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fic rec time!

It’s three days into the New Year of 2017, seconds will be ticking by as we write/read/breathe/blink, and an orange turd will be rolling into the White House with its golden ferrari soon. Thus, I am providing a huge list of recommendations for various fan fiction stories across many fandoms, just for you guys. <3 

(Disclaimer: I have loved almost every fic I’ve read, so there is no favourite and no lesser author/story than the other. Please know that if I don’t recommend a fic or author, I still love you, your writing, and your beautiful hearts.)


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Regret by fanofthisfiction 

Summary: Sasuke knows his absence has deeply hurt his daughter Sarada. Now that he’s back, the challenges of mending broken ties is what he must face. An emotional journey with ties to religious concepts along the way.

- Of the hurt/comfort genre, but infinitely deeper and more complex than the classification itself. I love the complexity of each and every character in this story, and the way they deal with their respective trauma and grief. fanofthisfiction is unique in that they add their own take on the Naruto-verse into the story, namely religious concepts, that tie incredibly well into the overarching, highly-intricate nature of the plot. A great read. 

6 Months with the Hyuuga Family by Whipped Coffee

Summary: To be loved by someone, by anyone, it makes life shine, like this. -AU-

(The plot is quite literally, and effectively, summed up by the title) 

- One of the first AU stories that I’ve read in Naruto, and also heartbreakingly unfinished. There is some star-quality character development in this story, as well as beautifully written prose and a divine love line between the lovely NejiTen. I have read this story over and over and over again, and I highly recommend it to everyone in the squadron of NejiTen shippers, and anyone else who I have yet the pleasure to meet. 

Secret Life of Teachers by tabine 

Summary: Romance is a bit difficult to do when you spend a majority of your time within fifty feet of the object of your affections and somehow still don’t quite understand that you’re falling in love with them, if only because being a full-time high school teacher while taking graduate school courses takes precedence over everything else. A Nejiten high school teachers AU

- It goes without saying, @tabine is the supreme ruler of sassy, hilariously-written AUs. I haven’t laughed this much when reading a story in ever, so I highly recommend this read, not only because it’s fantastic inside-out, but also because it’s raw and real and relatable. Teachers aren’t two-dimensional beings that are there for the sake of enforcing rigid disciplinary practices. They have post-grad work to do, they’re struggling to pay the rent in their apartment, they exist outside of classroom doors, and they are ultimately human beings. 

Phone Calls by winternightlullaby

Summary: Hey! It’s Sakura! Sorry I’m not on the phone right now, but leave a message and I’ll try to get back to you! Bye! ‘Beeeeeep’ “It’s Sasuke. I-I wanted to tell you that I miss you. I’m sorry about what happened those few days ago. I want to explain myself, but talking through the phone isn’t the best way. You still have the spare key to my house, I’ll be waiting.” AU

- I thoroughly enjoyed this back in 2012, when it was still in the process of being written. It’s absolutely fabulous, with some hilarious scenes and a great development in plot and in character. Everyone is utterly loveable, in my opinion, because they’re flawed and mostly try their best to make their way through life one step at a time. Highly recommend. 

Venus or Themis by NessieGG

Summary: [NejiTen AU, Story 3 of the New York Society series] It seems doubtful that Neji Hyuuga, an upper level attorney, could make a relationship work with his latest client, rising arms consultant Tenten Long. It’s the personal choices that make the difference

- Because every single line was artfully written and laced with the author’s voice. I honestly felt like the scenes playing out were CW-level (in the good way), and thereby fabulous with a hint of swoon-worthy romanticism. I would’ve liked to read more of it, because the story was a bit rushed at the end to me, but it’s still fantastic nonetheless, and completed, which is also good. 

one and twenty by twinquies

Summary: AU. The numbers are still fresh on her mind — Nejiten & SasuSaku.

- There’s only one chapter so far, but in this chapter, there are 7126 words of intrigue, mystery, a dash of dystopia, romance, and a huge amount of horrifying nuances towards the nature of human breeding factories. This may or may not have been @asiantwinkies‘s intention, but I still love this particular (unfinished) AU because it’s so jarringly real. Highly recommend it, and highly expecting another chapter from twinquies. :) 

Special shout-outs: 

@fruitysmellz who has a wealth of stories on FFN that are filled with NejiTen goodness. They’re retired from the life of fanfics now, and a veteran, but their stories are still locate-able online. 

@keroribbit for their exemplary writing growth, as displayed through all of their stories. Chichue is a personal favourite of mine because it’s adorable, but they’ve written a load of one shots (as well as a Gakuen Alice AU, or two) as well. 

