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hello! do you have any pink froggy friends to share?

pink is not too much of a popular for frog but I will show my freinds who are pink

in the wild this boy have a pink belly! 

his name is cayenne stubfoot toad

this boy too! upper amazon stubfoot toad

this boy he have a fancy bright pink squiggle all over, he another type of stubfoot toad.

stubfoot toads are good at pink

in australia there is turtle frog who is one of my best friend, please be kind to her she is beautiful but shy

she a very soft pink, like a flower

also sometimes our friend bufo bufo the common toad come out pink, but that not his regular colour and very hard to find pink he in the wild

inside a house, humans make a pink frog for pretty. But they not live outside.

here is albino grey tree frog

and pink red eye tree frog

they have no colour in they skin anymore so pink happens. but most of time albino frog is yellow.

these are all the pink frog i know! thankyou!!

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Upper Amazon treefrog, Dendropsophus bifurcus by Andreas Kay
Via Flickr:
from Tamandua Reserva Flores, Ecuador: www.flickr.com/andreaskay/sets/72157671181153332


Cargo loads of rubber at Iquitos where Sir Roger Casement (far right) exposed the mistreatment of indigenous peoples by the rubber industries. 

Casement in his report said: “It is the commonest thing to hear on the Upper Amazon a trader speak of “my Indians” or of “my river”…An Indian tribe once “conquered” becomes the exclusive property of the successful assailant, and this lawless claim is recognised as a right over a widely extended region…Needless to say, it has no sanction in law, whether in Peru or any other of the Republics sharing the sovereignty of the remote forests in which it prevails.” (20 July 1912)


Goeldi’s marmoset or Goeldi’s monkey (Callimico goeldii)

Goeldi’s marmoset or Goeldi’s monkey (Callimico goeldii) is a small, South American New World monkey that lives in the upper Amazon basin region of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It is the only species classified in the genus Callimico, and the monkeys are sometimes referred to as “callimicos”.

Goeldi’s marmosets are blackish or blackish-brown in color and the hair on their head and tail sometimes has red, white, or silverly brown highlights.[4] Their bodies are about 8–9 inches (20–23 cm) long, and their tails are about 10–12 inches (25–30 cm) long.


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Rio Olympics

The opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics is being held today at the Maracanã Stadium, and promises to be a spectacular occasion. To mark the opening of the first Olympic Games in Brazil, here’s an introduction into the regions and history of this fascinating and diverse nation.

The Atlantic coast

The Brazilian coastline stretches for almost 8,000 kilometres, lining the Atlantic Ocean with expanses of white dunes and beaches in the far north and Atlantic forest along the south-eastern coast. Gateways for the arrival of European settlers, colonial ports such as Rio de Janeiro and the original capital city of Salvador were built in the 16th century and allowed for the exportation of oil, beef, rubber, and many other desirable sub-tropical commodities, while also receiving African slaves, brought over to work on the plantations.

This is a model of a ‘jangada’, a traditional Brazilian fishing boat which is still in use along some sections of the coast today. Indigenous peoples did not use the sail before the arrival of Europeans but instead made elaborate canoes from large hollowed out trees and boats from timbers lashed together.

Colonial cities

Upon its discovery by Pedro Álvares Cabral in AD 1500, Brazil was claimed for Portugal. Large-scale colonisation of the country began in the 1530s with towns and cities appearing along the coastline. The earliest settlers were more interested in agriculture than imperial expansion, so little effort was made to progress into Brazil’s interior until after 1600. São Paulo, established by Jesuit priests in 1554, was the only non-coastal settlement at this time. From the 1600s, São Paulo began to expand as the infamous bandeirantes set out on expeditions from the settlement, first to capture slaves, then to find gold, which was discovered in Minas Gerais in the 1690s, bringing new settlers to the area.

The belief in the importance of spreading the Christian faith was a central part of the perceived justification for European colonisation. A sympathetic understanding of indigenous culture and language led to success for the missionaries in Brazil, who at times fought against other colonists to prevent the enslavement of the native people.

Besides the Portuguese, other nations were also involved in the colonisation of Brazil. The French made unsuccessful attempts to establish coastal colonies and the Dutch controlled a large area in the north-east of the country between 1581 and 1654. These clogs, similar to Dutch clogs but collected in Brazil, show how European influence and fashion permeated the colonial cities.

The diverse interior

The interior states of Goiás, Tocantins, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and the Federal District of Brasilia are covered by an extraordinary range of ecosystems. Like the neighbouring Amazon region, the Cerrado savannah is another area whose extraordinary biodiversity is threatened by widespread deforestation. Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, lies at the area’s heart. Built in the late 1950s, the concept of a new capital had been discussed since the country became independent in 1822. Moving the capital city from Rio de Janeiro, on the coast, to the centre of the country symbolised the shift from colonial settlement to independent state.

This whistle was created for ceremonies by the Krahô indigenous group who have lived for centuries in the interior regions of Brazil. The whistle is made from the claw of a giant armadillo, a species which inhabits the Cerrado savannah area of Brazil.

The Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest has long been considered a natural and untouched relic of biodiversity but recent research shows that much of this forest landscape has been shaped by past societies. Indigenous peoples have managed the land for millennia using the slash-and-burn technique to clear areas of forest and plant rotating food crops. About 60% of the 5.5 million square kilometres of Amazon rainforest falls within the borders of Brazil.

This headdress, made of feathers mounted onto a fibre cap, comes from the Munduruku people who live in the Amazon basin near the Tapajos river. Indigenous groups today still make featherwork items like this headdress, known as a ‘coiffe’, continuing traditions that have existed for centuries.

Indigenous peoples’ knowledge of the Amazon environment is evident from their ability to manipulate the forest’s natural materials. The enormous range of basketry techniques that exist within the region are used to make mats, clothing, hammocks, and containers like this one from Tocantins.

Rio de Janeiro from the air. © iStock.com/marchelo74.

Jangada model. Upper Amazon, Brazil, possibly 20th century.

Rosary beads. Bahia, Brazil, 19th century.

Pair of clogs. Bahia, Brazil, 19th century.

Headdress, or ‘coiffe’. Munduruku people, Brazil, 19th century.

Palm-leaf basket. Krahô people, Brazil, 20th century.

Anti Suyu, Inca Empire, 1438–1533

Anti Suyu was the eastern part of the Inca Empire which bordered with modern-day Upper Amazon region where the Anti inhabited. Antis is a collective term for the many varied ethnic groups living in the Anti Suyu. It was the second smallest of the suyu or “Quarter”, the largest division of the Inca Empire. Indeed, it is the root of the word “Andes.”

The suyu wiphalas (flags) are composed of a 7-by-7 square patchwork in seven colours, arranged diagonally. The precise configuration depends on the particular suyu represented by the emblem. The colour of the longest diagonal line (seven squares) determines which of the four suyus the flag represents.