Tucker. So, shut your whore mouth.”

You frowned but smiled, Hope had a weird way of sticking up for you, Lance didn’t seem fazed as he sighed and nodded, pushing you to the doors where you went to the changing rooms. You didn’t bother getting dressed, grabbing the duffle and walking out to see Lance leaning on the far wall, arms crossed as he waited for you. You walked over, he pushed himself off the wall and walked a little beside you in uncomfortable silence, going out into the carpark you headed towards you own car before you feel of Lance tugging you towards his own.

“We’re taking mine because I need to drive back,” he mutters some excuse as he opens the passenger side for you, you frown.

“I need to drive here tomorrow, let’s take mine.” You go to slam the door closed but Lance stops you, you make a sound of annoyance at him.

He rolls his blue eyes, “I’ll drive you here tomorrow or text Hope to pick you up, I need my car.” He insists, instead of arguing with him, you make another sound of annoyance before sliding into the passenger seat. “Thank you.” He drawled out before walking round to the driver’s seat as you buckled in.

It’s uncomfortable between you both, you had cut the tension with a butter knife. You looked out of the window, watching as houses rolled past, you leant back a little and glanced to Lance. Admittedly he was handsome, anyone would say so, even you. He had a strong jaw, nice head of hair and his athlete’s body was always in top shape. 

When you first met him you were instantly attracted, then he opened his mouth and the more he talked, the less you wanted him to shove you up against a wall- maybe. Hope’s words played on your mind a little too much, you’d never… maybe. No, you wouldn’t. You swore you’d never have sex with Lance ‘The Fucker’ Tucker.

“Why are you back in Amherst?” You kept looking at him, he briefly cast his eyes to yours before looking back at the road, “you belong in LA with all the other gold medalists.”

He chuckled at that, “I came to see some raw talent, see if any of Hope’s and Ben’s amateurs have what it takes. Talent spotting, I guess.” He shrugged, “why’d you come back? Last I heard you were a Miami girl, also dating that Gold medalist from the United Kingdom; hate that guy!”

“Just cause he got the gold whilst you got the silver,” you chuckle and he doesn’t look at you, “I decided to come back and see Hope. Whilst everyone mocked me, she was the one who really stuck by me, I owe her something… I guess. And that ended, I’m not great at being in relationships where I’m constantly surrounded by people better than I am.” You didn’t mean for it to slip but it did, to Lance of all people.

“The British are not better,” he remarked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “I thought, your quote not mine, that the British were more humble with their wins?” He had that arrogant tone as he repeated what you said many years ago.

“Well, they’re more humble than you,” you quip and he shrugs. “He liked hanging around the gold medalists, people would comment about my silver, as if I wasn’t a gold medal winner before. It’s amazing how one silver can bring down a whole career, suddenly I was losing my touch, I don’t know. Loser problems,” you laugh as he pulls into the hotel you’re staying in the carpark. “Plus, I don’t compete anymore or go to those events, he did and it just brought back all the wrong memories.”

You unbuckle your seatbelt, looking up as Lance watches you with raised eyebrows, you frown letting the seatbelt leave your upper body. “You proved today you haven’t lost your touch, apart from the bit where you fell because Hope said you needed my cock inside you, was it?”

You stop and look at him wide eyed, he has his cocky grin on but you’re too stunned to even say something witty or snide back. “You heard that? I forget how loud Hope’s voice is.”

Lance nodded, “And pitchy, listen I’m gonna ask this once; do you want to fuck me or not?”

“With that face, it would be a yes,” you see his grin spreading, “but with that fucking attitude, it’s a clear pass.” You grab your bag from the backseat and shove open the door, slamming it shut and stomping your way towards the hotel.

You hear his door open, “Y/N, stop! Wait a fucking minute.” He pulled you back by your jacket sleeve, you sighed and pulled your arm away and crossed them, “I’m sorry didn’t realise you were so finicky over who fucking fucks you.” You opened your mouth to retort but shake your head before turning. “Okay, I’m sorry, okay?”

“Lance, you could be the best guy I’d ever fuck but at the end of the day I know what it is,” he frowns at you, “I don’t need a pity fuck from a gold medalist to make myself feel better about myself, okay? I’ve been around enough guys willing to fuck me, let me wear their gold medal as they fucked me! That used to be me, I used to be able to offer that but my golds mean nothing like I would to you after.” You shuffle on your feet under his gaze, “I can’t handle you parading around that you got to fuck the ‘has been Y/N’, okay? Another ego boosts for Lance Tucker.”

It’s silent between you both as you stand in the carpark, he looks as though he’s going every word you spoke to him. You heft the bag over your shoulder some more, looking at him and sighing. “Thanks for driving me back, I appreciate it. This doesn’t mean I like you, I still hate your guts.”

He shrugs his shoulders lightly, side smirking as he stepped away from you. “It wouldn’t be a pity fuck, I don’t do pity fucks and the gold I have with me, you can’t wear it.” You frowned but knew what he meant, people talk and you simply chuckled. “The only thing I’d parade around is the fact I got to fuck Y/N Y/L/N, former gold and silver medalist, but I get it. You can’t handle me being the best fuck ever, so much so, you’d have to come back!”

You scoffed and he raised an eyebrow, “You’d have a challenge since the British may lose to Lance Tucker in gymnast but in fucking, they get a solid 10.5 overall.”

“That’s not very fair, the judge hasn’t me perform for herself,” he stepped closer than he was before. His body almost pressing up against yours as he looked down at you, “I’d very much like to compete.”

You were about to talk, maybe stop whatever was building but it was if Lance knew you were backing away. He gripped firmly on your hips, pulling you to him and connecting his lips to yours, it was so sudden that you didn’t react instantly. His lips were soft, unbearably soft against your own and you eventually fluttered your eyes closed and kissed back. He holds you a little tighter, releasing a little moan from you- unintentionally, he slips his tongue into your mouth. He pulls away with a satisfied smirk, you narrow your eyes pulling away from his hold and walking back towards the hotel.

Lance frowns, a little confused. “I’m not fucking you out here, Tucker.”


You unlock the door, throwing your bag to the ground and hear Lance kick the door closed. His hands grabbing hold of your hips pulling you back towards him, grinding slightly and moving your hair from your neck. His lips biting gently at the exposed skin, you bite your lip to keep from moaning, not wanting him to know the effect he has on you.

“We really shouldn’t do this,” You muttered more breathlessly than intended, Lance smirked against your neck, biting your earlobe teasingly. He spins you around, grinning devilishly at you.

“You have permission to stop this if you really want to, but I don’t think you want to… do you?” he winks and you shiver at the implications of his words.

After that it was a flurry of clothing, Lance unzipped your jacket and throwing it to the ground and hiking the tank top you wore up and off of your head. Hands palming at your breasts as you work on unzipping his own jacket, trying to shove it off of his broad shoulders as he continued to roughly play with your tits.  He unclasped your bra in a second, pulling it off and letting it drop to his feet and finally he did something with that arrogant mouth of his. He pushed you up against the wall, not caring for how hard he slammed you against it- despite the fact you bashed it not an hour ago, mouth latching onto one of your nipples and biting down harshly with his teeth causing you to whine.

Bucking against his hips you could feel his growing erection through the track pants he wore, you grinned inwardly at the feel of him against you, running a hand through his perfectly styled hair and tugging harshly but his assault continued with the other nipple. Taking the one he lavished between two knuckles and tugging, you tried to hold back the gasps by biting down hard on your bottom lip.

