uploading this one now

Preview of the ‘Ame Soeur’ mystic messenger fanbook that I’m collaborating with a friend for CF2016!


a conga line of goobers


Ey it’s the dork squad! I’m putting them both up because I’m still liking my lineart way too much to not do so. XD I grew up with BTAS as I’m sure you can tell.

So I know I haven’t posted in a bit but since it’s a whole new year now, I’m gonna try harder to get more stuff up on here; even if they’re silly things like this. Here we go!

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.


Viktor and Yuuri from the Rage of Bahamut collab. Granted, I’m not into the game but WHO CAN SAY NO TO FANTASY AU.

-Sort of- referencing one scene from Suikoden III opening (jump to 1:35 - 1:44. Or 1:42 - 1:44), so I drew Viktor to use staff instead of the wand from the collab preview. Not sure which one is better, so I upload both versions 8′D

And now I’m out. Should be sleeping since I drew this when I was (and still am) sick. Good night. *rolls to blanket*


So Mal’s actually pretty good with kids and will use every opportunity to boost Preston!! 


Taehyung being savage af.


holy fuck


What do you mean it isn’t Halloween yet?

He’s a perfect pumpkin child


One of my mysterious commissioners instead of actually requesting specific artworks challenged me to interpret a few prompts. One of them was “make it hurt but without blood” and then I thought of that one line of Grima that I genuinely hate.

What if Robin can still feel all of those things and it’s so much worse given he can’t do anything, all that’s left for him is despair while being stuck in the prison of Grima’s soul?
And Grima can sometimes hear his wails when it’s really bad.

The Best

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Two pictures from my 2013 March Art Folder! 
I remember being very proud of them and with the second one I realized the type of feeling I wanted my art to have.