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I stumble across his picture and he seems to be doing well. My mind becomes an ocean of uncertainties. I begin to ponder upon the mistakes I made when he was next to me. I could have loved him better, but he could have loved me louder. There is too much distance between him and I now but when I look at his smile in his new photo the distance disappears. However seasons have changed all too many times and life has carried on. I hit “like” and scroll to the next photo on my feed. He is doing well. That’s all that matters now.
—  Exes & Social Media

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For the au meme, would you do a Obi-wan as Mace 's Padawan ?

  • Yoda has Plans, of course, but recently-Knighted-his-padawan Mace Windu is wandering through the Temple alone and pondering upon adding a few new Vapaad moves, missing having Depa as a sounding board now that she’s taking missions of her own, and literally trips over an initiate that is full of anger and righteousness and a deep, abiding love for the Order and also about to apparently get shown off to somebody in an exhibition match or something, which, WHY, HE IS PERFECT, WHO NEEDS TO SEE ANYTHING ELSE IF THEY’VE MET HIM?? Also, there’s the suggestion of at LEAST three shatterpoints literally SITTING on this fucking kid, and they are fucking INTENSE ones because they are all decades out but they are also all rock-solid and Mace can already see them starting to show. If the Force has ever wanted him to sit the fuck up and Take Notice more than this, he could not even THINK of when it had been. 
  • “I realize you’re busy at the moment, but you don’t have a prospective Master, do you?” he asks, eyeing the kid’s right ear. There is zero sign of anything even resembling a braid but it’s polite to ask and all. “Uh–what?” Obi-Wan asks stupidly. Mace tries to remember how you woo a padawan into accepting your teachings; Depa sort of just latched onto him and things went smoothly from there, he’s not really sure how to just adopt one cold. Then again, the direct approach has served him fairly well in life. “The Force is telling me you would be a very suitable padawan for me, and I would be honored to prove myself as a suitable master to you,” he tries. “Will you accept?” 
  • Obi-Wan has never said “YES PLEASE” so fast in his LIFE. It’s MACE GODDAMN WINDU, Vapaad Master and all-around badass and CHAMPION OF THE JEDI, of COURSE he says yes. He goes to the exhibition match against Brock just dazed and confused af and also not entirely sure he’s still supposed to do it now, but also FUCKING DYING OF JOY TO THE POINT HE CAN’T STOP GRINNING. Everyone is like “um Obi-Wan are you okay” and then Mace sweeps in behind him and claps his hands down on his shoulders like “HEY so Master Yoda, I know you’re doing a thing here but I’d like to take my new padawan to get a haircut and put a braid in if that’s cool with you?” 
  • “What,” Yoda says blankly as the initiates all freak out and Qui-Gon IMMEDIATELY takes the opportunity to FLEE LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER, BLESS YOU MASTER WINDU HE OWES YOU ONE, HE OWES YOU TWENTY-ONE. Yoda is like FUCK, SO CLOSE I WAS. Brock Chun is eeeeven more pissed than in canon, probably, that’s definitely gonna bite someone in the ass later. <<;; 
  • And ah yes the impending first meeting of tiny Padawan Kenobi and Jedi Knight “you literally JUST Knighted me and you’re ALREADY taking a new padawan, Master, omg take a VACATION why don’t you” Billaba. It will be BEAUTIFUL. ❤
Things That Cause the Love of Allah
  1. Reciting the Qur’an and pondering upon it.
  2. Getting closer to Allah by praying voluntary prayers
  3. Being consistent in the remembrance of Allah in all situations. (This may be in the heart, on the limbs, etc.)
  4. Placing Allah’s love before the love of the slaves and creation
  5. In one’s heart, observing Allah’s Names and Attributes
  6. Thinking and pondering on the apparent and unapparent blessings of Allah
  7. Humbling and humiliating you heart in front of Allah
  8. Being alone at the time when Allah is descending
  9. Sitting with the people who love Allah - those who are truthful in their claim of iman - and taking/benefiting from their wise speech
  10. Staying away from everything that can get between your heart and Allah

Source: Gems & Jewels - Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yiovf-tnEW0)

Reference: Ibn al-Qayyim’s Madaarij as-Salikeen, vol. 3, p.17

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Just Married by Charrrmed

For Alexandria to last past this generation, procreation must be a priority. When Deanna explains to Rick what’s expected of him and Jessie, he blurts out that he’s already married. To Michonne. And she’s expecting.
Rated T

Finding God by Enjoi88

AU - Rick is late back from work and wants to spend time with his family. Father Gabriel is visiting and interrupting his plans. 
Rated T

Eight Letters-Three Words by Winter Lake 

At the gates of Hilltop, Rick ponders upon the power of three simple words. 
Rated T

Invincible by alltothepen

Summary of the journey from the premiere of season 7 until mid-season finale.
Rated T

Contrary to popular belief, posting reminders isn’t a competition. Some individuals become jealous and envious of the amount of notes another person’s post gets. When did we start to lose focus on why we’re sharing the benefit? Isn’t it supposed to be some knowledge that reaches you, that you acted upon and pondered over. That you studied and memorised, then wanted to share it with others who can do the same and benefit their akhirah?

