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Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

100 hundred duck sized horses, all I have to do is get the upper ground and I’m good to go xP Thank you so much for your question, random ones are always fun!

A Long List of Ways to Spiritually Protect Yourself

(Updated from this old list here.)

Shielding is a practice entirely built on your intention–if you want an eternal shield, you can have it. If you believe in your shield, it will be there. There are many ways that are incredibly powerful with just the slightest trust and a little bit of practice. As soon as possible, start to practice shielding and methods of spiritual protection, since practice, along with your intention, will create the most powerful shields. 

Also, you can never shield to much. It’s amazing and very empowering to have layer upon layer of shielding, and the energy and time you put into shielding will really save you a lot of energy and time in the future. Even just walking around, through crowds, cities, etc, drains your energy–negative energy is everywhere, and consciously seeking only the energy for your best and highest good will really, truly, and completely empower you. 

You can shield from anything and everything, just make sure to allow in things for your “best and highest interest/good.” ShCast every shield with this affirmation. This allows what people would consider “negative” emotions to still come through, so you can live a balanced life, since not all emotions that are considered negative actually are. This affirmation effectively only allows things that raise or balance your vibration, and help you to spiritually evolve. It won’t cut you off from anything necessary. Shields themselves will never overwhelm or smother you, since they are meant solely for your needs and will always let in positive energy. Here are some simple methods to begin shielding, but you can always adopt them with your own needs and intentions! Do what works for you, just make sure to shield when practicing spirit or energy work of any sort. 

Robe of White Light:

  • Focus for a moment on calming yourself, and once you have a clear mind, imagine a nice fluffy robe around you (I always imagine one like in the game Journey) made of white and protective light. This is the universe’s energy, and nothing ill can penetrate it once it is surrounding you.
  • It is recommended to repeat once or twice a day to maintain the shielding.
  • You can also use the affirmation of “I call upon a robe of loving and protective white light, knowing that it will protect me from all energy not in my highest interest. This robe protects me with the power of the Universe/Source/God.”

Guardian Protection:

  • Ask your guardian spirits (either aloud or through your mind) to protect you.
  • Always command that the guardians who help that they “come in light.” And if not, say they must leave. You don’t even have to know their name, but if they aren’t here to help, then they shouldn’t be around you. So just command this and all with ill intentions will be forced to leave.
  • Call on them for a need by need basis.

Auric Hardening:

  • Imagine your aura (trust whatever color you see in your mind’s eye), and then imagine it hardening, like it’s calcifying around you. It can get as hard as a rock, or like armor.
  • This can sometimes push away any energy exchanges, so you could feel more distant from positive interactions too. So, it’s best used when a threat is around
  • Usually lasts between 4 hours-2 days, depending on the strength of your intention.

Sigil warding:

  • Draw with a pen, marker, or with the tip of your finger (if you don’t need visible lines) a sigil with the intention of protecting yourself. A sigil is most basically an energetic line (or series of them) with an intention. The lines hold the energy and magnify the intention.
  • Here are examples
  • A post on sigil crafting

Shielding with Intention and the Universe:

  • Calm yourself with a short breathing meditation, then focus on what you intend to shield-yourself, another, or a place.
  • Imagine casting a ball of light towards the designated target, with the intention of allowing the Universe/Source to channel through you and shield whatever you intend to.
  • Just watch and observe as the shield is built, knowing that it is fully fueled by the energy of the Universe and will stay there, and stay strong, until the shield is released consciously by you.
  • You can specify this shield for certain purposes, like to only keep a spirit out, or to keep all negative spirits out.

Reiki Shielding and Protection:

  • In Usui Reiki, there is a technique your Reiki Masters should have taught you about warding and cleansing the room in white light. Channel Reiki energy to do this.
  • If you are attuned to Reiki II, you should know the 1st symbol and that it can be used to stop all energy that is not in your highest good from coming towards you, working as an effective shield when the symbol is called on.
  • You need to be properly attuned to Reiki for this.

Bubble shielding:

  • Similar to the white light or shielding with intention, but focusing on making and empowering a bubble around you.
  • Replenish this as often as possible, since this is dependent on your own care.
  • Can be in an oval or a sphere shape. If this is hard to get a hang of, then try just fitting it a couple inches away from your body, similar to auric hardening.

Waterfall shielding:

  • A bubble shield with the intention of existing on top of an underneath bubble shield. 
  • Focus on this shield and set the intention of having it move around like a waterfall. This way, someone sending negative energy has a very small chance of hitting the same place twice.

Elemental shielding:

All of these are built with a specific intention and visualization of the shield. Time around such element used will strengthen the shield, or a conscious meditation to draw the energy towards you and the shield.

