I totally winged this story at some points. so I’m sorry if it makes no sense at some places. It was based off a literal dream I had, so I tried my best to convert it into a story! Hope you enjoy!

Plot: CEO Park Jimin get interviewed but a ruthless interviewer, but when things go wrong and an article about Jimin having an affair spreads, how will everyone react. Will Jimin and his wife have a divorce or will things be okay? (P.S. I suck at summary’s) 

Genre: Angst. Fluff. A little bit of Comedy (And bit’s of Romance).

Characters: Jimin X Reader.

Words: 5,678

“Good morning Mr. Park” My secretary greeted as I walked inside the 20 story building.

“Good morning Seulgi” I greeted back, giving her a small bow in return.

We started walking towards the elevator that led straight to my office. People were giving me paperwork on the way, explaining what it was for, while my secretary held my coffee for me.

“Mrs. Seohyun is in your office right now sir. She asked to see you immediately and there was nothing I could do to stop her. I’m sorry” Seulgi explain.

“It’s alright. I know how stubborn Seohyun can be” I chuckled and Seulgi echoed me. It took a while for her to finally ask the question she wanted.

“W-Why would she be here sir?” She asked, and I sighed. I turned the corner to the elevator. I pressed the up button and answered.

“Do you know what Seohyun does?” I ask, giving Seulgi time to think.

“She is a famous journalist. Known for twisting around the words of her clients” Seulgi suddenly gasped “Is she trying to find dirt on you and then make you look bad?”

I laughed. The elevator opened and we both walked inside. Once inside, Seulgi was sure to press the 19th floor for me.

“The key word here is "Try” Seulgi. She has tried many times to take me down, but each time she has miserably failed. Just like all the other times, she WILL fail" I answered, giving Seulgi a hard stare that made her blush and look down at her feet.

“I’m not sure I would be as confident as you sir. Seohyun has done many bad things to others” I turned to look at Seulgi, who was still looking at the ground.

I let out an exasperated sigh, shaking my head in disappointment. Seulgi was right in a way. Seohyun had a knack for flirting. Word is she sleeps with her clients in order to keep quiet about their personal life. I happened to be the only one who wont sleep with her. Since I’m happily married for three years.

That frustrates her. She wants everything and she gets everything. But not with me. And what happens to a child when they don’t get what they want? They throw a temper tantrum. That’s exactly what she is doing right now.

She has come to my office three times a week, and it’s starting to get on my nerves. She will ask me many questions about my personal life or my work life, and I will answer honestly and specifically so there is no misunderstanding. And she is not having it.

I have to admit though, some of her questions are a bit hard. They were getting better and better with each visit. She watches you. Learning everything about you. How you react to certain questions. How your posture is. She analyzes you.

I was noticing that she is understanding that I don’t like it when she asks me about my personal life. My personal life is my business and I want no one else to be digging into it.

The ding at the elevator that told me that I was on the 19th floor; My office floor. I gave another heave before exiting the elevator with Seulgi.

When I walked into my office I could see the back of a young lady sitting in front of my desk. An all too eerie familiar back I knew too well.

As soon as my footsteps could be heard throughout the office, the chair spun around, revealing a menacing smile coming from the woman in a red flour dress and tan pointed toe heels. Her fashion sense wasn’t the best but I wasn’t going to say anything.

“Well hello there Mr. Park” Her malicious voice spoke sending shivers down my spine. She shouldn’t scare me this much.

“Hello Miss Seohyun. What brings you here today?” I ask while taking my seat behind my desk, although we both knew why she was here.

She turned her chair around as I sat down. She brought her hands up to her face, intertwining them and resting her chin on them, as if she was an evil villain. Not that she wasn’t.

“You know why I’m here” She spoke both our minds.

I hummed in response, waving my hand at her to continue as I sat back into my chair.

She reached down for her purse below the chair, grabbing a small notebook and pen. She wrote a couple things down before looking back up at me. A menacing smile on her face.

“Now. Jimin-Is it okay for me to call you that?” I honestly shook my head at her.

“Mr. Park is fine” I answered and she awkwardly chuckled.

“Alright.. Mr. Park. First things first. Are you married?” She asked and I scowled at her.

“You know I am” She nodded.

“Are you happily married?”

“Of course”

“How would you describe your relationship with you wife?”

