upper branches


My current main altar setup. It’s a work in progress as I’m fairly new to witchcraft.

I DIYed a lot of this. I made the pentacle myself, carved the symbols on the candles, dried the herbs and collected all the tree parts.

Our tree recently lost a huge section of its upper branches thanks to 90mph winds. So I gathered a lot of branches, bark, and twigs from the downed portion. I gave offerings to the tree to thank it and ease its recovery.

Dollar store candles are super easy to spruce up. Mechanical pencils work great for carving sigils or runes into candles.

Everything I didn’t make myself was most likely an eBay purchase. You can get great deals on witch supplies there.

pang after pang

@vldangstweek March 20th: Injury

Shiro is excited to go home.

The Garrison’s accelerated post-secondary education program is grueling, and while in the end, he’s sure it’ll be worth it, as it stands now…he doesn’t remember the last time he got more than three consecutive hours of sleep, his laundry is piled up because he’s honestly just too tired to deal with it all, and on top of the sheer burnout that comes with intensive classes intended to prepare an individual to go to space is just.

He’s struggling to hold it together enough to get through these last few classes, and then he’s on his way home. Before night comes, he’ll be back at home with his parents and Keith, and he can see what’s been bothering Keith so intensely. Because something’s up, and he can see it in the way Keith won’t text him unless he needs a question answered, and in the way he won’t speak on the phone for more than a moment or two, and in how those few moments when he will talk to Shiro, he’ll be quiet and subdued.

He doesn’t think it’s anything too serious, but Shiro is also well aware that his attention has been mostly diverted towards his classwork, of late, and he’s letting Keith slip through the cracks, but there’s not much he can do about that right now. He just has to get through today, and then he can pay attention to Keith.

He’s looking forward to it, to be honest. He misses his brother.

Finally, finally, finally, his last class ends, and as soon as humanly possible, Shiro has his bag and is out the Garrison door and on the train home. He usually hates the train—it’s crowded and loud and cramped, but today, he doesn’t mind. Everyone else seems to be filled with the same lethargy he has, and he can just. Sit. And lean his head against the window, and think.

Keith’s been…quiet, lately. Not enough to concern their parents, Shiro thinks, because they haven’t brought anything up to him—but then again, he has been away for a few months, and Keith’s at an age where he might not want to get all caught up in telling things to his parents. Still, Shiro’d like to keep judgements for after he’s actually talked to Keith. He doesn’t want to make snap judgements, not for something as important as potentially his entire relationship with his younger brother.

Shiro closes his eyes and just feels—the cool glass sticking to his forehead, the rumbling of the train over the tracks, the faint headache creeping up at the edges of his head, his heartbeat that’s just a few beats too fast (a remnant of the past month of over caffeination and stress and not enough sleep), his tense shoulders.

He’s so tired.

He dozes, for the rest of the ride home. It’s not the most restful sleep, but it’s a solid five hours—it’s more than he’s had in the past week, so he wakes up at his stop feeling more coherent than he has in what feels like forever.

Walking back from the train stop, his bag swung over his shoulder, Takashi Shirogane is going home, and he’s so glad. He’s missed these familiar streets, these comfortable patterns of life. It’s peaceful.

(Well, it is until he turns the corner.)

Shiro’s parents live on a corner, but he walks up along the side and turns to get to the front yard, where there’s a sturdy, tall tree in the front. When he was younger, he loved to climb it—and apparently Keith’s learned to do the same thing.

He turns, and it’s like a slow-motion crash.

The sky is bright, brilliant blue. The tree, impossibly tall, stands with its leaves waving gently in the wind. Keith is sitting amongst the upper branches, laughing at something Shiro can’t see. Shiro barely has time to smile and drop his bags before he sees the disaster occur.

Keith leans too far back, just the slightest bit, and Shiro can see his eyes widen and he can hear him gasp as he falls, leaves ripping apart as Keith crashes down.

Shiro runs toward the tree, but Keith falls faster than Shiro can make it across the yard and Shiro has to watch his little brother hit the ground and bounce.