  • Fire shield: Envision burning fire, that will destroy all negative energy/energy not for your highest good, when it tries to enter your energetic space.
  • Water shield: Similar to the waterfall shield, but with the visual of actual water flowing that can wash away all negative debris or toxicity clinging to any form of bubble shield underneath it. 
  • Earth shielding: This one can block off positive energy too, since it works more like a layer of earth around the person. Though, it can also be envisioned to only grow/manifest around you in times of need or when you’re being attacked or faced with negative energy. It can also block your third eye from seeing outside. Earth shielding can also work as a means of grounding you, which doesn’t have negative effects (as long as you don’t neglect your upper chakras). If you ground yourself to the earth, and your are harmed or shaken by negative energy, you can replenish your energy from the earth.
  • Air shielding: Envision a fast current of air around you that sweeps away all negative energy or malevolent beings.
  • Light shielding: A bright white light that totally purifies all energy that contacts it, similar to the robe of white light. Different colored lights can work too, but they all have specific purposes that you should research first.
  • Ether shielding: Sometimes this works like a portal, transporting all malevolent energy to another place in the universe. Just make sure to set the intention that things in your best and highest interest aren’t affected, and that the travel won’t severely harm anyone who is transported by the portal (since sometimes negative energy can come from just someone in a bad mood). 
  • Chaos shielding: Not always considered an element, but with the idea of scattering any negative energy–the sudden increase in entropy raises the vibration to something more positive.
  • Shadow and smoke shielding: Imagining either element around you, mostly for cloaking and making your energy less obvious. This is great for astral projection and spiritual travel when you don’t want to be noticed. You can infuse the energy with an intention of how you want to be perceived, like if a threat comes, then you can suddenly raise this shield and make the smoke cause you to seem dangerous, scaring off the opponent. 

Halo shielding:

  • Imagine a series of halos that spin quickly around you, moving to knock away negative energy if it approaches your space. This can be inside or outside of a bubble or light based shield.

Protection charms and enchanted objects:

  • Work made by you, when you have a lot of experience, in creating a sigil charm or enchanted object meant for protection. This can also be from someone who has passed down a family protection amulet (just research it and bathe it in light to clear any possible negative energy on it), or from an experienced energy worker making protection amulets, charms, or objects. 
  • Some are religiously charged, like crosses, pentagrams, etc. If this matches your belief, your belief will empower it. 

I fucked up the tiiiiimeliiiine~~ Lmao the timeline can just go fuck off I guess. Don’t worry. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Thor.

Thor was monstrous in size, with a thick, golden mane like threads of actual gold. His paws were large enough to crush a grown man without even involving his claws, and whatever humans didn’t get crushed under them were body-checked into the walls, which were still live with lightning. The electricity made his mane stand on end, and it should have looked comical, but he just looked even more terrifying.

He’d scooped Tony and Yinsen up in his teeth like kittens and carried them out of the cave. The change from cold and damp to hot and arid made Tony’s teeth ache. He could hear Yinsen, babbling something—they were probably prayers. But who wouldn’t pray when they were literally hanging out of a monster’s mouth?

Yinsen wouldn’t remember. He’d think it was a storm, a short, an explosion—anything but what had really happened. Thor had made sure of it. Tony had begged—Yinsen had kept him alive, kept him sane, it wasn’t fair that he wouldn’t remember. But Thor had calmly explained that most humans could not handle the truth, that monsters were real—and not everyone was as clever as Tony was.

Tony clung to Thor’s back and shivered as the monster trotted further out into the sand. Yinsen had been left near a town where he could get help, but Thor had insisted on taking Tony with him. He’d been too tired, sore, and thirsty to argue.

“Here,” Thor said, like he’d decided something. He knelt. “Dismount, child.”

“’m not a child,” Tony mumbled petulantly, but obediently slid down onto the ground, the monster’s silky fur slipping through his hands like water.

Thor looked at him, somewhat fond. “Even your oldest human is yet a child in comparison to me, Anthony.”

Tony blinked up at him blearily, rubbing his eyes to try and block out the haze. “Are you leaving me? Why couldn’t you leave me with Yinsen?”

“I could not be certain you would not insist on telling him the truth again. Most humans cannot handle that, Anthony.” Thor smiled, and his teeth were long and sharp beneath his lips. “You must be special, Anthony, for Loki to reach out to me for help.”

Tony blinked up at him again. “Loki?”

“Yes, Loki, my dear brother,” Thor chortled.

“What,” Tony said, either too dehydrated or, more likely, too baffled to understand the link between a white deer and this golden, leonine creature. “How did—”

“I leave you here, Anthony,” Thor boomed, and then there was a crash of thunder, a flash of lightning, and the monster was gone. There weren’t even any paw prints.

“…You left me in the desert,” Tony told the air.

But he wasn’t going to get anywhere just standing there like an idiot. He shielded his eyes from the sun as he looked up at a dune. He might be able to see something from there. He started trudging toward it.

Tony didn’t notice that Rhodey had been approaching, and he yelled and flailed when an arm wrapped around his waist, elbowing his friend in the cheek.

Rhodey didn’t even mind, which meant it was like being elbowed by a baby bird. “Next time,” he said sternly. “You ride with me.”

“Okay,” Tony said, unashamed of how tearful he sounded.

Rhodey  tightened his grip around his waist. “I got you, man. We’re gonna get you home.”

Pepper and Obadiah brought Tony home. The monsters would have wondered why they had instead of whoever Loki had sent for, but they were just too happy to have him back. It was irritating that they had to hide in the shadows and wait to greet him. Obadiah always set their teeth on edge, though, and Pepper… Pepper always sighed when she saw them.

“What is that?” Steve whispered, jerking his elbow into Bucky’s side. “Bucky, what is that?”

“What’s what?” Bucky asked, then grunted when Steve elbowed him again. “Ow!”

Steve pointed. “Look!”

Bucky grumbled to himself, rubbing his side and cursing Steve’s pointy elbows. He frowned when he finally saw the glowing blue light under Tony’s shirt. Sometimes Steve saw things on different frequencies if he wasn’t focusing. He wondered what the light was, but was too distracted by worrying. Tony had been gone a month, and looked it, the way his clothes hung too loosely on him and his eyes were sunken in his face, with deep bruises under each eye.

