upon corruption

this is your reminder to please take care of yourself. try not to stress over things that are out of your control. live your life away from negative people, learn from your mistakes, and grow through your pain. do not tolerate being treated anything less than what you deserve, watch people, observe space and the stars and realize just how small you really are. try to understand and accept, don’t be afraid to love and, above all, be yourself. live each day in your authentic self, your authentic skin, your authentic soul, and don’t let anyone intrude upon, corrupt or diminish that light you hold in you.

I have noticed a lot of people are very selective when it comes to judging relationships in this manga.

I’m not surprised that so many like Itachi but hate Sasuke, Sakura and SS.
The Naruto fandom is filled with preposterous idiots.

Killing your own mother and father. Practically in front of your own brother  Then he mentally tortures Sasuke showing the entire massacre during hours in a genjutsu.

This is just too cruel to do with a Kid with just 8 Years.


Itachi  mentally and emotionally tortured Sasuke yet expected him to turn out well adjusted. He intended to have him kill his friend, leading him to be a murderer and traitor. Telling your brother to hate you for it.Taunting him and twisting his reality.



Then he mentally tortures him again, years later, when Sasuke was starting to heal with the help of Team 7. Itachi come back to brutally beaten sasuke and made another tsukuyomi to torture Sasuke a point to send him in a Coma state. Itachi break sasuke’s arm and ribs

Actually this is the Itachi who “loves” Sasuke.



Itachi is the main responsible for what Sasuke become. He ruined sasuke’s life and destroyed his personality.

Sasuke is not a bad person, Sasuke  lost his entire family and it affected him very deeply… That’s why he became rude and cold to others.. Even Hagoromo recognize this.



Sasuke never tortured Sakura. Sasuke never  beaten Sakura. Sasuke never killed Sakura’s parents or any person close to Sakura. But this Fandom wants to make Sasuke an absolute Evil Person.

Of course Sasuke has no reasons to be fucked up he was only  betrayed by his brother  at the age of 8. Lost his entire family. was tortured and grew up alone without any support.  Not to mention persons like Orochimaru and Obito who wants to use Sasuke taking advantage of his trauma.

This Fandom can accept Itachi and Sasuke bond because they are Brothers but SasuSaku is abusive and send “bad message” ?  This is a Joke?

Kishimoto invented a poor plot twist to explain Itachi’s bad actions. Kishimoto made Itachi admitted he was wrong to treat sasuke in this way and everything is ok. Sasuke forgave him.
Itachi mentally tortured innocent kid Sasuke for what amounts to 24 hours in Tsukuyomi yet we’re still supposed to buy the two loving each other above all else.      

So just because he is a brother means he gets a license to mindscrew and abuses Sasuke because he loves him?

In this manga ninjas tried to kill each other and then forgive each other.
Itachi mentally and emotionally tortured Kid Sasuke is totally ok.

But when Sasuke and Sakura tried to kill each other:

“It’s abusive!!!!!!!”

 Sasuke and Sakura are two enemies at this point caught on opposite sides of a terrible conflict brought upon by a corrupt world system.

Sakura wanted to kill Sasuke to save him and protect the village.

Sasuke at the moment was totally out of his own and was fully consumed by revenge and hatred thanks to his brother who murdered his entire family and manipulating him until sasuke’s driven to the brink of insanity.

Ok, I’ll put the prologue of my fic of the Beauty and the Beast here, this in a test, english is not my language, so here will be many grammatical errors, I hope, however, that it will be understood and that can be enjoy it, If this have acceptance I will proceed to translate the rest of the chapters… 

Beauty and the Beast


“How else could a Beast prove his love?”

Let me tell you a story … But not a simple love story, a story about love, where beauty is something more than the physical … And love is the necessary cure, even for the coldest and most corrupt heart.

Once upon a time in a kingdom, in a castle, lived a King and his Queen, they had four children, three girls and one boy.

Kings named their son James Buchanan and educated him by teaching him the power of love and kindness.

 James had two friends, his best friend Steve Rogers and his other friend Alexander Pierce, the latter was like a rotten apple.

You see, Pierce longed for the kingdom, longed for the riches of the crown, was a manipulator and mostly manipulated the young prince at his whim, the young prince learned from this that the physicist was the most important and the lucky that he was for have a good looks, he learned that his selfish pride was a good thing.

