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HIIT & ARMS workout –> Burn that fat & Tone your arms!

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@ boob anon: I have larger boobs when I gain and smaller boobs when I'm small. Running is the best way to make them smaller. Don't do any upper body muscle exercises as it makes your breasts more out. Cardio/running is the best solution

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I was wondering if you guys could give me some motivation to work out? I am working out to get more in shape for my top surgery in a few months and I know itll be good for me but my depression and dysphoria is kind of getting in the way. Thank you so much, you guys are such a great blog

Hey friend,
Dysphoria and depression can definitely make working out difficult. I’m not sure what you currently do for working out, but something that might make it a little easier could be to break your workouts down into smaller chunks that you can do at home. For example, you could do push-ups (which are great for your chest!) when you feel up to it. There are a wide variety of push-ups that you could try out so that you’re not doing the same thing over and over. Pull-ups and exercises using dumbbells are also easy to do at home, and committing to doing only a few sets of one or two exercises can make working out seem a lot more manageable than, for example, going to the gym and getting in an entire workout. Below I’ll post some links to body weight upper body exercises that you can do easily from home whenever you feel up to it.
I hope this helps,

Chest bodyweight routine: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/weight-free-upper-body-workout
50 bodyweight exercises: http://greatist.com/fitness/50-bodyweight-exercises-you-can-do-anywhere
Bodyweight exercise chart: 

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Hi! So, I'm ftm (pre everything), and I want to appear more masculine. Do you know of good upper body exercises that don't require anything except yourself (no weights or anything at home, so)?

Since you are working out at home, I found this really helpful guide to working out since you don’t have weights. I hope this helps! Good luck man! 


Devil in Disguise

Sequel to Devil in the Details - A Pietro x Reader Fanfiction

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters: Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Reader/Yourself

Sequel: Deviled Eggs

Warnings: this is fucking long

Synopsis: Two weeks post that night, Pietro’s subtle taunting takes it’s toll.


The cafeteria was a wide open space under a dome of glass; illuminating the circular room in natural light. Sporadically placed were table and chairs, plush lounges, high tables with bar stools; anything to suit your fancy for a enjoyable break. Darcy and yourself were meeting for lunch; Darcy having escaped her laboratory duties and you, freshly bruised and sore from concluding an obstacle session with Barton. Having selected your meals, you trail after Darcy as she navigates her way through the compacted area; inbound for a free table.

You both sit, and in the process you accidentally knock your freshly injured elbow, a gnarly bruise forming. You grimace as you inspect the site. Disorientating thoughts had distracted you for a mere moment while participating in upper body strength exercises. Swinging above the ground from one elevated bar to another; consequentially you missed grabbing the next bar and the momentary shock loosed you grip that held you suspended above the ground, resulting in you falling to the floor, landing on your elbow awkwardly. Grumpily, you had recited the event to Darcy who had cackled in reply. Seeing you inspecting the area, she makes an innocent dig at you.

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Russian Twist (with Partner)
3 sets of 15+ reps

1) Start by both sitting on the floor with your knees bent. Your partner and you should sit about less then arms length apart.
2) One of you starts by holding a kettlebell, dumbbell or weight plate with both hands in front of your chest.
3) Both of you should cross your legs and raise them from the floor. Tense your stomach and lean your upper body back. (Make sure you don’t round your back)
4) Twist your torso to the opposite side of your partner while your partner is doing the same movement. Move back to the center and rotate so that you and your partner are facing one another. While you two are facing each other, hand the weights over. You and your partner repeat this same movement only this time you are without the weight. This gets repeated and the weights get passed between you two.

This is a great exercise for toning up your abs and arms. 

Today's Whole Body Workout

On the cable machine (12 reps)

Backwards Row

Chest Press




(2 Rounds)

With a barbell (12 reps each):


Deadlift ł clean

Deadlift ł clean ł press

Deadlift ł clean ł press ł Squats to failure

(3 rounds. Last round reverse alternate lunges)

Plank ł press ups 30sec ł 3 rounds

Cardio ł ascending pyramid intervals ł 15 mins

This was a fun workout. Going to do it again on Wednesday but with heavier weights on the deadlifts etc Let me know if you try it :-)

Overhead tricep extension useless?

I’ve been recently notified that overhead tricep extensions are no longer effective as “they don’t work your triceps that hard, and  can wreck your elbows and shoulders”. While I think it is not as effective as push ups I find this move helpful especially for beginners.They can feel the tricep working as it suppose to work during this move. It will affect your shoulders and elbows negatively only if you lift weights that are too heavy for you to hold  in a proper position. So, don’t ditch this move out of your workout routine. Just make sure you perform this exercise correct holding proper dumbbells.

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Okay so questions. I reallllllly want to learn but I have no experience nor do I have any upper body strength at the moment. I was wondering if y'all could suggest specific workouts that would help? Tips for a beginner? That kinda stuff?

Hey Darling,

At first, I know it can get really intimidating to see all those awesome dancers online, but the wonderful truth about pole is that you really don’t need any experience or previous training to start doing it. You can just, you know, start.
You will start with easy spins in your first couple of classes and you will only start doing moves and tricks for which you need strength when you have it. Classes generally start with warm up and a little work out which gets you ready for practise and also starts to build up muscles.
So please don’t hesitate to start pole because you think you’re not strong enough. You will be because pole is what makes you strong. 

But, if you still wanna do a little exercise, who am I to say no to that? I’m just gonna tell you what we normally do (though please keep in mind that we are in no way fitness coaches): 
- circling arms and shoulders, both ways
- sit ups, scissor kicks (you can start with 10 and build up to more)
- push ups (same thing, start with 5 (?), then gradually more)
That’s what we normally do for upper body. :)

And generally, my tip for beginners is this: Don’t let yourself be intimidated. There are no qualifications needed to start pole. So go to your first class. It might be scary, but it sure as hell is worth it!

Thank you for asking and please don’t hesitate to ask again if you have more questions! <3