He hoped at least Obadiah left soon. He wondered what he should feed Tony.

Obadiah left, and Pepper chased Tony to the bathroom when he took off at a sprint.

Steve slithered after them, peering into the bathroom. “Everything alright?”

“The doctors told him a cheeseburger would be too much,” Pepper sighed, gently rubbing Tony’s back as he heaved his stomach contents into the toilet. “Hi, Steve.”

Natasha dropped from the ceiling and onto Steve, ignoring his offended noise as she slammed his upper body into the ground. “Is he okay?”

Pepper grimaced. “Ehm… Kinda?”

“Kinda,” Clint repeated, filling the doorway. “What’s kinda mean?”

“…He’s alive,” Pepper decided.

Tony sat up straight, gasping for breath, making concerning little wheezing noises. Then he bent forward to puke again, sobbing quietly.

Steve sat up so fast that he sent Natasha flying into the bathtub. He ignored her cursing and threats to slither up beside the boy, placing his hands on his ribs gently. “Tony, it’s okay. You’re home. We’ve got you.”

“Hurts,” Tony whispered.

Steve pretended that didn’t make him want to panic. “Where does it hurt, honey?”


Steve slumped a little, stroking the brunet’s sides helplessly. “I can’t help with that.”

Pepper reached out to touch his shoulder and proved how far she’d come in accepting them by not flinching when her skin met his scales. “I don’t think anyone can help with that, Steve.”

“Is he done puking? Give him to me,” Clint ordered, holding his wings out. Natasha wet a washcloth in the tub to wipe Tony’s face with before Steve handed him over. Clint bundled the human into his wings, hiding all but the toes of his shoes and a little bit of his hair. He turned and hopped gently out of the bathroom, being careful not to jostle him. “This is mine now.”

“What the fuck, Clint?!” Steve called after him, and he would have followed, but Pepper’s hand was still on his shoulder, which was very unusual. He turned toward her, frowning. “…Ms. Potts?”

Natasha paused from clambering out of the bathtub. “What’s wrong?”

“Tony was… injured,” Pepper explained slowly, trying to find the right words. “He almost died. Should have, really.”

“…But he’s alright now,” Natasha said, more statement than question, but open-ended enough to be corrected.

“He’s… alive,” she repeated. “When he was attacked in Afghanistan, he was hit with shrapnel from a bomb. In the chest.”

Natasha unconsciously covered her own chest. “That’s where all your important bits are.”

Pepper stared at her for a moment. “…Yes. Especially the heart.”

“Something’s wrong with Tony’s heart?” Steve asked quickly, alarmed.

“Yes,” she said softly. “It—you need to understand. He should have died. It’s a miracle that he’s here. But that miracle cost him.”

Steve squirmed. “Is that why he was throwing up?”

“He was throwing up because he’d been eating a handful of rice for a meal for a month and decided he was okay eating a goddamn cheeseburger,” Pepper snapped, then sighed and closed her eyes. “…I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.”

“It’s okay. We know Tony has poor decision-making skills,” Natasha offered.

Pepper sighed again. “Thanks. No, Steve. He has an electromagnet in his chest keeping shrapnel from tearing up his heart.”

“But he’s gonna be okay,” Steve tried, falling silent when Pepper just stared at him somberly and shook her head. “…But… why?”

Pepper took a deep breath. “Steve, the shrapnel is in his chest, it should have killed him on his third day in Afghanistan. We don’t… we don’t have a way to remove the shrapnel. Not without killing him anyway.”

“…What the fuck!” Steve snarled, jerking away from her. “What good is all your medicine if it doesn’t work?!”

“Steve,” Pepper began, but he slithered out of the bathroom, so fast that his scales scraped the tiles. “…Does he think that I don’t wish there was a way to help Tony?”

Natasha reached out to put one of her hands on the human’s shoulder, then thought better of it. Her prickly hairs irritated Pepper’s skin. “I understand, Ms. Potts. Steve… Steve and Bucky are always going to be more invested. They can remember when Tony was just a baby. I think sometimes they believe he’s still that helpless.”

Pepper tilted her head thoughtfully. “…I do not believe for a minute that Tony was ever helpless, even as a baby.”

“Bucky says that Tony nearly tore his ear off when he didn’t want to go to sleep for the night.”

Pepper huffed out a tired laugh. “That sounds about right.”

“Broth,” Bucky said, trotting into the den, and then paused when he saw Clint rocking back and forth on the back of the couch. “…He needs something in his stomach, Clint.”

“You can’t have him,” Clint snarled.

Bucky was about to snarl back, but then he noticed that Clint’s words had lacked his usual snarky bite. He approached the other monster carefully. “Clint. Steve said he vomited. He needs something in his stomach.”

Clint was still and silent for a moment before he drew his wings down just enough to expose Tony’s head, tucked safely beneath his chin. “You can’t have him.”

“Clint what the—” Bucky began angrily, then paused. “…This is about the blue light, isn’t it.”

You can’t have him.


“They can’t take him back!”

Bucky closed his mouth, biting back the retort he’d had ready. “…Clint, do you think that’s a tracking device on his chest?”

Clint started rocking back and forth again.

“It’s not,” Bucky told him gently. “Steve told me it’s not. And he got the information from Ms. Potts. You know Ms. Potts doesn’t have the patience to lie.”