Rogers was the opposite, he tried to advise the prince in a good way, to teach him kindness, that love was not just to notice a person because of his physical, which was much more…

And between these two, it was a constant war to become the “conscience” of the prince, until the tragedy…

There was a neighboring kingdom, a dark kingdom with a cruel King, it was a kingdom that envied their peaceful and kind neighbors, because their had fertile lands, good economy and a very prosperous kingdom.

For this reason, the tyrant king declared war on his peaceful neighbors.

King Barnes had no choice but to prepare his troops in defense of his lands and his people.

It was a war that lasted a few years, until a betrayal ended.

And that traitor was a young adolescent with longings of greatness and also friend of the young prince.

Alexander Pierce.

He, being a friend of the prince, had access to the whole castle, to every small passage, and as he had grown up in the castle thanks to his mother being the royal housekeeper until his death, Alexander knew the castle how he knew the back of his hand.

And for the riches and power offered him by the neighboring kingdom, he sold his own.

He taught the enemy the secret passages, like entering and leaving without being seen and he in change would have riches and a place of honor in court.

And it was one night, when the neighboring kingdom attacked the kings directly.

It was a massacre that kingdom would not forget.

The castle burned with flames, the good and kind kings were brutally murdered along with two of their daughters, the youngest daughter was barely saved by the speed of the royal guards and that her room was the furthest from the fire, her only son, Prince James, was taken prisoner by the enemy…

The young prince could not be saved from the clutches of the enemy, that day he not only lost his family, his kingdom, his life, he had lost his arm too, for when the castle was on fire, a beam fell from the ceiling catching his left arm, the enemy got it that way, trapped by the beam and saw his chance to have it.

However, the enemy made him a new arm, for it was a kingdom that had some scientists at his disposal, mostly to build lethal weapons, but this time they used his wits to build a new arm, for Pierce, now a future heir to that tyrannical kingdom, wanted his new toy complete.

And there began the constant torture.

Now the prince had a metal arm and this was only the beginning of the torture, he was tested so that he learned to endure all sorts of pain, he was physically and psychologically tortured, beaten, forced to see frightening things and he only wanted the pain stopped, he could not take it anymore.

Not to mention the emotional wound to learn that someone who thought he was his friend was the one who betrayed him, humiliated and killed his family, one of the people his family appreciated and let live in the castle under royal protection, was the causing so much pain and the devastation of his kingdom.

Thus passed five bitter years…

He had been a prisoner until he have 20 years old, enduring the tortures and the pain that caused him, having to perform the horrible things that were forced, five bitter years where the prince turned cold and indifferent, without feelings, his heart had become stone.

However, when he thought that everything was lost, the person who was his true best friend, his brother, rescued him from that hell.

Steve Rogers, had spent five years planning the fall of the traitorous kingdom from that cruel kingdom and planning the rescue of his best friend, could not leave him alone, and prayed to the gods every day that his friend was alive.

But when he found it, there was only the shell of what was once his friend.

When Prince James returned to his kingdom he discovered that the castle had been restored, those parts that had been burned had been “rebuilt,” but it was not as before, James knew, nothing was as before.

The little joy that he felt was to see his little sister Rebecca alive and without a single wound, the young princess was happy to see her brother, was happy to see someone in his family alive, but it hurt to see what had happened, that arm, the scars, his cold attitude, it hurt to see what his brother had become.

After the rescue of the prince and fall of that tyrannical kingdom along with the murder of the traitor, everything returned to a relative tranquility in the kingdom.

But the things in the castle were tense, the prince locked himself in his room and did not leave unless it was strictly necessary, he had not accepted the crown as King, because he did not feel dignified, his sister still was so young and she could not carry with him the weight of being Queen, was a kingdom without kings now, and that made it a weak kingdom.

And so the days passed and the months passed, an important date was approaching in the life of the castle, the day of the birthday of the prince.

Rebeca, the young princess of 15 years, had planned that day was a special day, it was the first birthday of her Bucky from what had happened, she wanted her brother to regain his happiness, missed listening to his brother’s laughter, missed seeing her smile … For that reason, she had planned a perfect day, everyone in the castle being agreed, they wanted to see their prince happy.

