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??? pledis doesnt even promo svt that much??? also wdym proper comeback??? nuest has released an album every year since debut??? so whats your point???

If you’re going to speak to me and try and cause some sort of disagreement, then please, speak properly. 

Firstly, Pledis does promote Seventeen properly. If you look at how much they promote Seventeen compared to Nu’est and After School or Orange Caramel, there is a big difference. When they do eventually decide to promote Nu’est, Pledis uploads the schedules late. This means that fans are unable to attend these events and show their support for the band. This is why a lot of support is shown online on media such as Tumblr, as this is where the majority of international and a lot of Korean fans come to.

Even though they have had an album each year, Pledis has not promoted that album in order for it to become popular and successful. As I said above, Pledis does not upload Nu’est’s schedules on time leading to fans unable to show their support at events. 

Another thing that Pledis does not do is protect their personal rights. While promoting in Japan (one of the only times they have done recently), fans were allowed to take personal photos during a selca event. A number of fans requested photos in which they touched/poked/squeezed the members faces. Although fans are not allowed to do this, the Nu’est members were not allowed to say no to the fans. However, the managers that were present did not stop the fans either, leading to some of the members feeling uncomfortable.

My point is, Nu’est, a band that debuted 5 years ago are on a boy band survival show as they believe that it is their last shot. They think of themselves as a failed boy-band. Pledis does not care about their older artists after their ‘peak’. 

Long Distance with Jimin

And now it is time for the first member of the maknae line, half of the Busan line, the other half of Yoonmin, our angel who looked s o fucking good with the pink hair cotton candy!chim was one of my faves it was so cute while it lasted, he always looks so good tbh, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys, this post is gonna more focused on the online relationship aspect but it’ll still be ldr!!
  • This is gonna involve youtuber!Jimin (here) to sum it up, he has a channel where he uploads anything he wants, covers, dances, vlogs, tags, just anything he’s in the mood for that day
  • So the story of how you two meet is that you meet over social media (youtube) you see one of his dance videos, mention how much you loved it in one of your videos, the subscribers tell Jimin and then shit just goes from there
  • He’d already been a fan of your channel and you loved his so the two of you start talking online and he’s s o friendly and sweet and you two get to know each other really well
  • The first two months of your relationship is long distance until you two can finally meet up
  • At first everything is platonic, you’re considering doing a collab together or just meeting up but you’re both too busy to fly out at first bc college and you’d need to figure out where you’d stay if you did fly out to see him
  • Like would you stay with him??? Is that okay with him?? Or should you find a good hotel nearby? Is that something you ask him, you don’t know what approach to take to it so you save it for when it comes up
  • But then things start getting more flirty bc chim can be a lil flirt when he wants to be, he’s shy and smol and cute but he goes from shy giggles and looking away to avoid people’s gazes to ripping his shirt off
  • So at first, he’s just being friendly, asking how your day’s going, what video you’re filming/editing, what your favorite movies are bc he wants to get to know you and you do the same with him
  • And slowly but surely, more flirty lines start up like he asks about your ideal first date, what you look for in a significant other and he starts telling you about his crush and it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to hint at you being the crush
  • “Actually, my crush kinda looks like you haha how ironic right??”
  • “Oh hey my crush has that same necklace what a small world”
  • He eventually gathers up the courage to Facetime/Skype you and ask you out and he has this whole date planned out in his head, he wants to fly out to see you and have the first date in person and he wants to explore your city with you
  • You say yes when he asks and he gets s o happy, you know that smile Jimin gets where it’s all teeth and most of the time he laughs and his eyes are so bright his entire face is just lit up and it’s so precious, that’s the smile he gets
  • You two were gonna meet up either way but the date is an extreme bonus
  • He sends you clips of his journey on snapchat, packing up his bag for the week he’ll be with you, heading to the airport with kook driving him, the both of them singing in the car on the way over, Jimin in the plane bc he plans to take a nap the entire time and wants to let you know that so you don’t text him and get !!! when he doesn’t respond
  • But he was lowkey up all night editing and packing and was way too excited to go to sleep how does one sleep when such exciting things are going on
  • You pick him up at the airport bc he obviously doesn’t have a car/ride in your city yet and he also doesn’t know his way around and you’re in awe at how handsome he is in person, cameras don’t do him justice tbh
  • He gives you a hug and it definitely lasts longer than a “friend” hug but he also doesn’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable bc you two had just met so he doesn’t stay in the hug as long as he would’ve liked to
  • It feels so comfortable with him like there is that first hour where you two are figuring each other like how close you can sit near each other without the other being uncomfortable, how affectionate you can be with each other, stuff like that
  • But Jimin’s a really affectionate person so it doesn’t take too long before he’s hugging you and laying his head or chin on your shoulder or leaning on you when he laughs and the relationship feels really natural, nothing is rushed or forced, everything happens at its own pace
  • You two spend the week together and he’s so much sweeter than you could’ve ever expected and he makes you laugh a lot and he’s always so giggly and smiley which makes you giggly and smiley and you both wish he could stay longer but he’s got school to go back to
  • The goodbye hug lasts a l o t longer than the first hug did and you can see how much more comfortable you two are with each other
  • My head canon is that Jimin is a nuzzler when he hugs people like you know how some people bury their face/nose in the other person’s hair or neck or shoulder, that’s Jimin all the way
  • His hugs are really tight and warm and just overall lovely and he would make such a great cuddler don’t even get me started on this shit
  • You promise to fly over to him in a couple weeks so it’s not gonna be too long until you two can see each other again but you’re in that honeymoon stage where you wanna talk to them and see them as often as you can so going long distance after you two just started to figure each other out is ouch
  • He leaves one of his favorite rings with you so you have something of his to wear and he gets one of your necklaces so you two have lowkey couple items
  • Jimin makes sure he calls/texts you everyday and he never ever (e v e r) forgets the good morning/night texts
  • There are so many nights where you two stay up way too late texting each other and you’re both smiling at your phones and Jungkook keeps teasing Jimin about it bc that’s the job of a best friend
  • He is a king of selfies, even his “ugly” selfies are cute like how he makes the weirdest angles that should not make anyone look good actually look really nice is beyond me I don’t get it I’m fully convinced he’s a secret model
  • He sends tons of selfies bc he wants you to know he’s thinking about you and he sends lots of pictures with Jungkook’s dog bc two puppies in one shot that’s a good deal
  • He also takes lots of pictures with the rabbit Tae gets and that’s equally as cute bc he keeps calling her his niece and he sends this one clip of her hopping around and you can hear his giggle in the background
  • Skype sessions with chim though, he’s in one of his really huge hoodies and he’s got a snack bc your Skype/Facetime sessions normally last a couple hours
  • The two of you will do anything from watching the same movie at the same time so you can watch it together to just talking to listening to music together to eating meals together, it’s always really chilled out but it’s nice to be able to spend that time together
  • He gets s o excited when you tell him you’re flying over, he just about cries bc he’s so so so happy
  • He makes sure his apartment looks cute before you get there bc the last he wants is for you to walk in and see a pair of his boxers on the bed
  • He’s just really excited and kook and tae are officially in charge of teasing him about it but they’re of course excited and happy for him
  • He buys a bouquet of your favorite flowers to greet you with and some sweets and he has this whole day planned for you bc he’s so ready to show you around Busan
  • “I’m on my way to the airport, I’ll be waiting!!!! I wore the shirt from my last video, you said it was cute, don’t worry I washed it”
  • “Jimin, my plane hasn’t even taken off yet”
  • “Well tell the pilot to hurry, I gotta hold my bby asap”
Please Boycot the Taichi Kungfu Bot Pages

It’s unfortunate that I need to post this for the 2nd time. The 1st time was a few years back, it was succesful as the budoblr + wider martial arts community banded together, and the company stopped being asshats.

A few years ago the taichi kungfu / feiyoushoes china pages were notoriously bad for stealing people’s work, and reuploading it as their own. Not only is this terrible manners, and copyright infringement, but they are using my work and others to make their own pages more popular in order to sell products.

You know the types. No humanity to them, just constant posts with no original content. If you are unsure then pm me and I’ll let you know if they are connected. I don’t follow any of them, but it’s impossible to miss them now I’ve been here years.