“If you don’t fucking make me cum in two minutes, I’m deducting points on execution,” Lance couldn’t help but chuckle around your nipple, causing the vibrations to shake through your body and you let your head fall back against the wall, groaning lightly at the contact.

Lance pulled back, mild concern, “You okay? You’re head earlier-”

“Don’t get sappy on me now,” You snap cutting him off and he smirked at your impatience.

Lance yanked down your shorts and panties, practically ripping them off of your legs and then made quick work on his own clothes, minimal help from you as you drank him in. One thing is for sure, he has every right to brag. He was toned, lean and just magnificent all around from head (lol sex puns) to toes. Your eyes danced over his tattoo, a small little giggle erupts from your mouth as you take it in, of course, Lance Tucker has the tattoo.

His abs clenched and contracted under his tanned skin, your eyes drift up to find him showing you the same intense stare. His own eyes washing over your body, falling over every muscle and feminine curve of you, licking his bottom lip as if what he was looking at was something delectable. You smirked as his hand reached out, pulling the hair-tie, letting your locks flow down, hand weaving into the strands and pulling you in for another heated kiss. All teeth and tongue, your hand lazily scratch down his chest, finding his member and giving a few light strokes.

“How about you show me your Needle Scale, you’ve always done them so well and look so fucking hot,” he clicked his tongue at the end of his sentence. Cocking an eyebrow as you gave a little smile.

Stepping around him and closer to the bed, knowing he is watching you intently emitted goosebumps over your skin, sending a thrilling wave of heat and tightness through your body. Without much hesitation you lift your right leg up, arching your torso as you held your ankle, grasping it and pushing your leg a little to stretch it. Looking up and watching your foot, you could feel Lance come up behind you, hands gently tracing down your calf and thigh.

His fingertips skimmed through your wetness, you let out a soft sigh and he gently prodded at your entrance. Taking his time, you gulped as he slowly pushed his digits inside of you, almost throwing you off balance on the one foot keeping you upright. You gasped as both of his fingers were now buried to the knuckle, gently scissoring your insides. You were shaking, your left leg quivering trying to keep the same balance.

“So,” Lance pulled his fingers out, “Fucking,” he punctuated the word by slamming his fingers back in, and out again using his other hand to hold your leg up, “Tight.” He did the same, except adding a third finger causing you to groan out.

His hand quickened it’s pace, you could hear the sounds of him fingering you in the silent room and you could feel his left hand tighten on your ankle. Keeping your body in the Needle Scale, possibly the longest you’ve ever held this position for, you weren’t going to complain about the circumstances. Although, the stretch you felt in the tops of your thighs. The feel of Lance’s erection prodding your straight, quivering leg. 

The coil in your lower tummy tightened considerably, the warmth rushing through your body. Then he withdraws, pulling his wet fingers from your aching, needy core and letting your leg drop.

You turn to glare at Lance, asking what his fucking problem was but was met with him licking those fingers. He’s such an asshole, he knows it from the smug smirk on his face. You were so close to smacking him, till he pushed you on the bed, crawling over you with a predatory smile. “I was gonna properly taste you, but having you like this, well… they’ll be other times.” He winks cockily.

You were about to retort before you felt Lance aligned himself, giving no hesitation he slammed all the way in, groaning in your ear and you let out a loud moan. It had been a while since anyone had been inside of you, plus with Lance’s impressive side it took a few hard, deep thrusts to get used to. You panted as he set a good rhythm, your nails scratching down his back, your hands gripping his tight ass to encourage him to go faster.

“God, you’re so fucking tight still,” Lance moaned, growling as he started to pound into you, you dig your nails into his hard flesh and close your eyes, mouth open to keep yourself breathing.

Lance grabbed a hold of your legs, spreading them wider, keeping his pace as he stretched your legs to rest on his shoulders.  “F-fuck! God, Lance.” You groaned as the new position made him go deeper, the sounds of his groans and skin slapping skin, filled your ears. Sweat covering both of your bodies.

He leant down, pushing your legs down towards your body as he kissed your lips roughly, biting on your lower lip and tugging as he felt your walls clench around him. You were so close, you pulled back from the kiss, throwing your head back as a series of profanities and his name mixed spewed from you. Lance began sucking, biting and teasing the soft skin on your neck, keeping him from releasing loud moans of his own. A few hard thrusts had you on the tip of orgasm, he could sense that as he reached down between your stretched legs and began small, tight circles onto your clit.

“You close?” His breathing erratic, all you could do was a nod, “I want you riding me when you cum.” Is all he manages to say, you whimper as he pulled out of you after one hard thrust. Your legs drop as he grabs a hold of your hips, landing on the bed beside on his back, helping you straddle his waist and guide you back to him. His fingers dig into your hips, helping you set a quick and hard pace on top of him.

One hand sneaking up your ribs and groping a breast, kneading and pulling at the hardened peak as you gasped. Your own hands resting on his chest, nails digging in as rubbed and circled your hips over him; thighs burning from the position earlier and now the task of raising and falling on his dick- it was a strenuous task. Lance planted his feet on the mattress and started to pound up into you, his thumb sneaking back to gather wetness where he entered you and exited you to rub against your nub.

Bringing you to the brink of orgasm again, only this time with one punishing thrust he had you coming undone, repeating his name like it was a prayer. Your walls fluttered around his cock, riding your orgasm till he hit his. His back arched up as he came suddenly, spilling inside of you, erratic hip thrusts as he milked himself of his cum into you.

The only sounds now in the room was your panting breaths making you realise how loud your sex actually was; mattress creaking under you, skin on skin, Lance’s groans and your high pitched moans. Your hands still clung to his chest as you body was still spasming, twitching from the orgasm. Palms sliding down his sweaty torso, his own hand dragged carelessly down from your breast to your waist, clutching you there. Your hair clung to the sweat on the back of your neck plus forehead, cheeks flushed pink and you were still fully sheathed on Lace.

“So,” Lance’s voice hoarse and rough, “what’s my score?” His eyes blinked open, half-lidded as he looked up at you. You frowned, still too dazed to fully get what he was saying till you remembered the conversation from earlier.

You leant down, resting your elbows on his abdomen as you smirked. “What’d you think you got?”  

“Above those fucking British snobs?!” He grinned at you, raising an eyebrow in question.

You chuckled lightly, “13.8.” His eyes narrow darkly as you grin broadly, quirking an eyebrow of your own. You gasp as he circles his own hips, reminding you he was still inside of you, bringing himself to half-mast already.

“Give me that gold, Y/N.” He grins cockily as you push yourself up again.

“Then earn it, Tucker!”

