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When did you realize that whiteness was a thing, or when did you realize that you were not white?

Oh, so early. I mean, again, so I went to Hunter which is this like magnate school, it’s a public school but it’s a school for nerds, like you have to pass a test to get in. And I got in in kindergarten. So I went from a nursery school in the 150’s to literally my name changing. Like I went from Lin-Manuel to Lin, because I couldn’t take people mangling Lin-Manuel. I said just call me Lin, that’s easier, so like the switching of Spanish to English and English to Spanish, and slang changing, happened when I was really young. And in retrospect I’m grateful for it ‘cause I can kind of hang wherever, but yeah, that’s probably where. I mean it was literally just teachers and students who couldn’t pronounce my name.

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Another Round podcast
March 8, 2016

300k on house hunters: here’s a shack, you might be able to afford paint.
300k on fixer upper: here is an Irish castle that was moved brick by brick from it’s oceanside cliff. We can completely update it, with new appliances, and three pools. We’re also going to make it really personal for you and invite you to hang out at our cool farm.
300k on flip or flop: We bought this studio at an auction. It doesn’t have a ceiling, the walls have holes, and there is a family of racoons living in the floor. We’re going to cover everything in granite and sell it for a million dollars.

HTTYD Requested Short Story: Worthy

               Title: Worthy

               Requested by: Hershel-moon

               Summary: When some Dragon Hunters make a surprise attack on the Dragon Riders, they’re all captured but Hiccup. Frustrated and angry at the Hunters, Hiccup fights them off and frees his friends, but gets injured in the process.

               Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort

               Rating: T for injury

               Time-line: Race to the Edge

               A/N: Okay, so my list of people who made requests has changed, and here’s the reason why. For whatever reason, I’m no longer getting all the reviews in my email anymore, so I missed quite a few requests (so sorry!) but I fixed it now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the requests now. I’ll put the updated list down below, and thank you guys! :D

               “Scary, scary, scary, bad dragon…” Snotlout hummed.

               “Snotlout, would you please, try to shut up?” Ruffnut asked irritably. Both she and Tuffnut had been silent for most of the journey, the two having fought over who had the most scars that morning. Now, neither were speaking to each other, and they were both miserable because of it.

               But Astrid was happy, and neither the twins or Snotlout could bring her off her happy cloud. She and Stormfly had completed a new move that morning, and it had automatically put her in a good mood. Which was probably a good thing, or those twins and Snotlout would all have gotten a harsh talking too.

               Hiccup was flying ahead, and all though Astrid was over fifteen feet away, she could still hear him talking excitedly to Toothless. The dragon would coo back every now and then, as though responding to Hiccup’s rambling, but otherwise just flew, a little smile on his scaly face. Astrid smiled too, glad to see Hiccup in such a light-hearted mood.

               It was a good day- all in all. They were going out on patrol, because Snotlout had claimed he saw a strange new dragon in the forest, words that instantly set Hiccup and Fishlegs off on their dragon geeking. Astrid shook her head, because when Hiccup and Fishlegs went into their dragon mode, it was like trying to understand a different language.

               “Oh! This is so exciting!” Fishleg’s squealed. “A whole new species of dragon? It’s been so long since we’ve found one!”      

               “I know, Fishlegs!” Hiccup laughed, and the sound made Astrid smile. She couldn’t stop herself, it made her happy to know he was happy.

               “Hey, guys…” Tuffnut said slowly.

               “I mean, what if it’s a mystery class! That would be-“

               “Guys…” Tuffnut said again.

               “Or a Stalker!” Fishlegs rambled on.

               “Guys!” Tuffnut shouted. Astrid looked at him, wondering what he could possibly want now. Another bathroom break? Most likely.


               Astrid looked down at stared in shock. There, in a small clearing below them were Dragon Hunters, armed with large bola crossbows and arrows.

               “LOOK OUT!” Astrid shouted, just as the men fired. But she didn’t yell soon enough. Bola’s flew through the air, one wrapping around Snotlout and Hookfang. Snotlout let out a surprised yelp before he and Hookfang began tumbling towards the ground below. Another net trapped Barf and Belch around the heads and one wing. The dragon struggled to stay in the air, but it was quickly dropping.

               Hiccup swung around, and barely missed getting Toothless’s tail trapped. Meatlug, being the slowest out of the dragons, was caught next, the net completing surround her and Fishlegs. The dragon’s wings stopped beating, and the two instantly began sinking to the ground like a stone.

               “ASTRID LOOK OUT!” Hiccup shouted, but it was too late. She’d been too distracted, and a net came up and wound its way around her body and Stormfly’s head and wings. Stormfly screeched as she began falling, her wings no longer able to move.