@giada-luna because all of her stories, whether they are one-shots in a collection, or multi-chapter fics, have a rich, highly-researched foundation that allows her to explore all of her characters and settings and universes to the fullest. 

Young Justice

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A Cinderella Story by KairiAngel13

Summary: After the unexpected death of her mother and the abandonment of her older sister, Artemis is uprooted and forced to live with an abusive father. Are a red-headed track star and a simple arrow the keys to bringing her a “Happily Ever After?” Warning: Mentions of Child Abuse and Suggestive Sexual Themes. Spitfire Multiple Parings, AU. COMPLETE

- While the title and overall plot is reminiscent of Hillary Duff’s A Cinderella Story, this one is in no way as lighthearted and adorable as the movie itself. One must absolutely ensure that they’re prepared for the various, highly mature themes that are explored in this story, as they may or may not come out emotionally scarred by Artemis’ plight. That being said, domestic abuse is something that is hidden behind closed doors and a taboo by the media. It is very real, and very traumatic to millions of people around the globe. I love this story because not only does it illustrate the immediate and subsequents effects of trauma on children, it shows that people often struggle to cope with their ordeals. (Also, there is a sequel story.)

Parenthesis by knottedblonde

Summary: “She tries to put a lot of words into the kiss, words she isn’t brave enough to say out loud: She’ll stand by him because she cares about him, and if there’s anything he’s taught her it’s that when you care about people, really care about them, you don’t leave. Not forever.” Sequel to my other story, Artemisia. Artemis-centric; the gap between Season 1 & 2. M in later chapters.

- Definitely read Artemisia before Parenthesis, or else you’ll be completely lost with the story. knottedblonde writes like a poet, follows the canon storyline incredibly well, provides her readers with more insight into the characters of Young Justice (namely, Artemis) and also brings her own ideas to the table as well. I follow Parenthesis religiously, because that 5-year timeskip has left so many questions unanswered, and she’s answering all of my questions, and then making me cry and laugh and cry again, several times over. So, a good read. 

A Hogwarts Story by girlwiththeblackinkpen

Summary: Harry Potter, re-imagined with the YJ characters. An old story being edited and reposted.

- Obligatory Harry Potter AU recommendation. I also LOVE it, for obvious reasons, so you should absolutely get on it right now. 

Ferte in Noctem by Satellites on Parade

Summary: "So you haven’t been sorted yet, then?“ Conner asked. Artemis shrugged, fiddling with her robes. "No,” she replied. “It’s the first on my to-do list, though.” Hogwarts AU.

- Now, @brella has a massive collection of YJ stories, all of which are beautifully-written, with a great representation of each character and their respective backstories (canon or not). I’m recommending this one because I’m a nerd and I love Harry Potter, but as a fan of her work, I’m also inserting:

Royally Flushed because of the AU and because it’s relatable and achingly introspective. Artemis is a teen, she’s still learning about her place in society and who she is, and her life hasn’t been that great, but being made a princess overnight isn’t going to solve all her problems because she’s got to figure them out herself. The themes of friendship, self-identity, cultural identity, and familial bonds are explored thoroughly. 

* The Next Great Adventure because we’re all devastated by (SPOILERS) Wally’s ceasing, and we all want him to come back from wherever he is, so the writers should read this story and follow the exact plot line so that we can all feel happy that spitfire is back and learning how to deal with one of the most horrifying moments of their lives. 

This is the Why by icanhearyouglaring

Summary: It has to be a trick of the mind, or indigestion from last night’s Big Belly Burger, because there is absolutely no way Wally West could have that kind of an effect on her. Ever. (A Spitfire high school AU)

- @icanhearyouglaring has many stories as well, all of which can be found in the links provided, and are also stellar, platinum-quality, fabulous, sassy, and incredibly well-written. I love this for the character growth and the complicated histories of each character. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that one’s life isn’t complete until they make their way through the entire story, and then all the other stories in their collection, and then some more. 

Crock Investigations by eliestarr

Summary: "It’s been six months since her father’s arrest, and Artemis Crock is tired of finding red spray paint on her car.“ or, a Veronica Mars AU, starring our favourite archer and Crock Investigations.

- Mystery is a hard genre to pull off without sounding overly-trope-y and cliche, but eliestarr does that, and then some more. Artemis is undeniably strong, but she’s also young and still vulnerable to the hardships of society as a whole. This story shows both of these sides to her character, which I adore.