He doesn’t get up, and Shiro is at his side almost immediately, babbling and shouting in terror. He doesn’t remember what he’s saying—something about Keith being hurt and Keith please God open your eyes Keith please—and he’s so scared and before he knows it his father is pulling him back, emergency services are lifting Keith onto a stretcher, and their mother is getting into the ambulance as it shrieks off.

Shiro can’t breathe.

He’s on the ground again, hands bracing him from behind as he stares up at his father. He can see his reflection in his father’s glasses—wide eyes, and absolutely terrified.

He doesn’t know what to do.

His father helps him up, and then they’re in the car, driving towards the hospital.

Shiro just keeps seeing Keith hit the ground on replay in his mind—the way his head had landed against the ground, bouncing and hitting it again and then staying achingly still.

Then they’re in the waiting room, and a nurse is talking to Shiro soothingly, trying to convince him that he’s in shock and he needs to sit down and she’s probably right but he can’t just sit and wait for news he doesn’t want to be taken care of he wants to know if his brother is okay he just—he’s hyperventilating. Maybe the nurse has a point.

It feels like forever later (Shiro never did learn how long they waited, and he never asked, to be honest) that a doctor comes out and tells them that Keith’s fine—stunned, a broken arm from hitting branches on the way down, bruised ribs, and a mild concussion from hitting the ground—but he’s alive and awake and he’ll be just fine.

Shiro doesn’t believe it until he sees Keith, small and pale and bruised but sitting up and talking to their mother softly from his hospital bed. As soon as Keith turns and sees him, he grins brightly, and Shiro can finally breath again, and his hands stop trembling.

He makes his way over to Keith, and cautiously pulls him into a tight hug, squeezing his eyes shut.

He was so, so scared. Keith is only twelve—he’s too young to be terrifying his brother like this.

Keith whispers, softly, but Shiro hears him all the same.

“I could hear you, you know. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I knew you were there. You’re always there, when I need you to be.”

They never talk about it, later, and Shiro honestly isn’t sure if Keith even meant to say it out loud, but he did all the same and Shiro knows what it means that Keith even though that, about him. He just holds him tighter, and feels the tension leave them both with every breath.

(Four years later, Shiro is lost to space, and every time he goes to sleep he faces that moment when Keith hit the ground, except in these dreams he doesn’t wake up, because Shiro’s not there for him when he needs it. Not anymore.)

But right now, in this moment, Shiro cradles his younger brother and swears to himself that he won’t ever be too late ever again.

(He doesn’t realize until he’s back at school that he never did get around to figuring out what was up with Keith.)

Caught in a Tree

The Iron Husbands edition (T’tony version here) ((Includes cats))

“Rhodeyyyy I need your help.” Tony pleads, grabbing onto Rhodey’s sleeve and dragging him toward the quad. Rhodey waves to his friends, but allows Tony to drag him to the big oak tree outside the engineering building. 

“What are we doing here?” Rhodey asks, Tony releases his sleeve and points up into the tree. 

“So, I finished HELI earlier.” Tony starts, and Rhodey beams at him, proud. Tony had been working on the little flying robot for weeks, and he’d finished it. 

“That’s awesome dude, nice job.” Rhodey cheers, and Tony blushes, rubbing at the back of his neck. It’s fucking adorable. 

“Yeah, but HELI is now stuck up there.” Tony points up again, and squints. Rhodey looks up too, seeing a flash of silver in the upper branches. “I can get it, but I can’t reach the first branch.” Tony says, jumping up to demonstrate. 

“I’ll boost you.” Rhodey offers, linking his fingers together. Tony steps into his grip and manages to pull himself up onto the branch. 

“Thank’s Rhodey, you’re the best!” Tony cheers, and Rhodey is glad he can’t see the flush on his cheeks. Tony is busy scrambling up the tree to get to HELI. “I got him!” Tony calls down, and Rhodey can hear him speaking softly to the little robot. “I’ve got you HELI, you’re okay.” 

“Fucking adorable.” Rhodey mumbles to himself. 

