This blog likes to kick…stretch…and kick…fifty…fifty followers!!!!

Some have said, milestones like this are not important. I however had not expected 25 followers. And now I have 50. In like 3-4 months.

You wonderful lot have put up with long explanatory posts and hopefully a few laughs. And I thank you. This blog for me serves two key purposes. The first: drawing is my catharsis, it helps me wind down, feel better, and forget about everything that is stressing me and second: I love answering questions and hope that somewhere along the way someone has learned something. I am a teacher and I love to teach, as cheesy as it sounds it is my calling and I want to do nothing else.

If you are not found in the pictures above and you would like one done let me know, submit a reference, and ill add you to the group.

I also have these as separate portraits and can send them your way if you would like.

Thanks again and here’s looking forward to the next 50

Pictured: Cute-Fluttershy-ChangelingAurum NobleAlpha-bitsVenelopeVonMotherFuckingSchweetzMirror the Changeling, Ask SHARP.EXE (Page not found, I dunno what happend, he was here when I started this), Ask Lord CrimsonAsk The Chan FamilyAsk NightspinnerAsk Survival PonyAsk the CutieMarkCrusadersSocially Awkward SmoozeMo Romney Mo ProblemsFlutterwhatUnformed 8Ask NorthfaceAsk Human DiscordAsk The SojournerAsk D-Pad

and of course the queen to all us peasants Grey Delisle

Also I like the lighter haired version of myself.

anonymous asked:

Just remember you haven't got your license IRL yet. And be careful to not break any laws.

Trust me, I will not. I do not, nor will I ever claim to be a psychologist until I have obtained a degree. I believe that has been something I have stressed as much as possible. But, just for the sake of elaboration.

To those whom are new to this, please realize that I am only a psychology student, I do not possess nearly the experience and education to be giving proper diagnosis to anyone.

To those of you whom are looking to speak to an actual psychologist, please turn your attention to http://askprofessoruponium.tumblr.com. He is a brilliant man whom has gladly offered me his aid with psychology and is far more skilled in the field than I am. Even if you don’t ask him a question, give him a follow!

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Just who the devil is that cockatrice?

Ah. Wilson. He is my unofficial Research Assistant, currently in training. After a run in with Fluttershy he had a sudden motivation to change his life around. Something about staring I think, but, I am not too sure as I am not fluent in Chicken and require some assistance from one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders to translate what he has to say. Otherwise he is studious and hard-working, though a bit of an ass at times. Either way he is a welcome addition to my research team and the EAL.

I have another research assistant meant to translate that, but she keeps insisting she can’t speak Chicken or Cockatrice. Well, I think she can just not get her Research Assistant Cutie Mark then. She’s not speaking to me.

The earliest psychologists were philosophers, psychology is latin for the “study of the soul” and the mind and soul are both refered to a “psyche”. In fact doctoral degrees in psychology are actually Doctorates of Philosophy in Psychology. The key difference comes in the nature of what they study. Philosophy is a non-science. It is a respected academic discipline that uses research techniques and advanced methods of rational and logical thought to the questions they seek to answer. Psychology on the other hand uses the scientific method to empirically study its questions, putting them to objective tests and rigorous evaluation. This also is why philosophers can seek to answer questions as to morality and ethics and to seek answers such as,  "Does God exist?“ These are outside of the realm of scientific study and this non-empirical.


Commission Drive Update:

To generate a little more buzz…behold Equestria’s premier mailpony, muffin lover extraordinare, ultimate companion to the totally rainbow Dr. Whooves…Derpy Hooves!!!!!

This is a blind bag Lilly Blossom, painted into Derpy Hooves.

I will be putting this on ebay this weekend as part of the Professor Uponium’s Commission Drive for Improvements and Charity!!!

All proceeds from this auction will go to charity (KiKi’s cancer fund) and the bidding will go on starting Friday at 12:01am.


Last time on Ask Professor Uponium…

Slide 1: OH, COME ON!!!

Slide 2: What do I do now? No pinning it on the bunny this time. I hate the moon.

Slide 3: ……

Slide 4: Crap.

Slide 5: Discord: Well, well, my little pony. It seems you have a penchant for pissing off princesses. We have a proposition for you. One you cannot refuse.

            Chrysilis: Your love of the sciences is strong. And it seems you have some interesting theories on Changelings. How about you tell them to me.


Hello Thomas the Writer. I love the blog and was happy to see Netflix has Jackie Chan Adventures to help feed the nostalgia your blog brings up in me. First I want to say it is a nice change of pace to get a non-anonymous question.