I would personally consider it a favour if you not only refused to reblog or like their posts, but also unfollow them if this post resonates with you. They create no original content, they only take from others. Anything they steal you can get in bucket loads from quality pages like @jaxblade, or @martialartsprobs, or @godsforgottendream, or @girlinkarate, or @sifukuttel (too many others to tag you all!)

@taichi-kungfu-online is the offender I spotted. A 5 gif post where they are the original uploader, they receive full credit for the post. The problem? One of those gifs belongs to me, it was my sweat, tears, and time. In this case it also involves my good friend who is in the gif, who is also a professional coach. He also isn’t happy about having his image used without any credit by someone we don’t know. The other 4 gifs, I would bet money that they are also stolen. I recognise where the first and last gifs are from already.

Let me be very clear. I LOVE it when someone likes my work enough to share it. It’s a great compliment, and I’m always humbled and excited by it. I tell my students that the best compliment they can give is to bring me a new student, to share me, don’t keep me to yourself! Online the best compliment I get is to have my work shared, don’t keep me to yourself! :)

I’ve sent a message to the blaggards, but honestly, I don’t expect one back. When the content re-uploading was really bad a few years back, they didn’t respond then, either. The only reason it stopped for a while was because they were called out. People agreed that 1. Sharing someone’s work with reference was ok, HIT THAT REBLOG, YO and 2. That taking someone’s work, uploading it as your own, using said content to grow a page that then sells product to people, is not freakin’ OK.

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Sooooooo... there's this fan acc on insta and the whole acc is based on posting art about this fandom. They never credit the artists, they just say #credtotheartist and #idontknowwhotheartistis. They even put a filter and watermark on the art. How do I approach this situation because I was following them for a while bf I realized the problem

that’s gross of them…especially putting a watermark over someone else’s art. i’d DM them bringing up the fact that saying “credit to artist” really isn’t helpful at all, especially if someone who sees that artwork is genuinely interested in following the original artist.

if they try to give you the excuse of “oh i couldn’t find the original artist” then bud don’t post it in the first place, or if they say “the artist should expect people to repost it, they’re the ones who uploaded it online in the first place”, then remind them that in that case, they’re stealing all the recognition, likes, comments, and possible support that could be going directly to the artist instead of some repost acc. a lot of artists rely on their art to make a living, but they can’t do that if people repost their art and don’t link it back to the original.

hopefully they’ll understand :/

Witchy Real Talk: Technopaganism - What Is It and Why?

From day to day, a lot of us work with tools and supplies that are very specifically traditional. Candles, altars, stones, cards, herbs. Much of paganism and witchcraft is nature oriented, after all. And in many forms of paganism, animism - the belief that even inanimate objects have spirits - is a prominent feature of the belief system. But… what if we started looking at today’s technology… What if, instead of focusing entirely on traditional supplies and tools, we started incorporating, say, computers, cell phones, or even our gaming avatars into our practice?

Pfft! Don’t be silly, Josh! Most of paganism is nature worship. You can’t do that with software!

As it turns out, this is a growing practice. Given the rather futuristic name of “technopagan” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, some hold the belief that modern technology has just as equal a place in witchcraft and modern paganism as the athame or chalice.

How could that even work?

In large part, technopaganism focuses on combining current technology with pagan practice in order to find a balance between technology and nature. And, honestly, I would argue that most, if not all, modern pagans have begun doing so in small ways. Just hear me out. What are you doing right now in order to learn about the craft? Reading books? Great! How are you reading them? Are you reading the hard copy, or are you reading it in digital format on your Nook, Kindle, or smartphone? What about your other research? If you’re reading this, I can make the assumption that some of your research and exploration of paganism and witchcraft has been online.

Those are just the two most obvious aspects of technopaganism. Am I saying that every modern witch or pagan is technopagan? No. What I’m saying is that many of us have incorporated certain aspects of it into our own practices in order to move forward with the times. And doing so is frankly quite honorable - the gods wouldn’t want us to stagnate.

To further reflect on certain aspects of technopaganism, I’ll break it down based on tools, spells, and even special practices that separate it yet also marries it to paganism as we usually picture it.

Research and Interaction

Before the advent of the Internet, books and meetings with other pagans were the only way that you could really dig into your research or learn about other traditions. This made it somewhat difficult for many to really pursue paganism, as for years, it was a pain to find the appropriate books, and for many, interacting with other pagans was nigh impossible depending upon where they lived. Furthermore, learning about modern traditions from the other side of the pond was far less practical.

The Internet was a huge change made to paganism and the access that could be made to it. From chat rooms to blogs to YouTube and Facebook, witches from all over the world now interact on a daily basis. As a great example, I maintain a blog all about different aspects of witchcraft and paganism, and interact with those who might message me in order to learn from them and to teach what I know. And I grew up in a Christian family. Most of my exploration into witchcraft when I was first getting started was done online.

Some witches have taken a similar approach to what I do, but in a more visual format. The LadyGravedancer, WitchyBear, Wednesday Adams, Creole Witch, Sunshine Morningrae, and Joey Morris are all examples of witches who have turned to YouTube to help teach new witches and experienced witches alike about their paths and traditions, allowing access to Hoodoo, Morriganic path, and Wicca to be easily accessible to many more witches.

Even further is the growth of witchy social media. On Facebook, I’m part of a group of witches that numbers more than 800 worldwide, and we’re always talking to one another, bouncing ideas back and forth, and exploring paths in a friendly environment that I might not have had access to a decade ago.

One of the greatest difficulties I’d had when I first got started in witchcraft was the lack of books on the subject in the area I was in. When I came across bookstores, I had to scour every shelf in the hopes that I might find even one book that pertained to my research. Later on, ebooks began to grow in popularity. When I was finally able to get my hands on a Nook ereader, I’d found that the access I had to books on paganism and witchcraft had increased many-fold. This access increased even further when I began to use my smartphone for reading ebooks. Between apps for Kindle and Nook, and even Google’s all-access books, I was able to build up a significant library digitally that would have taken me decades otherwise.

The Car and the Witch

Modern technology isn’t limited to cell phones and computers. Cars have become such a prevalent part of life that witchcraft and paganism have adapted to incorporate spells of protection for these two-ton chunks of moving metal. In Scott Cunningham’s The Magical Household, he has an entire section dedicated solely to providing protection, luck, comfort, and positive energy into one’s vehicle.

Even the practice of hanging objects on the rear-view mirror stems from pagan roots. Lucky dice, bags of herbs or potpourri, crystals, et cetera. Some witches have even begun incorporating small altars into their cars, either on the dash or kept in the glove compartment as a shadowbox altar. Cleansing a car by smudging or asperging has become common practice, as well. In a way, cars have begun to be seen as an extension of the home, and magic has adapted to reflect this view. 

Lasers, Crystals, and Hard Drives

One of the neat little features of technopagan practice is incorporating technology into your tool set. Some are more subtle and used by many witches, while others took me by surprise!

Wands or athames are part of the bread and butter of witchcraft, and it’s difficult to picture an altar without at least one of them, but some pagans with the technological lean have begun replacing the tool with a substitute such as a laser pointer or stylus!

Similarly, the use of electric lighters have begun replacing the role of matches in the practice. While that might not seem like much, there are many traditions that encourage the use of wooden matches because of the more natural aspects these matches hold over an object made of metal or plastic. (I personally use wooden matches over lighters for the natural aspect, the aesthetic, the feeling of striking the match, and the fragrance - matches rarely impart any kind of odor to candles and incense, but lighters sometimes do, especially kerosene lighters such as the Zippo brand which will turn sandalwood incense into a rather sickening and bitter scent).

Witches the world over will expound upon the benefits of keeping a book of shadows (and some witches will even say that you can’t be a witch without them - something I wholeheartedly disagree with, but to each their own). For many of us, notebooks and journals that have been handwritten and lovingly crafted to match up with our own personal aesthetics serve as our grimoires and books of spells. Techno-witches often will keep their books of shadows on their hard drives, writing and saving in a word processor. (This is something I might recommend to those who need to practice discreetly - when I first got started, my book of shadows was kept on my computer in a little folder convincingly labeled as “Fan Fiction.”)