“Rhodey, I can’t drop HELI, but I need to climb down.” Tony informs him, and Rhodey looks up, seeing the large robot gripped in Tony’s hands, and the wary look he’s giving the ground, he laughs. 

“I’ll catch him if you drop him down to me!” Rhodey offers. Tony looks aghast and his face goes white as he once again looks at the ground. 

“Not dropping him, I’m a genius, I’ll figure it out.” Tony decides, moving one foot off the branch. Rhodey stifles another laughing fit. 

“Let me help you genius!” Rhodey calls, Tony scowls down at him. 

“I am an independent man!” Tony replies clutching HELI to his chest. “I will save myself and my new child, just you watch!” Rhodey nearly busts a gut laughing. “Why are you laughing at me?” Tony whines.

“You’re stuck in a tree, like the adorable idiot you are?” Rhodey says, cracking up.

“Idiot?” Tony screeches, nearly falling off his branch in outrage. “Adorable.” He whispers to himself. Rhodey keeps laughing. “I may be small, but I will beat you up.” 

“From up there?” Rhodey asks, grabbing onto the branch to pull himself into the tree.

“Just you wait ‘till I get down from here!” Tony cries, moving one foot to the branch below him. Rhodey can see his knees shaking. 

“Stop moving, I’m coming to get you.” Rhodey says, moving quickly up the tree. Tony groans. 

“I would have figured it out.” He declares, passing the robot down to Rhodey. “I’m trusting you with my child.” Tony informs him seriously. Rhodey nods back. 

“Don’t worry cutie, let’s get you down from here.” Rhodey says, holding HELI under one arm, and working his way slowly down the tree. Tony follows behind him.

“Cutie, fucking cutie, I’m a badass beautiful genius, you’re the cutie.” Tony mumbles. 

“Thank you.” Rhodey replies, and Tony’s foot slips a little. “No flirting in the tree, got it.” Rhodey assures him. Tony snorts.

Haootia, from the Late Ediacaran of Newfoundland, Canada (~560 mya). Named after the Beothuk word “haoot”, meaning “demon”, it measured about 5cm in diameter (2″) and preserves the earliest known evidence of muscle fibers.

Based on the presence of muscles and its fourfold symmetry, it’s been identified as a cnidarian polyp – making it one of the only members of the Ediacaran biota with a clear relationship to other animal groups.

Imagine Frodo falling out of a tree while drawing you.
  • Author: Eleanor
  • Fandom: Lord of the rings / The Hobbit 
  • Pairing: Frodo x Reader
  • Gender: Female
  • Word count: 627
  • Triggers/warnings: none

You were sitting against one of the trees in the forest you always went to with your friend Pippin. The two of you usually hung out here but this time it was just you, no Pippin. You were actually hoping to get away from all of that for a moment, of course Pippin is your best friend but he can be a real goofball sometimes and just like any other time the two of you got into trouble. But Pippin made sure to say that you had nothing to do with it, which was a big lie of course but you were happy that he did that. You owed him, big time.

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Fine Is a Four-Letter Word

So after much discussion with @arthur-tristan-kingsmen and @phantoms-lair, it seemed that Mystery (and what he had to do in the cave) needed some love. So after some aggressive headcanoning, I started writing this piece, which grew until I decided it should be broken into two parts. I’ll have the second part up soon.

Be prepared for some angst. Also, blood and maiming.

Coverart provided by @ectoimp (seriously, commission the hell out of this fabulous artist)

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“The Spinal Column is considered the trunk of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah and its subsequent pathway’s or the energy nadi’s of the body are considered the branches.  The lower part of the Tree, near the genital organs, leads one to the underworld of sexual lusts and depravity and this place brings about spiritual death within the lands known as Hell or the worlds of the klipot.  The upper branches of the Tree of Life lead one to the Heavens above in the mind and beyond and these realms lead to spiritual life, back to the Garden of Eden.


There are 33 degrees of the spinal column, or the Tree Trunk, which must be climbed with the Sacred Seed of Alchemy and each ‘step’ or each ‘degree’ leads to higher states of illumination.”