But it was not like that…

Between Rebeca and Steve managed to get Bucky out of their self-confinement, they tried to make the day come out as planned, only James barely grimaced, at least it was the most they could get out of him, however, they did not let that this would ruin the day, everyone in the castle tried to make the prince enjoy his day, but he really did not, he just seemed ridiculous to celebrate something like that.

And it only got worse…

In the middle of the night the castle gates rang, the prince went to see who had dared to interrupt his celebration, and found a gawky old lady dressed in old dirty rags.

The old woman told the prince her dilemma, it was a cold night and she has nowhere to sleep, and in exchange for a haven she offered a beautiful red rose like blood.

The prince did not care about the old woman or what happened to her, she did not want anyone else in her castle, she did not trust anyone else, and the old woman’s appearance gave much to be desired. Old habits was hard to dying.

The old lady warned him not to be carried away by appearances, which not everyone wanted to hurt him.

When he rejected her again, a blinding light enveloped the old woman revealing a beautiful young sorceress who called herself as Enchantress.

The sorceress with courage speak “Young prince let yourself be manipulated by the darkness of your heart, you have lost faith in people and you do not care what others do for you, you are blind to see true beauty, even your parents would be disappointed to see in the dark and vile that you have become, so you think, if the appearance is important then that reflects in your appearance the darkness of your heart, I Enchantress I curse you and your castle and all the people in it, only when someone truly loved you despite your appearance the spell will break, but only until the last petal of this rose falls on your 25th birthday, until then, I condemn you to be the Beast that you keep in your heart and forced you to be”

She had seen that there was no love in her heart and by punishment turned him into a beast and cursed anyone who was in the castle, while at the same time erased the memories of the people in the village, who would not remember that once belonged to the kingdom.

After these words the sorceress disappeared, the prince was frightened by his words and suddenly felt a pain coming from his chest and cry agonizing, the words of the sorceress were repeated in his mind as he felt his body change, until suddenly everything It became dark…

We Are Americans!


“I would like to clear a few things in relation to my Island of Puerto Rico!! There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA!

1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year. For welfare, Pell Grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population.

2) They send $13 billion a year for social security, but this is not unilateral! This is money that is retained from our paychecks!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send.

3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods; Making PR a huge customer for the USA, one of its top markets in the world. A captive market.

4) The Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship EVERYTHING in US Flag ships, which happen to be the most expensive in the world! This act was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!! 80% OF OUR foood is imported, making it twice as expensive as in the US.

5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, 70 cents of every dollar ($34 billion a year) leave the island to the bank accounts of US businesses. Mainland chains have wiped out local businesses (pharmacies,hardware, department stores, etc). No other territory in the world permits that much money to leave, leaving behind the scraps for its own sustenance.

6) Summarizing: USA to PR $4.7 Billion and PR to USA $72 Billion. 🤔 You do the math.

7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a Hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor, but in reality, it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you need to get that gold mine up and running again!!

😎 So when Donald Trump states that we "are throwing his budget out of whack!!” It should be because this year that 72 billion will be short! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

As for our $72 Billion-dollar debt:

1) This debt starts with the removal of Section 936 of the US tax code that granted tax exemptions to US Companies to keep these companies from leaving USA to a foreign land and keeping them in US Territory!!

2) Puerto Rico flourished for 25 years, and then the law was taken away way before it expired!! Someone said, “It’s Corporate Welfare” and boom, in 10 years the pride of our economy, the pharmaceutical, biochemical and electronic industries collapsed.

3) Unemployment rose; professional jobs were substituted by menial service jobs in US stores. Professional class migration soared. Puerto Rico started borrowing to balance its budget.

4) Puerto Rico has borrowed something near 72 billion!! But interest and foul play by Brokers in the US have raised the debt to a unpayable figure.

5) Brokers selling stocks to subsidiaries ( something illegal in the USA) but since it’s Puerto Rico, it is allowed!!!

6) Vulture funds now bought the debt at pennies to the dollar and now they want the dollar!!! They are Not even willing to negotiate even though they would make huge profits if they cut the debt in half!!

7) They want to cut funds for our kids education, utilities and food!!

😎 Donald Trump should not be the person telling Puerto Rico to pay our debt!! Have him pay the $32 million he took from Puerto Rico taxpayers to build a golf course, bankrupt it and leave the taxpayers paying the $32 million!!!

9) Puerto Rican politicians are also to blame! The island was preyed upon by a corrupt system that created more millionaires than we’d ever seen before.political cronies were brazenly rewarded with millionaire contracts, without compliance requirements or enforcement.