Similarly, graphical representations of altars may be kept on a computer! I’ve seen some of these altars take the form of live wallpapers or screen savers - a creative use of these applications!

When we begin to look at the computer itself, it gets really interesting! I’ll start with the simple part. Quartz is believed to be particularly beneficial to technology, absorbing and cleansing any negative energies that may cause the computer to malfunction or pick up a virus. As such, many witches will keep quartz on or near their devices. Technopagans may take it a step further, creating charms and spells specifically for protecting their computers, their online accounts - both financial and otherwise - and for gaming avatars if they have any.

This is a common sight on Tumblr, and is part of the bread and butter of technological witchcraft: emoji spells and charms! For some, there is power to stringing certain emoji’s together along with a written spell or charm. They will then like or reblog in order to charge and send out the spell. While I don’t identify with that, there are witches out there who will swear by such spells. Other, similar spells I’ve seen include sharing gifs of sage smudging in order to cleanse one’s blog or Facebook (this is one I do identify with, as it provides a lovely visualization that I’ve seen do wonders for my pages), and uploading sigils for various purposes. Part of the draw to these spells is not only the prevalence of online witching, but also because likes, shares, and reblogs are believed to lend energy to such spells. With so many witches proliferating the spell, it allows the spell to constantly feed itself in the working. (Once again, I don’t necessarily share this optimistic belief, because if you send a “baneful spell” and regret doing so, you can’t easily reverse it because it has developed a life of its own - something very dangerous when you consider the power thought-forms can have.)

With the change in culture over the centuries, as I have often said, the gods must have changed as well, because they’ve never been ones for stagnation. Sports have done the same thing, moving into the realm of video gaming. Competitive games such as League of Legends, SMITE, and DOTA, have become recognized by large names in sports such as ESPN, and feature many teams of gamers now competing in world competitions - televised and otherwise - for a living. Some of these more witchy gamers have spells meant to protect their avatars and give them the skill and teamwork needed for victory. And some gamers will even dedicate their avatars to a particular god or goddess in order to bring honor to their deity! (And I will admit, this is something I love the idea of!)

((A side note for my fellow pagan gamers, SMITE is a MOBA which allows you to play as a god or goddess from real world pantheons in the ultimate war of the gods. It is a blast to play, and now that they’ve begun releasing the Celtic pantheon, it’s gotten even more interesting (and I can attest to the awesomeness that the Morrigan brings to the game), so definitely give it a try!))

Some technopagans have also incorporated other traditions into their paths. An example of this which I use is the practice of having a wallpaper with a dragon on it. So long as the dragon is not looking directly at the viewer (as if it is looking out of the computer), it will protect your computer from viruses! As a lover of dragons, and as a witch who has incorporated this little aspect into his path, it perhaps comes to no surprise that I’ve got a little collection of such dragon wallpapers!

The Magic of the Mobile Device

The examples don’t stop there! Especially among younger witches, smart phones have become an extension of the online world. Computers with the capabilities of laptops, but small enough to fit into a pocket. Much of what I’ve talked about above applies to phones, from storing a book of shadows to having little charms and spells of protection. However, there are certain nifty aspects phones often have for the technological witch.

First is the ease of access to music. For witches who don’t feel particularly musically inclined, smart phones and iPods have become a useful way of bringing music to their rites or spells. (I’ll even admit that despite being a musician, I do play music from Enya or Clannad or even Stevie Nicks during my rites!)

Second is the growth of using mobile devices for divination. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, and there are just as many dedicated to tarot, rune reading, astrology, and other witchy topics. Some apps will include a reading each day, or will allow you to perform readings for others on programmable spreads using digital cards.

The Balance of Nature

With all of this emphasis on technology and Internet, it might sound as if technopaganism is losing its pagan. On the contrary! Many such witches actually encourage maintaining a healthy balance. I’ve read blogs and forums where technopagans will talk about how they’ll do both online rites and offline rites, how they maintain two sets of books, and how they’ll take a hiatus from technology in order to ground and restore balance by spending time in nature.

In my exploration of the technopagan path, I’ve discovered that like any other path or tradition, these witches are all about taking life by the horns and making their lives and the lives of those around them easier. However, they’ve found technology to be a useful tool for doing so and saw the magical potential of these tools. This doesn’t make them any less witchy than the green witch, Wiccan, or Celtic pagan. Their magic is just as powerful as ours, and is just as deserving of respect as any other witch’s!

So give it a try and see what sticks. You may be surprised as to what you find works for you!

Blessed Be! )O(

Father!Yoongi Head Canons

Okay so normally I do series in order of age but I figured since today is Yoongi’s birthday in some time zones and I’m in a father mood, why not combine the two together so this is an example post for the rest of the series, if you guys wanna see the other boys’ posts, let me know!! (also I didn’t realize yesterday was international woman’s day bc I’m really shitty with days, I couldn’t even tell you what day Thanksgiving is, but happy late international woman’s day!!!)