 - Raziyahu

Alchemy & Kabbalah

Jenny Greenteeth is a figure in English folklore. A river hag, similar to Peg Powler or a grindylow, she would pull children or the elderly into the water and drown them. She was often described as green-skinned, with long hair, and sharp teeth. She is called Jinny Greenteeth in Lancashire, but in Cheshire and Shropshire she is called Ginny Greenteeth, Jeannie Greenteeth, Wicked Jenny, or Peg o’ Nell.

She is likely to have been an invention to frighten children from dangerous waters similar to the Slavic Rusalka, the Kappa in Japanese mythology, or Australia’s Bunyip, but other folklorists have seen her as a memory of sacrificial practices. The demon may also lurk in the upper branches of trees at night.

The name is also used to describe pondweed or duckweed, which can form a continuous mat over the surface of a small body of water, making it misleading and potentially treacherous, especially to unwary children. With this meaning the name is common around Liverpool and southwest Lancashire.


The next morning Bran was nowhere to be seen. They finally found him fast asleep in the upper branches of the tallest sentinel in the grove. As angry as he was, his father could not help but laugh. “You’re not my son,” he told Bran when they fetched him down, “you’re a squirrel. So be it. If you must climb, then climb, but try not to let your mother see you.”

I had a bittersweet interaction with a dying pine tree in my backyard today. I touched its trunk and looked up toward the top, just spacing out, and then I got these flashes of impressions.

It was passive and peaceful with a slow, labored life force (like an old elephant?); it was aware and fairly accepting of its end. I could have sworn I felt for a moment the wind in its upper branches as if it were in my hair.

The moon danced between them

Pairing: Pinecest / implied Stancest

W/c: 1,929

Warnings/Disclaimer: Fluff out of the wazoo, definitely focuses on Dip and Mabes, stan/ford is a side thing in this

A/n: OK SO I know I normally write stancest, but man I’ve been wanting to read a cute fic about Dip proposing to Mabes and for there to be some family bonding thrown in there plus aesthetic™ and I couldn’t find it soooo (Plus there’s a good bit of dialogue in this, and I’m a slut for dialogue, SOOOOO)

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Lord Eddard ordered him to the godswood to cleanse himself. Guards were posted to see that Bran remained there alone all night to reflect on his disobedience. The next morning Bran was nowhere to be seen. They finally found him fast asleep in the upper branches of the tallest sentinel in the grove.

As angry as he was, his father could not help but laugh.

anonymous asked:

Claude and Alois spending time with a mutual s/o.

This one came out longer and it was sooo fun to write, I hope it’s okay ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

You couldn’t count the amount of colourful leafs falling on the ground creating various combinations and shapes, as if it was a canvas of some unknown artist. Magnificent, breathtaking scene was just painted in front of your eyes making you feel like it wasn’t an autumn at all, more likely a poem which absorbed you within and caged inside a fairytale. Long alley seemed like a passion burning tunnel, narrow path leading far away and dissappearing between the trees growing on both sides of the small road, the blue sky contrasting with warm hue of the upper branches. Step by step, you were slowly wandering forward, soft leafs rustling under your shoes in an imitation of a long, red carpet, welcoming you as if you were the honour guest of today’s stroll.

In some sort, you actually were. Alois wasn’t letting go of you since you went out of the mansion, holding to your arm in a loving manner, careful to not hurt you, yet strong enough to remind you how much he didn’t want you to leave. Claude, on the other hand, was at your left, keeping the pace you were walking with, almost shining with the blackness of his clothes on the colourful scenery around you. If it only wasn’t inappriopriate, he would most likely allow himself to lead you his hand but for now he had to swallow the longing and patiently wait for a suitable moment to hold you in his arms, for a single moment at least.

“Aren’t you cold, my lady?” Claude’s soft voice echoed in your mind attracting you toward the butler. He was staring at you without a hint of amusement on pale face, golden eyes even brighter in the daylight, flowing with the consistency and colour of honey.