Clint shifted his grip on the human, loosening a little. “…Then what is it?”

“It’s a… magnet?” Bucky frowned. “It… keeps shrapnel from a bomb from killing him.”

Clint unwrapped one wing enough to carefully run his taloned fingers through Tony’s hair. “So they can’t find him?”

“No, Clint,” Bucky answered softly. “And even if they could, we’re here, aren’t we? We won’t let them take Tony again.”

“Petting me,” Tony murmured after a moment, nuzzling under Clint’s chin again, and seemed to sink deeper into his feathers. “Nice.”

Bucky stepped closer, putting a hand on Clint’s shoulder to stop his rocking. “Tony, honey? I made some broth for you. You wanna drink some?”

Tony was silent for a moment, then extracted his hand from Clint’s feathers just far enough to close his fingers around the mug. He paused with the mug pressed to his chin until Clint raised his wings again and hid him from view.

Bucky wanted to smile when the empty mug was thrust out of the sea of purple feathers, but then he remembered the light in Tony’s chest, the way Clint had been protecting him and fearing that someone would track Tony down. Clint sometimes got like this, on edge, and they could never tell what exactly triggered it, but clutching Tony in the safety of his wings always seemed to calm him down eventually.

He glanced up as Hulk lumbered into the room, tensing up a little when the giant monster reached out both hands toward Clint. He relaxed again when Hulk simply scooped Clint and Tony up in his hands like they were a delicate flower.

“Hulk worried,” Hulk said, stroking down Clint’s back with one broad thumb. “Glad you’re home.”

Tony’s head poked up out of Clint’s wings again. “I’m glad I’m home too, Hulk.”

Hulk’s lips quirked upward into a small smile. “Troublemaker.”

“That’s me,” Tony said tiredly. “…’m sorry.”

“Sleep,” Hulk ordered, so gently that it was jarring in and of itself.

Tony made a small noise of agreement and ducked back under Clint’s wings.

Clint shuffled his grip, hopping up one of Hulk’s arms to perch on his shoulder. “This is mine now. I live here.”

Hulk rolled his eyes.

“Surprised Loki isn’t in here gloating about how he helped save Tony,” Bucky said after a minute, looking around.

Clint frowned, rubbing his cheek over the top of Tony’s head. “He saw the light and freaked the fuck out. Well, as much as a guy like him does. He beat it real quick. …’s kinda why I thought… I mean…”

Bucky tilted his head. “That it might be something to track him with?”

“…Yeah.” Clint adjusted his grip on the boy. “Like I knew he was fast because deer are, but… man, he barely cleared the door, he leapt so far.”

“Weird,” Bucky mumbled. But Loki was usually weird anyway.

Hulk grunted and sat down, much more carefully than he usually did so as not to jostle Clint and Tony. “Puny monster.”

“…You are literally the only person who thinks that but okay,” Bucky told him.

Natasha raised her eyebrows when she found Loki huddled in the library. “Surprised you’re not out gloating about helping to save Tony.”

“That—” Loki began, then stopped. “…That was not natural.”

She tilted her head, frowning. “…What?”

“Having—having a cylinder of flesh missing.” Loki put a hand over his chest. “Human hearts are… are delicate. I cannot believe—they should have just let him die.

Natasha disagreed, but she understood. Humans were quite ill-suited to injury. They were squishy, didn’t have leathery skin or scales to protect them. Many times Natasha had come upon dying soldiers and put them out of their misery before the cold or wildlife got to them. She even felt sorry for them sometimes, but often help was too far away to get to them in time.

“Tony has shown a worrying propensity to live if only to spite people,” Natasha said after a moment. “And I doubt that will ever change.”

“Horrifying,” Loki said. “Disgusting. I may vomit.”

Natasha fought not to smile. “You like him!”

“I am definitely going to vomit.”

Natasha stopped fighting, grinning under the other monster’s glare. “You like him.”

“I am going to vomit on you.”

Natasha let out a short laugh. “You think Tony hasn’t already done that? Whatever you vomit on me will never be as bad as beer and chili-cheese dogs.”

Loki actually looked a little green at hearing that.

Nesta and Cassian reading each other’s tells gives me life and brings about a multitude of feels.

Something must have shown on her face, in her scent.

Because his annoyance vanished—no, it shifted. Into something else, something … Rage.

That’s what stilled Cassian’s face.

Pure, burning rage.

It robbed her of breath, of any sort of sense that she might indeed have the upper hand as he ground out, “Who.”

“I was busy,” Cassian said, not taking his focus off Nesta as she studied the swollen wrist. How she’d detected it through the armor… She must have read it in his eyes, his stance.

Voltron Powers Headcanon [Part 5]

[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]  [Part 4]  [You are Here] [Finale]

Shiro was a tired person.

He was tired of fighting off nightmares, tired of dealing with Zarkon and his army, tired in general, even though his robotic arm never seemed to wear out, and tired of having to separate Keith and Lance whenever their spats got to be too much.

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Part 1

Warning: mention of rape and abuse!

It feels weird to live in a house with constant water and electricity again. But it also weird to be reunited with your old friends, even when most of them are already dead.
And they changed.
Not in the negative way as far as you can say, but they did.
Especially Rick whose blue eyes became cold and kind of wary whenever he looks at you and thinks you don’t see it.

“What happened after the farm? Were you with a group?”