Puerto Ricans are US Citizens!! That have contributed to the USA for close to 100 years. Citizenship came with the price tag of obligatory military service in 1917, right on time for World War I.

1) They have served in every war for the USA since then. Proportionally, more Puerto Ricans died in Vietnam than any other state of the union. And for what?

2) The 65th Infantry is the all Puerto Rican regiment that was recently honored by Congress for its valor and loyalty.

3) The 65th were the first to fire against Japan in World war II. Why? Because they where always the first ones to be sent in. The Torres’s, the Rodriguez’s, Morales, etc. first guys in, clearing the path for the Smith’s, Johnson’s and Captain America. We call them “carne de cañón,” cannon fodder.

4) USA will not grant Puerto Rico statehood!!! We fall under the territorial clause that makes us “belonging to but not a part of.” A piece of property with unwanted people in it.Too many business interests would lose money if we were a state! Puerto Rico would have a huge voice in congress and Presidential vote! Not everybody wants that. They prefer that we remain an exploited colony, against international law.

Puerto Rico contributes greatly to the USA every day, both economically and from a human point of view. we have astronauts, engineers, scientists, researchers, musicians, artists, and many other professionals that all contribute to the common good of the USA.


darksidegryphon  asked:

Have you thought of the Corruption chasms as nests, dug by the eater of worlds to harbor the shadow orbs which are its/her eggs? That would explain its anger after breaking three. I hope I did not miss anything from your worldbuilding.

I never really did cover the Corruption in-depth, so you didn’t miss much of anything.

And before I get started, remember, this isn’t a theory as to what the devs may have intended, and this shouldn’t have any bearing on how other people may decided to worldbuild the Corruption. This is only how I’ve decided to characterize it for my own stuff.

The crux of my interpretation is that I don’t consider the Corruption creatures to be biological entities, seeing as they’re made of rotten flesh. They seem more like animated conglomerates pulled from a set of very similar templates, with a singular goal of spreading, killing, absorbing dead biomass, and spreading more.

That said, the chasms ARE dug by the Eater of Worlds, but also all the other burrowing Corruption creatures, of which there are many. They’re just not a nest; they don’t need to breed since they’re not actually living things. It’s more for living space and surface area for spreading the corruption, especially in its weakened state.

The Shadow Orbs themselves aren’t eggs, they’re actually more like pearls, where random objects that have fallen into the chasms get coated in layers of demonite or a demonite-like material. This mainly explains why you can find some fairly mundane items inside of them, some older ones being sufficiently suffused with Corruption energy to have changed their nature (whilst more ‘modern’ objects, like the Musket, remain unchanged, simply from not having been there very long). Smaller and heftier 'pearls’ from minute particles are much denser can simply be taken, hence the light item.

They still act as acute focuses, drawing in the soul energy upon which the Corruption denizens feed. It explains why you hear screams when you break them, and why destroying or stealing them enrages the Eater of Worlds, which tends them and carefully shapes them into the familiar orbs. Who really knows why. Probably something to do with optimizing distribution or the material matrix for keeping the energy stored until needed.

I think the problem with the crew favoring Pearl’s development over other characters isn’t the amount of episodes dedicated to them - I went back and counted, and Amethyst has just as many as Pearl, and Garnet has less but still a fair number that I’d forgotten about - it’s what those episodes focus on. Pearl episodes focus on two main things: her moving on from losing Rose, and her overcoming her role in Homeworld’s hierarchy as a slave, an accessory with no perceived cognition or sentience. Not too deep of a character, sure, but it gives her a multi-faceted personality, at least. Amethyst and Garnet, however, only get one issue their characters revolve around: Amethyst’s being overcooked, and Garnet’s being a fusion.

-With Amethyst, there’s so many missed opportunities, so many aspects of her character that they could have explored. How does she feel about being a post-Rebellion Crystal Gem? Does she feel she has to make up for not being present in the fight for earth, and has to work twice as hard as the others to truly deserve working with such a team? What does she think about the veterans’ stories, their reactions upon finding corrupted Gems they once knew, their memories of fellow rebels who Amethyst will never know? That she never made the choice to live on earth, like the others, but was born there with no choice but to stay? She would certainly have chosen earth over Homeworld had she ever gotten the chance, of course, but she never got to make that choice, and that must be a constant wound to her confidence and self-righteousness. Garnet, Pearl and Rose gave up everything they knew for this planet, at the risk of their own lives - Amethyst never had to make such a sacrifice, and thus can’t look back on it as a source of pride and certainty, a reaffirmation of her feelings on earth and Homeworld, respectively.