“In what sense?” I leaned forward onto my desk, folding my hands together.

“Like is it honest? Would you ever cheat-?”

“Why in the hell would I ever cheat?” I answered making sure to keep a calm voice.

“Just a question” She continued “So if an attractive lady came along, for instants Miss Seulgi here” My whole body stiffened. I knew exactly what Seohyun was doing, and I was not liking it.

“Would you tell her she was attractive in front of your wife?” She tilted her head at me and I kept my mouth shut.

I glanced up at Seulgi and she was looking at her feet, a visible blush on her cheeks. I would lie if I said I hadn’t noticed the small crush Seulgi had developed for me. Of course nothing could happen since I was happily married, but she was sensitive, and if I said the wrong thing I knew I would end up hurting her. And I didn’t want that to happen.

“Do you even find Miss Seulgi attractive at all?” Seohyun suddenly asked, a fake gasp leaving her lips and anger boiled in my stomach.

“Of course she’s attractive!” I snapped before I could think.

“Oh.. Okay.. So.. Would you tell your wife that you are cheating on her with Miss Seulgi?” I stood up abruptly, slamming my fists on my desk in the process. I couldn’t believe my ears. She did it. After all these years, she had me in her trap.

“Why would I tell my wife I’m cheating on her when I am clearly NOT!” I let out another exasperated sigh. I closed my eyes shut as I waited for Seohyun to answer.

“So then why did you call Miss Seulgi attractive if you do not have sexual feelings for her?”

“Can’t someone call someone attractive without being "sexually attracted” to them?“

"Well last I head, telling someone they are attractive can lead to something very intimate-” I let out a deep groan.

“Please leave” I bluntly put.

I watch as Seohyun stands up, gathering her notebook and pen into her bag. She looks back up to me when she is finished and gave me a fake smile while holding out her hand for me.

I looked at her hand for a minute, her getting the idea and let it fall down to her side again. She bowed at me and I nodded my head in response, not wanting to be completely rude.

“It was nice doing business with you” She stated before turning around before I could answer, heading for the door. Normally Seulgi would open the door for the guest, but this time she stayed in her spot near my desk looking down at her feet. I don’t blame her, she must be completely embarrassed.

I waited until I could hear the elevator doors shut from just outside my office before I slumped down into my chair with an “Oomph”. I ran a hand down my face. I peaked my eye open to see Seulgi still standing there very awkward-like.

“Hey..” I call out, hoping she would look up, but unfortunately didn’t “I-I’m sorry you had to go through that Seulgi” I quickly apologized and she shook her head.

“It’s okay. Seohyun is known to do stuff like this.. I guess I should have expected it by now” She looked up at me now and I used this chance to give her a warm smile.

“Why don’t you go home, just to get your mind off of these stupid.. comments” I carefully put. She shook her head again.

“I really don’t mind staying, I won’t take anything personal. I like working for you. You’re kinder than any of my other bosses” She mumbled the last part and I chuckled at her sweet gesture.

“In that case I have a big favor for you” I quickly ask and she raises her eyebrow at me “Could you maybe.. Call the company Seohyun works for and make sure no bad article gets out for me please?” I finish.

“Oh” Was the only answer she gave me. She gave me a smile but her eyes told me she was devastated.

“Of course only if you are comfortable with it. I unfortunately can’t. I promised my wife I would be home soon. I only came to drop off some files” I quickly added, explaining my situation, and she nodded her head.

“Of course! I understand. I will get to it right away” She answered before turning around.

“Thank you!” I called after her. She didn’t look back as she pressed the down button on the elevator. She turned around to press the lobby button, her eyes still on the ground. I watched as the elevators closed and engulfed her.

I sighed once again, straining as I stood up from my office chair. I decided it was time for me to go home to my beautiful wife.

I smiled at the thought of finally going home only to end up on the couch. Snuggling close to my wife. Inhaling her intoxicating smell. Drifting off into sleep with her in my arms.

When I was downstairs, I could tell there was a visible buzz in the lobby. When I reached the front counter to receive my coffee, the receptionist looked sympathetic towards me.

“I heard what happened sir. I’ll have you know that I will always be by your side” She pumped her fist into the air.

I was a bit confused as to what she was talking about, but I brushed it aside, assuming she was talking about Seohyun investigating me.

