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Lamia (scale)

lamia: how do you feel about children?

(i would like you to know the original myth involving lamia went chompity chomp chomp nom nom nom)

I have mixed feelings about children. 

Babies - cute at a distance, kind of smelly, I like their tiny little fingernails and booties

Toddlers - hate. I loathe them with every fiber of my being. Even though they are occasionally amusing.

Elementary - charming but exhausting. I prefer upper elementary kids while my brother likes the littler spawns. Both are fun provided I can send them home at the end of the day or be the cool aunt.

Pre-teen - pretty cool if patience-trying and argumentative. Starting to function like real human beings now but very clumsy and unskilled b/c that brain is still developing and honing. jokes are fun with them.

Teen - what are those? are they the cousin-shaped lumps on various couches and chairs with their faces in their phones during the entire family gathering. i’m so jealous.

Ask Me About My Demons

Detalle de una fachada de aulas en la planta alta, Vista desde el jardín, Escuela Primaria Mixta, (hoy Escuela Primaria Lic. Joaquín Baranda) calle Jardín Central, Tacuba, Miguel Hidalgo, México DF 1956

Arq. Luis G. Rivadeneyra

Detail of the classroom facade on the upper floor, Mixed Elementary School (now Joaquin Baranda Elementary School), calle Jardin Central, Tacuba, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico CIty 1956