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So little synth Shaun walks up to a companion and asks how babies are made. How do they react? (Who gives them the awkward talk or tells them complete lies?)

Cait - Tells him all she knows and is instantly scolded by Sole for traumatizing their child.

Codswroth - He prepared ‘The talk’ 210 years ago, in case Shaun’s parents wanted him to give it to Shaun. It includes all things Shaun needs to know for his age, nothing more, nothing less.

Curie - Lots of scientific terms that leave Shaun even more confused than he was before, walking off with a quiet ‘Okay’.

Danse - He pardons himself and directs him to his parent, saying that he isn’t the one to be telling them.

Deacon -  He tries to be as shallow as possible, explaining that men have sperm, while women have eggs and how baby is made upon these elements merging. Upom being asked how they merge, he desperately calls out for Sole. 

Hancock - Feels rather awkward, never thought he’d be giving ‘the talk’ to anyone, tries to explain it as much as he can, but it leaves Shaun confused and curious.

MacCready - He knew how he was going to give the talk since he was a kid. They had an established form of this talk in Little Lamplight, which worked perfectly for everyone, so Shaun was content with the informations he got.

Nick Valentine - He knows he could handle it on is own, but he want Sole to be part of this, so he sits by them and they alternate in the talking. Sole now makes Nick help them on every parental talk in the future.

Piper - Goes red and silent, befroe telling him exactly what she told to Nat. She is relieved, when Shaun leaves, well informed and content.

Preston - He feels uncomfortable, so he goes on with the classics: “When mum and dad love each other very much, they get marrried and have children.” She calls for Sole to help, as Shaun demands more details,

Strong - Stops dead in his tracks, before looking at the little human. They both go to ask Sole, for Strong doesn’t know himself.

X6-88 - Explains everything to him, which leaves Shaun taken aback. That was truly way more informations 10 years old boy needed to know.

With 1,000+ followers, the Beacon crew wanted to tell you all something. Something important!
  • <p> <b>Ruby:</b> Hi everyone! Thank you for sending us all this love here at Beacon, you all mean so much to us! But remember, you've got to give love to yourself too. As well as those around you!<p/><b>Weiss:</b> Yes, of course! Even if something seems impossible, keep trying your best. With strength and perseverance, you can move mountains! So follow your goals, and don't forget to set new ones after you complete them!<p/><b>Blake:</b> Also, as easy as it seems to be, running away from your problems won't help. You have to face your demons head on. Which is scary, I know. But you aren't alone, you have others. Don't be too scared to accept help.<p/><b>Yang:</b> Try not to stay hidden in your room forever, remember to get out of there, and say "hi" to family, they probably miss you a lot. And you don't have to jump out there for hours, just go out, say hello, and then you can go back into your safe space, keep trying though, baby steps.<p/><b>Jaune:</b> If you ever doubt yourself, don't worry. It's something we all do. Just keep self reflecting, hunt down whatever about yourself you don't like, and then begin to work on changing it. Or removing it. But just don't give up, you are worth it, and so much more.<p/><b>Nora:</b> Remember that it's always okay to treat yourself to nice and yummy snacks! Anybody, from body builders to just your average day person, everyone deserves to taste some yummy food. Even if it's a little bad for you. Just make sure you have self control and can practice moderation.<p/><b>Pyrrha:</b> If you have feelings for someone, act upom them. The worst they can do is say no. And yeah, rejection hurts, it really does. But that's the first step to getting over that obstacle. And if they say yes? That's wonderful!! Please enjoy your newfound relationship, just make sure it's healthy, and all parties are happy.<p/><b>Ren:</b> Nora is right yes, but also remember to try and eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are important for growing bodies, for bodies in general. Take some quick time to research what kinds of fruit and vegetables are good for you. And if you're allergic, try and find a safe substitute.<p/><b>Coco:</b> Try out new clothes, experiment with your fashion, don't be afraid to do something out of this world! And if you can't afford this style. Don't worry, you could always learn how to sew, homemade things are always better, aren't they?<p/><b>Fox, signing:</b> If you feel as though you're surrounded by an impenetrable darkness, don't lose yourself over it, take a seat, and a breath. And you will find the light! There is always a light, we all believe in you. Go get it!<p/><b>Velvet:</b> Taking lots of pictures is fun, you could cover your walls in pictures of things that make you happy! But don't forget that pictures do not equal memories, so whenever you take an amazing photo, put the camera down and etch the subject of the photo to your mind. Try your best to remember the things you love.<p/><b>Yatsuhashi:</b> If you feel as though you're intimidating, do not worry. The character archetype of a gentle giant is truly a great one. Change that intimidation into a sense of power and courage that people will respect and love. Change it into something you would love.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Don't forget to exercise! Go for light jogs at first, exercise is healthy for the body and the mind. Also remember to eat things that will give you the appropriate amount of energy, you can't run a mild off of a bag of chips! Try a few bananas!<p/><b>Scarlett:</b> If anyone ever laughs at the way you look, ignore them. You're rad if you feel rad. Simple as that. End of story. No one else can ruin that for you, no one.<p/><b>Sage:</b> If you ever feel as though you're just a character in the background, sit down and think about it. If life is a big story, yes you're a background character for strangers. But you're a sidekick to those you love. And you're the hero of your own story. Never forget that.<p/><b>Neptune:</b> Try and beat your fears, you can do it! Scared of spiders? We all are, you aren't alone! Try your best to get over a fear, because you can do it! We're all here to help!<p/><b>Cardin:</b> Don't be afraid to apologize for something bad you've done, it'll make you feel a lot better in the long run, believe me.<p/><b>Ozpin:</b> No matter what in life. You must do what you find is right. You have to follow your heart, your soul. That's what is important.<p/><b>Glynda:</b> Even if it'syour job, there are some messes that you don't need to clean up. Don't let other people's mistakes consume your life. You have yourself to worry about.<p/><b>Qrow:</b> Try your best not to fall into addictions, but if you do, don't be ashamed. It happens to a lot of people. And don't worry either, there's help out there for you. You only have to ask for it.<p/><b>Cinder:</b> Don't stick around with manipulative people, they're not good for you, or your soul. People like that will only hurt you. It's best to cut yourself away from that toxicity, even if it hurts you in the short term. You'll be so much better off in the long term.<p/><b>Mercury:</b> Sometimes...parents aren't what theyre they're cracked up to be. Some parents are just bad people. That's just it. If it applies to you. Keep fighting for the chance to grow up to become a strong and stable adult. One that will never sink down so far as to hurt a child.<p/><b>Emerald:</b> We all have bad habits, ranging from nail biting to shoplifting, but no matter the range, with enough work and willpower. You can break those habits. And replace them with good habits, you can do it!<p/><b>Roman:</b> If you don't feel love in a romantic way, don't worry. Platonic love is some of the strongest stuff out there.<p/></p>
  • Penny: Don't ever worry about being forgotten about, you have friends and family that will remember and love you well after you're gone, but that doesn't mean leaving won't crush them. So do your best to keep yourself here as long as you can.!