I grabbed my coffee and walked towards the two double doors. On my way I spotted Seulgi. She was on the phone. She looked like to be in the middle of a heated argument. I also assumed she was trying not to let the article out.

Her eyes wandered around the room until they met mine, they widened for a split second before she smiled at me and turn so her back was towards me. I also brushed it off assuming it was to have a bit of privacy.

I thankfully reached my car in the parking lot without any trouble. I hopped inside and headed straight for home. It had been around a week since I’ve seen my wife, being that I had just came back from a business trip.

My heart leaped when I saw my home. Home sweet home. It was the best feeling to come home to my beautiful wife, being able to just relax with her and do nothing else.



My eyes were glued to the computer screen, not exactly believing what was in front of me. This had to be a lie. There’s no way. It just doesn’t make any sense.

“Cheating..” I whispered the words, as if saying it would make it be more real to me.

“He can’t… There’s no way Jimin would cheat on me” I could feel a tear start to fall down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away.

I could hear the front door rattle and I quickly slammed the laptop shut, looking towards the door. I could hear the lock on the door click, and I realized Jimin was home.

“Jagi! I’m home” I heard a soft chuckle from my husband, and I couldn’t help but smile, despite the article I just saw before.

I walked into the living to find Jimin had dropped his bags in front of the door. His shoes were kicked off lazily. I turned towards the couch, watching as Jimin slipped off his work jacket and unbuttoned a couple buttons from his white cotton shirt.

His eyes wandered a bit until they landed on me, and his smile grew from ear to ear. He quickly stood up, walking towards me fast before engulfing me in a bear hug.

“I missed you” His muffled voice spoke through the top of my hair.

“I missed you too” I answered.

“Come here” He quickly said before pulling back. His hand slipped into mine and he gently dragged me towards the couch. I frowned, knowing he wanted to cuddle, but my plan was to talk to him about the article that just came out.

“What’s wrong?” He asked with a tilt of his head. He always seemed to look right through me.

I shook my head “Nothing” I gave him a smile. He was hesitant but sat down on the couch, forcing me to fall on his lap, straddling his waist.

He grasped my face in his hands, and I rested my hands on his shoulders. He brought my face closer to his, resting his forehead onto mine. I giggled while he chuckled.

“You’re cute” He commented before leaning up to give me a quick peck on the lips. He parted all too soon and I playfully frowned.

He laughed at my expression, laying down on the couch and pulling me down with him. He wrapped his arms around my waist while my nose snuggled into the crook of his neck, our legs lacing together out of habit.

I let out a sigh of content. Of course I was wrong. Jimin would never cheat on me. He loved me too much, and I loved him too much.

“How were my two favorite people while I was gone?” Jimin’s soft voice spoke, reminding me of my unborn child in my belly.

We had found out we were pregnant just two day’s before his trip. He had insisted on skipping the trip to help me, but I knew the trip was important as he would meet with all the bosses and discus further plans for the company.

It took some convincing, but he finally agreed to go again. I would lie if I said I would have been and felt better with Jimin by my side, but It would be selfish to ask him to stay.

“We have been great” I answered. if he knew I was lying he didn’t mention it. Instead he leaned down to give me a kiss on the nose.

“What is with you and the pecking?” I teased and he gave me a fluffy smile.

“I really love you” He whispered while leaning down to place a proper kiss on my lips. He cupped my cheek in his hand and I wrapped my arm around his waist.

We laid there for a while, just kissing. Not really leading any where other than enjoying each other’s presence and touch. I had missed the touch of his lips. He tasted sweet and just like I remembered him.

Just then there was a loud ringing noise. Jimin groaned and pulled back, panting a bit.

“I have to answer that” He said, resting his forehead on mine like before “It’s my work phone”

I bit my bottom lip and nodded “It’s okay. Go ahead” I answered. He gave me the cutest pout before kissing my cheek and sitting up, leaving me laying down on the couch.

He answered his phone with an unamused face “Hello?” He sighed. I watched his eyes suddenly go wide. Curiosity got the better of me.

“What?!” He shouted. I sat up now. Afraid something bad was happening. I leaned in close to the phone to listen in the conversation. Jimin hadn’t seemed to notice, if he did he didn’t do anything about it.

“-Yes! I need you to come right away so we can fix it” I could hear a woman’s voice speak. My heart dropped. He said work phone, and that didn’t sound like Seulgi. So who would it be?

