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Stone Houses by Tony

Hey friends, DARE is almost here!!!

Release Date: July 28, 2017

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A Hotheaded Prisoner

They say she’s mad—made of madness, made of fire. In a cage by the sea, Flare dreams of escape. She yearns for the day when she’ll flee to a place only she knows, a hidden world of mystical waters and gilded sands.

The island is calling to her. And she she won’t let anyone keep her from it.

Especially not him.

A Coldhearted Prince

They say he’s cruel—crowned of cruelty, as cold as ice. A prince whose gaze cuts like the incisions he administers within his lab. Jeryn has sailed beyond his kingdom for the Trade, to bargain for those wild, imprisoned fools that make his skin crawl.

By law, they’re subjects meant for experimentation. And easy to despise.

One in particular. A girl seething at him from behind bars, with burning eyes and ready fists.

A Mythical Shipwreck

But on the cusp of transport, the tide rages. That uncharted island awaits, a dark tangle of foliage where creatures slither in the mist and poisons lurk in the flora.

Stranded, the prince and prisoner must fight to survive. In this mysterious rainforest, they must band together … if they don’t slay one another first. Or become something more to each other.

Something just as dangerous.

*Book Two in the Foolish Kingdoms duology: same universe, different couple. Can be read as a standalone, though it’s recommended to read TRICK first.*

*Mature YA: sexual content and language. Intended for readers 17 and older.*

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show: adventure time (miniseries: islands)

pairing: Frieda x Susan, bubbline

summary: Susan and Freida end up back in Ooo and Susan is a little worried about their relationship, she asks Princess Bubblegum (& Marceline) for advice.


A/N: hey, this is based off the AT miniseries (you can watch it here) and has spoilers. I highly recommend ‘Islands’ if you haven’t seen it already! It’s some of the shows best work I think.

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Cobblestone Swords - a Jercy Oneshot

For: @pjolgbtnet‘s event 1 week one - aus | @elements1999 who I haven’t written jercy for in years

word count - 8,770

Percy had never been so bored in his life.

His father had, yet again, insisted that he join the family as they oversee the annual coliseum games - in which noblemen and lesser kings of the land bring their best fighter to die on the cobblestone and sandy floors of a coliseum, while only one man triumphs above all and crowned free from his sword-swinging grave.

Percy hated that ideology. That he had to sit and watch egotistical men swing metal toothpicks around for an audience and shown off like prized cattle. It was revolting that his father enjoyed such… calamities.

“Smile a little.” His sister, Rhode, hissed softly. Percy rolled his eyes, fixing the draping of his minimalist toga.

[More Under Cut]

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I really love your blog! It helps a lot when I am writing! I have this idea, which is lower class kids sneak into the upper class "kingdom" just to get a taste of what their lives are like. The Kids are from a bad place. The problem I have is that I don't really have a plot, I want something to happen where maybe a princess or prince join sides with the kids, but I have no idea what kind of conflict will happen or what they could solve. I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm really stuck.


Sorry for taking so long to answer.

My advice is just start. Write this first scene you have in mind. Allow your characters to drive the story. There’s no right or wrong ways of writing a book. Maybe the plot will come to you. Maybe your main character’s development is the plot. When Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace, he had no plot, just a few characters and the project of writing a short story (this video is amazing). Also, when Emily Bronte set to write Wuthering Heights, she only had the scenery in mind, the moors.

If you are not sure, you can create plots by listing the worst things that could happen to your main character. This often generates lots of plot ideas. But I honestly think that your characters are strong enough for a character-driven novel. 

Egypt Facts

Egyptian history as a “united” place is said to have begun in 3200 BC when King Menes (also called Narmer) united the Upper & Lower Kingdoms. The last native dynasty fell to the Persians (now Iran) in 341 BC and was then replaced by Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. Arabs only brought Islam and Arabic as a language into Egypt in the 7th century AD, which is relatively “new” in Egypt’s long history.