-How does she deal with the guilt of knowing that all the horrible things that happened on earth only occurred so that she and her sisters could be made? That Homeworld viewed the decimation of an entire planet full of unique life as a fair price to pay for more Gems like her? That without the terraforming of earth, without the deaths and shatterings, without the ugly scar of Homeworld’s imperialism imprinted permanently on the planet, she would not exist?

-That she will (or thought she would) never meet other gems, never see other planets, never know Homeworld? Did she feel trapped on earth, knowing that Gems were built to be a spacefaring species, but she was confined to a (seemingly) abandoned colony? How did she feel when Peridot joined the team, the first Gem to willingly choose earth over Homeworld in over 6000 years? Was she relieved? Jealous? Admiring?

And then there’s Garnet. Oh, Garnet. The crew really wrote themselves into a corner with her. Future vision is very difficult to write, and while they subverted that somewhat with Garnet’s seeing multiple possibilities rather than one certain outcome, her future vision seems to come and go with plot convenience. In addition, any development to her character would be questionable considering her nature as a fusion - any new developments in Garnet herself would imply one of two things; 1. Ruby and Sapphire were losing themselves in the fusion, no longer retained a sense of independent identity, and we’re now part of an unhealthy relationship, or 2. Ruby and Sapphire’s all-encompassing relationship had had pressing, unresolved issues since Garnet’s formation, and had never been a healthy relationship to begin with (if Garnet is just now, after 7000 years, resolving self issues, were Ruby and Sapphire fused with those problems the entire time?).

-However, there are still a few paths they could have taken with Garnet. How does she feel when something bad happens that she hadn’t foreseen? Or had foreseen, but hadn’t considered as a likely possibilities and had thus disregarded? How do her confidence and leadership abilities react? How guilty is she, and what measures does she go to in order to ensure she doesn’t miss something again?

-How did she become the leader of the Crystal Gems following Rose’s death? What was her role in the Rebellion? What were Ruby and Sapphire’s lives like before they met each other? How did Garnet’s personality evolve, to balance her components into a coherent single consciousness? Garnet is unlike any other fusion we’ve ever seen - her components work in PERFECT harmony together, nearly all the time. They weren’t like that as of The Answer, though - what changed? Obviously a lot, and it would be very interesting to see it!

-Another interesting possibility - what if, like Sapphire had future vision, Ruby had a perfect photographic memory? Never forgetting a single detail… how would Garnet deal with the overload of information coming from both the future and the past? How would she deal with remembering their fallen fellow rebels vividly, in the middle of having to fight their corrupted or shattered remains? How would she deal with losing Rose, after 7000 years worth of memories of her? How would she deal with getting Bismuth back, after thousands of years of missing her, only to immediately lose her again, this time permanently? How would she deal with remembering Biggs Jasper, Crazy Lace Agate, Snowflake Obsidian, and all the other Crystal Gems, better than anyone? When Rose died, leaving the only other living being remembering them as Pearl, whose memory was not as sharp as Garnet’s and who might, after all the thousands of years, started to forget details? How would she move on from loss or change, when she could see everything as clearly as it had been before?

-LAPIS. I know she’s a secondary character, but she barely feels like a character at all at this point. When and why did she start forgiving the Crystal Gems, or did she not? What are her feelings on Steven’s true identity, as the current incarnation of who Lapis would view as a depraved, anarchistic war criminal? What did she think when she heard of Jasper’s ultimate fate? When did she start getting along with Peridot? When did she start overcoming her depression from being trapped in the mirror and Malachite and even earth, and slowly start being herself again?

-Most importantly, where does she stand? She’s not a Crystal Gem, or a Homeworld Gem, but she’s not really neutral either. She’s been referred to as a Crystal Gem, but has never declared herself one. A great factor to motivate her officially joining the team would be her learning of corruption, of the Cluster, of the Diamonds’ true nature and views of their constituents. Would she be horrified by Homeworld’s ruthless, brutal imperialism, or would she still sympathize? I, personally, would love to see her officially join the Crystal Gems not out of love for earth, but hatred for Homeworld.