“No..no. I was alone.”

He didn’t believe you.
Even when it was the truth.
Well, kind of. You were with a group, but it was involuntary.
And you were alone in the small room with the dreary grey walls and the few blankets on the ground.
You can’t tell him and the others. You probably should, but you don’t know how they’ll react.
How Rick will react.

With a sigh you step in the shower, warm water streams down your body and you close your eyes in enjoyment. The shampoo smells delightful tangy as you spread it over your body. You grimace as your hands slide over the bulging scars where they marked you. Fighting against the nausea in your stomach and you quickly concentrate on washing your hair. Hot tears watering your eyes as you rush out of the shower and pull the big towel around your body like it could protect you.
As you look in the mirror you see nothing more than the image of the young woman you used to be. There was a time where you were proud of your body, but when you look now on the clearly visible ribs and hipbones…
“(Y/N)? I’ve some clothes for you. Can I come in?”
It’s Michonne, Rick’s girlfriend and from what you’ve heard a good fighter. You like her and her calm nature.
“Yea, come in.”
“Here.” She smiles and gives you the clothes, her eyes laying on the scar in your face. “You know that you can trust Rick, right?”
“Can I when he doesn’t even trust me?” You ask quietly.
“He does trust you, he’s just worried.” She watches you through the mirror. “He talked about you.”

Of course, he did. He had to explain who you are.

“Before I mean and also Andrea spoke about you.”


“You let it sound like I’m something special.” You narrow your eyes at her.
“You were to them.” She chuckles and heads to the door, turning one last time around. “Supergirl.”
Against your will you snort amused. Glenn gave you the nickname after he saw you fighting the first time and after some time everyone called you like that. Also Daryl, even when it was more ironical.
With a better feeling you go downstairs after you got dressed, looking for Rick. A smile appears on your face as you find him in the kitchen where he feeds Judith. Some of the baby food is on his right cheek, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.
“Hey, can we talk when you’re done?” You ask and sit down across from them.
“We can now.” Rick nods as Judith suddenly puts her head on his shoulder and yawns.
“Ok.” Thickly swallowing you look at him as the first tears run down your cheeks. “I-I lied to you. I was with a group…”
A bitter laugh leaving your mouth. “… or let’s say they forced me to stay with them.”
“What happened?”

You were so happy that you found a group, even when you weren’t sure if you should go with them. Most of them were men, but also a few women.
But it was your best chance to get away from the streets and so you followed them to the building and didn’t question it as they locked you in a room.
“We need to be sure that we can trust you.” One of them said and you believed him.
They gave you food and water and also let you shower.

“I was so stupid, Rick.” Your hands are trembling as you wipe the tears from your face. “I thought I found the heaven with all the food they had and water. But it was hell.”
You can see that he knows what comes now, anger flickers in his eyes.

They drugged you, otherwise you can’t explain the dizzy feeling in your head. A painful yelp escaped your mouth as they threw you to the ground and pulled for your jeans and panties.
A pool of blood built between your legs as they forced themselves in you, pressing your head and upper body to the ground as you tried to crawl away.

You stop as Rick’s fist meets the table and Judith let out a whine.
“They did that to your face, right?”
“They did more.” You admit quietly and stand up.
While you’re taking a deep breath, you pull your shirt over the head. His eyes widen in shock and he shakes his head like he can’t believe it.
“I quickly learned that my screams… my screams turned them even more on.” You get back in your shirt and sit down again. “So, I tried to stay in silence.”
He nods understands and reaches out for your hand. Your fingers interlock with each other and the old feeling of friendship you shared is back.
It feels good, so good.
“How did you…”
“Escaped? I don’t know. One night there was a fight and one of them forgot to lock the door. I just ran.” You shrug slightly.
“Where is the building?”

Revenge. He wants revenge.  

“I don’t know. I barely remember the way, only that it’s in the woods.”
“Ok, ok…” He says and pulls back as Judith sobs quietly. “But you’ve to give me something, (Y/N), so that I can help you.”
“I just.. there was name they mentioned again and again.” With a frown you try to think about the night when you ran away.
It’s like your brain erased it.
“Tell me the name.”
You look up at him. “Negan.. the name was Negan.”

Part 3?

Something must have shown on her face, in her scent.

Because his annoyance vanished—no, it shifted. Into something else, something … Rage.

That’s what stilled Cassian’s face.

Pure, burning rage.

It robbed her of breath, of any sort of sense that she might indeed have the upper hand as he ground out, ‘Who.’


Wings and Embers (Short bonus chapter of ACOMAF)

OH MY GOSH THIS PART MADE ME SOOOOO glad fae males are so protective.. I smell a mating bond.. anyone else??

anonymous asked:

How would Erwin, Hanji (and Levi, if you are getting too tired of writing stuff about him, don't do him, don't feel forced) react to their friend/lover being hot-headed (like most of the time they're calm and in control but if pushed enough they can totally lose it) I hope it's clear enough 😅

Erwin would find it amusing, and he would sit there quietly and watch his s/o as they exploded and ranted and raved. He would listen to what they had to say about whatever it was bothering them but then he would use those oh-so-charming people skills of his to calm them down and convince them it wasn’t worth it to get so worked up over. He would more than likely place his large hands on their upper arms to help ground them and give them a gentle smile before squeezing gently and pressing a kiss to their forehead.