My thoughts on the meaning of life…A wonderful question. I generally live under the philosophy to do good, help others when I can, and stay as positive as possible. The question also got me thinking of the other way to look at this question, focusing on the starting of life and the meaning to why we are here.

As a social-evolutionary psychologist, I can fall back on biology to look at a long change of evolutionary adaptations that caused those traits adaptive for survival to continue on, bringing us from single cell organisms to a dominate life form on the planet. This idea that we can trace our ancestry back billions of years still offers us great opportunity to see each individual as unique and exceptional. From the pony perspective, while some feel we have been created by some unknown force, we are the process of this long evolutionary chain branching off to the species and sub-species we see today in our magical realm.

Each of us the the combination of the 20,500 genes from our mothers and 20,500 genes from our fathers and allows for such a high degree of genetic variability that is mind blowing. To put the possible human combinations into perspective, in the long time humans have been walking the earth, there have been an estimated 11.5 Billion humans ever. The still total number of possible unique combinations of genetic expression is still 100,000 times this number.

So while our origin is understood as the long process of change and adaptation, this does in no way belittle who we are or whether or not we are special. We are exceptional. My thoughts on the meaning of life just boil down to treating others exceptionally and doing my best to be a good person with the time I am given. And hopefully leave something behind that will better future generations.


Panel 1: So this request was put out the other day.

Panel 2: I replied. The image of that horse just stuck in my head for most of the week. prompting me to thing of this…

Panel 3: Twilight: Pinkie? Did you send in invitation to everypony?

             Pinkie: Of course silly!!!

Panel 4: In my mind, the fat horse gets an invitation and he is quite fat and happy.

Panel 5: And suddenly pinkie, the professor, and sturmpony pop up and begin singing to the tune of Bad Horse from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.

And then this happened…

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

He rolls across the nation

The thoroughbred of binge

He got the invitation

That you just sent in

His hunger is unending

So let the feast begin

Put cakes and pies, right in this horse

(some apples would be nice, of course)

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

Fat Horse

In every eating contest

He will enter, you will lose

There have been lots of rumors

I heard he ate, The Schmooze

So try and fill his giant stomach

Or he’ll devour all he views

He’ll crash right in

With no discourse

It’s right to eating

With Fat Horse

I know its not perfect but its what I do when left to my own devices. Now I need to find 2 others and record this.

Professor Uponium Visits: Episode 1: Flutterwhat!

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of my followers and give them recognition. The first and by no means the least, is the most underground pony I know, Flutterwhat. So underground that Flutterwhat followed me before I was even unpopular (my 4th follower). Great music is just the beginning of what this pony has to offer and since all of my drawings are pen and pencil on paper (the most hipster of tumblr drawing styles in a world of tablets and art software) I thought it fitting to make this my first.

I don’t really understand the hipster trend thing so I lost the tie, bought some glasses and popped out the lenses (hard to see otherwise), and trimmed the beard. 


Ask Professor Uponium: Have you met someone or somepony that studied alchemy?

I know a little alchemy, not much mind you (turning grass to rock, ice cream to pudding, very basic stuff), as most of my studies revolved around mental magic once I returned to the university. The Lamassu was very knowledgeable, having read most of what was in the library. I figured if I couldn't go in, I would get the information from someone who was there often.

Also, threw a shout out to Pun. I love the blog and am always a big fan of puns and wordplay.


Professor Uponium Visits: Episode 2: Equestrian Strumpet.

I have not met many people outside of my area…that was until BronyCon 2012. I got to meet one of my first followers, the lovely Equestrian Strumpet. The picture is a tumblrpon facsimile of the events of that first meeting. She was fabulous. I was sweatier than ever in my Samurai Discord getup and my friend was “The Schmooze” and all like…

Schmooze: Dude, check out this Rarity, she is totally fabulous.

Me: I am so sweaty…bitch, bitch, bitch.

Schmooze: I should totally ask her if she wants to join us for dinner.

Me: *Shrugs* whatever, go for it

Schmooze: I don;t know, she may be with someone else…I AM SO AWKWARD! 

Thats probably not exactly how it went but thats how I perceived it. Anyway, here it another follower of mine that if you don’t follow you should. 

anonymous asked:

Are Celestia and Luna Alicorns because they're royal or royal because their alicorns?