More Liz Biz Headcanons
  • Septarians have no concept of a gender binary remotely similar to the ones humans, mewmans, and some other monsters use.
  • Their traditional clothing is pretty androgynous, and while there are little markers like color and some design elements to clothing and adornments that’d indicate one mode over another, no one would really bat an eye if you used different indicators throughout the week.
  • They also tend to be confused by human/mewman universal beauty standards; traditionally, each caste had its own particular standards.
  • Caste placement is a combination of physiology and personal attributes (i.e. higher intelligence, etc.), as well as birth. The system is recognizable as a caste structure but it’s pretty fluid; though if you’re born higher you tend to stay higher. It’s kinda like a talent-based upward mobility type thing for lower castes.
  • Septarsis, in basic shape, is a cone/mountain, with walls separating each level and slowly rising upward/shrinking in total area. Basically it’s structured like a more Arabic/Byzantine looking Gondor.
  • Upper parts of the kingdom and some sacred spaces are, with very few exceptions, inaccessible to anyone under a certain age span.
  • They have shrines for coming of age ceremonies that involve gold pigment, smoking a hallucinogen, and submerging in water. It’s really beautiful.
  • It’s always pretty hot in what would later become Mewni, there aren’t really seasons, and their equivalent of summer is, when left naturally, lethal to unadapted creatures; mewmans keep it livable with magic.
  • The plains around Septarsis flood in the spring, which is great agriculturally, and which ties into some of their main religion. Another thing mewmans put a stop to, their architecture and corn obsession doesn’t favor the excess water.
  • Their irrigation systems the kingdom had were badass and very similar to earth Qanat.
  • Water is like super important to them.
  • They had some pretty fucking advanced mathematics and physics stuff going on, and it influenced the architecture a lot.
  • There are characters in the septarian language that indicate physical movements, mostly with one’s tail; there are also ways to stress a word to mean the same thing as that movement if your tail is otherwise encumbered or cannot be seen at that moment.
  • It’s a language that uses gesture the same way some languages use phonetics while at the same time also being itself a phonetic language, so it’s pretty much impossible to learn, let alone speak fluently.
  • That said, watching two of them speak it to each other is fucking mesmerizing.
  • A lot of septarian slang is playing with phonetic lilts and tail movements. So are their puns.
  • Their main religion is polytheistic and is more conceptual than literal, if that makes sense. In a cultural sense, individual interpretation of the mythos is welcome.
  • A lot of payment is conducted through bartering and favors. That said, their “money" is made of various metals, and polygonal. Each piece is about the size of an eyeball; they’re not the most convenient thing and are mostly used for outside trade. The various beings they’re trading with care more about the metal; the septarians care more about the polygons.
  • They’re like really into sacred geometry. I don’t mean like new agey stuff either I mean shit like this: 

They’re like super into that shit and many a frustrated trader has been handed one of these shapes the size of a human head by a very enthused lizard. 

Then I got distracted looking up architecture references so that’s all I got. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was hoping you could help me. I am wanting to be accurate in my portrayal of a character who is a woman born and raised in England in the upper classes. If you could point me to some resources to allow me to do this accurately, that would help me a great deal. Thank you so much!

A masterlist of categorized links on upper classes in the United Kingdom including education, vocabulary, and etiquette. 