“Alright. I’ll be right there. Do not do anything without me”

“Okay. I’ll see you soon. Bye”

“Bye” I laid back on the couch as Jimin pulled the phone away from his ear.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Um..” He stood up now, grabbing his coat “I’m so sorry I have to go. W-work need’s me” I noticed his stutter. Something he does when he’s lying

“Really?” I asked one more time

“Yup. I’ll see you in a bit. I don’t think it should take too long” Once he was done putting on his jacket he walked towards me. Leaning down he planted a quick kiss on my lips and gave me a warm smile before turning around again.

“Okay.. I’ll see you” I mumbled. He didn’t answer, only opening the door to leave and close it as he exited.

I laid there for a while, lost in thought as I was trying to figure out what could have possibly happened. My mind wandered to the article I saw earlier and I frowned.

It couldn’t have been true. I quickly stood up and ran into my room. I pried open my laptop, but the article I saw before was not in front of my face, it was only a more elaborated one.

I gasped as I clicked the Video attached to the page. I sat down on my bed and made sure the volume was up high before I watched.

“Alright.. Mr. Park. First things first. Are you married?” I could hear a female interviewer ask my husband.

“You know I am” I could hear the distaste in his voice. I wasn’t sure if it was towards the question or the interviewer.

“Are you happily married?”

“Of course” I smiled.

The video was cut off and moved to the next scene and question.

“If an attractive lady came along, for instants Miss Seulgi here..” I wasn’t exactly sure what the interviewer was getting at, but I didn’t like it “..Would you tell her she was attractive in front of your wife?” There was a long pause with Jimin’s answer.

I could tell Jimin was looking somewhere in the distance and when the camera turned, it was confirmed he was looking at Seulgi.

“Do you even find Miss Seulgi attractive at all?” The interviewer suddenly asked, my heart started to race.

“Of course she’s attractive!” Jimin snapped and I swear my heart stopped for half a second.

“Oh.. Okay.. So.. Would you tell your wife that you are cheating on her with Miss Seulgi?” Jimin stood up suddenly, slamming his fists on the desk, making me jump at the loud noise.

“Why would I tell my wife I’m cheating on her!” There was a noticeable cut in the video and before I knew it Jimin was speaking again “Please leave” He said with a more calm voice.

The video suddenly ended, and I was left there staring at the black screen, not exactly sure what I just watched. Was this real? Was it forged? it looked a bit blurry, coming from a crappy camera. But that was Jimin. I know my husband, and that was very much him.

Someone like Jimin wouldn’t just cheat on me. It’s not real and I won’t believe it.. I can’t believe it. I mean I’m pregnant with his child. Someone who was as happy as he was when I told him I was pregnant wouldn’t cheat on me.. Right?

I couldn’t just sit here and watch this happen. I exited out of the video and read a bit of the article.

“… Is famous CEO Park Jimin having an affair with his secretary, Seulgi..?”

I skimmed through it some more and found a file attached to the article. It read “Proof Seulgi and Jimin are having affair-interview through phone call-from Seulgi herself!” The words emphasized “Seulgi”.

I took a deep breath before clicking the file and listening very carefully.

“..And now can you tell us how long this had been going?” The interviewer asked.

“Uh..” I could hear the soft voice of Seulgi muffled by the phone call. She nervously cleared her throat “Yes.. Um, it’s been around three years now” She answered. Three years. That’s how long Jimin and I have been married!

“Wow! That’s a long time. And how did it start?” The male voice continued to speak.

“Yes.. H-he came up to me around when I first got my job as his secretary. He said he wanted to become more than friends with me. I agreed. It was only until later that I found out he had a wife. I confronted him, and he said he was going to break off the marriage soon. That was until she got pregnant and things got complicated” I hadn’t noticed the tears freely falling down my cheeks.

“Mhmm. How do you think Jimin will react when he finds out the secret is finally out?” There was a small pause with the answer.

“I think he will be relieved. Knowing he doesn’t need to deal with his wife anymore. The entire time we were together, he couldn’t stop saying stuff about her like-” I slammed my laptop shut before I could hear the rest of the sentence.

This was not happening. I laid my head down on the bed, the sobs coming out. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, who would do this? Who would cheat on someone like this? Apparently Jimin did.

