upper branches


See that odd shape on the mountain top? That’s Don Blankenship’s house, as seen from Rte 119 in South Williamson, Ky. If you don’t know, he’s a Big Coal exec whose greed and deliberate disregard of mine safety rules resulted in the death of 29 coal miners. 

He is literally looking down on Appalachians from his gigantic mountain top mansion. If this isn’t an image representing what’s wrong with this country, and the state of income inequality and class warfare and the fight for the lives and souls of our region, then I don’t know what is.


My current main altar setup. It’s a work in progress as I’m fairly new to witchcraft.

I DIYed a lot of this. I made the pentacle myself, carved the symbols on the candles, dried the herbs and collected all the tree parts.

Our tree recently lost a huge section of its upper branches thanks to 90mph winds. So I gathered a lot of branches, bark, and twigs from the downed portion. I gave offerings to the tree to thank it and ease its recovery.

Dollar store candles are super easy to spruce up. Mechanical pencils work great for carving sigils or runes into candles.

Everything I didn’t make myself was most likely an eBay purchase. You can get great deals on witch supplies there.

pang after pang

@vldangstweek March 20th: Injury

Shiro is excited to go home.

The Garrison’s accelerated post-secondary education program is grueling, and while in the end, he’s sure it’ll be worth it, as it stands now…he doesn’t remember the last time he got more than three consecutive hours of sleep, his laundry is piled up because he’s honestly just too tired to deal with it all, and on top of the sheer burnout that comes with intensive classes intended to prepare an individual to go to space is just.

He’s struggling to hold it together enough to get through these last few classes, and then he’s on his way home. Before night comes, he’ll be back at home with his parents and Keith, and he can see what’s been bothering Keith so intensely. Because something’s up, and he can see it in the way Keith won’t text him unless he needs a question answered, and in the way he won’t speak on the phone for more than a moment or two, and in how those few moments when he will talk to Shiro, he’ll be quiet and subdued.

He doesn’t think it’s anything too serious, but Shiro is also well aware that his attention has been mostly diverted towards his classwork, of late, and he’s letting Keith slip through the cracks, but there’s not much he can do about that right now. He just has to get through today, and then he can pay attention to Keith.

He’s looking forward to it, to be honest. He misses his brother.

Finally, finally, finally, his last class ends, and as soon as humanly possible, Shiro has his bag and is out the Garrison door and on the train home. He usually hates the train—it’s crowded and loud and cramped, but today, he doesn’t mind. Everyone else seems to be filled with the same lethargy he has, and he can just. Sit. And lean his head against the window, and think.

Keith’s been…quiet, lately. Not enough to concern their parents, Shiro thinks, because they haven’t brought anything up to him—but then again, he has been away for a few months, and Keith’s at an age where he might not want to get all caught up in telling things to his parents. Still, Shiro’d like to keep judgements for after he’s actually talked to Keith. He doesn’t want to make snap judgements, not for something as important as potentially his entire relationship with his younger brother.

Shiro closes his eyes and just feels—the cool glass sticking to his forehead, the rumbling of the train over the tracks, the faint headache creeping up at the edges of his head, his heartbeat that’s just a few beats too fast (a remnant of the past month of over caffeination and stress and not enough sleep), his tense shoulders.

He’s so tired.

He dozes, for the rest of the ride home. It’s not the most restful sleep, but it’s a solid five hours—it’s more than he’s had in the past week, so he wakes up at his stop feeling more coherent than he has in what feels like forever.

Walking back from the train stop, his bag swung over his shoulder, Takashi Shirogane is going home, and he’s so glad. He’s missed these familiar streets, these comfortable patterns of life. It’s peaceful.

(Well, it is until he turns the corner.)

Shiro’s parents live on a corner, but he walks up along the side and turns to get to the front yard, where there’s a sturdy, tall tree in the front. When he was younger, he loved to climb it—and apparently Keith’s learned to do the same thing.

He turns, and it’s like a slow-motion crash.

The sky is bright, brilliant blue. The tree, impossibly tall, stands with its leaves waving gently in the wind. Keith is sitting amongst the upper branches, laughing at something Shiro can’t see. Shiro barely has time to smile and drop his bags before he sees the disaster occur.

Keith leans too far back, just the slightest bit, and Shiro can see his eyes widen and he can hear him gasp as he falls, leaves ripping apart as Keith crashes down.

Shiro runs toward the tree, but Keith falls faster than Shiro can make it across the yard and Shiro has to watch his little brother hit the ground and bounce.

He doesn’t get up, and Shiro is at his side almost immediately, babbling and shouting in terror. He doesn’t remember what he’s saying—something about Keith being hurt and Keith please God open your eyes Keith please—and he’s so scared and before he knows it his father is pulling him back, emergency services are lifting Keith onto a stretcher, and their mother is getting into the ambulance as it shrieks off.

Shiro can’t breathe.