Harry Potter

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Newton’s Improbabilities by ksuzu

Summary: You romance a Porpentina the same way you mate a Horntail. With utmost care. [Anthology. Latest: Singing You Know Where]

- As is the case with most authors, ksuzu has written many, many more fbawtf stories. This one is just as great as the others, and it has a great one-shot collection of Newt’s efforts to romance Tina, so 1000% read it. 

milk and honey, tea and scones  by Ali Summerset 

Summary: Newt’s a barista who doesn’t like coffee, Tina’s a RA who likes to bend the rules, Queenie loves to matchmake, and Jacob’s just along for the ride. [University/Coffeeshop AU]

- It’s cute, it has a great representation of each and every character there is, and it has the same exhilarating dynamic between the Fearsome Foursome as the movie does. <3 

Commentarius by B.C. Daily

Summary: Lily has always considered herself ordinary. But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad. Suddenly, she’s Head Girl, her mates are acting strangely, and there’s a new James Potter she can’t seem to get rid of. PRE-HBP

- @bcdaily is one of the many go-to people for Lily-James fics, but they’re great in that each of their stories explores different angles of Lily and James’ respective characters. This one’s unfinished so far, but they and universe have blessed us with a status update on their tumblr page, so there will be more and I am heaps excited. 

The Life and Times by Jewels5

Summary: She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time.

- Sitting at 10707 reviews, @itreallyatemyhand‘s story has an intricate plot line, great and complex character development and relationships, as well as a somewhat macabre undertone to the onset of Lord Voldemort and the rising war. Unfinished, and unsure if it will be finished, but it’s a great read nonetheless. 

Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281

Summary: So maybe everything didn’t work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he’d gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he’d have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn’t have had to go back and do everything AGAIN.

- 429 stories, and a knack for blunt humour in each one. I promise you, this is 50 chapters of hilariousness, addressing almost all the plot holes in Harry Potter, a great deal of fan theories, and just overall a fantastic piece to read if you’re feeling down. 

A Very Decent Man by LadyBaelish27

Summary: Newt comes back to New York with a copy of his book for Tina. But this isn’t the end of a love story; it’s the start of an adventure. After large groups of New Yorkers realize they share identical blank spots and phantom memories, conspiracy theories flourish. The chaos is compounded by rumors of a vicious alligator in the subways. Newt thought he’d come back to New York for a kiss, but nothing’s ever quite that easy. Novel-length action with heavy (read: adult!) Newt/Tina. *COMPLETE*

- The author has a great balance between emotional growth, relationships, romance, adventure, sorrow, sadness, love, and sex, in this story. It’s fantastic to read, with great character dynamics and portrayals that align with the canon-verse incredibly well. Kudos to LadyBaelish27!


Life Coach by Dierhart

Summary: Set while Jane and Daria are in Boston; an unlikely agreement is struck between Quinn and Trent to get his life started in the attempts of turning Daria’s head when she comes back to Lawndale.

Once Upon a Time Turner by Scheherezade06

Summary: A collection of drabbles and scenes of Once Upon a Time characters set at Hogwarts. This is a Captain Swan fanfiction, with Killian Jones cast as a Hufflepuff.

The Fellowship Cafe by Boromerely

Summary: In the campus of Middle-Earth University lies the Fellowship Café, the famous coffee and Legolas’s delicious vegan friendly (who knew?) baked goods. Owned by none other than Gandalf the Grey, the café is the employment place of many of the students, and the greatest place to get a rather decent cup of coffee to get students through the misery of University.

On The Prowl by ghostgirl19

Summary: "I’ll be fine, Alya. It’s only a couple blocks.” “But it’s ten at night, it’s not safe. Especially with that Chat Noir prowling around.” AU

Ruffled by The Punch Lord

Summary: It’s hard being a part of the pureblood society. Especially when your secretly half human. But Adrien liked to think he had it down, that he was in control of his heritage. Well, he was. But a chance meeting with a little witch ruffled him up. Veela!Adrien

Crazy by Ascaisil

Summary: You don’t understand!“ Chopper shouted with tears running through his fur. "Robin’s lost her mind! She’s literally been driven insane!”

Before it Froze by anad

Summary: Elsa and Jack, and their seven years at Hogwarts. AU series of interconnected vignettes

Welcome to the fandom of Gorillaz! The band ‘Gorillaz’ are a British virtual band created by Blur’s lead singer Damon Albarn and Tank Girl comic illustrator Jamie Hewlett in 1998. The band is made from four fictional characters, 2-D (Lead Singer, Keyboardist), Murdoc Niccals (Bass Guitar), Noodle (Guitar) and Russel Hobbs (Drums and Percussion) . They were created from Albarn’s and Hewlett’s outlook on celebrity culture, this was sparked when the two of them were watching MTV.