Again, Pearl’s not a super-complex character  either, but she at least gets two separate issues addressed in her character arc. Amethyst’s guilt over being born from Homeworld’s draining the earth was briefly touched upon in On The Run, but then dropped and never brought up again, and as the show has demonstrated, one encouraging speech does not make bad feelings go away forever. So, Amethyst could have had feeling shortchanged by missing her chance to prove herself in the Rebellion, guilt over being a result of Homeworld’s colonialism on earth, or feeling trapped by being seemingly confined to earth for eternity as a second focus of her character, after her insecurity over being small and weak compared to how she was supposed to be. Garnet, meanwhile, could have had her role and leadership explored, conflict with being unable to control every outcome despite her future vision, or an added memory like a steel trap as a second focus for hers. Or anything else, for that matter, those were just the ones that came to my mind.

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Daemillius: “ Stop glowing… Don’t make me laugh! You may be a legendary, but you are far from the GREATNESS of your ancestors, all of which knew to RESPECT my POWER! My glow is only one of the many indicators showing that I have the energy of hundreds upon hundreds of corrupted souls imprisoned inside me! So why don’t you say that again??…”


It’s so amusing to me, as a person who uses Linux 90% of the time and does a bunch of things in the shell and runs a webserver and codes…

that in Mega Man Battle Network they are using Windows

I mean, I get why it has to be that way, the way unix-like commands don’t have an extension would make it harder to differentiate them from Other Versions of themselves than “.exe” but like. windows

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Here, have a title ripped from Tracy chapman song lyrics: hunger only for a taste of justice (all that you have is your soul)

[or: maggie sawyer should have known she was too idealistic to be a gotham pd cop] 

maggie carries a bullet wound and covers it with silence, until the day that alex asks. 

and maggie tells. 

tells alex about when she got jumped by some of the football team and the sheriff watched, the sheriff let it happen. explains how that was the day she knew she was going to become a police officer. because someone has to serve and protect the kids that look like her. 

tells alex about gotham pd and how long it took her to notice the corruption, how the entire city is built upon corruption. and how maggie took a bullet to the shoulder, was left in the darkest corner of the city to die, or worse. how she barely survived, but never went back to gotham pd because the bullet she carried in her shoulder was a warning shot. 

tells alex how she drove all the way from gotham to blue springs with a bullet in her shoulder, like she was jason fucking bourne or something. using gas station vodka to clean the wound as best she could, and when she stumbled onto her aunts farm, she was half dead from blood loss. she explains how going into a hospital in gotham would have got her killed. so she left. went to the one place she felt safest. 

not blue springs, no, fuck that place. 

she went and let her aunt pull the bullet out in the kitchen. maggie didn’t care if it was going to scar, she didn’t trust anyone in this damn town, just the woman who served as an army medic before getting out, before buying a farm and deciding all she wanted for her life was the open skies and a handful of cows. 

the same woman who encouraged maggie to take the job offer from ncpd. 

disconnected thoughts on fire emblem’s future

fe echoes sold less than a tenth of what fates sold and that really really concerns me.

like how many of you bought fates because it was a tactics based rpg

the fact that echoes sold like shit compared to the last two entries really calls attention to the fact that less and less people are buying fire emblem games because they’re fire emblem games and more because they have attractive character designs or mechanics that have little to do with the actual story/core gameplay.

like the focus on support conversations; fates and awakening have tons, tons, of support conversations. some are good, others, not so much. But that’s not the point. the actual bonuses you receive in-game are nice but aren’t always there to help you out. on top of that, you can even beat the game without doing any sort of support. the fact that’s it’s become so prevalent, so attached to the series name, coupled with the MU in awakening in fates, means the writers have to cranks out a lot of crap, and that is never a good thing for writers.

the supports in echoes are fantastic, both in quality and in quantity (except celica and nomah, fuck that support. faye’s avoid penalty with alm is also bullshit, not to mention the only good conversation is the a support). They’re concise, they’re short, but they’re chock full of goodies. like i actually care about these characters and i care about how they interact with each other.

while awakening and fates’ supports have that same effect in some cases, other times, it feels forced. like these characters are only saying these things because the situation they’re put in demands it. it’s dumb, it’s a waste of my time.

now fire emblem has quickly risen to become one of my favorite series of all time (would you believe me if i said i only started playing it last year) and i’m disheartened to say the least; the biggest thing keeping it alive at this point is sexually attractive character design and each generic personality corresponding to whatever body type they have.

i’m not saying that i don’t welcome such things in my life; i just don’t want it to be the main focus or selling point because that’s not a fire emblem game to me. a fire emblem game to me is a fantastical drama of true love and war, an epic that makes you question the extremist ideals that some have and how to best merge them, the tragedy brought upon by corruption and desire.

that’s what i want to see.

