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goodbye mianite.

man, mianite was such a great series, I love watching it over and over and it never gets tiring.
sucks that Tom cancelled the series, but I understand why, especially what’s been going on with the group.
but who knows, maybe tom would change his mind and bring back mianite…
I just made this small little fanart for the end.
maybe for one final thing for mianite is that we can trend #ripmianite everywhere?
if you have any fanart or anything for the finale of mianite, tag it with #ripmianite.
thanks bro

Patsy & Delia are such an amazing couple, the visibility of an LGBT relationship in a time when it was illegal in the UK is so important. LGBT is not a modern millennials concept or “trend”

Re-uploading this as requested by @cophine-feels - hope this works for you friend!

Disclaimer:  Song: Lay Me Down- Sam Smith. Video clips by the BBC and Call The Midwife Series. I do not own any of this but am using it to express some serious pupcake feels 


Tony Goldwyn on Periscope for Vidiots Foundation 11.15.15