Don’t seek fame or recognition for your posts, rectify your intentions and always aim to act upon the knowledge that you’re sharing with others. Even worse is when someone has a disagreement or argument with someone else and then uses quotes and posts to throw insult, or indirect in order to aggravate individuals. This is extremely dangerous, if it’s for evidences to guide and correct them, that’s fine, but don’t make it so that they feel insulted by the Hadith or embarrassed by it, which is what I’ve found has happened previously.

And yes, we aren’t perfect. We have flaws, all of us. But know that it becomes difficult for a person to accept the benefits you post when you, yourself are doing something contradictory to what you’ve advised. Posting about building love for the Qur'an, but then posting song lyrics? Don’t be so numb to your actions and remember to fear Allah, always.



Lithograph: Maurits Cornelis Escher Ascending and Descending (detail, 1960) 

Photograph: Artur Pastor Arquitectura, Motivos do Sul. Olhão. (1950) 

But the house! – how quaint an old building was this! – to me how veritably a palace of enchantment! There was really no end to its windings – to its incomprehensible subdivisions. It was difficult, at any given time, to say with certainty upon which of its two stories one happened to be. From each room to every other there were sure to be found three or four steps either in ascent of descent. Then the lateral branches were innumerable –inconceivable– and so returning in upon themselves, that our most exact ideas in regard to the whole mansion were not very far different from those with which we pondered upon infinity. During the five years of my residence here, I was never able to ascertain with precision in what remote locality lay the little sleeping apartment assigned to myself and some eighteen or twenty other scholars.

Edgar Allan Poe, William Wilson

Music: Maurice Ravel La valse (version for two pianos) (suggested interpretation: Martha Argerich and Nelson Freire)

From the greatest of voluntary acts through which Allāh’s Love is earned, is reciting and pondering upon Qur’ān.

Ibn Rajab al-Ḥanbalī Raḥimahullāh

● [مجموع الرسائل ٤/٨٧]

29 + 38 - Loki

“He wasn`t as tough as they all thought, and she knew it.” “Happily ever after?please.” 

I hope you like it @highchu, sorry if it`s a little bit short. 

She looked at him as he stood with his back facing her, and pondered upon the events the had let the dark haired man into his life. She was, of course, aware that he was no man. He was a god, as he so loved to remind her. But she knew something that no other did. He was capable of showing great kindness, and even greater love. He wasn`t as tough as they thought, and she knew it. He was a broken man. 

“This is a silly story.” he said as he turned around, a worn copy of Cinderella in his hands. “No true story ends with eternal love.” She tilted her head and looked at him, trying to read him. Read his emotions, and impossible task she might add. “So you don`t believe in them?” He looked at her with a look of utter incredulousness. “Happily ever after? Please.” He said, and rolled his eyes. “Don`t tell me you do?” He took her silence for a yes, and shook his head. “but why? it makes no sense.” She pulled him so that he was lying down next to her. Leaning over him slightly, she brushed his pale cheek with her hand. “But it does my love. You shall see.” She said, and pressed her lips to his.

♡ proverbs 31 devo ♡

Hello there! 

Christian women often are told that they have to be a certain way, or act like they are perfect. But have you ever read what God wants us to be?

As I pondered upon this, I remembered Proverbs 31. This chapter is written by a king, whose mother taught him how a woman of God should act. What does she say? Open up your Bibles!

Now as I read, I created a list.

1. We should have faith. Serve God with your whole heart, and believe that He will do good. 

2. Have a faith-filled relationship. This chapter mentions a lot about taking care of your husband, but every single relationship should keep God first. Don’t give your husband or boyfriend a reason to doubt you.

3. Be a sister. Pray for your church and church family. You never know when they will need you, so always be ready to be there for them. 

4. Health. You can’t be superwoman! Don’t overdo yourself, keep your own personal health in check. 

5. Serving. Be obedient to God! Do what he tells you to do! Let go of your pride whenever The Lord moves on you.

6. Industry. We women shouldn’t be lazy. Whether you have a job or you clean the house, don’t be useless! God never intended anyone to sit around! 