He’s on the ground again, hands bracing him from behind as he stares up at his father. He can see his reflection in his father’s glasses—wide eyes, and absolutely terrified.

He doesn’t know what to do.

His father helps him up, and then they’re in the car, driving towards the hospital.

Shiro just keeps seeing Keith hit the ground on replay in his mind—the way his head had landed against the ground, bouncing and hitting it again and then staying achingly still.

Then they’re in the waiting room, and a nurse is talking to Shiro soothingly, trying to convince him that he’s in shock and he needs to sit down and she’s probably right but he can’t just sit and wait for news he doesn’t want to be taken care of he wants to know if his brother is okay he just—he’s hyperventilating. Maybe the nurse has a point.

It feels like forever later (Shiro never did learn how long they waited, and he never asked, to be honest) that a doctor comes out and tells them that Keith’s fine—stunned, a broken arm from hitting branches on the way down, bruised ribs, and a mild concussion from hitting the ground—but he’s alive and awake and he’ll be just fine.

Shiro doesn’t believe it until he sees Keith, small and pale and bruised but sitting up and talking to their mother softly from his hospital bed. As soon as Keith turns and sees him, he grins brightly, and Shiro can finally breath again, and his hands stop trembling.

He makes his way over to Keith, and cautiously pulls him into a tight hug, squeezing his eyes shut.

He was so, so scared. Keith is only twelve—he’s too young to be terrifying his brother like this.

Keith whispers, softly, but Shiro hears him all the same.

“I could hear you, you know. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I knew you were there. You’re always there, when I need you to be.”

They never talk about it, later, and Shiro honestly isn’t sure if Keith even meant to say it out loud, but he did all the same and Shiro knows what it means that Keith even though that, about him. He just holds him tighter, and feels the tension leave them both with every breath.

(Four years later, Shiro is lost to space, and every time he goes to sleep he faces that moment when Keith hit the ground, except in these dreams he doesn’t wake up, because Shiro’s not there for him when he needs it. Not anymore.)

But right now, in this moment, Shiro cradles his younger brother and swears to himself that he won’t ever be too late ever again.

(He doesn’t realize until he’s back at school that he never did get around to figuring out what was up with Keith.)

At the center of the Norse spiritual cosmos is an ash tree, Yggdrasil (pronounced “IG-druh-sill”; Old Norse Askr Yggdrasils), which grows out of the Well of Urd (Old Norse Urðarbrunnr). The Nine Worlds are held in the branches and roots of the tree. The name Askr Yggdrasils probably strikes most modern people as being awkwardly complex. It means “the ash tree of the horse of Yggr.” Yggr means “The Terrible One,” and is a byname of Odin. The horse of Odin is Sleipnir. This may seem like a puzzling name for a tree, but it makes sense when one considers that the tree as a means of transportation between worlds is a common theme in Eurasian shamanism. Odin rides Sleipnir up and down Yggdrasil’s trunk and through its branches on his frequent journeys throughout the Nine Worlds. “Urd” (pronounced “URD”; Old Norse Urðr, Old English Wyrd) means “destiny.” The Well of Urd could therefore just as aptly be called the Well of Destiny. One of the poems in the Poetic Edda, Völuspá or “The Insight of the Seeress,” describes the scene thus:

There stands an ash called Yggdrasil,
A mighty tree showered in white hail.
From there come the dews that fall in the valleys.
It stands evergreen above Urd’s Well.

From there come maidens, very wise,
Three from the lake that stands beneath the pole.
One is called Urd, another Verdandi,
Skuld the third; they carve into the tree
The lives and destinies of children.

These three maidens are the Norns, and their carvings consist of runes, the magical alphabet of the ancient Germanic peoples. In addition to the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds, several beings live in, on, or under the tree itself. The Eddic poem Grímnismál, “The Song of the Hooded One,” mentions many of them – but, unfortunately, only in passing. An anonymous eagle perches in the upper branches of the tree. A number of dragons or snakes, most notably Nidhogg, gnaw at the roots from below. A squirrel, Ratatosk, carries messages (presumably malicious ones) between Nidhogg and the eagle. Four deer, Dain, Dvalin, Duneyr, and Dyrathror, nibble the highest shoots.

It’s important to keep in mind that the image of Yggdrasil and the Well of Urd is a myth, and therefore portrays the perceived meaning or essence of something rather than merely describing the thing’s physical characteristics. Yggdrasil and the Well of Urd weren’t thought of as existing in a single physical location, but rather dwell within the invisible heart of anything and everything. Fundamentally, this image expresses the indigenous Germanic perspective on the concepts of time and destiny. As Paul Bauschatz points out in his landmark study The Well and the Tree: World and Time in Early Germanic Culture, Yggdrasil and the Well of Urd correspond to the two tenses of Germanic languages. Even modern English, a Germanic language, still has only two tenses: 1) the past tense, which includes events that are now over (“It rained”) as well as those that began in the past and are still happening (“It has been raining”), and 2) the present tense, which describes events that are currently happening (“It is raining”). Unlike Romance languages such as Spanish or French, for example, Germanic languages have no true future tense. Instead, they use certain verbs in the present tense to express something similar to futurity, such as “will” or “shall” (“I will go to the party” or “It shall rain”). Rather than “futurity,” however, what these verbs express could more accurately be called “intention” or “necessity.”