(God, if this is terrible I am so sorry. I edited this for two days straight, plus first ever Lance thing and it was smut- which isn’t something I am too confident with. Like I said, the more I write about him the better I’ll get, so by all means… Request some Lance Tucker stuff! I also have a series idea, should I consider writing that? - Rosalee) When you’re British and make Lance hate you, I’d stil fuck him even if he spoke shit about my Nations athlete’s 

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So this young lady messaged me and was telling me about her first cheating experience, so I had her write up every detail! Shared with her permission:

“So what happened was I was turning 21 and it was bothering me that I’ve only ever slept with my current boyfriend, and thought it wasn’t fair that he had other girls before me. I can’t live my whole life only sleeping with one guy ever. So one night I was working until 10 and I told him I was going to hangout with my girl friend after work. When in reality, I had plans to meet up with this black guy from my school. So he met me at my work when I was closing up and we went to the park. It was dark of course and no one else was around. We were sitting on a bench, talking and smoking a joint when the guy suddenly reached his arms outwards and was like “you never gave me a hug when I first saw you” so I was like okay so I leaned over and we hugged and then he kept his arms around me and looked at me and we started to kiss. Kissing turned to making out on the bench. Honestly I did feel bad knowing I lied to my sweet boyfriend and that I was here kissing some black guy I hardly knew. But at the same time it just felt like something I had to do. Like a right of passage. Like if I didn’t do it, I’d always want to get it out of my system. And maybe that was all I needed. So I said “fuck it” in my head and kept making out with him, his hands were sliding around the sides of my dress and along my back. After a minute or so he stopped and asked “wanna go back to your car?” So I said “sure” and we got off the bench and went back to my car. Now I’ve got a hatchback so the back seat is decently large. I had a dress on with a thong and no bra. He instructed me to get on my back in the back seat so I did and he lifted my dress up over my boobs to expose them. He bent down and started playing with them, pinching my nipples and playing with the piercings. Then he’d do the same but with his mouth. It made my pussy so wet to know that some guy other than my boyfriend was loving my body so much. I grabbed at his hair as he teased his tongue around my nipples. Then he pulled my thong off, leaving me almost naked. He tossed them to the floor of the car then dropped to his knees outside the car and licked my pussy until his face was soaked. After like 5 minutes of eating me out he stood up and started to undo his pants. He pushed them down and then he boxers too and I was just looking down, still laying on my back and when I saw it, I think I gasped. It was thick, and black, and veiny, and HUGE. I think like 8” or so and so much thicker than my boyfriend. And my boyfriend is barely 5.5". So I was glad that since I’m going through this lying, at least I finally get to experience my first big dick. So I saw it and he got closer to my and I said “you need to be careful with that” because I was afraid it’d hurt. “Not used to something this size huh? I’m gonna stretch that little pussy out.” He was saying and I was worried my boyfriend would feel a difference lol. Well I spread my legs and he started rubbing his big tip between my pussy lips but couldn’t quite find the right spot. So I reached down to help and when I felt it, I realized he didn’t have a condom on. But I honestly didn’t care, I wanted it, so might as well have it natural. So I guided his tip to my entrance, let go, and bit my lip waiting. It took about a minute to get it in because I was so tight but when I finally felt him bottom out, it was like a whole nother world. I looked down and he wasn’t even to the base, yet he was reaching the back of my pussy. And how it stretched me, holy fuck. It felt like it was tearing me apart but it felt so fucking good. Then he started fucking me. He wasn’t being nice about it, he was fucking me hard and fast like a slut and it drove me wild. After 3 or so minutes, he started to choke me. His big hands gripping my throat and his even bigger cock destroying my little pussy, I felt myself climb my peak quickly and explode into orgasm. I screamed out as loud as I could while being choked and I could feel my whole pussy contracting around his meaty dick. He bent down and started talking dirty while he kept choking me through my orgasm. “Oh I love to feel that tiny white pussy squeezing me. Cum for that black cock you cheating slut.” My tits were bouncing and my head was full of ecstasy. He let go of my throat and pulled out, flipped me onto my hands and knees and shoved himself back inside doggy style. My eyes roll back into my head and it felt like it was so far in my stomach that I couldn’t even breathe as he fucked me. He started slapping my ass and pounding me. He said “mmm I can see that tiny cunt gripping my cock as I pull out”. He’d slam so deep that his hips met my ass and the tip of his cock was hitting my cervix. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back and a minute later I was cumming again, even harder. I couldn’t even make a full moan now. I couldn’t speak or even think properly. He climbed into the car and pushed my upper body up against the inside of the door so I couldn’t move away as he kept pounding away in my pussy. It felt like he lasted forever. Finally after another 15 minutes or so, it was like a relief because I was actually getting sore. “Oh baby I’m gettin close.” He says. My arms are braced against the door so I can push back into him. “Oh Is my little pussy gonna make you cum?” I tease and he growled in my ear. He kept fucking me and I was moaning more and wondering how long he could go. He started mumbling “Oh fuck..oh fuck..” I reached back and started massaging his balls between my legs. They were wet from slapping against me. Then I made probably a bad decision. I asked “do you wanna cum in my pussy?” He slowed down way slow and said “are you sure?” And I was like “yes I wanna feel it..” So he said nothing else and started fucking me super hard and fast, trying to finish himself off inside me before I changed my mind. I started thinking about my boyfriend more and it made me feel so slutty and sexy. I reached back between my legs and started holding his balls again. Then he started groaning and he shoved himself balls deep. His tip rested against my cervix and the first thing I felt was his balls tense up hard in my hand. Then his balls and cock started pulsing in unison as I felt my pussy get really hot and wet. We were both moaning and he came for what felt like ever. He finished putting his load inside me and I used my panties to clean us up. Left them in the park. Then went home to my boyfriend 😘"

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Could you mix 20 and 21 for kandreil?

(This took about 500 years so I apologize, I’m bad with time management)

20. “I’m fucking stuck!”
21. “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”

They had forgotten to pull down the window blinds the day before, but Kevin didn’t really care about it anyway. His internal clock had kicked him awake ten minutes ago, and now he just lay on his back, watching the snow calmly fall down outside of the window in Columbia. The thing wasn’t that he wanted to be awake, but to fall asleep again he needed to find a comfortable position, and that required moving which wasn’t really an option at that point. Andrew was just a distant warmth to his right, with his back pressed against the wall and his limbs pulled tight towards him so that they wouldn’t touch Kevin. Neil on the other hand had somehow managed to drape across Kevin’s body like a second blanket, with his face nuzzled into Kevin’s neck. He wasn’t too sure how Neil was still breathing but he could feel his chest slowly rise and fall against his own, so he didn’t feel like waking him up for nothing, which would inevitably also lead to Andrew waking up.

It was Andrew who stirred first, which made Kevin move just the slightest, but it was enough to wake Neil up.“Morning” Neil mumbled into his neck, dragging his arm down Kevin’s chest.“I hope my body satisfies your mattress needs.” Kevin snapped.“Mmmmm” was Neil’s only response and he didn’t look like he would be making any moves to get up soon, so Kevin just pushed his upper body up and let Neil roll off of him. Andrew had already climbed out of bed, not even glancing towards the other two as he picked up some clothes from the ground and headed towards the bathroom.“That’s my hoodie” Kevin tried to call after him but Andrew slammed the door shut before he had even finished. Neil rolled out of bed to his left and waddled across the room to pick up another pair of clothes.“What is it with you two and putting on other people’s clothes?” He asked as Neil pulled Andrew’s hoodie over his head. “Aren’t you supposed to like it?” Neil answered with a grin and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants, which were luckily his own. 