Before you managed to answer, Alois kicked a pile of leafs scattering them around and therefore tugged to your sleeve to keep the balance. Hearing his butler’s words, he immediatelly turned to you with a smile on the lips.

“If you are, I can borrow you my coat, you know?” he announced.

“There is no need to do such a thing, your highness,” Claude interrupted and for a while you felt like you were in a middle of an invisible battle between these two.

And you weren’t even feeling cold.

“I can’t let you risk your health in a weather like that,” he continued, the tone of his voice becoming low. “Moreover, it is my duty to take care of our precious guest and offer them everything best we can.”

“I’m fine,” you assured, gently getting out of young boy’s grip, feeling as if the butler could make you blush furiously only with his voice. “Really.”

You bend down to pick up a maple’s leaf which had a stunning mosaic of redness and orange on its surface and showed it to Alois as to explanation to why did you just escaped his grasp. It wasn’t exactly the prettiest gift of autumn you have found but still, it clearly made the earl forget about your behaviour. Quickly, yet carefully he took a leaf of your hand, accidentaly stroking your fingers with his and observed it from every side and angle, checking its value.

“We can put it in the book,” you suggested and seeing his confused stare now placed on you, talked further. “If we put it between the pages, it will stay in this form forever.”

“It will loose the colours, though.” Claude muttered half to himself, half for you to hear.

“Not entirely,” you denied sending him a strict look. “They may fade a little but the variety of colours will stay, they will just appear in darker shades.”

The butler blinked and didn’t respond.

“We should collect some more!”

Without a second thought, Alois started looking for a different leafs, those with many colours catching his attention the most. It didn’t stop him in choosing the best ones, throwing away every one which had at least one stain or little damage. Giving him an occupation for some time, you wandered along the path, scattering the leafs with the shoes before finally finding what you were looking for. It was from an oak tree probably, a leaf which you picked up and looked through it at the sky, the sunlight giving it even more intense yellow colour, as if it was possible. You came back to Claude and put it into the pocket in front of his tailcoat.

“It suits your eyes,” you said and smiled to him when his eyebrows moved slightly upward, startled by your words.

The butler bowed and thanked you, subtly kissing the top of your hand, just in the same time when Alois came back to you holding fists of different leafs, promising to put them all into books and sign them also, so he would never forget which exactly day you spent such a nice afternoon with him.


🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire project → A Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, VIII, Bran II

His mother was terrified that one day Bran would slip off a wall and kill himself. He told her that he wouldn’t, but she never believed him. Once she made him promise that he would stay on the ground. He had managed to keep that promise for almost a fortnight, miserable every day, until one night he had gone out the window of his bedroom when his brothers were fast asleep.

He confessed his crime the next day in a fit of guilt. Lord Eddard ordered him to the godswood to cleanse himself. Guards were posted to see that Bran remained there alone all night to reflect on his disobedience. The next morning Bran was nowhere to be seen. They finally found him fast asleep in the upper branches of the tallest sentinel in the grove.

As angry as he was, his father could not help but laugh. “You’re not my son,” he told Bran when they fetched him down, “you’re a squirrel. So be it. If you must climb, then climb, but try not to let your mother see you.

Bran did his best, although he did not think he ever really fooled her. Since his father would not forbid it, she turned to others. Old Nan told him a story about a bad little boy who climbed too high and was struck down by lightning, and how afterward the crows came to peck out his eyes. Bran was not impressed. There were crows’ nests atop the broken tower, where no one ever went but him, and sometimes he filled his pockets with corn before he climbed up there and the crows ate it right out of his hand. None of them had ever  shown the slightest bit of interest in pecking out his eyes.

I ain't no delicate flower!

Imagine sparring with Fili and him distracting you with dirty talk 

*Some mild swearing*

Another female reader perspective.. and it ended up long. I try to write a short drabble and it always ends up as a short story! QQ


You had been accompanying the Company of Dwarves for some time now. All the way since the Shire. It had been purely as a guide to help them through the wilderness, being an ‘expert’. You were a Dunedain ranger and the wilds were your home.