The Well of Urd corresponds to the past tense. It is the reservoir of completed or ongoing actions that nourish the tree and influence its growth. Yggdrasil, in turn, corresponds to the present tense, that which is being actualized here and now.
What of intention and necessity, then? This is the water that permeates the image, flowing up from the well into the tree, dripping from the leaves of the tree as dew, and returning to the well, where it then seeps back up into the tree. Here, time is cyclical rather than linear. The present returns to the past, where it retroactively changes the past. The new past, in turn, is reabsorbed into a new present, whose originality is an outgrowth of the give-and-take between the waters of the well and the the waters of the tree.

This provides a framework within which we can understand the Germanic view of destiny. The residents of the Well of Urd, the Norns, design the earliest form of the destinies of all of the beings who live in the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil, from humans to slugs to gods to giants. In contrast to the Greek concept of fate, however, all beings who are subject to destiny have some degree of agency in shaping their own destiny and the destinies of others – this is the dew that falls back into the well from the branches of the tree, accordingly reshaping the past and its influence upon the present. All beings do this passively; those who practice magic do it actively. (In fact, one could accurately say that, in the surviving accounts of the practice of magic in ancient Germanic societies, magic is viewed as being precisely the process of gaining a greater degree of control over destiny.) There is no absolutely free will, just as there is no absolutely unalterable fate; instead, life is lived somewhere between these two extremes. 

Caught in a Tree

The Iron Husbands edition (T’tony version here) ((Includes cats))

“Rhodeyyyy I need your help.” Tony pleads, grabbing onto Rhodey’s sleeve and dragging him toward the quad. Rhodey waves to his friends, but allows Tony to drag him to the big oak tree outside the engineering building. 

“What are we doing here?” Rhodey asks, Tony releases his sleeve and points up into the tree. 

“So, I finished HELI earlier.” Tony starts, and Rhodey beams at him, proud. Tony had been working on the little flying robot for weeks, and he’d finished it. 

“That’s awesome dude, nice job.” Rhodey cheers, and Tony blushes, rubbing at the back of his neck. It’s fucking adorable. 

“Yeah, but HELI is now stuck up there.” Tony points up again, and squints. Rhodey looks up too, seeing a flash of silver in the upper branches. “I can get it, but I can’t reach the first branch.” Tony says, jumping up to demonstrate. 

“I’ll boost you.” Rhodey offers, linking his fingers together. Tony steps into his grip and manages to pull himself up onto the branch. 

“Thank’s Rhodey, you’re the best!” Tony cheers, and Rhodey is glad he can’t see the flush on his cheeks. Tony is busy scrambling up the tree to get to HELI. “I got him!” Tony calls down, and Rhodey can hear him speaking softly to the little robot. “I’ve got you HELI, you’re okay.” 

“Fucking adorable.” Rhodey mumbles to himself. 

“Rhodey, I can’t drop HELI, but I need to climb down.” Tony informs him, and Rhodey looks up, seeing the large robot gripped in Tony’s hands, and the wary look he’s giving the ground, he laughs. 

“I’ll catch him if you drop him down to me!” Rhodey offers. Tony looks aghast and his face goes white as he once again looks at the ground. 

“Not dropping him, I’m a genius, I’ll figure it out.” Tony decides, moving one foot off the branch. Rhodey stifles another laughing fit. 

“Let me help you genius!” Rhodey calls, Tony scowls down at him. 

“I am an independent man!” Tony replies clutching HELI to his chest. “I will save myself and my new child, just you watch!” Rhodey nearly busts a gut laughing. “Why are you laughing at me?” Tony whines.

“You’re stuck in a tree, like the adorable idiot you are?” Rhodey says, cracking up.

“Idiot?” Tony screeches, nearly falling off his branch in outrage. “Adorable.” He whispers to himself. Rhodey keeps laughing. “I may be small, but I will beat you up.” 

“From up there?” Rhodey asks, grabbing onto the branch to pull himself into the tree.

“Just you wait ‘till I get down from here!” Tony cries, moving one foot to the branch below him. Rhodey can see his knees shaking. 

“Stop moving, I’m coming to get you.” Rhodey says, moving quickly up the tree. Tony groans. 

“I would have figured it out.” He declares, passing the robot down to Rhodey. “I’m trusting you with my child.” Tony informs him seriously. Rhodey nods back. 

“Don’t worry cutie, let’s get you down from here.” Rhodey says, holding HELI under one arm, and working his way slowly down the tree. Tony follows behind him.