“If you watch MTV for too long, it’s a bit like hell – there’s nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that.” - Jamie Hewlett  

The Gorillaz’s universe, characters and storyline is explored through the band’s website, music, autobiography, interviews and short cartoons made in 2001, these are known as a ‘G-Bite’. This was Jamie’s way of showing fans the Gorillaz world.

Name: Murdoc Faust Niccals.

D.O.B: June 6th,1966. Stroke-Upon-Trent, England.

Height: 5′10′’

Murdoc was dumped on his father’s doorstep and went on to a very physically and emotionally abusive childhood. It has been proposed that his bullying attitude and sour personality were due to his upbringing. Sebastian Jacob Niccals, (or Jacob Sebastian Niccals, depending on who’s asking) was a drunk who verbally abused and exploited his Murdoc and Hannibal, Murdoc’s older brother. The local pub had a talent show that Murdoc was often forced to participate in so he could win his father drinking money. In one performance Murdoc was made to dressed up as Pinocchio and sing “I’ve Got No Strings”. It was after this horrific event that Murdoc decided to pursue a career as a performer and musician, swearing that he would never go on stage under the influence or direction of someone else. With great passion and determination, Murdoc was set to creating the best band in the world. He is known as the womaniser, satanist, drunk, dark-minded genius, self-proclaimed leader and drive of the group.

Name: Stuart “2-D” Pot.

D.O.B: May 23rd, 1978. Hertfordshire, England.

Height: 6′2′’

Stuart was brought up in Crawley by his father David Pot, mechanics and owner of a local fairground, and mother Rachel Pot, a nurse. Though Stuart wasn’t intelligent or bright as other children his age, he was very kind, warm and had a strong passion for film and music. At the tender age of ten, Stuart accidentally fell out a tree, making him temporarily loose all of his body hair. When his hair finally returned, it was a strong electric blue, adding more attention to the young man. At the age of nineteen on August 15th, 1997, whilst working as a Saturday Boy at Uncle Norm’s Organ Emporium, a Vauxhall Astra crashed through the front of the shop, driven by Murdoc, and landed on Stuart. This accident caused Stuart’s right eye to be pushed back into his head. After learning that Murdoc intended to steal instruments from the shop, the court sentenced him to community service and to take care of the vegetated Stuart. Due to Murdoc’s continuous reckless behaviour, Stuart was once again victimised when he was thrown through a car windscreen, causing his left eye to be pushed back. His dark image, singing voice and music ability was enough for Murdoc to want him in his band. Nicknamed after the “2 Dents” in his head, Stuart was reborn 2-D and was to join the band.

Name: Russel Hobbs

D.O.B: June 3rd, 1975. Brooklyn, NY.

Height: 5′9′’

Russel was very well know for his good, soft-spoken and respectable manner as a child. He attended the School For Gifted Youngsters in NY, but was expelled after attacking several students while possessed by a demon. He fell into a coma for the next four years, at the end of which, the demon was finally exorcised from his body by a priest. He returned to school in Brooklyn, where many of the students were gifted in Hip-Hop and Rapp music. In a drive-by shooting, all of Russel’s companions were killed, and their spirits came to reside in his body, the most prominent being Russel’s best friend ‘Del the Ghost Rapper’. For his own safety, Russel flew to Soho, London, and worked in Big Rick Black’s Record Shack. After Murdoc and 2-D established the band and began to write music for the debut album, Murdoc set out to find the next link in the chain, the drummer. After hearing rumours about a one-man rhythm king who was possessed by the dead, Murdoc instantly wanted him in his band, and even want as far to kidnapped Russel from the store. Back at Kong Studio’s, the first home of Gorillaz, the music they played Russel was good enough to keep him there. He is the heart and soul of the band and is known as the Hip-Hop Hardman.

Name: Noodle

D.O.B: Octorber 31st, 1990. Osaka, Japan.

Height: 5′1′’

Noodle spent her childhood in Japan as a subject of a classified Japanese super soldier project under the management of the Japanese scientist, Mr. Kyuzo. Noodle, along with the other children were trained with the sole purpose of fighting as soldiers of the Japanese military and government. After the children were deemed too dangerous and unstable for combat, the project was scrapped. Mr. Kyuzo was then ordered to dispose of all possible traces of the failed experiment, as well as its participants. After killing the other children, Kyuzo was reluctant in killing Noodle. After temporarily clearing her memory of the project, Kyuzo smuggled Noodle to the United Kingdom in a FedEx crate and falsely reported her death. Noodle was the last band member to be recruited and arrived at Kong Studio’s in 2000 inside a large FedEx crate, shortly after Murdoc had put an advertisement for a guitarist in the magazine NME. Though she didn’t speak any English and was only ten at the time, her guitar skill got her the place within the band, replacing the old guitarist, Paula Cracker. She got her name from the only English word she spoke when meeting the trio, “Noodle.”

