If you’re in your 20’s, then chances are you grew up alongside Tia and Tamera Mowry, the sister duo stars of the hit sitcom Sister Sister. It’s not easy growing up in the spotlight, as we’ve seen the downfall of many a child star. So, we’re spotlighting Tia and Tamera in this week’s #HairBattleThursday for having not only conquered the beast that is Hollywood, but having done so with such poise and maturity.

In addition to their famous phrase “Go Home, Roger,” the Mowry twins had another staple: mainly, their natural curls. Seeing leading black ladies rock anything but straight hair remains a pretty unusual sight on television, but Tia and Tamera undoubtedly proved that Black girls’ hair texture isn’t stereotypically weaved up or in a perfectly circular Afro, but more often, somewhere in between.

The actresses have since rocked a wide variety of looks, as well as roles, both of which they’ve handled with the unique charm and warmth that made them America’s sweethearts.

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