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an American animated television sitcom that was originally broadcast from April 26, 1999, to April 4, 2004. Brendon Small is the creator, head writer and lead musician of Home MoviesLoren Bouchard is the show’s executive producer, director, as well as co-creator and among the writers. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, and Janine Ditullio also lent their voices to the show. The plot surrounds eight-year-old Brendon, who makes videos with his friends Melissa Robbins and Jason Penopolis in his spare time. He lives with his divorced mother, Paula, and his adopted baby sister, Josie. He also develops a skewed father/son-like relationship with his alcoholic, short-tempered soccer coach, John McGuirk. Home Movies developed something of a cult following during its run, and is still considered a cult show.


Ohh yeah, hardcore fans of Adult Swim knew this would be on the horizon

When it comes to Adult Swim, this is one of the top cartoons you think of. It was on the original Thursday night block in 2001 and was the first cartoon to be played. It was also the first syndicated cartoon to be resurrected and went onto have multiple seasons, and became a big hit.

Non-fans on the otherhand… I bet you’re thinking, “what the hell is this barely animated crap? Why do the voice actors keep stepping over each other? Why does it look like something made by a stupid kid? Who wrote this and why does it sound so unrehearsed?”

Here’s the thing.

It’s all apart of the charm.

You might think it’s one of those things made to be intentionally crappy as a joke or due to budget limitations or the animation team just taking the piss.

I’m willing to air on the side of the show having a poor budget, just like the creative teams preceding show, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapistand just like Dr. Katz, the real draw of the show comes in it’s style of dialogue.

I didn’t know about it when I was a kid, and I don’t know if other people didn’t either but Home Movies was done almost entirely through improvisation.

The voice actors would be given a prompt on what’s going on in a scene and the episode at large, would be encouraged to make particular jokes, but largely they went wild and just made the scene however they wanted.

That’s why you’ll notice scenes of dialogue tend to have characters stepping over each other, stepping over their own words, being unable to finish thoughts, basically talking like unrehearsed, normal chatter.

It’s that sort of true to life quality of the dialogue that makes the show memorable and worth checking out since there are some really quality exchanges.

A lot of people didn’t really get it in it’s initial broadcasting on UPN so it was cancelled after only 4 episodes. 

Even if you don’t like the show it was definitely a decent show for a budding programming block getting it’s feet wet, and   a good springboard for great things in the future. 

Creator, Brendan Small would go on to make the hilarious, gruesome Metal comedy, Metalocalypse.

Co-creator, Loren Bouchard would go on to produce the extremely funny and charming animated sitcom, Bob’s Burgers


  • A Garden Gnome is seen in some fashion in every episode of the show
  • In January 2009, IGN listed Home Movies as the 28th best in the Top 100 Best Animated TV Shows.
  • In its first season,Home Movies utilized Soup2Nuts‘ Squigglevision animation but later abandoned that for the cheaper, more malleable Macromedia Flash animation in order to subvert the criticisms against Squigglevision and make the show different from Dr. Katz


This was a show I really like as a youngster and really helped me get into Adult Swim. The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost, and Harvey Birdman did as well but this one was definitely loads of fun.

I’d definitely recommend seeing it; finding the dvds or  episodes scattered across the web, whatever you like just give it a watch, i’m sure you’ll like it to

I don’t think we all fully appreciated Veronica Mars when it was on the first time. I mean come on, a sassy self-possessed teenage girl who doesn’t care what the popular kids say about her and thinks about things besides who wants to date her? Sure things spiraled out of control a little bit in the second season (the bus crash, Duncan’s secret baby, Beaver the covert rapist), but for one beautiful, shining moment everything was perfect.

Miss you; love you, V Mars.