  • So this is just gonna be a list of my biggest head canons for father!Yoongi, there’s no theme to it, these aren’t all of them, I could probably make a part two but these are just some of my favorites compiled into one post
  • All of the father related posts are here (for everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Yoongi post, he has one daughter and there’s also another version where he has a younger son)
  • So my biggest head canon of pretty much all time for father!Yoongi is that he’s a total sucker for his kids
  • Any chance of him acting serious or not smiling is out the window the second they come into a room, which brings me to the next head canon
  • They are his happy viruses, he can have the shittiest day, he can be stressed out, he can be pissed off but the moment he sees them or hears their voices, everything starts getting better
  • He sometimes just hugs them to his chest and closes his eyes and he starts to calm down slowly but surely
  • He takes them into the studio with him a l o t bc just having them around helps him stay happy, they’re just chilling out on the couch with his phone or iPad watching some kids’ show
  • He actually turns the spare room of your home into a mini studio, it’s nowhere near as professional and official as the actual studio but it has enough basic equipment for him to make rough drafts that he’ll work on later on
  • The kids are always in there with him and one of them is on his lap and he actually doesn’t mind bc they almost always just want to be held or give him a hug or a kiss
  • Sometimes, when he has a draft that just isn’t working out at all and he’s not gonna use it, he’ll let them play around with it
  • He shows them that certain buttons make certain noises and he just lets them go crazy with it and he’s smiling so hard the entire time and he’s cracking up with that silent laugh he gets when he finds something really funny bc they’re s o proud of themselves and they’re having so much fun with it 
  • It’s pretty clear they have a huge love for music but he never pressures them about becoming musicians, he doesn’t care if their future career has absolutely nothing to do with music or if they follow in his footsteps, he’ll be proud of them no matter what they become bc he’s their biggest fan
  • They come to a few concerts or shows but he doesn’t like them being around so much noise (even though they do get some earplugs if it’s too loud) and so many people but they’re always backstage cheering him on with all their might
  • They’re in awe watching him perform bc they’re so used to seeing goofy dad that wakes them up with soft kisses and makes weird faces at them and buys them ice cream when they go out together but now goofy dad’s turned into this amazing rapper that’s giving his all into his performance
  • They wear “Suga” shirts that are way too big for them and they have on his snapbacks that are also way too big but they don’t care, they’re supporting their father
  • He’s v e r y private about his family life in general but especially when it comes to the kids like it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the public doesn’t know he’s gonna be a father until the actual birth
  • You know how they tend to release logs a lil bit later than the dates they record them?? Well head canon that he films a log a month before bby girl’s due date
  • He’s got this really happy look in his eyes but he also explains how he’s a bit nervous about becoming a father bc what if she doesn’t like him, what if he can’t make her stop crying when she’s upset, what if he doesn’t have those “paternal instincts” everyone always guarantees him he’ll have??
  • He holds himself up to pretty high standards and I don’t think he’d be any different with fatherhood, he’d want to be the best father to his kids that he could be so he’s a bit worried with the first child
  • He’s seen some of the boys have their first children and they make it seem so effortless like they always seem to know exactly why their bby is crying and how to fix it but they also tell him that it’s hard at times, the lack of sleep combined with the new experience can be a bit confusing and stressful but that it’s so worth it the second that bby smiles
  • And the second his bby girl grabs onto his finger, he gets it, he gets every single word they said
  • He hates seeing her cry, even though in the back of his mind he knows it’s just her way of communicating since she can’t speak yet but that part of his mind isn’t easy to focus on when she’s so upset and he’s rushing around to get whatever she needs
  • Seeing her face light up whenever she sees him makes his day every single time, seeing that gummy smile make an appearance makes the lack of sleep disappear from his mind, seeing her grow more and more everyday, discovering new things and being so fascinated makes him stop to appreciate the small things more often
  • Nothing makes him laugh harder than his bbys, they could literally just make a weird face (bc we all know Yoongi can make some funny ass faces and his kids would inherit that) and he’s gone for the next ten minutes
  • His entire camera roll is just photos of the kids, he has a few photos of you and him or just you and a few of Holly but the majority are his bbys
  • There are barely any pictures of the bbys’ faces online but he does always post a few pictures of them on their birthdays and he makes sure to include just one face picture bc he does want to include the Army in his family while not over-exposing them at the same time
  • All of the boys make them happy birthday posts as well and they upload a few pictures as well so birthdays are always when the most photos happen of the bbys
  • For bby girl’s third birthday, she wants a Peppa Pig themed party bc that’s her favorite show and there are so many pictures of Yoongi letting her put lil pig ears on him and he’s walking around dressed as the father pig and bby boy is the lil brother and all of the boys dress their kids up as the characters and it’s just really cute
  • Bby boy has no idea what’s going on bc he’s still too young to be able to understand a birthday party but he giggles every time his big sister giggles and he still has lots of fun getting hugs from all of his uncles
  • His kids are almost always in the background of videos though, like when he does V live broadcast things, there’s always the giggling in the background and the chatter of the two siblings and sometimes he shows a glimpse of them playing with Holly
  • Okay so you know how Yoongi did those album reviews, well head canon that he’s in the middle of recording one with bby boy just climbs onto his lap and of course Yoongi can’t say no bc he just wants a hug but then bby boy gets curious about what Yoongi’s doing
  • The bbys always wanna do whatever Yoongi does, if he’s eating, they want to eat too, if he’s laughing, they wanna be in on the joke so bby boy wants to look at the album too
  • Yoongi lets him and all you see are his tiny bby hands that are still so so small compared to Yoongi’s and yoon keeps making faces at the other boys’ photos to make bby boy laugh, the camera can’t see that part but you can hear the smile in Yoongi’s voice when he moves onto the next page
  • Holly is their best friend in the entire world, Yoongi comes home one day to see Holly curled up with bby girl’s cheek squished on his head and bby boy hugging him to his chest and Yoongi just about cries from how cute it is
  • Calls them his mini mes 24/7 bc they are just two tiny versions of Yoongi, they have the same eyes the same gummy smiles the same cheeks and the same facial expressions like there’s this one time Tae dresses up as Santa for the kids and they were all on board until he does aegyo for bby girl and then she just furrows her brow and gives him this look that looks so much like Yoongi’s “what the hell” face that everyone has to laugh 
  • Lots of kisses and hugs go on in the Min household bc Yoongi just can’t get enough of his munchkins, they’re so sweet and cute and he loves them so much, they’re his teeny tiny muses

Puyo Puyo Tetris - Nintendo Switch | Prime $31.99 Buy-Now!

Pre-order bonus offer:

When colorful Puyos and Tetriminos collide, which side will you choose?  The Launch Edition of the Nintendo Switch version will include a set of two keychains.  One keychain features a bright green Puyo while the other features a purple T-Tetrimino, so pick wisely and show off your allegiance to either Puyo Puyo or Tetris!  While supplies last.

About the Product

  • The game also has a single player mode with ten unique acts, each with ten stages.
  • There are tons of different arcade modes 1 to 4 players can use to compete - from the classic Versus, to Fusion mode, where each board has both Puyos and Tetriminos.
  • Online play has Puzzle League, which tracks players’ ratings, players can save replays to upload and share, and more.
The code that took America's Apollo 11  to the moon in the 1960's has been published

When programmers at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory set out to develop the flight software for the Apollo 11 space program in the mid-1960s, the necessary technology did not exist. They had to invent it.

They came up with a new way to store computer programs, called “rope memory,” and created a special version of the assembly programming language. Assembly itself is obscure to many of today’s programmers—it’s very difficult to read, intended to be easily understood by computers, not humans. For the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), MIT programmers wrote thousands of lines of that esoteric code.

Here’s a very 1960s data visualization of just how much code they wrote—this is Margaret Hamilton, director of software engineering for the project, standing next to a stack of paper containing the software:

The AGC code has been available to the public for quite a while–it was first uploaded by tech researcher Ron Burkey in 2003, after he’d transcribed it from scanned images of the original hardcopies MIT had put online. That is, he manually typed out each line, one by one.

“It was scanned by an airplane pilot named Gary Neff in Colorado,” Burkey said in an email. “MIT got hold of the scans and put them online in the form of page images, which unfortunately had been mutilated in the process to the point of being unreadable in places.” Burkey reconstructed the unreadable parts, he said, using his engineering skills to fill in the blanks. 

“Quite a bit later, I managed to get some replacement scans from Gary Neff for the unreadable parts and fortunately found out that the parts I filled in were 100% correct!” he said.

As enormous and successful as Burkey’s project has been, however, the code itself remained somewhat obscure to many of today’s software developers. That was until last Thursday (July 7), when former NASA intern Chris Garry uploaded the software in its entirety to GitHub, the code-sharing site where millions of programmers hang out these days.

Within hours, coders began dissecting the software, particularly looking at the code comments the AGC’s original programmers had written. In programming, comments are plain-English descriptions of what task is being performed at a given point. But as the always-sharp joke detectives in Reddit’s r/ProgrammerHumor section found, many of the comments in the AGC code go beyond boring explanations of the software itself. They’re full of light-hearted jokes and messages, and very 1960s references.

One of the source code files, for example, is called BURN_BABY_BURN--MASTER_IGNITION_ROUTINE, and the opening comments explain why:

About 900 lines into that subroutine, a reader can see the playfulness of the original programming team come through, in the first and last comments in this block of code:

In the file called LUNAR_LANDING_GUIDANCE_EQUATIONS.s, it appears that two lines of code were  meant to be temporary ended up being permanent, against the hopes of one programmer:

In the same file, there’s also code that appears to instruct an astronaut to “crank the silly thing around.”

“That code is all about positioning the antenna for the LR (landing radar),” Burkey explained. “I presume that it’s displaying a code to warn the astronaut to reposition it.”

And in the PINBALL_GAME_BUTTONS_AND_LIGHTS.s file, which is described as “the keyboard and display system program … exchanged between the AGC and the computer operator,” there’s a peculiar Shakespeare quote:

External image

This is likely a reference to the AGC programming language itself, as one Reddit user . The language used predetermined “nouns” and “verbs” to execute operations. The verb pointed out 37, for example, means “Run program,” while the noun 33 means “Time to ignition.”

Now that the code is on GitHub, programmers can actually suggest changes and file issues. And, of course, they have

Here, Kitty-Kitty (Jalex smut/One-Shot)

Okay, so this is a quick thing I wrote for Jack’s birthday. This has no connection to Jack birthday, it’s just uploaded on his birthday. It was an unfinished one-shot from a while back that I wanted to finish. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if you put Jack in some cat ears, unf, shit gets real in my tingly region. And its only for Jack. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think ^-^

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Idk about anyone else but I have a schedule to help me get stuff done. It is this:

Get up, coffee and emails while cooking breakfast



Writing (the content depends on another list, I do one fic/chapter a day)

Open Colleges stuff (it’s an online course, it’s either reading from a workbook or doing a quiz)

Do stuff like watch TV and have lunch while I wait for my iPad to charge

SSO (train on main first, then care for horses on Mandy)

Read whichever comics update on that day


Dinner whenever it’s ready

Care for horses and do Jamie dailies on NA at 8pm

Make video for youtube (if I have one recorded)

Read fics while video exports and then watch videos while it uploads

Random Seri videos until I’m too tired and go to bed

It’s the same every day except Wednesday, when I do SSO first so I don’t have to worry about the servers closing for the update before I’m done. And it changes if I go driving since I’m usually too tired to do anything when I get home. And sometimes I just don’t feel like doing things so I skip it. Also if I wake up to bad news on the TV, it throws off my entire day

How to Survive a Sick Week| A Study Break Post

It happens to us all. We’re healthy and fine, with only a slightly sore throat and a blocked nose. Next thing you know, you’re exhausted, your body aches and you can’t move without coughing. A occasional cold or flu is natural when you’re surrounded by a couple of thousand strangers every day, and it can be quite difficult to keep up your good work ethic or even make it to class when you’re drowsy from cough syrup. So, here’s my guide to surviving a sick week at university. [Disclaimer: this guide is meant for surviving a short, generally harmless illness like a cold or flu. For serious or chronic medical problems, speak to professionals].