7. Be a homemaker. Take care of your household. Cook meals, keep your home a sanctuary, be a mother/wife. 

8. Manage time wisely. If you are given responsibilities, make sure that you complete them all. 

9. Beauty. Make sure that you never lose your inner-beauty. Even if it does get hard. 

10. Show Jesus. Be a witness for your saviour! If you know someone is lost, pray for them. Always keep a smile, after all, you could be the only Jesus someone sees.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this devotional! It was week number one for my ministry, Virtuous Women, which I encourage you to go read about on the up-coming page that will be linked here! God bless!

So, I finally made a decision I’ve been pondering upon for a while - I’m gonna make a Youtube music channel for my stuff, y’all. Finally grew some balls and I’m gonna do it. If I suck, the whole internet’s gonna know it but after a lot of thinking, I realized maybe that’s not what matters, what matters is trying and putting yourself out there and improving as you go by. No one’s perfect and I’ve struggled to realize that my entire life. No more. I’m finally gonna stop being a chicken and I thought Tumblr should know it even if it literally doesn’t give a shit lmao. 

AgustD - (Give it to me + Dream, Reality + So far away) Fanart.

After i replayed (So far away) this song i couldn’t help but burst in tears, there were numerous of moments of the pasts draw down/pictured in my mind.

Chasing your dreams was never easy to reach up unless if you keep trying to move forward and make a effort to your own benefits and trust. And by from this message take a advance and a contemplation/ponder upon towards the future that you’re holding into. Considering how much you’re struggling with full of mental illness and self-depress you’re not the only one who feels that way. However even if it may causes the circumstances even hard try to escape from this repression you’re going on. Life is keeps swinging back to forth down to your memory fluctuating between of vary of your distinct emotions and besides i always got afraid of the aspect of reality because of the loathing despises - abhorrence, insulting comments, unfair disapproval that has been throwing off, living on this world you either have to flow your emotions to express the reason or endure it as it hardly as it is.

There’s many obstacles ahead to way to mend to fix it but it is never too easy to get through. All it gives me nausea because of the sick waves by cause of those negative characteristic attitudes has been given on every each glance saying that you can’t highly reach your dreams. You’re more beyond on that. And sometimes even if i got humiliated/crucified with hurt it still feels like i want to fall for this moment and shut my eyes completely into the mist of darkness that had blanking out nothing but a void of emptiness. Even though there’s deep inside thoughts other than worried/balancing to think through about considering the future towards dream in some perceptive ways, caring your family and closest friends is also a the most needed thing inside our hearts.

Even so i’m wishing you guys to be strong no matter what you’re getting onto this kind of difficult problem. 

And a special thank you AgustD for genuinely making this amazing song. 

Thank you.~

So far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN))

So far away, if I had a dream, if only I had a flying dream don’t far away, 

 if I had a dream, if only I had a flying dream

Dream, I will be there for your creation until the end of your life

Dream, wherever you might be (the world) it will be lenient 

Dream, you will fully bloom after all the hardships

Dream, your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be…


“oh no…something’s wrong with my phone. It doesn’t have your number!”

     ❝Angela, cara…❞ she could only SNERK. Then, she brought gently folded knuckles to rest upon red lips, pondering a retort.

     ❝Are you a pulmonary embolism? Because I can’t breathe when I’m around you.❞

Zeref is Ankhserum Part Two

Guess what, I came up with several more ideas for this theory such as WHY Mavis died, and the connection between Acnologia and the Dragneel brothers. 

Here is part one 

So, I will as I did then, present my theory first, then the evidence. Just letting you know, for this theory, I don’t have that much evidence as last time I did. However, I will present this anyway. 

Here we go: 

Zeref Dragneel  died 400 years in the fire that killed the rest (suppose it) of his family. 

Before you go WHAT, let me finish. Zeref is Ankhserum’s vessel/reincarnation (depends really) and Ankhserum’s powers saved him so he woke u and found everyone around him dead, except for one person which I will come back to later. 

Years later, under tremendous stress, Zeref got “cursed” and became immortal. Here we stop with our story, for now at least.

Zeref isn’t cursed, never was. Upon pondering a while, I realized that there was one GLARING problem with this curse — it’s timing.

In this manga strip above, we see Zeref getting the powers to kill those around him. However, what I found strange is that Zeref got cursed only NOW. Why didn’t he get cursed when drawing the plans for the tower of heaven? Or when actually attempting to revive Natsu?? This curse shouldn’t have manifested now. Remember with Mavis how she only got it AFTER doing Law, not before when she CLEARLY planned to. She was messing with the realms of life and death just by thinking about saving Yuriy, yet nothing happened to her!!! Now do you see what I a saying. This curse, if it is a curse, should have ONLY manifested before this moment in this manga strip, or when he actually started creating demons. 