Hanji would also find it highly amusing, but in a more laugh-out-loud type of way, and they would tell their s/o just how adorable they found them when they got all hot n’ heated. Hanji would enjoy the angry blush that would rise to their face and they’d take the moment to kiss each cheek with a snicker before tugging them to their side with one arm to give them a noogie. Hanji would then take only a brief moment to out-logic them as to why they shouldn’t be so upset and why being something else was much more beneficial~.

Levi would think it was ridiculous that they were getting so upset because Levi never really gets upset at much, but he’d sit through the angry tirade with his arms crossed waiting for the tide to calm. When they were finished, Levi would ask them if they were done and ready to move on with the day because he’s a no-nonsense type of dude and they definitely don’t have time for this in the world they belong to (plus he’s bad with words and doesn’t really know what to say anyway). As they were walking away or out of the room, Levi would take a moment to try and explain why they shouldn’t be so angry, and although it’s under his breath and he seems completely disinterested, in reality he’s trying his hardest to make them feel calm again because he cares that they were upset.

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

Request: Peaky Blinders: I have an idea for a Peaky Blinders imagine. During the war, you were a nurse that had a close bond with Arthur, to the point to were he would fake some sort of illness or something like that just so he could see you and during some attack or something like that you got hurt and die in his arms, prompting the reason why he did everything like fighting and drinking and such. From: anonymous.

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

-21 August 1914- 

There was always a tent set up. A small white tent that consisted of one surgeon, two nurses, and as many supplies as they could move through France with them. They were in Alsace, all the frontier. Far away from the front lines of battle. The surgeon worked as quickly as he could, sewing up men that could be saved as more came through the curtains of the tent. 

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I show them how the snow melts from the stone
before it goes from the ground. Show them my joy
without reason over this. I show them my passion
for the white birches on the upper ground. 
That whiteness in the midsts of gray maples.
Those tender trees among the winter-wise evergreens.
I tell them of being seventeen and alone,
on my hands and knees with my mouth to the stream
like a deer. Not strange, but unseen.
Waking to the woods always, and that sound.
I tell them how it can be wild high in the trees
and quiet underneath where I go to see things
which are dead and singing. Seeking with my mouth
what is lowest and most forlorn. I go to where moss
and ferns give themselves to my ignorance,
making a song of themselves for me. And I sing back,
making songs from the bones of belief.
—  Linda Gregg, Alma in the Woods

Badab e Surt | Iran (by Mojtaba Shadman Rad)

This beautiful red like mineral spring is located between Semnan and Sari near a village which is named Malkhast. These beautiful colors are because of several different mineral salts like iron and calcium salts that are surely in the way where water comes up from the source reservoir under the ground. Upper pressure and temperature of water inside the reservoir than the surface leads to crystallization of salts during cooling and specific location of spring against the local winds has made such a different small pools.

anonymous asked:

what are some good counter exercises to pushups you can do without a gym for your lower back?

For the lower back you can do ‘bridges’, which is when you lay down flat on the ground then raise your hips up into the air, keeping your upper back on the ground for reps. There is also ‘supermans’ where you lay on your stomach and raise your legs and arms off the ground for reps.

For upper back you have to do pulling motions to counter the pushing motion of the push-up. You can do rows with water or milk jugs instead of weights. You can do inverted rows at a table or any sturdy bar too!

VIXX Bodyguard Ravi 'Sheep In Wolf's Clothing'

Sailor anon said: Hello, over the past few days I have fallen in love with your blog!! I’m not sure what the protocol for expansions is right now but I was wondering if you could maybe do a Ravi bodyguard one please? Could I have an anon nickname too? Maybe Sailor? Xo

A/N: There have been many requests for this one so I just picked out the most recent from my inbox. Thank you everyone who requested this one! I hope you like it. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


You’re not too proud to admit the first time you met your new bodyguard he frightened you. It wasn’t his size or anything, it was his expression. Totally remote as if he didn’t even possess the facial muscles necessary to smile.

The following weeks as he moved in your orbit your watched him closely but were unable to glean any inkling of his personality. Wonsik was polite, courteous, but never warm. Never once coming close to what you would call friendly. It was when you found out his secret that the shell finally cracked.

A moth. A single moth had entered your quarters and upon seeing it, Wonsik stopped short. Enough so that you literally walked into his back. Confused at his tense posture yet not seeing a threat you asked what was wrong.

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So I was playing the 3 v 3 game mode when my two teammates went down. They didn’t take anyone out so it was just me, and enemy Reinhardt, Orisa, AND Ana. So I decided to go for Ana first. Headshot. Then Orisa and Rein was all that’s left. So I just look in my chat and see that both my team mates are doubting me saying “we’re going to lose” and “why is it always Hanzo that ruins things” now that got me fired up and determined to prove them wrong. (Part 1)

So I go and I got the upper ground (thank god) and I keep shooting and BAM. Orisa is out. Now all that leaves is Rein. Time runs out and I have to get on the point or else I’ll lose. So I go and stand on the point. Now this point was in Antartica so there’s that pole in the very middle and that’s all that’s keeping between me and Rein. So he charges a few times and I jump trying to miss him and eventually when I thought I was about to lose my dragonstrike is ready and I use it and I won! (Part2)

I’m so proud of myself jfc like I live off of spite and this is the most spiteful thing I have ever done and it felt A M A Z I N G

YEET CUMGRATS!!!!! i love spite wins

Chapter 1 (BBS Monster AU)