“Cutie, fucking cutie, I’m a badass beautiful genius, you’re the cutie.” Tony mumbles. 

“Thank you.” Rhodey replies, and Tony’s foot slips a little. “No flirting in the tree, got it.” Rhodey assures him. Tony snorts.

Pan’s Pet pt4

warnings: WHAT A TWIST, swearing, sorta nudity maybe???

Word Count: 1,734


part 3

I stayed sitting in the doorway to my tent listening to the island. I watched as constellations I didn‘t recognise overhead appeared and disapeared as the world turned. 

It was silent save for the snoring, until I heard someone running through the woods. I stood immediately and looked around. The running stopped and I could hear heavy breathing somewhere to my left, so I ran.

I ran in the opposite direction. To Pan’s treehouse. I heard them following me as I used my strength and speed to launch myself up to the balcony of the treehouse.

   “Pan!” I huffed as I burst through the door.

   “Shit!” he shouted as he flipped over to fast in his bed and smacked his face on the bed frame. “What the hell Y/N?”

   “Sorry!” I looked outside nervously. “I heard someone running around in the woods and kind freaked out. It’s gotta be around 3am so teenage boys casually going for a run in the woods doesn’t seem logical,”

He grumbled nonsense about it being later than 3am as he stood from the bed. It was then I realised he was only in his underwear.

   “Oh gosh!” I said quickly turning around and slapping my hands over my eyes. “I’m sorry I-I-_ didn’t-”

   “Calm down have you never seen a shirtless boy before?” I swear I heard him raise his eyebrow.

   “Of course I have it’s just- I’m not- I’m-” I stammered a little, trying to find the right words but I gave up. “I’m- uhh… you’re technically naked,”

   “Yeah okay well,” I heard shuffling of fabric and a slight grunt as he pulled on his pants. “”I’m dressed now you can stop having a fit,”

I turned back and growled when I saw he only put pants on and was still lacking a shirt.

   “Jees,” he held up his hands in submission. “Someones testy,”

I glared at him as he put his shirt on.

   “Now,” he looked out before guiding me in and shutting the door. “What’s going on?”

I explained what happened and all the while his face showed concern.

   “I haven’t sensed anyone new on the island so it had to have been one of the boys,” he said thoughtfully. “Or maybe that blasted fairy,”

   “A fairy?”  I frowned, recalling the Peter Pan story. “Tinkerbell?”

   “How did you know?” He leant casually against his windowsill and crossed his arms. 

   “Just stories I’ve heard,” I shrugged. 

   "You’ve heard stories of me then?“ He smirked proudly.  

   "Yeah,” I sat down cross-legged on the floor. “Where i come from we know of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as a fairytale.  Although there weren’t this many boys. Or cages. And you’re portrayed as around 13 years old,”

    “Sheesh,” he grimaced slightly. “I know I’m all for not growing up but 13 was an awful time,”

    “Well how old are you?” I asked.

    “I’m honestly not sure,” he put his hand to his chin thoughtfully. “I’ve been here so long I guess I lost track. I think I’m around 17 though. If you take away the centuries I’ve been here,”

   "Centuries…“ I repeated. He nodded but was quiet for a while.

   "Anyway do you want me to check out what you heard?” He said finally, pushing himself off of the windowsill and offering me his hand. 

   "No that’s okay,” I hugged myself nervously. “I just wigged out a little,”

   “Okay well,” he shuffled his feet on the ground as he thought of what to suggest. “The sun will be up in about 2 hours. Do you want to go back to sleep?”

   “I don’t think I could to be honest,” I admitted with a sigh.

   “Well then do you want to go to the beach?” he smiled and held out his hand.

   “It’s cold out though,” I looked at him skeptically. 

   “The air is cold but the water never is,” he grinned even wider.

   “Alright fine,” I took his hand and the next thing I knew we were standing on the beach.

I looked out over the horizon to the large low moon, maybe a week off being full.

   “We’re on the other side of the island if you want to shift,” the caution in Pan’s voice was evident but he sounded hopeful.

   “I have no reason to,” I said, still looking at the moon. “I’ve gone a long time without shifting I can wait a little longer,”

   “Okay well I’m going swimming,” he suddenly ran past me in just his shorts.

He waded out about knee deep before collapsing backwards into the soft waves with a laugh.

   “You coming?” he called.

I rolled my eyes but kicked my shoes off. I stripped down to my singlet and underwear and waded out to Pan’s side. I was surprised by the warmth of the water given the chill in the air. But the island was always warm during the day so I s’pose the water didn’t lose it’s heat over night

Once in deep enough waters I dived under and pushed my hair back as I resurfaced. I think now would be a good time to let Pan in on my little secret.

   “So I have a question,” i said as I lay back on the water and kicked lightly, swimming around Pan.

   “Ask away,” he said shaking out his wet hair.

   “Where are the lost girls?” I asked, floating on my back.

   “There are no lost girls,” he laughed softly. “Why? Aren’t we good enough for you?”