1) Get to a doctor ASAP. Most of the time, your cold or flu won’t be too serious and you’ll get better on your own pretty soon, but you do need a doctor’s note or medical certificate. As soon as you have your medical certificate, get it scanned and onto your computer, because you’re going to need it for the next step.

2) Email your lecturers and tutors. If you’re missing anything compulsory, like a tutorial or a practical, have a test while you’re sick, or have anything due, the people in charge need to see a medical certificate. Ask for extensions on assignments and to be excused from your tutorials and practicals. If you can, move whatever deadlines you have to the following Monday or Friday. You can catch up when you’re healthy again.

3) Decide what you absolutely can’t miss and only attend those sessions. For me, this is physics lectures. It’s easy for me to catch up Astrophysics, or Maths, but not physics. It’s the one course that I cannot afford to fall behind on at all. This will at least keep you from falling too far behind, but also allow you to get enough rest and recovery time.

4) Stay in bed and get lots of sleep. Your body needs sleep to heal and you will feel tired enough to sleep for a few hours during the day and another 12 at night.

5) Do what you can from your laptop. Many of my lectures are recorded and uploaded to my university’s online learning website, so I can download ones that I missed and watch them while in bed. While I can’t exactly sit and puzzle through a physics weekly problem set, I can take the data from my astrophysics practical and start processing it on my laptop. Doing this reduces your workload without it becoming too strenuous.

6) Don’t think too much about the work you’re missing while you’re recovering. Do what you can, but relax. Stressing yourself out will double the amount of time it will take you to recover. Make getting better your focus.

As soon as you’re healthier:

A) Make a list of all your upcoming assignments and tests. This will give you a good idea of how much work you have to do and how long you have to do it. Start with whatever is overdue and running on extension.

B) Get notes from your friends, but don’t just blindly photocopy them and think that’s okay. Rewrite your friends’ notes in your own words and make sure you’re processing the work you missed. If there’s something unclear in your friends’ notes, cross-check it with the lecture slides or your textbook.

C) Keep up with the class. Don’t fall behind, skip lectures or assignments because you’re still catching up. You want to be in class if they’re starting a new section. Work hard and fast to fill in the gaps you missed.

The purple flame burns brighter than ever

Artist’s comments under read more, because this is a very important picture to me. For that reason, you may not (more so than any other picture I made) upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. 

Now on Pixiv too with the individual pictures. Please consider bookmarking/rating my work if you like it! Thank you!

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Again, shit quality, but I do the best with what I have X(

Recently got a lot more followers and reblogs (thanks guys!) for that one picture I did for @feynites (thank you so much!!!), so I thought I’d give you guys a picture I did a while ago and never uploaded for two main reasons: 1) having no quality means of getting my traditional stuff online 2) cuz nobody followed me or really cared at all about my art. There is some more where this came from, so if y’all are interested give me a holler (or a reblog, ideally)

This is based on the Moon tarot, which is all about dreams and the subconscious. Namely, the divide we have between our tamer and darker natures, which I represented here with the white and black wolves. I thought this fit Solas really well for obvious dreamy-fadey-stuff reasons, but also because of the struggle we see throughout his story between the different facets of his personality, namely the struggle of his desire to live a simple life with Lavellan as Solas and Fen’Harel’s sense of duty toward his people. Here’s the original tarot I took the design from, btw:

Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.15

You were right about that being your goodbye. Three days later you’re packed and going through the hotel to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Kara is quiet, for the first time ever, as she sits on the bed.

You nudge her, “You okay?” 

She doesn’t look at you, but she nods. You lean over to look at her face to see that she’s crying. 

“Hey,” you turn her towards you, “What’s wrong? You’re gonna miss this place that bad?” She shakes her head, “Mad we didn’t get to see Kara in concert before they disbanded?” She hesitates but finally shakes her head, “You don’t want to leave because of him?” 

She sighs and leans into your shoulder, “I know,” you say as you pat her back, “You got to say goodbye at the concert right?” 

She sits up, wiping her face, “No. You know I don’t like attachments,” 

“What happened?” 

“I freaked out. Gave him the cold shoulder and everything. I didn’t expect to like him this much,” she covers her face, “I wish I gave a proper goodbye,” 

“Call him and explain. I’m sure he’ll hear you out,” she nods and immediately calls him, but receives no answer, “I was an ass. I deserved it,” 

You’re about to say something when the door knocks. You pat her knee in encouragement to try again as you answer it. Instead it’s the very same person Kara is trying to reach.

“Hi, um. Is Kara here?” 

“Yeah she’s-” but he’s moved pass you once he sees her. 

“I’m so sorry I-” he kisses her dramatically, her legs wrapping around him. You scratch your eyebrow, feeling out of place. That’s when you feel an arm around your shoulder, not having to look to see who it is. 

“Young love, beautiful isn’t it?” he says as he watches them both, “Let’s give them privacy,” you slip into the bathroom and close the door but their moans are still audible, which makes you both laugh from embarrassment. 

“Didn’t think I’d let you leave without a goodbye, did you?” 

“Figured that was our last time,” you sit on the counter, still able to hear the other two outside. They’re going at it and you both are talking.

“What time is your flight?” 

You sigh, swinging your legs, “In a few hours,” 

Observing your behavior, he asks, “You want me to stop talking, right?” 

You nod as he steps between your knees, “Thought so,” he holds your face as he kisses you and soon you can no longer hear the other two outside. 

His breath is hot against your neck and ear, hands pressing you against him. But he stops, keeping his face against your neck. He sighs before looking at you.

He gently touches your lips, tracing along your jaw. You close your eyes at his touch as he kisses you. As if you weren’t close enough, he grips your thighs, pulling you closer. 

“What is with you and my thighs?” 

The only response he gives is to squeeze them again. He rests his forehead against yours, “I can kiss you for as long as I want but I’d still want more after you’re gone,” 

You brush his hair back, remembering how easily he allowed you to do it the first time, “No hair brushing on the first date okay? That’s my thing,” 

He smiles, flattered at your jealousy, “Anything else?” 

“No star gazing on top of cars either. Pick a different approach,” 

He takes your hand, “Yes. That’s our spot now,” 

You look off to the side mischievously, “You never told me how many girls you took out there,” 

He kisses your hand, “Doesn’t matter. Just no more after you. I’m not sure how many can keep a pinky promise,” You nod, “Are you going to cry again?” he asks.

You roll your eyes, “No. But you look like you’re about to,” his nose is red, eyes glossy. 

He laughs, dismissing your observances, “I’m not wearing any makeup and I’m tired. You’re seeing me for who I really am,” 

“Bad time to ask for a photo together?” 

He doesn’t decline your request. You stand as you hold your phone up, but you can’t get the both of you in the photo. He takes the phone and moves behind you, one around your waist. You smile for the photo, actually liking the way it came out. Him, not so much.

“My turn,” he hands you his phone, enveloping you into a back hug. You take one, but he’s not done. His kisses your cheek and you laugh, because this is something you haven’t done before, “Hurry up, my neck’s hurting,” you snap the photo, handing it back to him. 

He stares at the pictures before saying softly, “Keep in touch, okay?” 

You nod, “Get lots of rest,” 

He smiles, “Now let’s go see if those two-” 

The door opens and Kara is standing there looking disheveled, “There you are. Oh, what are you two doing in here?” 