Now that the bed was empty and he didn’t have a human body crushing his ribcage, he could feel the winter cold creeping in on him. “Not if I’m forced to wear your clothes because of it.” He grumbled and finally got out of bed to pick up the last hoodie that had been carelessly abandoned on the floor. It still smelled like Neil as he pulled it over his head, his arms trying to weasel their way through the too tight tubes of constricting fabric. He had to shimmy his body to make it slide down inch after inch, and every second longer it took to get it on, the furnace created by his own breath inside of the hoodie grew hotter.“What are you doing?” a tentative question came from Neil’s direction. Kevin didn’t respond, his fight with the hoodie had grown too violent, his whole body having to shake in all directions while his arms were constrained to helplessly sticking up towards the top.“I’m fucking stuck!” he yelled through the fabric. He heard a door slam shut even through the rustling of the clothes, and he froze in place, trying to angle himself towards where the sound had come from. He heard something that awfully sounded like a snort, but he wasn’t sure were it had come from. “Don’t laugh.” He almost screamed, which just prompted a second snort. “Do. Not. Laugh.” Which, of course, lead to Neil actually starting to laugh. “This is not funny!” This time he was definitely screaming. He tried to reverse the whole process, more violently than he had tried before, which meant shaking and twisting his body in all directions like a cat which thought it would die if it didn’t get the hat you had just put on it off its head right that second. By the point he had managed to get the hoodie off again Neil wasn’t hiding his laughing fit anymore, but was now bend over, with his arms around his belly and tears in his eyes. Kevin threw the hoodie at Neil with such force that it toppled him over, but he just continued laughing on the ground. Kevin stormed across the room, towards Andrew who was leaning against the wall, a cigarette between his lips, looking at them like they had only just been discussing the weather. “This is all your fault!” Kevin growled, pointing a finger at Andrew before storming out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

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Turning Dongwoo on by eating a lollipop

Scenario: You decide to unleash the beast in Dongwoo by eating a lollipop in front of him
Rating: smutty hotness
Word Count: 2356

You never really argued with your boyfriend. Dongwoo was notoriously hard to fall out with; if you ever had any kind of disagreement, he was more than happy to compromise with you instead of stubbornly stick to his point of view like most guys you’d dated in the past. Being with someone who was essentially sunshine in human form was definitely good for you. But sometimes – just now and again – you wished he’d get a bit more riled up. You knew he had fire within him; you’d seen it when you went to meet him at the dance studio he worked at part time with his friend Howon, seen it behind his eyes as he’d moved his body to the beat of the music, every movement fluid. Watching him dance was something you wouldn’t forget any time soon.

And so here you were, three months into your fresh, new relationship with him. You’d started sleeping together a month after your first date and so far it was good. Better than good; it was like you’d been made for each other. Every time was better than the last and your heart fluttered whenever you thought about it, thought about him and the hard, beautiful expanse of his body. But then, something told you he was holding back whenever you had sex, like he was trying not to be too rough, trying not to let this other side of himself come out. What he didn’t know was that you craved the fire you’d seen behind his eyes.

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Pool- Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner

Originally posted by loveiseternalbutpainful

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader

Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 442

Author: Charlotte

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 35

We laid quietly together, intimately connected, my mind still dwelling on the emotions he brought out tonight. Holding his hand against my lips, I kissed it one more time knowing we couldn’t stay like this much longer.

“I’d love to stay inside you forever but I’m not sure my dick can take the pressure anymore.” Jared joked, causing me to giggle.

“Ouchhh, ouch! Stop laughing…that hurts!!” He practically shouted in my ear, his laughter not helping his cause either.

“I’m sorry!!! It’s just funny!!” I said doing my best to not laugh as he pushed his upper body up from my back.

“Yeah, well the spanking I’m going to give you if you don’t listen will definitely cure those giggles.” He stated, his tone serious but I could feel his smile at the same time.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll be quiet.” I said with a smile as I looked over my shoulder.

Jared got to his knees, his hands resting on my lower back, “That’s good because I would have no problem enduring a bit more pain to spank your ass red right now if you choose to misbehave.” Jared said.

Trying to hide his smile, he tilted his head and bit his lip as he watched my reaction. I didn’t dare giggle because I knew although he was joking now, his patience can quickly disappear.

“What happened to pleasure pain?” I asked being totally cheeky as I smiled at him.

“You’re right! I love pleasure pain baby… I’m definitely going to take pleasure in making you ass painfully red!”

To make his point clear I watched him haul back and slap my ass. It wasn’t as hard as he could have done but it did surprise me none the less. My mouth dropped open but I didn’t make a sound. Mimicking me, he thought he was so hilarious.

“I was just asking!! I said I’d be good!”

“Just making sure…” he said smirking, “I know how sassy you can be.”

“Not true..” I stated, shaking my head, “I ALWAYS listen.”

I was joking, of course. The few rounds of punishment are proof of that. Though,I did try to be good. I don’t TRY to be sassy. Sometimes it just happens.

“You should stop while you’re ahead…” Jared said, probably a lot less seriously than I was taking it but I didn’t want to chance it.

“Yes Sir.” I responded, smiling over my shoulder at him.

I was glad instead of taking things more emotional, he broke the heaviness with a bit of humor. Had he gone the other way, I know I would have surely cried. Part of me felt so emotionally raw.

Breaking my train of thought, Jared gave me a light shake as he bent slightly forward.

“Baby, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m sorry… My mind was wondering.”

“Okay, as long as your sure.” He said skeptically.

“I am. I’m okay.” I tried to reassure him.

Alright, then I’m going to slowly pull out. It’s time.“ He warned probably knowing this was going to be extremely uncomfortable.

"Relax for me, baby.”

Although he wasn’t hard anymore he was still rather large so this was definitely going to be uncomfortable. As I considered how deep he was inside me, I also knew this was going to make taking a little three inch plug out seem like a walk in the park.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles. As I exhaled, he began pulling his hips back. My GOD this really sucks. From the soft grunts he was making, it wasn’t all that pleasant for him either.

“Jesus you’re so tight baby…” Jared mumbled, his fingers gripping my hips as he continued to pull back.

He was determined so it didn’t take long and within a few minutes our connection was broken. I took a huge sigh of relief and could now truly relax since he was free. Sitting back on his knees, he took his own deep sigh, his hands still resting on my ass.

I still hadn’t moved. I wasn’t ready yet.

“My God baby, your ass is so fucking hot.” He murmured.

Massaging my cheeks, he bent forward giving me a kiss on my ass, his hands never leaving my skin. Using his fingers to open my cheeks just slightly, he watched as cum dripped from my puckered hole.

“Mine.” He said quietly, more to himself than to me.

Softly gliding his finger from my opening to my tight hole, he gathered cum on his finger that had oozed out. Smearing it around my taint, he praised me.

“You did so good, baby…”

The skin around my tight hole was so sensitive that although he was gentle, the burn was real and it sent shivers across my body. My fingers gripped the sheets a little tighter as a small moan fell from my lips.

Lifting off his calves, Jared reached for my waist wanting to pull me into a sitting position on his lap.

“Come here baby.”

Pushing myself up, thankfully with his help, I sat on the tops of his thighs. I loved sitting like this with him. Jared’s arms wrapped around my body as he quietly held me. A lot happened tonight and he instinctively knew I needed his comfort. Feeling his lips press gentle kisses on my neck, I cuddled into him.

My arms covered his as he lovingly held me, I wanted to hold him too. I wanted every part of him touching every part of me.

“You baby girl, are absolutely amazing.” Jared whispered in my ear as he rubbed his nose against my cheek, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you..” I replied softly turning my nose against his cheek, “Tonight was incredible. All of it. You are incredible.”

Tightening his embrace, we just sat there together lost in our own thoughts…in our own emotions. I could feel myself getting lost in my emotions again but as soon as I recognized it, I tried my hardest to fight it.

Sometimes I really hated how emotionally raw he made me. That rawness, that fear of this being taken away took me from an amazing high to dwelling on fear. Never have I had someone in my life that I was scared of loosing like I’m scared of loosing him.

What’s crazy is that this was ALL on me. He’s never given me a single reason to fear that possibility but I still did. Tears welled in my eyes and I bit my lip hoping to will them away.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

[001] Ash

MidoAka Month: [6/4 - 6/6] : Firsts | Lasts -> Last meeting.

Pairing: Midorima/Akashi
Warnings: Major character death, angst
Word count: 2889

The world was an eerie place for what it lacked.

