But, wait.

Lets go back to episode 1 for a second.
Right after he skated his copied version of Viktor’s Stay Close To Me, Yuuri tells Yuuko (and us) that he had lost his love for skating and that he had been depressed, but got bored of it.

So he spent months working on that routine, just to show it to Yuuko. Nobody else would have seen it, after all, if the triplets hadn’t taken a video of it. But why? Because…

(Note: this is the exact japanese phrase used in shoujo mangas when your protag confesses to senpai. Also, nice butt Yuuri)

He was about to confess to her, hadn’t the triplets interrupted. So, what am I getting at?

Others already speculated that Viktor’s final performance of Stay Close To Me was a plea for Yuuri to find him again. To stay close to him. And honestly, look at his face, that’s not the face of a man who’s skating without the intense longing the song’s lyrics and tone convey:

In a way, his version was already a confession. Then, a few days or weeks after his final performance, he sits on his sofa and gets sent a link to Yuuri skating Stay Close To Me. Viktor watches  Yuuri skate a program that’s obviously a confession as well, but the video didn’t keep Yuuri’s awkward attempts at actually confessing his feelings for Yuuko in. We just get the very emotional and love-filled skating. No frame for Viktor to see the video as what it was, a private confession to a childhood crush (whether Yuuri forgot she was married with kids over the five years he was in Detroit or just did it for closure, we probably will never know).

So, if the cute Japanese skater from the banquet a year ago uploaded a video where he’s copying your routine, which was already a declaration of love when you skated it, and turned it into even more of an obvious confession even if it was meant for someone else…

Of course you’d guess he was confessing to you. And calling to you, to be his coach again. And of course you’d fly halfway across the globe with your dick out.

Bottom line: Viktor saw Yuuri’s confession to Yuuko, interpreted it as confession aimed at himself and somehow got himself a fiance through it all. These two are a mess and it’s all build on not only one but several misunderstandings but that doesn’t make their love story any less beautiful. Thank you for your time