You had scoffed when they presented Bilbo with the lengthy contract, relieved they had not asked such folly of yourself. Gandalf had secured your place and all that was official of your service to Thorin Oakenshield was the small scrawled parchment denoting the meager sum of money that would be paid to you when you saw them safely through Mirkwood forest.

You would have just gone for the adventure but alas your worn leather boots had seen better days and your threadbare cloak was only for decoration at this point. But as the days wore on you found yourself caring less even about that and valuing the comradery above all. You had spent too many years alone, making more friends of animals than people. And..well, the Dwarves’ attitudes were quite infectious.

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Former West Virginia Miner: We’ve Been Dumping Those Chemicals In The Water For Decades

When up to 7,500 gallons of toxic 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia, leaving 300,000 people without tap water for around a week, former miner Joe Stanley was well prepared. He hadn’t been drinking the water for years.

Stanley, 64, worked at West Virginia’s Marrowbone Coal Mine from 1981 to 1996. His employer was Massey Energy, the same company responsible for the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster in 2010 that killed 29 miners and which was bought out in 2011.

Stanley says he lost his job after a conflict with management, when he, as union president, demanded an inquiry into certain chemicals that were being used in the mine. He claims that mine workers, particularly electricians and pinners, were getting sick.

Decades later, the truth is hard to determine; however, we’re more interested in his bleak outlook on pollution.

“I watched the coal industry poison our water for years. Now they’re telling us not to drink the water? We’ve been dumping this stuff into unlined ponds and into old mines for years,” he says. “This MCHM was just one of the chemicals we were told was highly toxic but that we dumped into old mine shafts and slurry ponds, and it’s been seeping into the groundwater for years.”

It sounds bad even before Stanley explains that coal mines are constantly pumped to clear ground water, aquifers, and underground streams: “As soon as we’re out of that mine it immediately fills with water. And where does it go from there? I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine.”

“I haven’t drank the water here in years, and I suggest you do the same,” he says, pausing and then reiterating. “Don’t drink the water. Just don’t do it.”

There’s plenty of evidence to support Stanley’s claims.

An Environmental Protection Agency assessment last year identified 132 cases where coal-fired power plant waste has damaged rivers, streams and lakes, and 123 where it has tainted underground water sources, according to an AP investigation by Dina Cappiello and Seth Borenstein. Nearly three quarters of the 1,727 coal mines in the U.S. have not been inspected in five years to see if they are following water pollution laws, according to the same investigation, which cites these and other alarming findings about coal pollution.

Those numbers don’t even include pollution by companies in related industries, like Freedom Industries, the chemical company behind this month’s spill of coal-cleaning solvent MCHM.

Even West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has expressed uncertainty about water quality after the spill.

“It’s your decision,” Gov. Tomblin told reporters at a press conference on Monday. “If you do not feel comfortable drinking or cooking with this water then use bottled water. I’m not going to say absolutely, 100 percent that everything is safe. But what I can say is if you do not feel comfortable, don’t use it.”

Yet bringing up environmental concerns is a good way to make enemies in coal-dependent West Virginia, as Stanley knows.

“I’ve had threats, sure,” he says. “But I’ve got some friends and they look out for me.”

As an illustration of what he’s been up against Stanley grabs a sign that says “SAVE COAL, END THE EPA.” A campaign sign for leading local Republican Senate candidate Pat McGeehan, that kind of outlook wins a lot of votes in this region.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mchm-is-nothing-new-in-our-water-2014-1#ixzz2rLBxOf3N


aries: this year is not about the discursive, it is about the flesh. dig into yourself. unzip your skin and climb out and look around. rearrange yourself, fit a little better in your small places, pay attention to your bigness and your fastness. walk the talk and stop running. you are not given the fast way out, and it will take forever, and it is the only thing. with your soft and careful archaeological tools, uncover your most authentic self. tell messy truths. let the sun touch your skin at last. never stop breathing.