Nijimura’s case was the first to make him realize it, and Midorima witnessed and experienced the fall of the Generation of Miracles; victims of time. It’s sad, really.  From the beginning, he was well aware of change, of inevitability, of fate.

He sauntered over what was left of his high school years, little by little, and dismembered them. The years within Shuutoku’s clutch had been short, too quick for his liking, but in the times he allowed himself to breathe, he contemplated his own role in this recurring tragedy. The Miracles’ roles. How their stories would gradually unravel – and perish. A basketball would be left in its wake, polite and immobile; a reminder of how quick a fire spreads. Midorima would be lying, however, if he said it wasn’t disconcerting to prod the wounds Teikou inflicted. 

‘Man proposes, God disposes.’

As it suggested, he believed in hard work and dedication and the possibility of altering an inevitable outcome. He obtained lucky items every day, taped his fingers, prayed, studied, all to the best of his ability. It hurt him to think that this would be in vain. That he’ll probably die trying. Once he found comfort in remembering fictional stories, courtesy of his childhood nurturing, of a world where man could reach the stars.

Even with the sharp precision of a scalpel and surgical scissors of an aspiring doctor, he’ll never be able to dissect such a lifetime.

Akashi asked him for scissors once, and Midorima wondered if man fell like Akashi, too.

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Anniversary present- sammy Wilk smut-

“ 21 jump street!” Sammy stretches jumping into the living room.
“ Sammy we’ve watched that over ten times.” I plead.
“ too bad baby. Jack and Jack haven’t seen it yet so, suck it up, come cuddle with me and watch it.”
“ but sammy it’s our second anniversary” I pout.
“ lies! It’s not twelve yet. We still have and two hours until midnight.” He smiles, making me give in.
“ there’s something about you that can’t make me say no, sammy.”
“ yeah, it’s called my sexy body.” He smirks, laying down on the couch.
I smile at sammy, causing my dimple on my right cheek to show through. I pick up my white knitted blanket that’s laying on the arm of the couch, and walk over to sammy, swaying my hips more then usual. Showing him that he could have me instead of the movie.
“ hey guys, are you sleeping over tonight?” I ask the jacks while sitting down on the couch Sammy’s on.
“ yeah I think we are.” Gilinsky explains.
“ okay.” Im really not sure why they picked our anniversary night to sleep over but whatever, it’s okay.
I guess
I spread out the blanket, while sammy pushes up against the back of the couch making room for me to lay down with him. I lay down, and before I can pull the Blanket up sammy pushes it up on top of us.
“ thanks” I smile .
Johnson flicks off the lights, causing it to be completely black. I tense up, and I guess sammy felt me tense up to he wraps his arm around me tighter. He starts to movie, causing the tv giving us light. Sammy giggles into my neck causing me to smile.
Sammy wraps his strong arm around my waist, again and pulls me closer.

Hallway through my movie, sammy starts moving his large hand, up my stomach, to my cleavage back down to my waist and up again. A chill gets sent through my body causing goosebumps to appear.
Sammy slowly moves his hands lower past my waist and stops above my mid thigh. He pushes up my pyjama dress from Victoria Secret.
My head flinches back to look at sammy, and he’s staring at the screen like nothing’s happening.
I decide to tease him so I press my bum back into his crotch and start moving around. I start moving faster by the minute. Turning my hips in a circler motion knowing he hates it.
His large, strong hands, grip my waist and stops them from moving.
He leans into my neck, by my ear. His warm breath causes my breath to hitch.
“ shh baby. Tonight’s about you.” He whispers into my ear causing a wave of “ want” rushthrough my body.
He brings his hands up to my heat. He hooks his finger into my thong and pulls it down, balling it up and tucking it into his pocket.
He brings his hands to my heat and starts rubbing in circles.
His large, warm fingers cascade my entrance causing me to ball the blanket into a fist. His fingers remain against my folds teasing me.
“ s-sammy, please.” I moan.
“ get up.” He demands.
I step off of the couch, and fix my night dress so the other guys don’t see my bare naked ass, considering sammy decided to take my thong off.
“ hey guys, we’re just gonna make some pizza.” Sammy lies.
The guys are too concentrated on the movie to even hear us leave.
Sammy grabs my hand and leads through the living room to the kitchen. He pushes open to kitchen door that blocks the living room from the kitchen. The door sways back and forth and finally it stops. Sammy brings me over to the counter and I hop up.Sammy comes between my legs, and places his hand on my upper thigh and one on my cheek.
The Hand on my upper thigh pushes up my pyjamas.
“ I’d rather watch you undress then the movie.” He smirks.
“ mhm.” I smile snaking my hands up his toned stomach and up his neck. Without hesitation he smashes his lips into mine. The kiss is passionate, heated and overall amazing. He runs his hands to the top of my bum, and gives it a squeeze. I moan into the kiss causing sammy to smile.
“ we can’t do it here.” I moan pulling away slightly.
“ why not?” Sammy pouts.
“ Sammy babe, they’re in th–” I get cut off by the jacks walking through the kitchen door
“ holy fuck.” I shriek nearly jumping it of my skin.
“ anniversary sex, huh? Johnson rushes his sentence.
” are we interrupting your almost counter banging session or–? “ Gilinsky questions, while laughing. I push Sammy hands off my my body and hop off of the counter.
I pull down my pyjama dress, realizing sammy took my panties off in the movie.
” no not at all.“ I smirk at sammy. I smile, trying not to make it so obvious that sammy and I were just seconds apart from fucking on the counter even though they know damn well.
” gilinksy and I are gonna go. We will sleepover tomorrow or something. I don’t want to screw up your anniversary sex.“ He smirks.
” you’re just jelous that’s your not going to get laid tonight. “ Sammy says proudly.
” you should’ve be talking Wilk. You can get laid any night of the week, but us we are single as fuck.“ Gilinsky laughs.
” okay bye guys!“ I say rushed, while giggling. I jump back up onto the counter. The walk out of the kitchen saying goodbye. Sammy places his hands on my thighs, just getting ready for the moment he hears the door shut.
” USE PROTECTION" gilinsky screams.
I lean into sammy and giggle into his neck. As soon as he hears the front door close, his eyes glow like a Christmas tree and the his lips curve up into the biggest smile.
“ where were we?” I ask sexually.
Without hesitation sammy smashes his lips into mine.
He lifts off his shirt and throughs it across the kitchen. He pulls down his Adidas sweatpants along with his briefs.
Sammy’s hands travel up my thighs, pushing every inch of my pyjama material up. His large, sweaty hands grab hold of the material and lifts it over my head in one quick and sudden move.
I feel Sammy’s member poking the side of my thigh, and I smile into the heated kiss. Sammy’s drags me off of the counter, and I wrap my legs around his torso and my tiny arms and hands around his neck. He carries me to the bedroom without breaking the heated make out session we are currently having. He opens up the door and walks over to the bed. He very gently places me down on the bed. He climbs ontop of me, and places his hands on either side of my head, for support. He lowered himself down connecting my lips to his. He slowly starts trailing kisses off of my mouth,and down my neck. He lightly bites down on my sweet spot on my neck, earning a tiny moan from me. He sucks on my neck for a few more seconds, sure enough leaving a mark. He slightly blows air onto my neck causing me to lace my fingers through his messy hair. He starts kissing down my chest, down my cleavage. He takes on Breast into one hand and his mouth in the other. He sucks, on my nipple. Soon after I feel sammy bite down on my nipple, causing me to screw my eyes shut.
“ fuck sammy.” I moan in pleasure.
He slowly releases his hand and mouth for my breasts and continues his way down my tanned body.
The thought of him pleasuring me once again makes me want I cry out in pleasure and pure bliss.
Sammy slips between my legs. He mouth starts trailing wet, sloppy kisses up my thigh starting at my knee. As he gets closer and closer to my heat, I start moaning uncontrollably.
“ please s-sammy.” I moan in pure bliss.
“ please what, baby girl?”
“ pleasure my baby please, I cry.
He obeys and stats kissing around my dripping heat.
Slowly, his lips touch my heat. His lips and fingers cascade my entrance.
” Sammy please.“ I cry out.
He slowly flicks his tongue in a upward downward pace.
I grab my sheets that lay beneath me into fists. As he contributes to work his tongue, he brings his fingers up to my heat, and runs then up and down my folds.
Without warning he flattens out his tongue and pushes two fingers in. His recent action caught me by surprise, causing my back the arch, my legs go numb and Sammy’s name to pour out of my mouth.
” Sammy.“ I pant over and over, gripping onto his hair tighter and tighter each time his fingers and tongue pump in and out of me.
He continues to pleasure me and I slowly feel a knot in my stomach form.
” sammy, im about-“
” mhmm" he moans cutting me off, causing vibrates to be Sent off by my body. He furiously shoves his third finger in causing me to scream. I grab him hair into fists tighter, and pull his face closer, while jolting my back off of the mattress.
He continues to pleasure my and soon after I come undone. My juices cascade down Sammy’s chin and fingers. He licks me clean, and makes his way back up the my face leaving gentle kisses here and there.
My breathing is unsteady. Sammy sticks his head into the crook of my shoulder, and his hot breath breathes up against the marks sammy left earlier on my mid neck.
After a couple minutes of just laying there skin the skin, I become impatient.