   “Well this place is a total sausage fest,” I giggled in return. “Who the hell am I meant to flirt with?”

   “I have no idea what a sausage fest is but I’m guessing it’s bad,” he looked at me confused when he suddenly smirked. “You could always flirt with me,”

   “Sorry pal,” i stood up and shrugged with a grin. “You’re not my type,”

   “Oh come one,” he splashed water at me. “If I’m not your type then what is? Felix? The Tall Muscular type? Or maybe Alfie? The Over-Exited Nerd type?”

   “My type is female,” I said simply.

   “Oh,” he honestly looked disappointed. But then he gave a cheeky smile. “Well sucks for you being the only girl,”

   “What about Tinkerbell?” I kicked the water lazily. “She cute?”

   “Yeah no she’s like 30,” he scoffed. “So not only are you the only girl, but the first lost girl is a gay werewolf… you gotta love that,”

   “Wow okay,” I laughed. “Oh, by the way, a sausage fest is a party of all boys,”

   “Makes sense,” He suddenly stood quickly and looked out over the horizon where the sun was lighting up the sky in a soft pink. “Right now we have more important things to worry about, look,“

I followed his gaze and saw a dark shape coming round the island.

   “What is that?” I said, squinting my eyes in an attempt to see clearer.

   “That is a pirate ship,” he scowled and started walking back to the beach.

   “Pirates?” I questioned and followed him. “You mean Captain Hook?”

   “You know of him from the stories I’m guessing?” he grumbled as we reached the sand.

I nodded and pulled on my jeans and held my hoodie and tshirt in a ball in my hands.

   “We better go warn the others,” Pan took a hold of my arm and we were in the middle of the Lost Boys camp. Some boys were awake and gathering breakfast.

   “Felix?” Pan called. Felix stood from a log by the fire and waited for Pan to continue. “Gather the boys. We have company,”

Felix barked some instructions and the lost boys all huddled around Pan and I.

   “Hook is back,” Pan shouted to the boys. They all had serious looks “I don’t want him or his crew attacked. I don’t want him or his crew spoken to. I want them observed. I don’t know why they’re here but I want to know. What ever it is it’s probably going to get exciting so follow the rules until I state otherwise,”

He crossed his arms and the boys took this as a signal that he was finished speaking. They all took off running in different directions. I could see some climbing trees and I could hear branched crack from weight as boys jumped from tree to tree making their way to the beach in the upper branches.

   “What should I do?” I turned to Pan. 

   “Whatever you want really,” he shrugged. “The pirates won’t do anything unless provoked… I think… But if that’s not true the boys can handle themselves,”

   “Uhm okay,” I pivoted and thought of something to do. “Can I just go do the same as the boys?”

   “Yeah go,” he smiled like he was distracted but I turned and ran in the direction I saw Alfie go.

I found his scent and followed it until I could hear a 3 heartbeats above me.

I looked up and Alfie and 2 others were perched in the trees over head.

   “Oi!” I waved to them.

   “SHH!” they responded in unison.

   “Gees,” I whispered. 

I took 3 steps back, then with a running start I jump up to the branch just bellow one of them. He looked about 16 with dark hair and freckles.

   “Why did you guys shush me?” I said quietly. “What are we hiding from?”

They all looked at me astonished that I jumped that high.

   “The pirates docked just over there,” Alfie pointed to the beach.

I sniffed the air, ignoring the looks form the boys.

   “They stink,” I screwed up my face in distaste. “They also have barrels of wine,”

   “How do you know?” the dark hair boys asked.

   “She’s a werewolf,” Alfie said proudly.

   “Neat,” The dark hair boy extended his hand. “I’m Devin,”

I took his hand and smiled warmly.

   “I’m Curly,” the other boy said snatching my hand from Devin and shaking it enthusiastically.

   “Y/N,” I smiled. “Pleased to meet you both,”

Loud, gruff voices caught my attention and I put my finger to my lips, signaling the boys to be quiet.

My heart began pounding in my chest. My blood was hot and my muscles were vibrating.

I was breathing heavily and I gripped the branch I sat on for reassurance.,

   “Y/N are you okay?” Alfie ask.

   “Yeah,” I breathed. “Just a little out of practice that’s all,”

I felt my fingers itch as my claws grew. 

I heard one of the boys gasp. I looked at them apologetically as I hid my claws by hold my hands to my chest.

   “I’m sorry,” I said shakily. “I have to go,”

I jumped down despite their protests, and I ran as fast and far as I could.


Haootia, from the Late Ediacaran of Newfoundland, Canada (~560 mya). Named after the Beothuk word “haoot”, meaning “demon”, it measured about 5cm in diameter (2″) and preserves the earliest known evidence of muscle fibers.

Based on the presence of muscles and its fourfold symmetry, it’s been identified as a cnidarian polyp – making it one of the only members of the Ediacaran biota with a clear relationship to other animal groups.

