Like the remains of broken glass, piles of Lake Superior ice littered the shoreline this morning near the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse – what an awesome sight. The sound was incredible, too, as the shards of ice were being gently moved by the water and wind. Marquette, Michigan - 1/13/15

Settlers on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula tried for decades to tame the land. It was logged, burned, drained and farmed, but in the end, nature beat them all back. A peace was found in 1935 when Seney National Wildlife Refuge was established. Now, over 95,000 acres provide habitats to migratory birds and other wildlife. Visitors can explore on foot, bikes, and by kayak, spotting birds and taking incredible pictures like this one. Photo by Dawn Kopp. Check out more awesome refuge images at


Upper falls on the Tahquamenon River in Upper Peninsula Michigan is actually this color - it is stained brown from tannins picked up from the nearby trees.