I need sammy

“ Sammy.” I cry.
“ yeah baby girl.”
Whenever he calls me “ baby girl.” I fall In love with him over and over again. The thought of sammy being mine, brings so much joy to me.
“ y/n?” Sammy says while kissing my forehead.
“ I need you.” I plead.
“ you got me baby. you got me.” He whispers.
I pull him closer to me.
“ do you wanna go again?” He asks while kissing my forehand.
I nod.
He leans over the bed and pulls out a silver wrapper from the night stand. He tares open the silver wrapper and pulls out a condom. Without any trouble he slips it on.
He positions himself and my entrance. He slowly slides into me. He looks down at me, in total concentration. The fullness and pain causes me to screw my eyes.
“ you okay baby?” He asks worried.
“ mhmm.” I nod.
He slowly starts moving. Every move he makes, makes him feel more comfortable in me each and every time. Not even thirty seconds later, his thrusts are as strong as ever. He head board is hitting the wall, and loud screams and moan are erupting from our mouths. I grip onto his shoulders as he continues to thrust into me.
“ ah fuck yes” Sammy moans shutter his eyes.
Each thrust, cutting closer and closer to my g-spot.
“ ah fuck harder, baby harder!” I blurt out.
Sammy starts pounding me harder and harder.
Soon after he hits my g-spot. The sound of our skin slapping together makes me want to come.
I cry and scream out in pleasure and he continues go hit it. Slowly his thrust become sloppier and sloppier. I wrap my legs around his waist and he thrusts a couple more times. Sammy and I come undone at the exact same time. His juices roam the condom, creating a warm tension against my inside.
He collapses down on me. Our breathing is unsteady.
“ i love you.” He exclaims.
“ I-i love you more.” I stutter while recovering from our recent actions.
I run my hands down, and back up his back.
“ you have me baby. okay? ill never leave you.”
“ okay.”
He slowly pulls out and deposes the condom.
He climbs back in bed and pulls the covers over us.
“ God baby. You’re so fucking good.”
He moans.
“ ditto.” I laugh.
He grabs his phone off of the night stand, and shows me the time.
’ 12:03 am’
I smile at the sight of the sammy.
“ happy anniversary baby” i smile.
“ fuck I love you.” He smashes his lips into mine.
“ did you love your anniversary present?” He smiles
“ loved it.” I giggle.
“ just wait till the morning. There’s more.” He smirks sexually. I lightly slap his bare chest and laugh.
Jeez, three years of dating this guy, and I’m still madly In love with him.

Avengers Preference: When You Get Into A Pillow Fight



You two were peacefully watching a movie, when you felt like annoying him.

“Do you think that horses can get hiccups?” you mumbled tiredly, hugging a pillow to your chest.

"Shutup!” he laughed, trying to hide his amusement as he grabbed a pillow and smacked you with it, right in the face.

"OH, IT’S ON!”


You knew Natasha wasn’t one to do super girly things, so when you got her to have a slumber party with you, you were ecstatic.

You were both sitting on your couch, watching a extremely predictable chick flick, and to say things were awkward was an understatement. 

You hadn’t talked much since she came, and she didn’t seem as interested in the games and movies as you were, so you decided to take matters into your own hands and start something that was just as violent as it was cheesy and sleepover related.

“PILLOW FIGHT” You shouted, launching a pillow at her face.

She turned to look at you with a glint of evil in her eyes, and you knew you were in trouble.


"Wake up, sleepy head!” Steve cooed, brushing a few strands of your messy hair out of your face.

You groaned, dramatically stuffing your face into your pillow.

"But it’s too early, I don’t wanna!”

You heard him sigh as you felt your pillow being carefully taken out from under your head.

"No! Put it ba-" 

You were cut off by a fluffy weight being smacked on to your back, a small “thwunk” sounding through your once quiet bedroom.

You hopped from the bed, grabbing a pillow of your own.

“Do it again, pretty boy”


“C'mon, Bucky! Stop reading your book! I’m bored!” you whined, flopping down onto the bed next to him.

“Hmph” he huffed, not even bothering to stop reading his book or look at you.

You sighed loudly, looking at him with a slight pout, when an idea crossed through your mind. You evily grinned, standing up from the bed and grabbing a pillow.

You smiled to yourself once more, before throwing your pillow down onto him, jumping up on the bed.

He finally put his book down and gave you a disapproving glare, to which you smiled back at. 

Then, he quickly reached behind him and picked up a pillow of his own, heaving it at your legs as you both laughed, continually hitting each other with pillows.

“Darling, your goin’ down!”


You and Loki hardly ever did silly stuff, so you were surprised when he actually started a pillow fight.

"Hey Loki, could you h-”

“What? Could I hIT YOU WITH A PILLOW?” he hollered, flinging his pillow at you and then throwing you one so you could join in the fun.

You looked up to see him with a mischievous smirk planted on his face.

You returned his look as you charged at him, getting ready to hit him with your pillow, when he tackled you.

You both fell onto the bed, him on top of you with his pillow raised, and you under him, laying on your stomach.

You managed to push his upper half up so that he was now in a KNEELing position, but still half hanging off your back. You tried to turn around and get him with your pillow, but he just sat there with a victory grin on his face.

You huffed, ”Fine, you win.”

"I ALWAYS win.” he chuckled.


The two of you were laying in your bed, listening to the sound of thunder, raindrops hitting your window.

Due to the peaceful sounds outside, you had just started to fall asleep, when you felt something hit the side of your head.

You looked to Clint, who was trying to play it off like he hadn’t hit you, but was clearly failing because of the smile forming on his lips.

"What are you doing” you laughed, highly amused.

“What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, I am almost deaf you know.”


You stopped mid sentence as he suddenly rolled over top of you, grabbing the pillow from beside your head and, once again, smacking you in the face.