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Another Sept HC dump
  • In the past, anyone born with a forked tail was considered basically a god. In more modern times it was merely a sign of good fortune or blessing; this may have to do with it looking like the beginning of a fractal.
  • Many of their gods had polycephaly (beings with two+ heads); polycephaly is most common in reptiles (on earth.) While it’s very rare, they are still very much considered holy individuals and there is an upper part of the kingdom, a temple, where only they can go. There’re paintings of this place, but apart from that, only a handful of living septs have ever seen it.
  • They’re partially nocturnal; the hottest part of the day is mostly for basking and spending time with family, while most “daytime activities” by human standards happen around dusk or early morning.
  • It’s an important tradition to walk through or at least pass over water when entering a room or new space. There are shallow pools and channels (3-5” deep) that are generally placed in the entrances between rooms and in front of homes, shops, etc. It’s a sign of deep insult or malice to jump over that water.
  • When they reach adulthood (roughly ~30 years alive), there is a ceremony they go through reminiscent of baptism. Part of the idea comes from crocs eating stones for various reasons, partially to help themselves sink— The participant will swallow stones of various significance, submerge themselves, and stay under until they need to breathe. Upon climbing out they will throw up the stones, which they then typically ornament and keep. (It’s a sign of ill fortune to not throw up all the stones; it signifies ill health and a negative future.)
  • They have relatively large lungs and can hold their breath for a very long time.
  • They have something reminiscent of Roman bath culture; they also have saunas— preferring dry heat.
  • While being overly touchy is generally not a thing, particularly with tails, which have distinct social meanings attached, it’s perfectly acceptable to bask in piles with others you barely if at all know. Midday will find you these warm, happy little lizard mountains. They like to kinda crawl over each other, bump their noses together, shift together, and chirp; it’s a completely normal and platonic scene, and they’ll probably kick out anyone who makes it weird. It’s a cuddle pile.
  • There are special squares and open to the sky spaces for basking. You can walk through them, but it’s more polite not to walk through the center because you’ll probably step on someone.
  • Being taller is a bit of a status thing that carries over across castes. Heeled shoes are kind of a thing because of this, but if you go above ~5” it’s generally thought you’re overcompensating for something.
  • I don’t have too much on this, but their ruling structure is kinda… Three kings, and then three representatives from each caste.
  • Still working on how many castes there are and what they’re most known for.
  • The castes are separated by walled gates but anyone can pretty much go anywhere. Your caste is more determining of where you’ll live and probably work, not where you can go. Septs move up and down castes, and there isn’t too much stigma about moving down because the assumption is it happens because of love.
  • They operate on a weird twist of monarchy— Three royal families; with multiple children… That in and of itself has a merit-based selection process… If one king is deemed unfit or chooses to decline the post, each caste will put forth a representative and then they’ll go through merit-based trials. I believe the system is called Meritocracy (little bit of Geniocracy thrown in for the caste elects— that’s rule by the intelligent/wise.)
  • “King” is the closest english translation of the word they use and has basically nothing to do with the organs or gender of the sept. By our standard, there are femme kings, masculine kings, completely genderless kings.
  • Really one of the only societal biases I can see them having is one towards lack of intelligence or lowered intelligence. You really miss out on a lot of their culture if you can’t “speak math” (it’s v advanced to the point that “speak math” is probably right, idk) and grasp weighty paradoxes, etc, there’s a bit of a bias against you. They’re generally really fucking smart, and while after the fall there were septs born who weren’t raised doing the same things mentally as those who were raised in Septarsis, they still have that capacity and take to that kind of logic and problem solving pretty quickly, regardless of the rest of their personality.
  • While they value all types of intelligence, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, and bodily-kinesthetic are the most prioritized ones. Lower tier is interpersonal, interpersonal, existential, and harmonic. Still important, but they’re not given the same kind of social recognition, kinda?
  • A good description of their architecture might be “Arabic/Persian Hieronymus Bosch”

Timothy Jackson Drake Throughout Time

Today is Tim Drake’s birthday (19 July) and to celebrate this auspicious day, I thought I would do a photoset of him depicted throughout time.

  • N.B.: To see last year’s birthday offering, see: here.
Image Source:
  • Civilian:
    • Tim Drake: Detective Comics #935 by Eddy Barrows (Center)
  • Robin:
    • Progenitor Suit: Batman #422 by Jim Aparo (Upper Left)
    • Première Suit: Supergirl #2 by Ian Churchill (Upper Middle)
    • Duexième Suit: Gotham Underground #8 by Jim Calafiore (Upper Right)
  • Red Robin:
    • Kingdom Come Suit: Red Robin #6 Cover by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy (Middle Left)
    • Üternet Suit: Red Robin #21 by Marcus To (Middle Right)
    • “Robin” Suit: Teen Titans #0 by Tyler Kirkham (Lower Left)
    • New 52/DCYou Suit: Teen Titans #5 by Brett Booth (Lower Middle)
    • Rebirth Suit: Detective Comics #934 Cover by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira (Lower Right)