The world we now live in, is a world where humans are not just the dominant species. Discovered in 1737 Western Europe, a new species named Monsters, were bor. They were created, by a vengeful spirit, named Lucifer, to terrorize the damned creatures he helped create. He looked for the most evil, sadistic creatures that he knew would do damage to the lives of many, but, there wasn’t many like that, surprisingly. Eventually, he found one that went by the name of Misdius Cearo. He was tall, toned and down right gorgeous. Misdius was a man who always had the ladies flocking towards him, which was great for him. After love making he would slit their knecks and hang their heads off the ceiling. He never felt anything romantic when it came to the intercourse, neither did he when it came to women.
Eventually, the towns people discovered his killings, after their princess went missing. They nailed him to a stake and before they burned him alive, he said, “ May the devil be in my favor, and demons be cast upon this treacherous world.” The burning was pushed away, and around twenty five to thirty graves were made for all the women who were viciously murdered.
Lucifer took this chance and created something out of the woman killer. Misdius sprouted out torn up looking wings, and a tail with the end of it being a scythe. Misdius was transformed into a being of pure evil and terror, that would soon terrorize the upper grounds with his demonic presence.
Lucifer ended up making more and more monsters, totalling up to two hundred. The world saw how much hell was bringing upon their disease infested life, and they had to stop it. They decided to make the MHA (Monster Hunter Association), in 1739, to help exterminate the monsters.
One by one, the monsters, and hunters, dropped like flies. All, but Misdius died off in the next ten years. Outraged, Lucifer casted Misdius to stay in the human world and recreate his army again.
And so with that, that’s were we begin our story.

The year now is 2016. Our new setting is in San Antonio, Texas, at The Creeptacular-an amusement park focused on all things scary and creepy, but half of the large amusement park is now abandoned, with woods seperating the abandoned and non-abandoned part.

“Come one! Come all! And welcome to the Creeptacular!” A tall showman exclaimed.
He shook the hands of young children and greeted parents. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy was in the air, while people talked among themselves and the sounds of games was what was heard. A certain pair of eyes watched from the woods, and smiled to himself, under his mask.
“Delirious. It’s time for the meeting,” A man made of fire, said in a bored tone.
“I know, I know, Wildcat,” Delirious said sighing under his plague doctor mask, and turned his back to the amusement park.
Wildcat poofed his way back, only moving five meters every poof. Delirious followed behind, floating just over the surface of the wood’s floor. They passed the gigantic ten foot clown head, that was laying on the floor with an eerie smile on it’s broken face, and passed the old carousel. Eventually they made their way to the circus looking tent that had a bunch of large holes on the top, and dirt patches at the bottom of it. When they entered, a large, rectangular, scratched up table was in the center of it, and lights hung from the top of the tent. A few of the lights flickered and we’re broken, but you could clearly see what, and who, was in the tent.
A few of the others were there, already. Which were Evan, Daithi, and Mini. Evan was the Jersey Devil. He spawned the lower body of a goat, a snake tail, two crooked looking horns, and two ripped up wings. He was usually their aid, who they would go to in time of need.
Daithi was a ghost. He died at a young age, but somehow matured over his ghost years. He was completely white, from head to toe. He had a paper bag with two circles cut in it so he could see, but the shading from it made it seem like he had none. He wore baggy jeans, with with a flannel shirt, and some beat up looking sneakers. Chains fell through the floor as he floated a few feet in the air, talking to Evan.
Mini was in the right side of the table, spinning in his velvet, torn up chair. A wheel was missing so he replaced that with stone. Mini was a shapeshifter, but today he was in his actual form, or the form he was born with. He had brown hair, styled to the side, black glasses, a orange tee-shirt, and skinny jeans, with his favorite black Converse shoes on.
Evan was the first one to notice the two, and greeted them with a smile. Daithi looked over and waved, while Mini kept spinning, but yelled out, “Hey, guys!” Delirious and Wildcat greeted them, and took their seats. Wildcat sat next to Evan, trying his best to not catch the chair on fire. Delirious sat next to Mini, but scoot closer to help him spin faster, using his blue glowing shadow.
Eventually, the rest of the gang flocked in. Cartoonz, a demon, fell from the top of the tent, creating another hole. He muttered a ‘ah shit’ and dusted himself off. He dragged his ball and chain to sit at the table, right next to Delirious. He grinned at everyone and slammed his head on the table, falling asleep.
Ohmwrecker, a ghoul, walked in and simply pulled out his chair, sitting next to Wildcat. He crossed his arms and said, “well hello there everyone. Isn’t the fog right now so disgusting?” He giggled lightly and looked over everyone.
Ohmwrecker, and Cartoonz were the stronger ones of the gang. Ohmwrecker was a ghoul, so his food was everywhere he went. On top of that, he has 10 spikes that stick out of his body that grow whenever he feels threatened to protect his head. He could easily sprout out energy from his hands too. Cartoonz was a full blown demon, unlike Delirious. Cartoonz was born a demon, not created into one. And unlike Delirious, he shows no mercy to any age, while Delirious, and the others, showed mercy to those of a young age. Toonz was the type of demon who took life from intercourse, and didn’t mind getting hurt or his hands dirty. He usually used his satanic powers to turn other’s insides their outsides, but that was just a hobby.
Everyone quieted down and focused all their attention on Evan. He cleared his throat and looked over everyone.
“ We have an issue,” he said in a low tone, “ the MHA are growing and getting into our territory. We have to start being more vigilant and put our senses on high.”
The monsters quietly conversed between each other and then Mini spoke up. “ When I was talking to Brock and Brian, they said that they were moving more to this part of Texas. If I find anything else, I’ll tell you all instantly. ”
Brock and Brian were two of Mini’s friends, who just so happened to be the head of sector seven and sector fifteen in the MHA. They didn’t know that Mini was a monster, because, well…he looked human. You couldn’t even tell he was a monster unless you see him shift, which he’s pretty good at covering up from others.
Evan nodded his head, and looked at Ohm. “ I want you to start watching over the carousel area,” then looked at everyone else and gave them a specific area to look over. They all nodded their head and one by one all left to go do something. Evan sighed and slumped into his large torn up sofa.