 You laughed, grabbing a pillow from beside you and blocking his throws, before rolling over so he was on his back and you were crouching next to him.You threw the pillow at his face.

"C'mon, Katniss! This all you got?”


Let’s just say Thor didn’t quite grasp the concept of the game…

  • Exercising

Running, swimming or aqua-biking.

These sports have great impacts on your body. Not only does they help burn fat, but they also require your muscles to do some hard work. This will improve the general aspect of your body, making your silhouette look smaller and your skin more firm. They do help greatly on the “orange peel” kind of skin !

Keep in mind that these sports are wonderful, not only on your body, but also on your mind, but they do require some long term commitment ! Don’t expect some magic results after only one jog.


Lower body : squats, rear leg raises, wall sits, lunges,…

Upper body : push-ups, planks,…

  • Nutrition

Some foods have bigger impacts when it comes to avoiding fat storage and water retention, two main causes of cellulite. 

Broccoli : vitamin C + calcium (fat burning)

Endive : intybine (digestion + metabolism)

Paprika and celery : diuretic, moderates the appetite, best eaten raw

Cabbage : vitamin C + fiber + magnesium + iron + calcium + zinc

Leek : best anti water retention vegetable

Radish : drains the liver and gallbladder

Onion : lowers blood sugar level, flushes out toxins

Parsley : vitamin C + slows down fat storing

Green tea : general body detox, avoid drinking tea with your meal because it blocks the body’s iron absorption.

  • 8 good habits that’ll help on a daily basis

Avoid refined sugar

Avoid salt

Avoid eating animal proteins more than once a day

Eat more fiber

Drink lots of water

Avoid unhealthy snacking

Eat more fruits

Avoid saturated fats

Too Many Cooks

So I asked for fluffy prompts, and I have a few more to fill, which I will hopefully manage before I drink too much champagne.

@charlotteashmore13 prompted: “how ‘bout this? accident in the tower, belle has temporary memory loss, but has an instant attraction to a certain imp?”

@rumples-leather-emporium prompted: “Belle and Rumple play a game in the Dark Castle that somehow leads to Belle calling “dibs” on the clothes Rumple is wearing.., or calling “dibs” on his leather clad ass”

I sort of combined the two (I’ll save the ‘dibs on his arse’ thing for porn prompts *wink*)  This got kind of long for a mini-prompt :)

It had become something of a ritual for them.  After weeks of him insisting that she should leave him to his potion-making, Belle had simply turned up one afternoon with tea and cakes.  He tried to chase her away, of course, but she always rolled her eyes and insisted that he would be far more productive if he ate and drank something.  He had scowled at her, and she had giggled, completely unafraid, and had sat down on one of the chairs to pour the tea.  She had curled her legs beneath her, sitting there with a cup and saucer as though she owned the place, and eventually he had told himself that he may as well drink the bloody tea, if only to get rid of her.  Of course, this had only encouraged the girl, and he was now forced to put up with her cheerfulness and endless curiosity as he worked.  It was extremely irritating.

“What’s this potion for?” Belle asked one day.  She was peering into the iron pot set above magical purple flames, an interested expression on her face, and he giggled.

“A certain princess has absolutely no desire to marry the man her mother is desperate for her to wed, and desires to break off the match,” he explained, his fingers dancing in the air.  “Her mother, however, will not put up with anything that touches on her honour.  This potion will ensure that, when poured into the little dukeling’s evening wine, he starts to take his clothes off in public and flirt outrageously with any woman that he sees, thereby rendering him unfit to wed said princess.”  

He grinned smugly, and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I see.  You’re pleased with yourself, aren’t you?”  

“Usually,” he said cheerfully.

“Well, I hope at least the princess will get to choose someone she actually wants.”

“I sincerely doubt that,” he said vaguely, looking around on the workbench for the ground centaur hooves.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see her reaching for the spoon that lay by the cauldron.  Belle gave the potion a stir, and his eyes widened in horror.

“No no no, don’t!”  

Too late.  With a bang and a plume of pink smoke, the potion exploded over them, their clothes disappeared, and she was suddenly there, naked beneath him on the floor.  He tried to move, to leap off her as though he’d been burned, but his body was rigid, frozen in place.  He groaned internally.  Elements of the spell, their purpose twisted.  Of course.  What should have been ridiculous dancing had manifested in him as an inability to move his arms and legs.  The removal of clothing had clearly affected both of them, and he wondered what aspect would manifest in Belle.  She was looking a little dazed, but then her eyes met his and she gasped in shock, her face blushing scarlet with mortification.

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#275 - Autumn

Harry: You watched him from the front step as he raked up the fallen leaves on your front yard. You smiled widely and pulled the zipper of your sweater up higher, the cool air just a little too crisp. Harry had made a pretty substantial pile, and the childlike wonder in you started to become active. Standing up from your spot, you started walking over giggling to yourself and once you were a few feet behind him, you stopped. “Oh, Harry!” you said in a sing song tone, and he turned around. When he did, you giggled softly and broke out into a brief job, jumping into the pile of leaves and landing in the softness. You spread your arms out and hummed out happily, looking up at your boyfriend. Harry had wide eyes and a huge smile, holding the rake up. “What on earth are you doing?” “Jumping in the leaves! Come join me!” you smiled widely. How could he resist? He couldn’t and in less than a minute he set the rake down against the house before jogging to jump right in beside you. The leaves crunched under him and you squealed out excitedly as some flew into your face. “We are literally big children,” he snickered and you laughed out again. “The best kind babe.”

Liam: You waited at the sidewalk with your husband while your five-year old ran up to the next house. “She’s so cute,” he chuckled, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer into his side. “She’s a little vampire,” you replied softly, smiling widely as she made her way back down towards you two. “They had big ones!” she exclaimed excitedly, pulling out one of the large sized chocolate bars, her eyes lightening up so much. You smiled widely and bent down in front of her. “Oh my goodness! Look at that you lucky girl!” you smiled softly at her as she let out a yawn. “Someone’s sleepy. I think it’s time we head home yeah?” Your little girl nodded, rubbing her eyes. “Yeah mumma,” she cooed and you gently took her candy bag from her so she wouldn’t have to worry about carrying it. Standing back up, Liam scooped his daughter up and let her rest on his shoulder, the three of you turning around to head back home. By the time you got through the front door, she was already fast asleep, her rubber fangs in her dad’s pocket. You set her candy on the table for her tomorrow, letting Liam carry her up to bed once you had said goodnight.

Niall: Giggling softly, you held onto Niall’s arm tightly as you made your way through the haunted house. Your laughter wasn’t a happy laughter, it was more nervous and adrenaline filled. Your eyes were flying around, waiting for the next jump scare. It was getting way too quiet for your liking. Sure enough, within seconds of having that thought, a man dressed up in some bloody costume jumped out on your side, making both you and Niall jump back. Niall yelled out and pulled you closer while you shrieked out and pulled Niall eagerly past the man, breathing heavily trying to get away, only to run into another trap, screaming out again and falling back into your boyfriend. Niall quickly pulled you through the long corridor, running into more than enough traps and scares on the way before finally finding the exit. By the time you two had gotten to the end, you were out of breath and clutching onto each other. You looked up at Niall with wide eyes. “That… was so much fun!” you laughed out, putting a hand on your chest. “Wasn’t it?!” Niall laughed out with a huge smile. “Let’s do that again!”