Grounding Affirmations

While I am doing a grounding meditation, I often use these affirmations to keep me grounded. I just wanted to share! 💖 These are simple reminders.

🌼 I am grounded.

🌼 I am rooted.

🌼 I am stable and steady.

🌼 I am me.

🌼 I am secure.

🌼 I am safe.

🌼 I am stable.

🌼 Like a tree, my roots are planted into the ground. At the same time, my branches reach out to the universe, to the divine, to the sky.

(Think of your lower chakras more as your roots, and upper chakras as the branches)

While doing this simple meditation I picture the earth’s energy reaching up to me and healing me.

Spider sleuth and the case of a missing MJ



Warnings: none

Note: mj in the movie seems so closed off that I cannot see her bonding with peter anytime soon, unless Peter actively tries to get her to open up. This is part 1 of a two part story where I try to explore the possibilities. Enjoy!


The cafeteria was as noisy as it could get on any regular Tuesday. Peter and Ned sat at their usual table. They’d had a particularly treacherous Spanish quiz that morning. But lunch hour usually brought much more exciting thoughts to one’s head. Peter had begun to realise that he was immensely greatful for having Ned to share his spider exploits with. Even though he didn’t necessarily think he needed a ‘guy in the chair’, having a friend with whom to share the thrill of his adventures made it a million times more enjoyable. Lunch was the perfect time to discuss about the escapades of the day before without being interrupted- well, almost.

MJ had just carelessly dropped a large book and her lunch tray onto their table and sat down noisily. It was only MJ though, and she didn’t seem to care about anything, or anyone, let alone spiderman.

“Man, you’ve got to do something about the gashes!” Ned said, gesturing at his face as he took a hungry bite from his sandwich.

“Yeah, May’s make-up can only do so much…” Peter absently scratched the spot just below his left ear, where he had desperately tried to cover an ugly gash, acquired from a fight that he’d had the previous day. “ If only spider powers included super healing!” He sighed.

“Well, even spiderman can’t have everything! ” Ned chuckled admiringly.
“ What if though, ” said Peter , his eyes lighting up, as it often did when he had a sudden jolt of inspiration, “ what if we could make this-”
Ned stopped him mid sentence with a well aimed kick under the table. A sign that someone was listening.

Peter turned his head around and immediately caught MJ looking his way. Their eyes met for the smallest fraction of a second. He had just started noticing how striking her eyes were before she hurriedly looked back down at her book again. Man! In moments like these, he never could tell whether she was actually listening or was just lost in her own weird world.

But it was only MJ. It really didn’t bother him as much as it would have, for instance, if it was Flash who was looking his way. He didn’t know why.

As he was contemplating all this, he noticed something. From through the parting of MJ’s shabby hair that fell to the side of her face as she bent down to read her book, he could make out a purple bruise spreading from under her eye, down her cheek bone.

For some reason, this made the hair on the back of his neck stand. He always sported bruises like these on various parts of his body. But seeing it on another person… a regular, normal person was somehow Unsettling.

He didn’t mention what he saw to Ned. She must’ve been hiding her bruise, just like he was. She had clearly tried to cover it up with something. It was only because of the light falling directly on her face that he could see it.

It was crazy how busy Peter’s life had gotten now. He barely had time to do his homework, thanks to the spiderman gig. The fact that mid terms were around the corner didn’t help his situation. And so, further thoughts about this incident were driven out of Peter’s head.

Michelle didn’t come to school the next day though. Or the day after that.

“Weird! I’ve never seen her skip a day of school before!! Let alone decathlon practise! ” Cindy said thoughtfully on the second day of MJ’s absence.
“Yeah, two days in a row. It’s almost scary!” Said Mr Harrington , looking weirdly into the distance.

Peter looked nervously towards Ned, who shrugged. This couldn’t have been related to the bruise, could it? Was she in trouble of some sort? Had he made a mistake, not asking her about it immediately? Or was her absence unrelated and she was just down with a really bad flu or something?

He suddenly felt prickling goosebumps over his skin and ducked just in time to avoid a world history textbook thrown by Flash from smacking him straight in the face.

“ Nice save, Pete!” Said Ned , with a wink.

“Stop daydreaming, Penis Parker! As deputy captain, I really think you need to step up your game!”

That annoying piece of shit.

“ Who the hell made you the deputy captain, Flash? ” Cindy retorted.


Man, there was nothing more exhilarating than traveling through Queens via rooftops. Peter swung onto the top of a building and landed lightly. This was a perfect spot for a lookout, so he squatted on top of the parapet, taking in his surroundings.

There were all sorts of people going about their bussiness on the streets of Queens. People he would never have noticed when he was just being Peter. For instance, there was always this homeless dude that walked through 174th street, humming to himself. There he goes now. Now a mum and her two bickering children were walking fast, trying to hail a taxi. And there was Michelle, walking past Mr Delmar’s sandwich shop…


Peter crawled over the parapet vertically onto the outer wall of the building, to get a closer look at her. She was walking casually with her hands in the pockets of her jeans. If she could be out on the streets like this, why did she skip school?