SALT in Folklore. Salt is essential to health, as well as a preservative of food. In ancient times it was more valuable than gold. Roman soldiers were often paid in salt; hence the phrase “worth his salt.” The word salary is derived from salt. Sharing a person’s salt is symbolic of establishing a deep bond between people. When a new home was occupied, salt was often one of the first things to be brought across the threshold to drive away evil influences and establish good energy and luck. A pinch of salt was sprinkled before any job or task in order to ensure the same. Salt was used in divination. At Halloween, every person in a house turned over a thimbleful of salt upon a platter. Whoever’s pillar fell apart by the next day would die within a year. At Christmas, omens for the coming year were read from the dryness or moistness of salt. Because of the high value of salt, spilling it has long been considered bad luck. To counter the bad luck, spilt salt should be thrown over the left shoulder, for that is where evil spirits can be found lurking. Spilling salt can make a person vulnerable to the Devil. In fairy lore, spilt salt should be thrown into the home fire so that the household brownies can lick it. In Christianity, salt is symbolic of incorruptibility, eternity, and divine wisdom. Early Christians began using salt in christenings and baptisms as a purification and protection. Church sites were consecrated with salt and holy water. The Catholic ritual of the benediction of salt and water ensures physical health. Oaths sometimes were taken on salt instead of the Bible. 

Demon and witch lore: As a preservative, salt is contrary to the nature of demons, who are intent upon corrupting and destroying. It’s sometimes thrown at weddings, to preserve marital happiness and also to repel evil spirits who might be intent upon wreaking havoc with the newlyweds. Salt was placed in coffins as a preservative for the soul after death and to protect it against assaults by evil spirits. It was used in pagan sacrifices, and placed in the cribs of infants to protect them against evil spirits. Salt and salted water, especially blessed, are used to cleanse premises believed to be infested by demons. Salted water is washed around mirrors, windows and doorways and sometimes washed over entire walls and ceilings. Witches and demons are repelled by it. In medieval times, it was believed that witches and the animals they bewitched were unable to eat anything salted. Inquisitors who interrogated accused witches were advised by demonologists to first protect themselves by wearing a sacramental amulet made of salt consecrated on Palm Sunday and blessed herbs, pressed into a disc of blessed wax. One means of torturing accused witches was to force-feed them heavily salted food and deny them water. An old recipe for breaking an evil spell calls for stealing a tile from a witch’s roof, sprinkling it with salt and urine and then heating it over fire while reciting a charm. Women who complain of food being too salty are suspected of being witches. Salt neutralizes the evil eye cast by witches. Magic: Salt is used in spells and magical rituals as a representative of the element of earth. It also purifies and defines magical boundaries. It might be sprinkled around a magic circle as an added protection. Alchemy: In alchemy, all things, including the 4 elements, are composed of a divine trinity that includes salt, mercury, and sulphur. Salt represents the body, female and earth aspects, and was a crucial ingredient in alchemic recipes for making gold. One 17th-century formula for potable gold, believed to be an antidote for poison, a curative of heart disease and a repellent of the Devil, included gold, salt, red wine vinegar, the ashes of a block of tin burnt in an iron pan, wine and honey.

Dazai walked into Mori’s office, a feeling of dread curling in the pit of his stomach. Mori had his perpetual, cruel smile painted across his face. He didn’t stand to greet Dazai. 

“Mori-san, I think there’s another direction we should be taking in these experiments.” Dazai began. He had been reluctant to ask for a meeting with Mori. He didn’t like being around the other man. It made his skin crawl. 

“You know as well as I do that Chuuya won’t be able to gain control of Corruption before these tests kill him.” Dazai said coldly. “It’s too powerful. But I don’t believe we are out of options. If the inhibitors can make him unable to control his own gravity or the gravity of other things, if we find the right dosage and combination of drugs, we should be able to find one strong enough to shut Corruption down without me.”  