taurus: and now you get the nice thing! be comfortable. trust your gut when the others fall apart. your home will be closer to what you want it to be, maybe too close for comfort. how would it be to be content at last? stay the course. when you are frightened, slow down. let the soft mammal of your body learn new tricks. put some trust in the way things are going, put some home in your favorite shoes. this year is a steady plodding, squelchy toes in a tidepool. be there when the sun sets.

gemini: make a home in your heart for other people. teach them what you know about making things feel right and look right. be comfy but not too comfy. let in the new year like a stray cat. when it knocks over your favorite cup, pet it on the back, give it a name, find a new cup. carry your home inside you so the roof can’t leak. this year, trade your exoskeleton for an endoskeleton. trade your carapace for a spine. let your belly be translucent. let it glow.

cancer: you have spent so long making your skin into a home for other people but now your place is tangible, touch the curtains, kiss the sink, turn on the faucet. those waters you have been collecting in your rain barrel hands, now they are put to work, now they make the warm bath, make the tea kettle whistle. don’t second guess it. don’t let it fester. open it up but don’t give it away. do not give yourself away. the flow is unblocked. bask. your body is taking shape, go home.

leo: pushing people away is over. you deserve the people you have and they deserve you. treasure them, treasure yourself in a way that is honest and solitary and warm and tough. love yourself like an enormous redwood, roots so deep not even the strongest wind can shake you, let a long haired kid settle in your upper branches. love yourself harder and better and slower than ever before. give and you shall receive. open up. the movement is easier than you anticipate. slide into the dreamy.

virgo: this year you shed the indecision and waiting. you take it off like restrictive clothes, and cannot believe how you forgot this ease of movement. crack your knuckles, crack your toes. this year is about making the move: get down to it. let yourself be a little out of control, a little naked, let everything you touch multiply and turn to gold. be an alchemist, be a witch. the conditions are correct, so complete the transformation. the time is now.

libra: stay open, stay tender. be around as many children as you can. don’t forget how to be small and naive, how to run and skin your knees, don’t forget the taste of pears, of strawberry soda, of dirt, of morning. keep your balance like only you know how to do, but don’t be afraid to fall down. your blood will clot and you will get up again and again. if you scar, the shape will be a map.

scorpio: this is a time of dizzying growth. it is a blood rush in the morning, it makes everyone a little dreamy in your presence. expand your sphere, your world can get bigger, you can get bigger, you have places to be. the growing pains are smaller than you think. if you stay in this place you might never leave, but the portal is open, and your boots are sturdy, and it smells like spring. what are you waiting for?

sagittarius: this is the year to make a trade. let go of everything you’ve been carrying and exchange it for better, kinder baggage. let your dreams haunt you so bad they chase out all the other ghosts: let your body be beautiful. refill the bucket of desires. go out in the world and want things. let yourself be given what you ask for, because you ask for it with grace and need. tie your dreams like a cape around your neck and jump off the cliff. with a good knot they will hold you up.

capricorn: your plans might be eclipsed by plans that are shaped differently, but still plans that are big and bright and warm. it hurts to be wrong, so don’t be wrong. cozy up next to change on the couch, invite change to dinner, when change asks to kiss you, say yes. the best and most essentials parts of you and yours cannot be shaken, cannot be shifted. you can’t be wrong if you don’t know. let the water push you, let the wind, when your tectonic plates shift it will make a beautiful valley, and the highway there leads home.

aquarius: set an example for yourself. do as much as you can as well as you can. when you fail, fail spectacularly. let your missteps be endearing. people are making a place for you, but you have to let yourself get held, you have to get close enough to smell one another. let yourself trust the swaying bridge of other people. they will get you where you’re going. you are drawing the map now. you may begin to make the pattern from which the other crystals will stack.

pisces: all this time, there is a simple answer. it is hiding in plain sight, it is the thing that feels the easiest. work hard to find the thing, work hard to make it bigger. grow it like a cabbage, grow it like a baby. trust yourself to know. trust yourself to do it right even if you can’t do it, even if you don’t know how. make more of the thing that makes you feel the shiniest part of yourself. wrap yourself in it like a rhinestone blanket. shimmer all the time.