“You both were too loud, where else could we go,”

She ignores your comment, “We made up,” she says shyly.

“Obviously,” B/N says.

You check the time, realizing you should’ve been there half an hour ago to check in. B/N offers to drive you both to the airport and Kara agrees without hesitation. It’s just to get out of the car without anyone really noticing. 

You’re holding B/N’s hand the entire time, but then he puts your hand on his forearm as he rests his hand on your thigh. When you don’t push his hand away, he holds it better, rubbing it with his thumb, the same thing he should be doing to your hand. 

“Do you have a fetish for thighs?” you ask.

He smiles shyly, “I just like yours,” 

It’s a calm goodbye between the four of you. Kara repeatedly kisses him but B/N continues to look at you, hand on your cheek. 

“I’ll call you when I can,” he tells you.

You nod, not wanting to count on it. You’ll be gone, he has no obligation to you, “I’ll answer when I can,” you tease. 

He kisses your forehead before you tell him goodbye. He shakes his head, “Later. I’ll see you later,” 

“Whenever that is,”

Your hand is on the door, but you turn to him before opening it. You give him one last kiss, the kind that makes him smile at you. A sedative that lessens the sadness in your heart. 

You get out of the car, holding your luggage in one hand and Kara’s hand in the other. She looks satisfied now, no loose ends. 

They leave quickly. Getting through check-in is a blur, but you’re sitting on the plane, looking at the country you won’t see again for a while. 

“You okay now?” you ask Kara.

She nods, “We didn’t make up the way you expected,” 

“Hard to believe with the way you both sounded,”

“He said he wants to wait. Who the hell waits anymore? If the moment is here, take it. Live every day like it’s your last,” 

You smile, “Maybe he really cares about you. Or maybe he wasn’t ready,” 

She rolls her eyes, “Or maybe he’s incredibly inexperienced and didn’t want to disappoint,”

“Or maybe he didn’t want to rush because you’re leaving. Wanted it to be special,” 

She shakes her head after a moment, “You see, this is why relationships and I don’t work. It’s complicated,” 

You pat her hand, “You move too fast. I like him for you. He slows you down,”

“Does he expect me to wait until I see him next time? While he gets with every girl and I stay by myself? No.” 

You let her rant, scrolling through the messages on your phone. Before you’re told to turn it off, you receive one last message from B/N. 

He sent the pictures he took with a message that read, “Don’t upload those pictures online, not sure how I’d explain that,” as you’re typing back, you get one more, “Pretty sure you’re crying now,

You actually laugh, sending the one photo you took as well as one of yourself currently as proof, “You know guys handle breakups harder than girls.”

“Your face is my new wallpaper now,” you’ve never been someone’s background photo before. Is it safe to tell him he’s been yours for months? “I miss you. But I won’t say it often, don’t want you to feel bad.”

You’re told to turn off your phone again, getting annoyed with the flight attendant, “No, I’ll get bored of you,” Not wanting that to be the last message he receives before you go, you sneak in one last message before you turn it off, “I’ll miss you. You can tell me as much as you want,” 


I uploaded a picture to my blog (which has since been deleted) a few months ago of a t shirt I had made. I only had a couple of hundred followers at that time, if even that, so I couldn’t have imagined that it would get the kind of attention it did. It currently has over 250,000 notes (see the post here)

I’ve been saying for a while now that I’d open an online shop to sell t shirts like the one I originally posted but other things got in the way of  this so my shop isn’t up and running yet.

Some people decided to take advantage of the fact that I wasn’t selling my t shirts yet, and they began selling their own versions of mine. Not one of these people asked me could they sell t shirts so similar to mine. I have made no profits whatsoever from any of these people’s versions of my artwork.

My art was stolen.

I have reported all of the people that sold products with designs similar to my own, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen.


Do not buy plants are friends t shirts from the following shops:

http://society6.com/cactei (can be found on tumblr here)



If you’d like to report these shops, you can do so by:


  • emailing etsy at legal@etsy.com

Thanks for helping me out with this!! My shop will be up and running as soon as possible. I’m currently sourcing materials for printing my t shirts.


Would It Be Okay...?

Rating: T+
Word Count: 5,336
Relationship: Westallen (Barry/Iris)
Summary:  It was agreed that for the sake of their children and future generations to come, the kings of Central and Keystone would sign an agreement that when their children were grown, they would marry. It was a decision both of them felt was necessary, but lingering in the back of both of their minds was a hope that when their children grew up, they would be willing participants. 
Westallenhiatusweek submission

Ever since the birth of the modern day polises, Central and Keystone had been neighboring polises who were constantly at war with one another. The relationship between the West and Allen families, who ruled Keystone and Central, had been turbulent for generations with neither kingdoms willing to concede ground nor negotiate, causing the tensions between their polises to run high.

That all changed when Joseph West and Henry Allen took the throne in each of their respective polises. Though they had been raised to hate one another, both of them knew that they did not want their children to grow up with the same hatred for their neighbors as they had. Throwing aside years of anger and aggression, the two kings and their wives gathered together one day and decided that the best way to mend that bridge was to have a marriage bonding the two polises together. 

Nora had just given birth to the Central heir, Bartholomew, and Francine was pregnant with her and Joe’s first child whom they had been told was a girl. It was agreed that for the sake of their children and future generations to come, the kings of Central and Keystone would sign an agreement that when their children were grown, they would marry. It was a decision both of them felt was necessary, but lingering in the back of both of their minds was a hope that when their children grew up, they would be willing participants.

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This is how Machinima hurt my trusting boyhole

This is going to be long and disorganized and I’m not going to bother to edit it. 

I started making Bro Team videos in June, 2011. My roommates and I occasionally made dumb videos and put them up on my one roommate’s channel, Digitom. At the time, an illness I had felt for years had reached its peak; what I thought to be a gluten-insensitivity turned out to be an enlarged prostate, and had a bunch of effects that made my life shit (so to speak). Besides never being able to shit properly and all that kind of good stomach stuff, if I stood up for too long, I got extremely dizzy and light-headed. I’d get vertigo sometimes instantaneously. I couldn’t work. Most of the time I just laid in bed or sat in front of my computer. It was shit.
 I had ambitions. I had finished film school a year earlier and wanted to start my own production company. I wanted to start acquiring gear and writing scripts, to eventually start shooting my own short films. Or work freelance on sets. Or do freelance editing and other post-production work. Instead, I was some fucking slime wasting my youth away in a shitty Toronto apartment.  I had a lot of anguish. I figured I would probably spend the rest of my life like this. Working on Digitom videos was a great distraction and made me feel like the skills I just spent three years learning weren’t just going to waste. 

After several months, I slowly started to get better.  I had an idea for a while that I thought I’d finally try out. I’d seen shitty $1 games on Steam forever. I thought it would be fun to try to talk them up in pseudo-review videos as if they were incredible while clearly showing their irreconcilable flaws. You know how you have ideas of “Wouldn’t it be fun to make a _______ where _______…?” and they just kind of linger on your mind’s back burner for a long time. It was one of those. But then one night, I decided to just go for it. The angle was originally going to be a mild Christian kid slowly getting frustrated at his very evident inability to defend the merits of whatever game and then eventually drop some cusses. He’d work himself into a shitfit of anger and guilt. My voice recordings for this were shit though, and I just started recording myself screaming the lines out. Then I realized this angle was more fun. I had never heard of all these other "angry gaming videos” before, and if I had, I probably would have never even started this project.  Anyway, I had a laugh and it was fun as shit. I showed it to my roommates and they put it on the Digitom channel.  

I made 3 or 4 more videos over the next two months. I thought it would become a niche series that maybe 300 Digitom regulars would check out and be in on. Then it would die, and I would have had my fun. It was just fun to have something substantial  to consistently focus on. My health came back pretty quickly in that period and I was almost fully well again (my ass is still weird though so it hasn’t been perfect butt fuck it). Then I made a video for Battlefield 3 in September and then my dumb videos took off over night. 