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Nudge Theory

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 2238 (Act I)

A/N: A five act mini-series. The reader and Castiel must work together to solve the curious case of the missing Winchesters. Fluff, smut, and a plot for kicks. It was originally going to be three acts, then I got invested because Cas is adorable. Now it’s outlined for five acts. I’m not sorry.

(not my GIF)

Nudge [verb] –

·       “Coax or gently encourage someone to do something.”

“Sam? Dean?” Your voice reverberated off the tiled walls of the sprawling bunker, announcing your arrival, tone becoming tinny when they failed to respond, “The door was unlocked. I let myself in.” Feet clanging on the metal staircase, you endeavored to make your presence known - the last thing you wanted to do was catch experienced well-equipped potentially trigger-happy hunters off guard in their own home. You made your way over to the map table, tossing your bag on a chair, eyes roaming the spacious room for any signs of life, “Guys?” Silence greeted your ears. Grumbling a muffled expletive, you dug the phone out of your pocket, scanning for any new messages, scrolling back to confirm that Sam’s text yesterday did indeed ask you to meet them here, in Lebanon, in the bunker, to ride back up on a big case. You owed them more than you generally cared to acknowledge in their presence, and dropped everything to show, no questions asked - and they had the audacity to be somewhere else when you arrived. Breath puffing out your cheeks, you noted with amused annoyance that you’d never been stood up by two men at the same time, let alone brothers. You hastily typed a where-the-hell-are-you-it-better-not-be-buying-beer text to Sam, muttering under your breath, “Freaking Winchesters.” Your finger hesitated over the send button, soft footfalls heralding the approach of someone in the hall. Shoving the phone back into your pocket, trembling adrenaline-fueled fingers instinctively brushed the cool metal of the pistol tucked under your arm. Releasing the safety, you withdrew the weapon, backing up to the stairs, steadying your aim at the doorway, “Who’s there?”

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[Choir Bellringer Katrina ~ post-game]
25 years after the end of her Hunt, Katrina is now the leader of the Brotherhood of the Bell, a new faction born from the ashes of the Choir. It is said that she was granted Insight and the ability to travel between the waking and the dreaming world when the barrier between the two is thinner by the left-behind Great One Ebrietas.
She and the other members of the Brotherhood are commonly known amongst the population as Bellringers because their base is located in Upper Cathedral Ward and they use ancient bells recovered from the Underground Labyrinth to control/enslave Pthumerian Giants and other simple-minded hulking creatures.
Beloved by the population for her group of arcane hunters was of great help in controlling the spread of the scourge, Katrina still has her own secret agenda going on and her intentions may not always been completely noble. Despite her will to keep the promess she made to an unknown hunter in a Nightmare long ago, who knows for how long she would resist the alluring call of the Eldritch Truth.
This pic is 2 months old…


Fixer upper > house hunters > love it or list it >tiny house hunters > Ellen’s design challenge > house hunters international > shit on a sidewalk > property brothers > flip or flop

Guilty [1/?] (Last Human AU)

Words: 2509 (This might be the longest thing I’ve written holy shit)

Eventual NovaHD

Eventual SlyPKC

This is for the lovely stypls and her Last Human AU! Also thank you to rancake, because seeing your writing made me realize I needed to get off my butt and write!

Bless you guys, I hope you like it <3

i also might have half-assed the proof-reading woops


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carey-prices  asked:

Could you update the human alpha stiles tag or just the alpha stiles tag? Thank you :)


Posturing by mountain_ash (1/1 | 2,939 | PG13)

Stiles finally gets invited to the California werewolf convention and Derek is looking for a new pack. Stiles catches his eye and a little confusion ensues.

War Paint by ChildOfTheRevolution (4/? | 27,932 | NR)

In a world where the Hale Pack’s formidable, The Argent’s are ruthless and Stiles Stilinski and Team Human kick metaphorical ass, the war for Beacon Hills has begun.

Stiles rolls his eyes, ‘Derek, Alpha dude, come on. We managed to blow up the house of the most upper ranked werewolf hunter in the state of California, possibly the whole of the United States and you have the nerve to doubt our awesomeness? What the hell have you and your furry little friends done lately that could rival that in kicking some Argent butt.’

Blue Moon by ToyBoxOfSuz (10/10 | 42,092 | NC17)

Stiles needs pain and Derek is the only one who could give it to him. Meanwhile the Alphas declared war against the scattered Beacon Hills pack.

The Great Wall of Derek by ConchyJoe (32/32 | 44,286 | NC17)

Derek had always hidden behind an emotional wall to protect himself since Kate. And rightly so, look what loving means: he lost his family, was used by the Darach and now has given up his Alpha Spark for Cora. Stiles couldn’t let him go without telling him how he feels for Derek. Both find that their unrequited love isn’t as unrequited as they thought. It is now up to Derek if he is willing to give love another shot. Whatever his decision it sets them off on a new chapter of their lives.