“You’ll need sunglasses for vacation,” Emma say’s, more to herself then anyone else as she looks over the already packed suitcases. 

“Sunglasses?” Killian asks, confused. 

“You know how Archie has glasses? They’re kind of like that but they help protect your eyes from the sun.”

Archie’s glasses? Not bloody happening, love.”

She puts her hands on her hips and gives him a look.

He shakes his head, adamant.

“No, I’m sorry, Swan,” Killian says. “Not happening.”

“Killian,” Emma warns.

Emma,” he mimics. 

Her eyebrows raise. 

He gulps.

Twenty minutes later they’re at the local clothing store in town and Emma’s spinning through the rack of sunglasses. She has several pairs dangling in her fingers but she only holds out a pair of simple black ones for him to try on. 

Killian snatches them from her and grumbles as he puts them on.

“You live to embarrass me, don’t you? I’m going to look-" 

His voice trails off as Emma holds up a small mirror and show’s him his reflection. He tilts his head from side to side, taking them in. 

"Handsome?” Emma asks, finishing his sentence. “Yes, you really do.”

“It’s not awful,” Killian begrudgingly admits. 


Emma takes the sunglasses off his face and goes to the register to pay.

He doesn’t even wait till they’re out of the store to put them back on.


The dinner party ended hours ago, though her parents and Regina and Robin are still lingering. Henry and Roland play video games upstairs while the husbands and boyfriends play poker outside on the deck. 

Emma leans against the counter in the kitchen, coffee mug in hand. She ditched her heels the second the gathering got informal and now she stands barefoot as she, Mary Margaret, and Regina discuss the latest going ons in Storybrooke. 

“I’m so glad that Ruby brought Whale tonight,” Mary Margaret say’s, a dreamy sort of look on her face.

“They’re really starting to get close, don’t you think?”

Regina scoffs. 

“They’ve been together for the last three months… at least. They’re more then close.”

“Really?” Mary Margaret looks taken aback. 

“I don’t see how it matter’s when they got together,” Emma say’s, looking out the window as Killian let’s out a loud whoop. 

“Just as long as long as they’re happy, you know?”

Emma knocks on the window to get Killian’s attention. The boys all turn to look at her and she let’s out a surprised laugh. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she mutters.

“What?” Regina asks.

Emma walks to the back door and slides it open. Robin, Charming, and Killian all sit around the table, cards in hand, and sunglasses perched on each of there faces.

“It’s dark out,” Emma states as if she’s speaking to children.

“Your point, love?” Killian throws a few poker chips into the pile at the center of the table. 

“You don’t need your sunglasses.”

“I don’t see how it hurts anyone if we wear them or not.”

“It’s ridiculous." 

"I think they look good,” Charming say’s, leaning back in his chair and adjusting his sunglasses. The other two follow suit and do the same. 

“Robin,” Regina growls.

“David!” Mary Margaret warns.

Emma fixes Killian with an icy stare knowing that if she say’s anything he’ll just respond with something witty and a cheeky smirk. 

The girls hold out their hands.

Charming is the first to hand in his sunglasses.

“Unbelievable,” Emma say’s as Killian tosses his sunglasses to her, head held high in defiance and eyes narrowed and disappointed. As if she’s done something wrong.

“You win this round, Swan!” Killian yells at her retreating back as the ladies go back inside. 

“But not next time!”

Emma slams the sliding glass door in response.


“You have a problem!” Emma yells, exasperated. 

Killian sits across the dinner table, his expression void of emotion and his eyes hidden behind the same black pair of shades she’d bought him weeks ago. 

“You’re the one who insisted we buy them,” Killian retorts.

He crosses his arms over his chest.

“That’s it. Give them to me." 


“Then you leave me with no choice." 

Emma swirls her hand in the air and with a flick of the wrist the sunglasses fly off his nose and into her open palm. Before he can even open his mouth to protest she crushes it and let’s the broken pieces fall slowly onto the table.

Killian looks mortified, his mouth hanging open. 

He looks as if she just kicked a puppy. 

"I’m sorry it had to be this way,” Emma say’s, reserved. She pushes away from the dinner table and collects the dishes. She retreats into the kitchen to wash them and put away leftovers. 

Killian wait’s until she’s gone to reach into the pocket of his jeans and take out an identical pair of sunglasses. He slips them onto his nose and smiles slowly. 

“Your move, Emma.”