Louis: You were raking up leaves in the back yard while Louis was getting Halloween decorations up. You were nearly finished, the pile reaching up to your knees in height. The crunching of the leaves as you put more into the pile distracted you from your boyfriend sneaking up behind you. “Hey, (Y/N)?” he finally spoke up and when you turned around to reply, he grabbed your waist and pushed both of you backwards into the fresh pile of leaves. You gasped out and fell backwards with him, screaming out slightly and laughing out happily. “Louis!” The leaves cushioned your fall, but you still grunted out when Louis’ body landed on top of yours. He pushed his upper body up to look at you, smiling like an absolute idiot. “Hi,” he chuckled out, his eyes sparkling with childlike wonder. You put your hands on his shoulders and bit your lip softly, shifting around underneath him slightly. “You are such an idiot…” you mumbled softly leaning up to press your lips against his. “Ooh… you’re chilly…” you commented. “Maybe you should help warm me up then.”

Zayn: The local park in autumn was your favourite place to be. It was cool and the colours were absolutely amazing, and spending it with your boyfriend was even better. You two walked side by side, your arm linked with his. There was a peaceful silence around you other than the leaves crunching beneath your feet and the wind rustling more to the ground. You were all bundled up and cuddled close to Zayn’s side, so nothing could ruin this day, not even the cool weather. “This is nice…” you hummed out, looking around at even more as you ventured deeper and deeper into the wooded area. You felt like you were in some kind of fairy tale. “It is…” your boyfriend replied softly, smiling to himself as he pressed his lips to your temple. You smiled widely and leaned your head towards him. “Let’s sit down for a bit yeah?” you offered, pointing over to a park bench that sat empty. Zayn nodded and the two of you went to sit down, staying cuddled up beside each other. “These are my favourite moments…” he said softly. “When it’s just you and me… alone… it’s the best feeling in the world and I just love it. Just like I love you.” “Cheesy…” you chuckled softly as did he. “But I agree… One hundred percent babe. It’s perfect.”

Less is More 

When some people think of going to the gym they believe that they will have to exercise longer to help get into shape.  Studies actually suggest that this statement is incorrect and that less exercise is proving more beneficial! Keep reading for some small suggestions to consider as well as tips on how to target certain areas of your body when working out.

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Please - Jimin Drabble

accepting requests! (will do when I have ideas and time ;;)


Prompt: stop looking at me like that + jimin

Word Count: 445

“Go away.”

The crescent eyes didn’t waver, their owner’s grin widening, teeth showing. “But I’m enjoying the view.”

“There’s nothing to see oh my gosh.” You put a hand on one side of your face, hiding the distracting sight at the corner of your eye, trying so hard to concentrate on the words in front of you.

“But there is!”

Letting out an exasperated sigh, you whipped your head over to your still-grinning boyfriend, “What?”


Cheeks flushed, you turned your gaze back to your laptop, “Go away Jimin, I have to finish this paper by tonight.”

The boy propped his elbow next to yours, scooting the chair he pulled over even closer to yours and rested his chin on the palm of his hand, tilting his head to look at you, “I’m keeping you company.”

As much as you wanted him there, you could almost feel the intensity of his stares boring holes into you - and you needed to finish that paper.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

Jimin’s smiling face came into your view, part of his upper body now pushed up on the desk, “Like what?”

“Like that.” You almost whined, cheeks burning.

You watched him as he sat his butt back down on his seat, hand raising up to ruffle your hair, “But I can’t help it.”

You kept mum, bashfully staring up at the boy.

Ah.” A frown spread across his face - causing you to follow.

“What’s wrong?”

“…You’re too beautiful I forgot my pick up line.”

“Oh my God.” You couldn’t help the giggle escaping your lips, shaking your head before moving back to the screen.

Adorable laughter entered your ears as arms wrapped themselves around your waist from the side, “I made you laugh so you have to give me attention now.”

“I have to finish this paper.” You reminded, voice trying to be stern - though smile still on your face.

“I’ll finish it for you.”

At that, you faced the male, brows furrowed in disapproval, “Jimin-”

“You’ve been working on that paper for hours and I just,” he pulled his bottom lip down into a pout, “I miss you.”

Jimin.” It was a whine this time - a ‘why are you so cute but so annoying at the same time because this paper has to be finished but so cute’ whine.

Knowing that tone very, very well, confidence spreading through his veins, Jimin continued, biting back a grin, “We’ll get pizza and watch whatever movie you want here and then you can go continue your paper.”


Lips hastily pressed onto yours, pulling back to let your eyes feast on a much too irresistible giant toddler.


12 - 2 = A Bitter Choice; 1/2 + 1/2 = Is Nestled Near the Soul


12 - 2 = A Bitter Choice; ½ + ½ = Is Nestled Near the Soul

Betaread by: julie-chii

Translated by: Me

My Brocon Master Post

Azusa: “…… Thanks for the food.”

Azusa-san put down the fork as he said that.

“Eh? You finished already?”

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Closed || Forbidden Love AU

Andy groaned as he trudged home after working a long day with the blacksmith. Andy had only earn five silver pieces for that day even after all the extra work he did. Andy yelled as a noble pushed him into the mud and laughed as they threw something at his back making it hurt. Andy groaned again as he pushed his upper body up and stared surprised at the beautiful girl not too far away. She was dressed like a noble so he’d never have her… But he could dream! “Don’t even think it peasant!” A man said stomping on Andy’s leg before walking off. Andy just sighed as he lay there a moment.


anonymous asked:

b2 BokuAka

B2; You’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “I’ll go” I feel like we might as well be married

The third night of Akaashi staying over at Bokuto’s, the third night they’ve both woken up to the baby crying, the third time Akaashi places his hand on Bokuto’s upper arm, pushing himself up into a sitting position. “I’ll go,” he yawns, flinging his legs over the side of the bed, hopping up. He hisses lightly at the cold that seeps into his feet, sleepily walking towards the door. 

“Wait, Akaashi-” Bokuto says, sitting up in a daze. “you’ve done this the past three nights, it’s okay, I got it-”

Akaashi waves his hand tiredly, shaking his head. “it’s alright, Bokuto-san. You have an early job, so I don’t mind.” 

And that’s that. 

It happens again on the fourth night. And the fifth. And by the sixth, Bokuto is really starting to feel bad. It’s his child. He should be the one getting up, loosing sleep. Not Akaashi. 

“Akaashi?” he asks, nervously squirming in his seat. He picks up his cup of coffee, puts it down, picks it back up again, puts it back down again, picks it up- 

“Hm, Bokuto-san?” Akaashi asks, rubbing his eyes. He plops down in the seat across from him, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a loose fitting t-shirt. One of Bokuto’s t-shirts. They aren’t even dating–

“Well, uh, I feel bad. You’ve been loosing sleep…”’ he trails off, glancing at his little two year old who is currently sitting in her highchair, stuffing cheerios into her mouth as she giggles happily. 

Akaashi instantly sits up, reaching over to pat the little girl’s head, “don’t worry about it, Bokuto-san. I don’t mind.”

“Well I do! i don’t want you loosing sleep-”

Akaashi smiles gently, “I take naps while your at work and while she’s napping, so really, don’t worry about it.”

Bokuto blinks at the information, nodding slowly. Okay, so that’s good…but that still doesn’t tell him why Akaashi is doing this. He knows taking care of a two year old isn’t easy at all. Man, he really owes Akaashi-

“We should go on a date.”

Akaashi startles, sitting up straight, cheeks turning a light pink as he takes his hand away from the little girl’s head “What?” 

“I mean. To pay you back, for helping me out so much-”

“Bokuto-san, you’ve been giving me a place to live, it’s only fair I help out-”

“But still! M-Maybe not a date? Just dinner?” 

Akaashi laughs, “I wouldn’t mind a date.”