I made my own channel for the videos and within the month, had tons of offers to join shitty gaming sites,shitty gaming "startups”, and a bunch of Youtube networks. One of them was Machinima. I’d always heard a lot of craptalk about them, but I figured I’d take a look at their contract anyway. I wasn’t a 16 year old that they were going to trick into making headshot montages or whatever. I had just turned 25 when I started making Bro Team videos (God, this fucking thing is sounding more like the Elliot Rodger manifesto the longer it gets)  and was capable of reading a contract and understanding what English words are. I joined, things were great. I was making more money for my videos than I would if I were just dumping them onto Youtube without an MCN.  Within a month after that, the writers from Valve emailed me saying they were my biggest fans. This actually happened. How fucked up is that? Obviously, I shit myself instantly. They sent me a box of merch and then a few months later they asked me to write some things for TF2.  How fucking surreal do you think my existence was? 

Around the same time, Russ Pitts actually messaged me on Youtube with, "Hey, I’m the guy who made Yahtzee rich. Love your videos. Hit me up.”&#157; I didn’t know who he was at the time, but he sounded like a smug asshole and I wanted to tell him to fuck my shits right then. I wish I did. He is. I messaged back and we talked about bringing my series to an upcoming gaming site he was part of (It would eventually be revealed as Polygon). He talked a big talk, and it was really exciting to think of making actual okay money off my videos. He took forever to get back to me on details, saying that so much is up in the air since they’re still trying to figure out their website’s direction themselves, but it’s for sure going to be a sweet deal, they’re really excited to work with me, etc. He suggested I hold off on posting my videos on Youtube and just bank them for now, so when we finally get our agreement going, we’d hit the ground running. Sounded good. Then a month after our initial contact and without me posting any new videos and killing most of my channel’s momentum, he finally got to me with details. I’d had in one video every two weeks and receive $300 for it. This would happen for the next six months, as a trial period on The Verge while their main site, Polygon, was brought online. Also, they’d buy my rights and back catalog of maybe 20 videos for $1000. He had to have thought that I was fucking retarded. I’d stagnated for a month for the actual shittiest possible deal. If they didn’t like me at the end of 6 months, I would be fucked. They’d have my rights and I wouldn’t be able to go back to uploading on Youtube. I broke off negotiations and ate my own shit about trusting an asshole who isn’t instantly upfront.

Not long after that, Machinima contacted me about making Bro Team an official series on their channel. Sounded great, plus I’d keep all my rights. Also, I already had a huge crush on Adam Kovic by then and he was letting me do a weekly game releases segment on his show, so I was up for more dealings with Machinima. Kovic is seriously a mensch. Watch Inside Gaming.  Doing that game releases bit was something I looked forward to every week, even at the end.  Sucks to have to sever ties with those dudes. 
So, things were all right for a bit with Machinima. Then I started getting hints that something weird is going on at that place. The Inside Gaming guys said they’d flight me out to PAX and cover my hotel. Amazing, right? It eventually was. I didn’t really hear anything about it in the weeks before the event, but I assumed everything was taken care of. I thought a company like this was on top of everything. I didn’t hear anything about the travel arrangements but didn’t want to sound like a nagging diva with "Did you book my hotel and flight yet?” questions. I hate that shit; I consistently want to be easy to work with.  At the point where only a week was left until PAX, I finally asked what was up. No one had been overseeing this. Understandable, I’m just some peripheral piece of a large machine. Machinima had its own personnel to worry about, so I could have easily been forgotten. Anyway, flight and hotel were then booked, a great time was had, really no big deal. Still, it was a bit of an insight to the fact that Machinima has immensely poor management. Tons of things fall through the cracks. On its own; completely insignificant, right?

A few months later, I noticed my channel was suddenly make a lot less money even though I was getting more views than ever. This was because Machinima cut payouts by 60% without telling their partnered channels. They even had a "guaranteed $2 CPM” deal in their contracts. Didn’t matter. I think they told some partners they could either deal with that or leave. At this time, I already received offers from virtually every gaming thing on the internet. I usually turned those down because I really liked my setup with Machinima. Now, I was ready to jump immediately. The partnership guys didn’t give a shit about talking to me about why the pay rate was suddenly so low, so I mentioned to the Inside Gaming guys that I unfortunately was going to leave Machinima. A producer for Inside Gaming eventually talked to the network guys and convinced them I was worth negotiating with. They offered a 60/40 split of revenue for my channel. Real generous! I eventually agreed to an 80/20 split. Pretty ok, I guess. At least they were answering my fucking emails. 

Doing Bro Team videos every week for Machinima was burning me out. A lot of the videos were fucking terrible.  Before the Machinima deal, I’d fine a game that I could exploit for whatever angle and make a video on that. Machinima wanted all new releases though. At the time, I didn’t understand that this was mostly because this is how Machinima makes a lot of their money.  Besides new releases being topical and thus ensuring a lot of hits, Machinima looks for brands that they can involve in their content to take a paycheck from. They do direct sales with brands for a bunch of money and give their game or product exposure in exchange. I was constantly saying how I really wanted to just choose older, shitty games to cover and that I thought most of my work was shit, and I’d be reassured that yes, I’d be able to choose some games that were not new releases to cover; you work with us, we’ll work with you. It never happened. Plus, I wanted to be a good person to work with, so I didn’t nag about it. I just kept getting more burnt out spending all hours of the week working on a piece of shit video that I had no passion for. Bro Team used to be fun as cripe to work on.

Before PAX East, I emailed my "handler”&#157; at Machinima to let her know I’d be at PAX and would only be able to deliver one video the week before or after the event. The email address I sent to didn’t exist anymore. I tried again and got the same result. I tried emailing her boss. His email address didn’t exist anymore. Cool.

I eventually emailed Adam Kovic, who had nothing to do with my contract at all, and asked what is going on. He said that someone should have let me know that both of those employees were no longer at Machinima. Someone for sure should have! I think it took another week or two for someone to finally email me about what was going on. This is a perfect example of the true inner workings of Machinima. There is no oversight, no management. The creator of one of their "original series”&#157; had no idea how to actually continue conducting business with the company. No one gave advance notice that a change was happening, no one said anything when it happened, and it took well after the personnel change occurred to get me back in the loop. Kind of weird for a big company to just overlook that, right?

So things were back to normal. Except sometimes my videos wouldn’t be posted until a week later. Or sometimes a month later.  The burnout continued. Sometimes I submitted videos late, working well into the morning to finish a video I felt was total shit. No one said anything about it and I emailed as soon as I thought I might not make my deadline.  I started getting the feeling that I was just out there somewhere, not really being watched.  I’d usually hand my video in on a Thursday and it would be posted on Saturday afternoon, so a late submission still meant there was time to "process”&#157; the video.

I was working on some shitty Deadpool video and trying to finish it in time to make it to my friend’s wedding that week when I realized I clearly wasn’t going to make the deadline.  I emailed my handler, let him know, and apologized. I was almost late for some tuxedo fitting that caused a bunch of drama and a rift in a friendship that hasn’t mended since. Things like this that had been interfered with by retarded videos caused me to look at how much I was giving up. I emailed again saying I needed a break. Not long after, I got back to work, determined to get my shit under control. It didn’t last long. 

I submitted a few videos and then one week, my video didn’t go up. It didn’t go online the next week either. It took over a month to post it. I didn’t want to nag and ask "You gonna post that shit or what?”&#157; and I assumed they had everything under control and were just sitting on it for some reason. I error on the side of politeness.  I’m an idiot. That’s a month’s wages gone. I should have been pissed. I emailed and found that my submission had gone unnoticed. Sick.

I think it was around the end of last year that I needed another break. It was difficult to come up with a few minutes of content for mediocre games, surprisingly. I mentioned again that I really wanted to cover games that weren’t new releases.  I think this was the time I got no response about that. Machinima has a 10% chance to reply to your emails, so I can’t really remember.  After some time, I emailed saying I was ready to get going again and was told all was well, but I needed a new contract because mine had expired.  I think this was in December. It would take until June to actually get a new contract.

I emailed a bunch of times asking if a new contract is on the way and was constantly assured that they were "working on it”&#157;. There were layoffs, there was a new CEO, a lot of changes were underway, sure, I can wait. All the while, offers to join other networks, gaming sites, comedy sites, sites that don’t even do gaming or video but want me to join enough that they start a section for that, are coming my way that I’m passing on because I’m a fucking idiot and I believe Machinima will come through with a great new contract and pay raise that competes with what I’m being offered elsewhere to keep me happy. What was really going on is that the revenue model is changing, they aren’t making much money off of content like mine and they can’t afford to keep me. I wish they told me this so I could have left right then.