Katsucon's Official Unofficial Meetup Master Post

As promised, here’s a collection of unofficial meetups happening during Katsucon 2015! If there’s something wrong, or you’d like to get your meetup added to this list, let us know! Note, these events are NOT sponsored or endorsed by Katsucon, and they will not be moderated by our staff. Thanks darkspine29 for providing and updating the original spreadsheet


10:00 AM

11:00 AM
Magi (Gazebo)
Final Fantasy (Lower Fountains)
Card Captor Sakura (Gardens)

Hetalia (Gazebo) 
One Piece (Upper Fountains)

1:00 PM
Fairy Tail(Gazebo)
Touhou Project(Gazebo Doors)
Akame ga Kill (Lower Fountains)
Furry Meet (Upper Fountains)

2:00 PM
Avatar: TLA+LoK (Gazebo)
VALVe(Gazebo Doors)
Yowamushi Pedal (Lower Fountains)
AKb0048 (Upper Fountains)
Attack on Titan (AWAKENING STATUE)

3:00 PM
Love Live (Lower Fountains)

3:30 PM
Kingdom Hearts (Gazebo)
Spiderman(Upper Fountains)
Project X Zone (Upper Fountains)

4:00 PM
DC Comics (Gazebo)
Power Ranger/Super Sentai (Lower Fountains)
Supernatural (Upper Fountains)

4:30 PM
Type-Moon (Gazebo)

5:00 PM
Yu-Gi-Oh!: All Series  (Lower Fountains)
DRAMAtical Murder (Upper Fountains)
Soul Eater (Upper Fountains)

5:30 PM
Dragon Age (Gazebo)

6:00 PM
Disney (Gazebo)
Sword Art Online (Lower Fountains)
Kantai Collections (Upper Fountains)

7:00 PM
League of Legends: Formal (Gazebo)
VALVe (Gazebo Doors)
Pokemon (Upper Fountains)

8:00 PM
Assassin’s Creed (Gazebo)
RWBY (Gazebo Doors)
Doctor Who (Lower Fountains)
Inuyasha (Upper Fountains)

9:00 PM
Black Butler (Gazebo)
Marvel (Upper Fountains)

10:00 PM
Hunter x Hunter (Gazebo)

11:00 PM
Steampunk/Lolita Eeveelutions (Gazebo)
Tokyo Ghoul: Drawing Party (POTOMAC BALLROOM HALLWAY)

Movie/TV/Videogame Crossover (Upper Fountains)


10:00 AM
Hetalia (Gazebo)
CLAMP (Upper Fountains)

11:00 AM
Disney/Marvel (Gazebo)
Magi (Lower Fountains)

12:00 PM
[K]/K-Project (Gazebo)
JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure (Gazebo Doors)
Tales of… (Lower Fountains)
All Mahou Shoujo (Lower Fountains)
Fairy Tail (Upper Fountains)
SMT/Persona/Catherine (ATRIUM SHOP AREA)

1:00 PM
Type-Moon (Gazebo)
Dr. Who (Gazebo Doors)
Supernatural (Lower Fountains)
Tokyo Ghoul (Upper Fountains)

2:00 PM
Kingdom Hearts (Gazebo)
One Piece (Upper Fountains)

3:00 PM
Bleach (Gazebo)
RWBY (Gazebo Doors)
Sailor Moon (Gazebo Doors)
Yowamushi Pedal (Lower Fountains)
Love Live (Lower Fountains)
Ar Tonelico (Upper Fountains)

4:00 PM
Super Smash Bros. (Gazebo)
League of Legends (Lower Fountains)

4:30 PM
DC Comics (Gazebo)

5:00 PM
Black Butler (Gazebo)
VALVe (Gazebo Doors)
Yu-Gi-Oh!: All Series (Lower Fountains)
Assassin’s Creed (Upper Fountains)

6:00 PM
Popstar League of Legends (Gazebo)
Kantai Collection (Upper Fountains)

6:30 PM
Welcome to Nightvale (Gazebo)

7:00 PM
Borderlands (Gazebo)
Danganronpa 1 and 2 (Upper Fountains)

9:00 PM
Monster Hunter (Upper Fountains)

9:30 PM
Durarara (Lower Fountains) 

10:00 PM 
Devil May Cry (Gazebo) 

11:00 PM
Tokyo Ghoul Gathering/Draw Party (POTOMAC HALLWAY)


11:00 AM
Sailor Moon (Lower Fountains)
Haikyuu (Upper Fountains)

12:00 PM
The Walking Dead (Lower Fountains)

12:30 PM
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit (Gazebo)

1:00 PM
VALVe (Gazebo Doors)
Supernatural (Upper Fountains)

1:30 PM

3:00 PM
Madoka Magica (Upper Fountains)