I hugged my chest. The loss of comfort dawning on me and making me feel even more miserable. How can people just sit here and watch this? How could I just sit here? I was being pathetic, laying on my bed and moping over my cheating husband.

That’s it. I had decided on it. I’m going to his work and I’m going to confront him.

I stood up despite my light headed protests. I forced my feet to move as I grabbed my coat and stormed outside. Calling a taxi, I made my way to Jimin’s company building.

I noticed there were news interviewers and camera men in front of the building. Wiping away my tears, I made sure to pull my hoodie over my face as I quickly walked inside. Thankfully no one tried to stop me.

I let the hood fall down as I reached the front desk. The receptionist looked up at me from typing on a computer, giving me a warm smile.

“Hello ma'am. How may I help you?” She asked kindly.

“Hi. I’m here to see my husband” I answered, the temporary label leaving bitter off my tongue. I looked around for any sign of Jimin or someone I knew.

“I’m sorry ma'am. You are going to have to be specific on your husband” She apologizes.

“Ah.. Yes. His name is Park Jimin” I spoke through gritted teeth. The receptionist stops typing and looks back at me, giving me the most quizzical look, like I told her I was a vampire.

She nervously chuckles “Aha.. I’m sorry ma'am. May you repeat that?”

“Park Jimin” I answer, my tone a bit more sharp. Why didn’t she believe me.

“I am going to need some I.D ma'am. Just precautions and all. No harm” She gave me a smile and I frowned.

“Why would I need to give you my I.D? I have been here before, people know me. I am Park Jimin’s wife” I quickly answer, getting a bit agitated.

“I’m sorry ma'am. I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the building” She no longer had a smile on her face. She waved somewhere behind me and when I looked behind security was coming our way.

“Wha- You called security” I looked back at the receptionist with an unamused look.

“I’m sorry it’s just part of my job” She went back to typing on her computer and I scoffed. How dare she? That little-

“What’s going on?” I heard an oh so familiar voice call from down the hall.

My head whipped towards the person, a smile on my face. I quickly remembered the reason why I was here, and the smile faded.

“Mrs. Park!” The receptionist looked a bit scared, and I couldn’t help the smug smile that was now plastered on my face.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Jimin asked me.

“You know her?” The receptionist asked.

“Of course I know her Soochan. She is my wife!” He quickly walked to my side, leaning down to give me a kiss on the cheek “Why would you think otherwise?”

“U-Um.. Of course sir. It was my mistake” Soochan stood up and bowed many times in apology.

“It’s all right, just don’t let it happen again” Jimin gave her a hard look.

“Of course sir” She didn’t sit back down until Jimin and I were walking away.

“So.. You didn’t answer my question” Jimin proceeded. I looked up at him only to see him already looking down at me. I looked forward again, towards the elevator Jimin was leading us to.

I thought of what to tell him on the way here. I had a speech ready. It was going to be perfect and he was going to be honest. But now that I was here, looking at his soft smile on his soft face, everything was blank.

“I just.. I just wanted to see you..” I mentally cursed myself. This is not what I planned at all.

“Oh, okay. Well I guess that’s understandable since I have been gone lately” He answered. We walked inside the elevator and I watched the doors close, trapping us both as we went up. “But now of all times..” He mumbled the last part, as if he didn’t want me to hear, but at the same time he did.

“What do you mean? Now of all times? Why can’t I see my husband?” That’s what did it. Those words brought me back to reality. Speech thrown out the window, now replaced with only feeling. I turned my body so I was now facing him, arms crossed over my chest.

“Whoa.. What’s wrong? Why do you seem angry?” Jimin reached out for my arms, but I pulled back before he could. I kept my gaze away from his face, afraid I would loose it and give in to his plea’s.

“Y/N.. Please? What’s wrong-?”

“Are you cheating on me with Seulgi?!” I shouted a bit too loud. Jimin winced at the shout and took a step back. I was breathing hard and my heart was thumping out of my chest. My eyes were now locked with his. I wasn’t exactly sure what I saw in them. Pain.. Fear.. Emotion.. Which one?

The elevator doors suddenly opened, leaving Jimin and I standing there, staring at each other. My breathing slowed down as I was able to catch it, but the silence was killing me. Why wasn’t he answering.

Jimin opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out except for a small sigh. He broke our eye contact and ran a hand through his hair.