Ask Professor Uponium #21:

Great philosophical question. I would argue that because they are Alicorns they are royals. Princess Cadence is a prime example of this, unlike Celestia and Luna she is not eons old and seems to have come from a non-royal background. Unless foal-sitting is a requirement for all royals. This is also the case because royals themselves are not always Alicorns, just all Alicorns are royals. Prince Blueblood, the various nobles and such (Fancy Pants, Fleur, etc may be lesser royalty), and Shining Armor (marrying into royalty) are all prime examples of royals who are not Alicorns.

It is also interesting to note that because all Alicorns are female, we can infer that the genetic marker for becoming an Alicorn is not a combination of both unicorn and pegasi genes, but a separate recessive trait only found on the X chromosome. Meaning for it to become prevalent the absence of a Y chromosome would have to be present (XX meaning the resulting foal would be female) and both X chromosomes would have to have that recessive trait. Even then only 25% of those foals would be born as Alicorns. Making it an extremely rare result in childbirth. It may be that these ponies and their rare genetic traits open them up to such a powerful level of magic and ability that society itself places them up as royalty, seeing their birth as significant. Or because of that increase in power they are destined to have a significant special talent…such as raising the sun or moon…or love. Their talent it to empower or act as the aspect of something much greater than themselves or your common carpenter or guards-pony.

This brings two interesting things into question. With Twilight’s ties to royalty, linked to her being foal-sat by Cadence and being born in Canterlot (the center of royalty), maybe it is because she also possesses that same recessive genes as the princesses, but was not in that 25% that would manifest as Alicorns. Instead she shows great aptitude for magic. Not just one spell, but magic itself, just as Cadence manifests the emotion of love or Celestia or Luna represents the Sun and the Moon. In a sense that ability for magic could come from potential royal heritage and taking on a special talent as an aspect of that talent itself.

I also notice that all changelings seem to be gender neutral, my head-canon is that they work similar to an anthill, with one queen and her drones, and I generally see them as male rather than female, with Chrysalis being the lone female in the group. It is interesting to note that all changelings have both a horn and wings and Crysalis being a twisted form of an Alicorn. Perhaps what we are seeing is a genetic split in ancient ponies where the Alicorn recessiveness became the dominant feature. However with Changelings we also see a consistent talent for magic, specifically mimicking magic. These differences could have split long ago, leading me to believe that at one point the Changelings were one and the same with the ponies we see today. Of course this change could have taken place a hundred thousand years ago with some evil corrupting an Alicorn and transforming its genetic structure to make the combination of horn and wings more dominant and with that subtle change in genetics many other things changed as well, such as appearance and ability. The hive structure could have easily developed over millennia with a strong long living leader and forced social norms. 

I may have to write my first bout of fan fiction: Treatise On the Nature of the Changeling and break my do not read fan-fiction rule.

I am also hoping that after my last “moon vacation” the princesses won’t mind a little scientific hypothesizing about the nature of Alic…

Planning a Special Post.

So I have been thinking that when I hit 25 questions or 25 followers (whatever comes first) That I would do something special. I have figured out the first part. But for the second part I open the floor to my followers and tumblr as a whole.

Becoming Popular: 1

Flim Flam Brothers Song: 1

So my little ponies. What is your favorite MLPFiM song?


1. The rare mod photo, though I pale in comparison to Lee Tockar in the shot and I never like how I look in pictures. But he voices most famously int he fandom Snips and Stephen Magnet, but also the baby loves watching him in Martha Speaks (and I do as well) as Dr. Monkey (who is amazing and understands a dozen languages but speaks only monkey) and Craig Cretoxyrhina (sp.) from Dinosaur Train, which is becoming another favorite of mine to watch with my son.

2. The slot machines are amazing. We played the Lord of the Rings slots and my wife won our spent money back and there is a Maltese Fortune…which is based around the Maltese dog. Hilarious.

3. And THE SINGLE GREATEST SLOT MACHINE EVER CONCEIVED BY AN. JUDGE JUDY. I lose it every time I pass it and I will play it before I leave.

4. Also a view from our hotel room

5. And Trump Tower which I don’t think is gold enough…


My art trade for pocketfullofackles. Put off soooo much work to do this, but after this week I needed the stress break.

I played around with lighting effects a bit, still getting used to the whole digital thing, and not totally happy with the face. And I went for a combination effect. I really liked this post and how it looked, so I wanted to revisit the transition of a character from traditional pencil and paper to digital.

I wanted to make sure that not only did my liked page get seen. Which by the way I liked waaaaay before Grey Delisle promised follows.

I also wanted to make sure the wonderful grumpy cat could be seen looking at my web browser with utter disdain.

edit: I do not know if I am doing the proper Grey Delisle tag. But grumpy cat is still not sure about this whole facebook thing.