upon this dawning feat. chris motionless


Thanks to jawdropclifford for tagging me (Oh Katie you darling you UwU) and this is the music shuffle thing! Basically awnser these ten questions with your phone on shuffle and crap then tag 10 followers! Les do dis!

1: Title of this song describes how you die:

A New Beginning by Upon This Dawning Feat Chris Motionless

2: This song describes your love life:

Now by Paramore
(Makes sense *LUKE I LOVE YOU BAE XX*)

3: This song will be played at your wedding:

American Idiot by Greenday
(Pfft no clue *Hysterical Laughing*)

4: Add ‘In My Pants’ to the title of this song: (Pffft)

Contemptress 'In My Pants’ by Motionless In White Feat Maria Brink (*Hysterical Laughter*)

5: This song will be played at your funeral:

I’m Not A Vampire by Falling In Reverse (Phahaha! Sweet, Irony)

6: This song is your theme song:

Hard To Swallow by You Me At Six (THAT’S WHAT SHE FUCKING SAID XD)

7: This song will play when you think of someone you love:

Obey by Upon This Dawning (XD omg yes!)

8: Add 'With A Shovel And A ScrewDriver’ to the title of this song:

Duality 'With A Shovel And A ScrewDriver, by Slipknot (XD BUENO)

9: This song describes your week:

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (Yes seeing as the week has been like a war with my emotions thank you phone)

10: This song will play when you miss someone:

Kill Everybody by Skrillex (XD I’m dieing omg lol)

And that concludes this thing!

I tag:
sleeping-with-fransykes (yes you ya cutie pie xx)
satanspenislove (laaaawl)
And one for luck (Shhh) my-mom-made-me-change-my-url

Have fun guys! And i live you all xxxxxxxxb