“Please don’t tell me you believe that article..” He breathed out.

“I’m not sure what I believe any more” I mumbled. I watched as Jimin lost his footing and feel onto his knees. I could see a tear slip past his cheek and I could feel my heart being torn to pieces.

“I thought out of all the people.. You would be the one to.. to look past the article and.. trust me” He spoke in between breaths.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you.. I just.. I need answers”

“Why would I ever cheat on you!” Jimin shouted this time. The elevator doors closed again, and I hesitantly reached over to stop it all together.

“I honestly don’t even know why..” I thought about it for a minute. No believable excuse was coming to mind.

“Then why would you think I did?” I fell to my knees so I was now at Jimin’s level. “The whole reason why I came here was because I had to clear up all the fucking rumors about me cheating on you!” I tensed up at his cursing. Jimin never cursed unless he was really frustrated.

“I-I’m sorry.. The article-” I whispered, but Jimin wasn’t done.

“Someone told me that Seulgi was the one who let it happen” Jimin chuckled in disbelief “I told her to call the company and clear it up, but instead they blackmailed her and now things are ten times worse..” He let his head drop and I could see the shaking of his shoulders as he started to cry.

“I have to fire her.. Even though it wasn’t entirely her fault.. I don’t want people to think I’m keeping her because I want to continue to have an affair.. Even though I didn’t do it in the first place..”

“I love you Y/N. I will NEVER love any one else as much as I love you. You’re caring my freaking child for Christs sake!” He lifted his head up again, and my heart broke. Tears were falling freely down his cheeks, his nose and eyes were red and puffy. I hated seeing him like this, and I hated myself for ever accusing him.

“I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! I don’t know why I believed that stupid article! I’m so sorry! I love you too Park Jimin! I will always love you! I’m so sorry!” I repeated over and over. Jimin grabbed me into his arms, resting his forehead on my shoulder.

I ignored the wet spot in my shoulder, the only thing I cared about right now was Jimin in my arms.

“I’m so sorry! Will you forgive me?” I pleaded and I can hear the soft rumbling as Jimin chuckled.

“Of course I forgive you. I just gave you a whole speech of how I love you” He looked up at me again, quickly wiping his tears with the back of his hand. He gave me a warm smile, and I couldn’t help but return the smile.

I leaned up and planted a sweet kiss on his lips, when I pulled back Jimin rested his forehead onto mine and I spoke again “I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever-”

“One ever in enough” Jimin chuckled.

“-Ever ever accuse you like this again!” I finished.

“I’ll remember that” He poked my side and I giggled.

We sat there for a minute before realizing we were in an elevator. My eyes widened and we both laughed. Jimin reached behind him and started the elevator again.

While we waited for the elevator to reach to lobby floor, we stood up again. Jimin kept his arms around me while I rested my head on his chest.

When the elevator doors opened again, there was the receptionist and a couple firefighters in front of the doors, waiting for us.

“Mrs. Park! You’re alright!” She shouted.

“Yes.. Why wouldn’t I be okay?” He gave her a skeptical look. Clearly not over what happened earlier.

“The elevator was stuck, and it set off alarms throughout the building” I hid my face in Jimin’s chest, trying to hold in my laughs.

“It did?” Jimin chuckled with me “Oh. Well.. We stopped it manually.. So we’re okay” He answered still chuckling.

“Oh okay..” The firefighters were starting to leave the building, their job being done. While the receptionist stood there eyes wide, probably thinking we were doing something exactly opposite of what was actually happening.

“Oh that reminds me! Great new sir!” She suddenly spoke up.


“The article was taken down and we successfully sued the company that made the article. A correction article was put up and all the rumors are starting to clear up” She answered with glee.

“How does this remind you of that..” Jimin mumbled and I giggled “Alright! Thank you!” Jimin took a step back, forcing me to let go of him. He walked out of the elevator while holding my hand, slipping past Soochan.

While we were out of the building and in the car, hand still grasping mine, Jimin spoke up “This calls for celebration” He said and I playfully pouted.

“I don’t want to go out anymore” Jimin laughed loudly.

“You’re too cute, I was going to say let’s celebrate at home with junk food and cuddling while watching a movie” He finished, and my smile grew “How does that sound?” He took a glance at me before I answered.

“That sound perfect”

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