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#289 - Cadence Weapon - Turning On Your Sign

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First of all, RIP Alex Chilton. Really terrible news. I’m gonna listen to Big Star all day.

Sometimes I feel for Cadence Weapon. He gets this whole fanbase of rubbish indie kids who say terrible things like “yknow rap isnt all bitches n shit there’s some really challenging and intelligent stuff if you look deeper”, jesus christ. But I can understand it - having collaborated with Owen Pallett, covering Destroyer and Weezer (do a quick youtube search) and namedropping Al Green and Funkadelic, etc, etc. All of which is pretty great, but if it was representative of what his music sounded like he’d be awful. Luckily he’s not, so it’s not rubbish and wet and poncey and preachy like a lot of “indie rap” is, and that’s because this isn’t indie rap at all, whatever that even is. The beats on this track especially are killer, and it shifts a gear with another layer of samples in the final third that are totally incredible.

Breaking Kayfabe is a pretty solid and thoroughly recommended record, but this track in particular is high above anything he’s ever done before.

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Day #344 Russian Futurists - Hammer And Sickle

Color: Red

Brand: Gilden Heavy

Source:  I found this duder blog trolling one day, and i listened to this song “Paul Simon” which i really loved and gravitated towards.  sadly the record i listened to is not on spottily (big surprise)  so i can’t put it up on here, but it is called “Our Thickness”  It has a very Matt & Kim vibe sans Kim, but the same kinda Tween pop feel.  I didn’t say i was going to blow your mind here today, just letting you know what i got on.  The record is good i swear check it out if you can.  He is Canadian so it can’t be too bad, this Canadians spend tons of money every year on the arts so everyone there seems super talented.   

I never got to see them live i think this shirt was gift form the label at some point, but i gladly wear it and support this band.  Im quite sure no one ever has said “I love that band!” and probably think i am a communist.  who cares anyway, I’m probably better of them thinking that, then they won’t rob me.