“What’re you up to, MJ?” Peter whispered.

She walked a few yards ahead and stopped abruptly, looking around her as if to make sure that no one was looking and then, suddenly disappeared into the side street between the buildings.

Peter immediately swung ahead using a streetlamp nearby as a pivot and landed on the side of the next building. He crawled over the corner, the side street was now visible below.

Michelle was there alright. In the middle of the deserted lane. Bent over a cat and her three kittens, she was petting them and feeding them cat food from her pocket.

“Okay, I don’t know what I expected tbh, but this sure wasn’t it.” Peter whispered incredulously.

MJ immediately turned her head towards the sound of the whisper. It took all of Peter’s agility to climb up to the roof of the building before Michelle could look up properly.

That was close!

He peeped ever so slightly from over the parapet to find that MJ was already walking on ahead, a little faster this time.

Trying his best to be inconspicuous, Peter followed her from rooftop to rooftop for about another block until she walked into the compound of an apartment building.

Peter swung himself onto a tree nearby and landed lightly in a squat. He watched as she opened the door to what surely was her apartment when he felt a sudden rush of goosebumps on the back of his neck.

Before he could do anything or react, the branch he was squatted on gave away. He shot a string of webs onto an upper branch to avoid falling, ass first to the ground.

So there he was, hanging awkwardly from a tree that he almost fell out of, facing a thoroughly shook MJ in front of her house.

Just another day at spiderville, everybody! Just another day. 

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Part 3:


Imagine Frodo falling out of a tree while drawing you.
  • Author: Eleanor
  • Fandom: Lord of the rings / The Hobbit 
  • Pairing: Frodo x Reader
  • Gender: Female
  • Word count: 627
  • Triggers/warnings: none

You were sitting against one of the trees in the forest you always went to with your friend Pippin. The two of you usually hung out here but this time it was just you, no Pippin. You were actually hoping to get away from all of that for a moment, of course Pippin is your best friend but he can be a real goofball sometimes and just like any other time the two of you got into trouble. But Pippin made sure to say that you had nothing to do with it, which was a big lie of course but you were happy that he did that. You owed him, big time.

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The Adventure of a Lifetime - Chapter 16 - ravensnwritingdesks - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

New chapter up now… in which we have words spoken and revelations made.

Retreating with a grin, Newt grabbed one of the large, red fruit from the top of the pile and had a hearty bite before heading off into the garden again. She took a moment to watch him go back to work… all sweaty and disheveled, since he’d been climbing through the upper branches of their apple tree all morning.

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Highlanders - Sparrows by Bruno Biazotto

They are fast, skilled, they are light and resistant. Live perched on the upper branches of tall trees that come to light.
Sparrows live in pack patrolling the borders. Smart and bold, touch their music to attract the dark creatures of the Iron Queen.
After a good hunt, usually they gather in lively parties where the music of death turns into a beautiful concert. The songs tell stories of the old traditions of their people, who are now beginning to come together again.


anonymous asked:

Claude and Alois spending time with a mutual s/o.

This one came out longer and it was sooo fun to write, I hope it’s okay ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

You couldn’t count the amount of colourful leafs falling on the ground creating various combinations and shapes, as if it was a canvas of some unknown artist. Magnificent, breathtaking scene was just painted in front of your eyes making you feel like it wasn’t an autumn at all, more likely a poem which absorbed you within and caged inside a fairytale. Long alley seemed like a passion burning tunnel, narrow path leading far away and dissappearing between the trees growing on both sides of the small road, the blue sky contrasting with warm hue of the upper branches. Step by step, you were slowly wandering forward, soft leafs rustling under your shoes in an imitation of a long, red carpet, welcoming you as if you were the honour guest of today’s stroll.

In some sort, you actually were. Alois wasn’t letting go of you since you went out of the mansion, holding to your arm in a loving manner, careful to not hurt you, yet strong enough to remind you how much he didn’t want you to leave. Claude, on the other hand, was at your left, keeping the pace you were walking with, almost shining with the blackness of his clothes on the colourful scenery around you. If it only wasn’t inappriopriate, he would most likely allow himself to lead you his hand but for now he had to swallow the longing and patiently wait for a suitable moment to hold you in his arms, for a single moment at least.

“Aren’t you cold, my lady?” Claude’s soft voice echoed in your mind attracting you toward the butler. He was staring at you without a hint of amusement on pale face, golden eyes even brighter in the daylight, flowing with the consistency and colour of honey.

Before you managed to answer, Alois kicked a pile of leafs scattering them around and therefore tugged to your sleeve to keep the balance. Hearing his butler’s words, he immediatelly turned to you with a smile on the lips.

“If you are, I can borrow you my coat, you know?” he announced.