Now here we get to the good part; THIS, RIGHT HERE, IS ANKHSERUM’S TRUE ABILITY. 

Look how much stress Zeref is under right now, he is being outright told that his dream of bringing Natsu back isn’t possible. Do you have any idea how hard it is for him? At that moment, under all that stress, Zeref’s ability manifested, just like Mavis’s did with Zera…

Now, here I go into mythology, I recall reading somewhere, some legend where a character, I think a demi-god (no it isn’t Percy Jackson) was told his/her ability  acts how she imagines it. Well, Zeref thought it was a curse, and you know how magic responds to the castor’s state of mind? The castor’s state of mind dictates how the magic acts His ability started acting like the curse. I think all FT readers/watchers would connect this to all arcs of FT. Now here we get to the good part. Why Mavis died. 

Mavis is the only one curse out of both of them. The curse is like Ankhserum’s true ability, however, it doesn’t come close to its power as shown by Mashima.

Zeref’s true ability — being Ankhserum, is a HELL OF A LOT stronger then a form of his own power that resided in Mavis as the infamous curse. Because Zeref thought his power as the curse itself, so it would steal Mavis’s life, the Grim Reaper’s kiss of death. Mavis’s curse only made her resistant to Zeref’s power but this kiss, where he showed how much he loved her, was too much for the curse to handle, so she “died” Well, actually she isn’t dead, her soul is still connected to her body but that is a story for another day. This kinda makes me think of the Dementor’s kiss in Harry Potter. 

Btw, with Zeref constantly contradicting himself I think might be what comes with the package or consequence of holding such power. Mavis was yet to show it.

*wipes brow* That was a lot…but we aren’t even close to done. 

Now, remember I promised to explain about Zeref’s and Natsu’s connection to Acnologia. Well, there was this theory going around that Acnologia was in fact Zeref’s and Natsu’s father (Sorry fans of annalogia), I actually have information that supports that. 

Initially I was against this idea but upon furthur pondering, I realized that this might be the case, 

Here is the connection:

Acnologia despises Dragons, I don’t have the manga clip of his fight with Igneel but he so wanted him dead. Well, Zeref’s family was KILLED by Dragons. If Acnologia is indeed the Dragneel  Brothers’ father, then this is more then a good reason to try to kill all the dragons, to avenge his family. Now, there is the talk between the two where if this is in fact true, Zeref should have recongized his own dad, right? Nope, Anything could happen to a person’s looks in 400 years, Acnologia probably grew his hair out, got those awesome tattoos and etc. Now, this obviously has a lot of holes but this is a connection we need to pay attention to. 

Remember my statement about Zeref dying 400 years ago? Well, I think his father if it is Acnologia checked all his family’s bodies to see if any have survived, but they were dead (until Ankhserum awoke inside of Zeref). Acnologia doesn’t see his son anymore, since he knows or thinks he is dead but someone else in his body. This is mearly a statement and I have no evidence for. 

Thank you very much for reading. Remember, this is only a theory, I could totally be wrong but it was worth a shot anyway. 

Love you all and see you later,


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So, I was thinking about how many of the Heathens who commented on my Loki shenanigans were all like, “and then Odin,” in some form or another. And I was pondering upon this seeming thing in a way that relates to Big O and Ra.

So, in the fun that is Kemeticism, Ra and Big O are a thing. Ra goes into the Duat each night and becomes one with Big O for rejuvenation and bowchickawowowrenewal. And then he leaves upon his daily journey to do his sunlight shtick but comes right back to Big O every evening.

What if it’s kind of the same thing for Loki and Ole One Eye? The image that stuck with me from that conversation was, “Loki may be driving the creeper van but it’s Odin’s van.”

And that made me wonder: What if Big O is the same for Ra? He doesn’t drive a van, obviously, but he kind of lures the kids into the Duat with candy and self care. And then we get sucked in and before we know it, we are self caring like nobody’s business and whether we develop a relationship specifically with Ra, we technically have one because we are (a) self care gurus and/or (b) developing a relationship with Big O, who is technically Ra.

But of course, this gets even weirder and messier when you realize that Big O is technically Heru so, in that weird bleed over that is syncretism, even the Heru kids are kind of developing relationships with Big O, which in turn means it’s technically Ra.

Um… what was my point?

Oh. Ra is like the guy who runs the gang and Big O is his underboss who lures the unsuspecting into the Duat. Just like Loki lures the wee ones into Odin’s creeper van.