Heels clicked through the hallway as a tall, broad man shuffled through the halls in a black suit. His hair pushed to the side and his briefcase moving side to side, following his hand movement. He looked over at the sides of the hallways as the lower MHA hunters bowed at him, and held their tongue. He made a sharp turn to the right and walked down the hall, until he came to double, metal, bolted doors. He placed his thumb in the scanner next to the large metallic doors, and once it said all of his name, he walked in, setting his briefcase down.
“ About time, dumbass,” a short drake skinned man said angrily at him.
“ Calm down, Marcel. I was only late by three minutes,” the man said in an Irish tone.
“ Three minutes!? You fucking bagel! You were late by thirty seven minutes, Brian!” Marcel exclaimed, angrily.
Brian rolled his eyes and looked up at the large screen in front of him. It had a picture of a man in his early forties, torn to shreds from his neck to his lower torso.
“ What’s this disgusting mess?” Brian asked nonchalantly.
“ That is William Backster. He was walking home from the grocery store, at two thirty-five p.m., and was found five hours later, in a ditch, right next to his home by a few joggers,” a man with a half shaved head said piping in.
“ Any evidence that this was a monster that killed him, Brock?”
“ The teeth marks found on his shoulders and the claws that ripped his body can be concluded that it was an Adlet,” Brock changed the screen to a picture of the humanoid dog like creature.
“ That’s a big doggy!!!” A small man said, with a squeaky voice, in the corner, stuffing his face with gummy worms.
Brian just looked at him quickly to see his happy face munching on the large bag of sugary worms.
“ You must have diabetes from all that sugar,” Brian said with a slightly annoyed tone.
“ You must have a stick far up your ass if you’re this much of a party pooper, mom,” Lui pushed in more gummy worms and started to spin in his chair.
Brian didn’t even respond and just looked back at the screen. He read over the data that was given on the creature.
Lui was head of sector two. His nick name was “small destroyer”. He was the second oldest of the twenty sector heads, at the age of thirty. He was notorious for his large sweet tooth and love of gummy worms. And scythes.
Marcel was head of sector eight. He was known for his smart mouth and his short temper. He was great at handling pistols and small pocket knifes. He was only of the age of twenty three.
Brian was the head of sector fifteen. He was of the age of twenty three. He is best known for his smart remarks and his amazing use of a morning star.
Brock was of the age of twenty four, and the head of sector seven. He was known for his calm and sweet behavior, while still holding his ground. He is best known for his use of sickles, also.
“ Alright boys. I think it’s time to go hunt us this damn dog.,” Brian grabbed his suitcase and headed out the door. The other three followed behind him, holding suitcases as well.
“ Awww!!! My gummy worms are all gone! Brian! Brian! Can we stop for more!?” Lui asked in an excited tone, flinging his long suitcase around.
Brian pushed the case out of his face and sighed, “ why the hell not? I’m thirsty anyways.” He pushed the down button and got into the elevator. The four listened to the crappie elevator music until they made their way to the first floor.
“ Let’s go get that fucking Adlet bitch,” Brian threw his fist in the air in a victorious way, while Marcel grunted, Lui rambled about gummy worms, and Brock just smiled.

(Words: 2006)

See also: Lily ass white girls going on about how certain fans have to defend their “white male faves” when THEIR fave is a grey fucking robot, because the phrase “male white fave” gives them a moral upper ground over people who might identify with a character with PTSD or who is read as neurodivergent.

And of course they have to have fifty million female characters who are ALL poc, so they can hide their own whiteness. And if you call them out on it, they’ll focus on the fact that you used the word “bitch” and turn you into the villain. Because that’s how much they REALLY care about your views as a person of color. But they’re SO against racism and SO woke.

You know who I’m talking about. I have not forgotten.

So I was playing the 3 v 3 game mode when my two teammates went down. They didn’t take anyone out so it was just me, and enemy Reinhardt, Orisa, AND Ana. So I decided to go for Ana first. Headshot. Then Orisa and Rein was all that’s left. So I just look in my chat and see that both my team mates are doubting me saying “we’re going to lose” and “why is it always Hanzo that ruins things” now that got me fired up and determined to prove them wrong. So I go and I got the upper ground (thank god) and I keep shooting and BAM. Orisa is out. Now all that leaves is Rein. Time runs out and I have to get on the point or else I’ll lose. So I go and stand on the point. Now this point was in Antartica so there’s that pole in the very middle and that’s all that’s keeping between me and Rein. So he charges a few times and I jump trying to miss him and eventually when I thought I was about to lose my dragonstrike is ready and I use it and I won! Everyone was so stunned and I’m so proud of myself jfc