“There is no need to do such a thing, your highness,” Claude interrupted and for a while you felt like you were in a middle of an invisible battle between these two.

And you weren’t even feeling cold.

“I can’t let you risk your health in a weather like that,” he continued, the tone of his voice becoming low. “Moreover, it is my duty to take care of our precious guest and offer them everything best we can.”

“I’m fine,” you assured, gently getting out of young boy’s grip, feeling as if the butler could make you blush furiously only with his voice. “Really.”

You bend down to pick up a maple’s leaf which had a stunning mosaic of redness and orange on its surface and showed it to Alois as to explanation to why did you just escaped his grasp. It wasn’t exactly the prettiest gift of autumn you have found but still, it clearly made the earl forget about your behaviour. Quickly, yet carefully he took a leaf of your hand, accidentaly stroking your fingers with his and observed it from every side and angle, checking its value.

“We can put it in the book,” you suggested and seeing his confused stare now placed on you, talked further. “If we put it between the pages, it will stay in this form forever.”

“It will loose the colours, though.” Claude muttered half to himself, half for you to hear.

“Not entirely,” you denied sending him a strict look. “They may fade a little but the variety of colours will stay, they will just appear in darker shades.”

The butler blinked and didn’t respond.

“We should collect some more!”

Without a second thought, Alois started looking for a different leafs, those with many colours catching his attention the most. It didn’t stop him in choosing the best ones, throwing away every one which had at least one stain or little damage. Giving him an occupation for some time, you wandered along the path, scattering the leafs with the shoes before finally finding what you were looking for. It was from an oak tree probably, a leaf which you picked up and looked through it at the sky, the sunlight giving it even more intense yellow colour, as if it was possible. You came back to Claude and put it into the pocket in front of his tailcoat.

“It suits your eyes,” you said and smiled to him when his eyebrows moved slightly upward, startled by your words.

The butler bowed and thanked you, subtly kissing the top of your hand, just in the same time when Alois came back to you holding fists of different leafs, promising to put them all into books and sign them also, so he would never forget which exactly day you spent such a nice afternoon with him.

“The Spinal Column is considered the trunk of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah and its subsequent pathway’s or the energy nadi’s of the body are considered the branches.  The lower part of the Tree, near the genital organs, leads one to the underworld of sexual lusts and depravity and this place brings about spiritual death within the lands known as Hell or the worlds of the klipot.  The upper branches of the Tree of Life lead one to the Heavens above in the mind and beyond and these realms lead to spiritual life, back to the Garden of Eden.


There are 33 degrees of the spinal column, or the Tree Trunk, which must be climbed with the Sacred Seed of Alchemy and each ‘step’ or each ‘degree’ leads to higher states of illumination.”

 - Raziyahu

Alchemy & Kabbalah

Jenny Greenteeth is a figure in English folklore. A river hag, similar to Peg Powler or a grindylow, she would pull children or the elderly into the water and drown them. She was often described as green-skinned, with long hair, and sharp teeth. She is called Jinny Greenteeth in Lancashire, but in Cheshire and Shropshire she is called Ginny Greenteeth, Jeannie Greenteeth, Wicked Jenny, or Peg o’ Nell.

She is likely to have been an invention to frighten children from dangerous waters similar to the Slavic Rusalka, the Kappa in Japanese mythology, or Australia’s Bunyip, but other folklorists have seen her as a memory of sacrificial practices. The demon may also lurk in the upper branches of trees at night.

The name is also used to describe pondweed or duckweed, which can form a continuous mat over the surface of a small body of water, making it misleading and potentially treacherous, especially to unwary children. With this meaning the name is common around Liverpool and southwest Lancashire.

Fine Is a Four-Letter Word

So after much discussion with @arthur-tristan-kingsmen and @phantoms-lair, it seemed that Mystery (and what he had to do in the cave) needed some love. So after some aggressive headcanoning, I started writing this piece, which grew until I decided it should be broken into two parts. I’ll have the second part up soon.

Be prepared for some angst. Also, blood and maiming.

Coverart provided by @ectoimp (seriously, commission the hell out of this fabulous artist)

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I had a bittersweet interaction with a dying pine tree in my backyard today. I touched its trunk and looked up toward the top, just spacing out, and then I got these flashes of impressions.

It was passive and peaceful with a slow, labored life force (like an old elephant?); it was aware and fairly accepting of its end. I could have sworn I felt for a moment the wind in its upper branches as if it were in my hair.

The moon danced between them

Pairing: Pinecest / implied Stancest

W/c: 1,929

Warnings/Disclaimer: Fluff out of the wazoo, definitely focuses on Dip and Mabes, stan/ford is a side thing in this

A/n: OK SO I know I normally write stancest, but man I’ve been wanting to read a cute fic about Dip proposing to Mabes and for there to be some family bonding thrown in there plus aesthetic™ and I couldn’t find it soooo (Plus there’s a good bit of dialogue in this, and I’m a slut for dialogue, SOOOOO)

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