The three main albums, “Gorillaz”, “Demon Days” and “Plastic Beach” all follow a storyline that is incorporated with Gorillaz. The album, “The Fall”, was released in 2010 shortly after “Plastic Beach”. This album was made whilst on tour. 

If you would like to know more I would recommend getting the Gorillaz “Rise of the Ogre” autobiography. You can buy it or read it for free online on a PDF file. It is such a good read!  

So many Courtney ships tho

I accidentally ship Courtney with so many people guys. And a lot of these ships are super unpopular. Whoops? Duncney will always be my number one, but I also really like her with Alejandro, Trent, Scott, Gwen…and like now somehow José.

 So I’m still going to write my post-TDAS Duncney opinions in a separate post, but I feel the need to explain myself…probably because I’m ashamed. Some people out there are always looking for reasons why people ship things. So here are mine for each of the characters above:

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Reasons To Love Murdoc Niccals
● Though he was unwanted, unappricated, exploited and abused throughout his entire childhood, did he remain silent and continue to be the victim? No. He knew, from the age of sixteen, that he wanted more than he had got and worked until his voice and music was heard. He’s headstrong and determind, and after his childhood, he would never let anyone tell him what to do again.
● He has charm, wit and is insanely funny. Without it, I doubt the band would have gotton anywhere. It was him that arranged their first concert, found them an A&R and got them signed to a record label. In a mass amount of interviews and radio shows, it is mainly him that will keep the listener or watcher tuned in.
● He’s the mastermind. You need brains to get into the music industry and bring something new to the table. The first album was completly written by Murdoc and 2D, but mainly, it was Murdoc that composed the entire album. He also KNEW what it took to be taken seriously in the music world, so he set out and found musicains that could take him to the top of charts. He didn’t take anyone. He needed to find the most original. With his extensive knowledge of music and showmanship, this alone can prove he knows what he’s doing.
● He’s the driving force of the group. He adds the ‘Wow!’ and 'Ohh!’ to the group. He’s a main reason people watch the music video, the reason people listen to the radio or watch an interview, all because they know Murdoc will be involved. He’s outragous, shocking and rebelious. That is why we watch and listen. He can hold us captive and hold our attention. He’s a born entertainer.
● Despite attitude and personality, he does care for the band. It’s his band. His, meaning, that it’s his baby. It’s what got him out of Stoke-Upon-Trent, what got him out of his old, crule life, what got him all his money, fame, glory, friendship, happiness, saddness, communication to the world and everything else in between. He does care.
● Yes, he’s not attractive. So? He doesn’t need to be! He doesn’t need looks, never has, never will. Nothing was ever served to him on a silver plate, he’s had to fight, steal, talk and work for what he has got. 2D is the looker for the band, Murdoc is the guy that will work damn hard behind the scenes.
● He’s been called whole lot of degrading names throughout his childhood, even now, he’s been called old, ugly, untalented and alot of other things that I won’t even type. Does he let it effect him? Change him? Controll him? Does he lose sleep over it? Does he cry? No. He doesn’t change for anyone. He will continue because it’s what has gotton him through life. Remember, Murdoc and Gorillaz didn’t get signed till 1998, Murdoc was 32 years old and had already gone though a Hell of a lot. Like they say, a tiger that has had to fight for EVERYTHING does NOT change his stripes.
● Do you think Gorillaz would be where they are today without him? If it was just Stuart, Noodle and Russel? Would there be any appeal? Would the interviewing be a good watch? Would the music be as good? Would the music videos be as interesting? Whether you think they would be as popular or not, would you think the whole Gorillaz story would be as fun? Would the 'Rise of the Orge’ be a funny, creative and enjoyable read if Murdoc hadn’t been who he was? If you take Murdoc away, what do you get?

Thursday- September 17th/2015

I started the morning with a bi-annual meeting we have at work called “Town Hall”, where our leadership John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and Andrew Millstein talk to the whole studio about what’s going on. It’s one of the only times during the year that all 900 feature studio employees get together in one spot! It’s always fun to see everyone together and hear all about the films in development, new projects and tidbits about the theme parks and consumer products. I’d be lying if I said the best part about morning meetings isn’t the croissants, banana bread, muffins and fresh coffee:D

Friday is upon us!