Dazai didn’t feel any better saying it out loud. So many risks came with this plan, just like their current one. Dazai had weighed the pros and cons over the last few days of each option. In the end, he realized it would take too long for Chuuya to gain control over Corruption, if at all. But if his new idea worked, Chuuya could carry a vile of the successful serum with him. If he ever needed to call upon Corruption, he would be able to without having to worry about Dazai being there or sacrificing himself. 

“And how would it be utilized by Chuuya-kun?” Mori asked, hands folded in his lap.

“He would inject himself just before activating Corruption. Immediately following the injection he would activate his Ability while he still can. Ideally the inhibitor would be able to shut down Corruption within 2 minutes. 2 and a half at the most.” 

“You’re proposing to allow Chuuya-kun to wield Corruption without control and without you there in case things go wrong? Hmm.” 

“After rigorous testing, of course, Mori-san. It will still be a long process, but I believe it will be quicker and more promising then waiting for Chuuya to be able to control his Ability.” 

It was silent for a few tense moments and then, “It’s a shame you aren’t still my right-hand man, Dazai-kun. It seems we both came to a similar conclusion.” 

His smile made Dazai sick.    @callmechuuya

The Naruto ending, for the most part, is total shit. Everything from the random baby boom to the unrealistically accelerated technology. But as if all of that weren’t enough, Kishimoto had to add one final slap in the face that, at first and even now, is completely outrageous and infuriating to me.

He completely destroyed Sasuke and Naruto’s characters. How dare he show Naruto as Hokage comfortably sitting in his office, completely aware that Sasuke had not returned to Konoha for years and apparently totally unperturbed by it after he spent three years of his life chasing after the very same person? After he risked his life time and time again just to finally see the person he most cherished in the world come home? After he vowed to kill them both if it meant it would rid Sasuke of his emotional burden and allow them to understand each other in the afterlife?

And then there’s Sasuke. The one who’s family and clan was decimated after Konoha’s system utterly failed them and spent his entire life seeking to avenge them only to bow to that same corrupt system upon being beaten like a dog with its tail between his legs. The one who confessed that the only person outside his family to ever reach his heart was Naruto, whom he almost died for and completely failed to kill or even sever his bond with even when he was submerged in total darkness, only to turn around and marry a girl he’d never even acknowledged before?

Every other abhorrent thing the ending came up with was in a way bearable, but this, this was what threw me over the edge and caused me to lose every trace of respect I’d ever had for Kishimoto, the writer who completely betrayed everything I had previously thought the Naruto manga stood for.

To touch the endless skies and whisper faith to the ear of madmen, lost we come.
To tear the mind further to loop, mobius in its never-ending stream of consciousness, a whisper and a rise, through days blistering nights. To cut above the mortal soul, we rise.
Elder gleam older than troll itself, older than the planet before us. Let rise and feast upon the corruption of troll, least it spill over to light, let it not follow us there nae. To eyes uncounted and breath unheld like the dances and drinks of poisoned wine begin, We breathe.
Let all know the eyes, let all see their tails. Like all rise and hail.

  • Henry: I heard all the noise outside. What happened? Where's Mom?
  • Charming: I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but she's the new host for the Dark One.
  • Henry: What?!
  • Charming: Yeah. It came out of Gold in a mess of black goo and attached itself to her.
  • Henry: Oh my God.
  • Charming: I know. It must be tough to hear but--
  • Henry: She got Spider-man 3'd.
  • Charming: What now?
  • Henry: Don't worry. I know what to do. You go see if the nuns will let us use their church bell. I'll make sure nobody indulges her if she starts a dance sequence. Text me the second you notice any wardrobe changes.
  • Charming:
  • Charming: None of that made any sense.
  • Snow: When does it ever?
You are Blake Langermann, a cameraman working with your wife, Lynn. The two of you are investigative journalists willing to take risks and dig deep to uncover the stories no one else will dare touch.
You’re following the trail of clues that started with the seemingly impossible murder of the pregnant woman known only as Jane Doe.
The investigation has lead you miles into the Arizona desert, to a darkness so deep that no one could shed light upon it, and a corruption so profound that going mad may be the only sane thing to do.
—  Outlast 2 (Demo Opening)