I tell them I’m getting impatient and that I’m just going to join somewhere else, then suddenly we can make conference calls about getting something together. Around this time, there was talk of flying me out to Machinima’s offices in LA to work with the Inside Gaming guys. We had talked about this for years and now it was actually going to happen.  Machinima would pay for my flight and hotel and pay me a wage while I worked there.  Fucking incredible, right? That was the dream.  Over a month in advance, I was told to let them know in two weeks if the payments didn’t go through so I could book my travel.  They didn’t go through. I was told they were hounding the finance department to just please process the payment.  I’ve heard what goes on at this finance department. Over a year ago, Machinima stopped paying a bunch of people for no reason for a while. Partnered channels, review writers, contractors,  stuff like that. Some were counting on that money for tuition, rent and food. You know, to stay alive like. I was told that finally someone went to the office of the individual responsible and found they had a pile of invoices on their desk just sitting there, way past due. They were asked what the hell is going on. The person actually fucking said, "We don’t have to pay these people.”&#157; That’s what happens at Machinima. Jesus fucking shit. I think I only had to wait a month and a half for some payments. I know someone who waited 3. This wasn’t someone low on the chain like a channel partner, either. He had to email the CEO to get this looked at.

A few days before I’m supposed to fly out there (and the money still hasn’t been sent to me), I’m on a call with a bunch of "bizdev”&#157; types at Machinima. I’ve told them I’m ready to leave and they’re giving me the rundown on what Machinima can do for me. In short, it’s a shitty deal. They are losing money and don’t know how to adapt. I tell them as long as they can get a contract going immediately, I’ll stay. At this point, it was for dick money comparatively, but I just wanted to get something going now.
Look how long this got. Fuck.
The money to cover the cost of going to LA would eventually be sent to me the day before I was supposed to fly out there, approximately 14 hours before I’d have to be at the airport. It was sent by paypal, so I wouldn’t actually have it in real people form for another two days. I was on skype with Joel of Machinima telling him I’d have to call it off at this point, and he was prepared to go out of pocket to cover my flight and hotel. He showed me some AirBNB places and I was almost prepared to do it. It dawned on me how brutally the situation should for sure not have come to this. How hard was it for someone to process the payment? The IG guys had been constantly reminding them for weeks that it was a crucial thing that needed urgent attention. E3 took place at the same time and this became a lower priority for them, but the finance guys never processed the payment. Somehow even just being told once that it was important wasn’t good enough. Even being told 10 times wasn’t. 

I felt like such an asshole to call the whole thing off. In the same week, Machinima sent me a shitty contract to renew Bro Team (with the stipulation that we get this going NOW) with the delivery dates for my videos left as "To be agreed upon by both parties”&#157;, another Machinima payment was late (this is routine for Machinima, if you deal with them, expect to usually get your money not on time, a clear violation of their contracts), and then this, what should have been an easy task taken care of weeks in advance came to Joel and I scrambling at the last minute to make up for what someone didn’t bother to do on time. It was really clear at that moment that I had to get out of Machinima. I felt like a shameful fucking diva asshole to make this decision after Joel was so willing to make this work at his own expense and to suddenly leave the Inside Gaming guys with no editor for two weeks (I would have been covering for an editor who was going on vacation).  I realized this wasn’t totally my fault though. This was yet another thing the Machinima infrastructure could have taken care of if it was properly organized to handle its own shit.

Machinima is failing. They are in the dire shit. No brands want to touch them, they’ve laid off the people who try to get brands involved, and they are now relying mostly on indirect sales through Youtube ads. This is why they’ve bloated to over 22,000 partnered channels. This is why you’re going to see their "original series” go from their hub Machinima channel to the content creators’ respective channels. They want to grow several channels to Pewdiepie levels and make their money that way. They told me this is what their plan was for me. They didn’t really even know how that was going to work, thus why they stalled me for so long. My contract was going to be a deal about receiving a "license fee”&#157; from them to create videos and put them on my channel. They’d then recuperate that cost from the money my video makes, then I’d keep anything above that. 

So next comes the part where I want to move the fuck on.
Up until recently, Machinima had a section of their contracts that said that either party could give 10 days written notice and terminate the agreement.Machinima rarely honours this. They’ll just ignore your emails until you stop asking. Still, if that was the case, I was prepared to be a saucy cunt about it. I asked Machinima to unlink my channel and I was told I still had until November to be unlinked from their network. This is correct. I went through my contract and found that section had been omitted in the latest version. Evidently, they don’t want people being able to ask to leave their network and then having to oblige them. When I get a contract, I scan the fucker for hours. I once paid a lawyer $3500 to go over my contracts and give general "don’t let them fuck my ass”&#157; advice. I thought I found all the ways they could fuck me. What I wasn’t looking for was anything they might have omitted.  

I asked if they could do me the favour of unlinking me anyway, considering the rough fuck they’d given me of late. I should have been more clear. I should have detailed all their misdoings. Different departments at Machinima have no idea what other departments are doing. Still, the person I dealt with knew exactly what my situation was. I thought it would be the least they could do to take the 6 minutes it would take to free my channel and let me go on my way, no hard feelings. Instead, I got some contrived shit about how we should really honour what Legal wants and stick to the contract. Legal doesn’t tell the rest of the company what to do! Again I asked if they could just do it anyway; there’s a part in the contract (which I’ve posted online somewhere, have a peak! Ripping read!) that says Machinima can just terminate the contract whenever they want. No response.  I waited a couple days to give them a chance to respond, just in case I wasn’t somehow getting the Machinima Treatment, then I posted about it on Twitter and uploaded a copy of my contract (which is supposed to be the worst thing you can do) . SUDDENLY MACHINIMA HAS TIME TO EMAIL ME BACK!

Again, they say they can’t unlink me but also get into full Retentions mode. They say they’ve already made tons of changes based on my experience and feedback and things can be good again and all that shit an abusive boyfriend tells you after he punches your eyes shut. They say they want to keep me as a happy partner still and they insist on getting me on Skype to talk. This is because they want no fucking records of the promises they’ll make.

Any time you come close to closing a deal with Machinima, they always want to fucking get you on Skype. It’s weird as shit. Sometimes it’s not even about something that can be used against them later being documented. It’s always about something that can just as easily and quickly be discussed by email. They insist that I can’t "move forward” with the issue until I talk to them on Skype. I ask if they’re ok with being recorded. I don’t hear back from them for a day.

They don’t answer the question, just again insisting that I skype. If they were going to unlink my channel or tell me anything that is possibly good for me, they could email it and would have. I know they want to get me on skype and either threaten me about posting the contract or butter my ass with all the blowjobs they’re going to drop on me if I just shut up and stay with them. I tell them I’m not going to skype unless it’s about unlinking. They say they’re keeping me until November.

So that’s where I am now. I am absolutely looking for special treatment here, and I can see how a lot of people who don’t know what’s going on see this as a diva asshole pamper (probably the reason why Ricky Hayberg moaned about me on his stream).  I am asking for Machinima to cancel my contract and unlink my channel. Countless hundreds of other partnered channels want this as well. What they don’t have is the direct fuck dealt at them that Machinima has dealt me. Bro Team was my full time job, and for 7 months they blocked my income, besides what little my channel actually made. I’m poor as fuck and really considering just giving the whole thing up. Until I’m unlinked, other companies don’t want to get involved until they know they have the entire Bro Team package, with no existing affiliations to Machinima.

I can’t believe you read all this. Jesus, and this is the short version.

Get a fucking job.


John Green is the New York Times bestselling author of Looking for AlaskaAn Abundance of KatherinesPaper Towns, and The Fault in Our Stars. He is also the coauthor, with David Levithan, of Will Grayson, Will Grayson. He was 2006 recipient of the Michael L. Printz Award, a 2009 Edgar Award winner, and has twice been a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Green’s books have been published in more than a dozen languages.

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