uploading photos when no one will see them

I’d love to do a cliché plot where muse A and muse B are both vacationing in Vegas and meet on a night out with their friends. They wake up the next day with wedding rings on their fingers and nothing to say to each other except “hey I think we made a big mistake???” but then one of them logs in to their social media and sees that photos from their trashy wedding have already been uploaded and their family has seen!!! So they decide to play along with the marriage thing for a few months to avoid embarrassing and disappointing their families any further.

They can fall for each other in the end, become the best of friends, or even hate each other by the end. Bonus points if one of them was in a relationship when they got married…angst!!!

I just realized that I never uploaded this one!

The super awesome @fighteramy was my Lalna during Goldcoast Supanova <3 There was a merry-go-round there and we took some photos while we were on it :D

I got the wings signed by Kim and Duncan when I met them at MCM London last year and I kinda really love how you can see Duncan’s on the wing in this shot :)

Photo by the talented @blondieegaming

I’ve been receiving messages about the photo Z. Hera posted on her instagram - people keep asking me whether I think there will be a surprising happy end and whether SD might be pregnant. Honestly I don’t think so.

The jeogori (top) is only sticking out due to her foward movement. She uploaded that for Chuseok (4 weeks ago) - Korean Thanksgiving - when people don the traditional hanbok and stars take photos in it and upload them on the social media. Plus, this is not a Goryeo-style hanbok - its style is way too modern - they would never feature such hanbok in in a sageuk set during the Goryeo Dynasty.

If you really want to see a relevant photo check out the one she posted some 14 weeks ago. It’s clearly THAT SCENE - you can spot Baekhyun and Ji Soo there, the extras playing soldiers, LJK’s cody styling his ponytail…

[151121] B.A.P MATRIX Sinchon fansign  fan account

It’s a bit long but i tried to be very detailed so please have patience ; ;

So today I went to the Sinchon Matrix B.A.P fansign and i was number 77. They entered the place with their Take You There clothes from Mucore today.

I was just taking pics while waiting for my time to come and Himchan kept going “Even if you take all these photos of us you wont upload them all!” and we went “Yes we will!!” and he just went “You only upload like one or two! I’ll see if you really do upload it all!” and a bit later he also went “Did any of you cheat on us while we were away” lol.

The order was Yongguk, Himchan, Zelo, Daehyun, Jongup, Youngjae.

When my time came i was standing in line and the staff looked at me and told me not to be nervous and tried to help me relax which was nice I guess. And then the person in front of me moved onto Himchan, I was waiting for the staff to tell me I can go and Yongguk was looking at me too. But the staff was talking to someone and Yongguk kept looking at me and i looked at them both not knowing if i was allowed to go. In the end Yongguk just motioned for me to come so I did.

Yongguk: Hello~
Me: Hello!
He started signing and then after looked at my questions on the sticky notes. 
Sticky note one: Please write me something to help me through hard times.
He took a few seconds before writing “Continue to dream” (basically even if it’s hard think of your dream that youll achieve)
Sticky note two: Is there a reason you bought the pink iphone?
For this he laughed pretty loud and gave a pretty big reaction and wrote “Out of curiosity”.
Me: (Before my turn he had this green sprout thing on his hood) Why did you take it off? It looked pretty…
Yongguk: I forgot we weren’t allowed to put things on
We both smiled in the end lol.
Gave him present, held hands before i moved onto Himchan.

Himchan: Hello ____!
Me: Oppa! My mom likes you the most!
Himchan: Ah really? Please tell her i said thank you!
Me: She said she’s cheering for you and B.A.P even all the way from Africa! (Because although I’m Korean, i lived in Africa before moving to Korea for uni)
Himchan: Africa? Wow why Africa?
Me: My family is currently there! I used to live there before coming to Korea for uni.
He nodded and smiled a few times, asking more questions about Africa before writing my sticky notes.
Sticky note one: How did it feel when Youngjae petted your head in The Qmentary? –> “You all would know…”
Sticky note two: Is there a reason why in particular you’re weak towards Yongguk? –> “Just..”
Gae present, held hands before going to Zelo.

Zelo: Hello! /starts signing before looking up at me; How old are you?
Me: How old do i look?
Zelo: Hm… 20?
Me: No~ I’m 22
Zelo: Wow really??
He then read the sticky notes before looking around his hyungs, not being able to answer the questions for a long time lol.
Sticky note one: Which hyung do you think is the easiest? Why? –> Daehyun. Because roommate.
Sticky note two: Please draw yourself with glasses on! (he did draw it but i’m not gonna upload the pic sorry!)
I gave him his present and held hands before moving to Daehyun.

Me: Daehyun oppa! Zelo said you’re the easiest!
Daehyun: Huh?
Me: Zelo said you’re the easiest!
Daehyun: /turns to Zelo; Yah!
Zelo: /turns to me with big eyes; You need to tell him the reason why!! /turns to Daehyun; It’s because youre my roommate hyung!
Daehyun and I laughed and Daehyun went onto signing and replying my sticky notes.
Sticky note one: When you sing while facing Youngjae in YWF what do you think about –> This kid!
Sticky note two: Who does oppa belong to? –> Yours <3
After he wrote that he looked up at me, eye smiled and went “Yours!!”
I smiled a bit too much then gave him his present and was about to move to Jongup but he stopped me.
Daehyun: Will you come tomorrow for the Inkigayo prerecord?
Me: I’m not sure because 4.30am is too early..
Daehyun: Ah yes.. it is…
I smiled then he suddenly
Daehyun: /voice filled with aegyo, tilting his head from side to side; Are you really not coming tomorrow? Really? Are you sure you cant?
Me: I dont know yet ; ; I’ll have to see!
Daehyun: come come come! I’ll see you tomorrow!
He then held my hands and i moved to Jongup.

Jongup: Hello, how old are you?
Me: 22! (korean age lol)
Jongup: Ah me too!
Me: Really? (because i’m 94liner and he’s 95 liner. But he’s an early 95liner so he basically friends with 94liners)
Jongup: Ah wait… how old am i…?
Me: Ah.. it’s because you’re an early 95liner right?
Jongup: Ah yes. /Goes onto signing;
Sticky note one: I bought 16 albums and didn’t get your photocard at all… what do you think about this? –> “Woah (헐/Hul)”
Sticky note two: Do you still like Olaf? How about Baymax? –> “I love it lots”
Jongup: You mean Big Hero Baymax right? 
Me: Did you watch it?
Jongup: Yes, I loved it a lot!
Me: (he had the green sprout thing on his head) it suits you
Jongup: Thank you~
I gave him his present, held hands and moved onto Youngjae.

Youngjae: hello ___~
Me: Hello!
He went straight into signing and i just watched him.
Sticky note one:  When you sing while facing Daehyun in YWF what do you think about –> “Ah… sh…(아..C/아이씨…)”
Sticky note two: Tell me a secret no one knows –>He drew an arrow for the sticky note one answer and wrote “Secret” (I’m guessing the reason why he thought that while singing facing Daehyun is a secret)
Me: I knew you’d write something like that (for the second question). I knew you’d write “it’s a secret”
Youngjae: /suddenly stops smiling and gets all serious; Ah really? Did you really know I would? Was this answer a bit too obvious?
Me: Yes.. It was really obvious -_-;; (i said it jokingly though lol)
Youngjae: Ha.. so it was suspected huh.. should have written something else…
Me: I think pink really suits you though!
Youngjae: Ah thank you!!
Gave him his present, held hands and i returned back to my seat.

After the fansign we had like.. 12 extra minutes to just chat with each other and question answer time.

fan1: Why are you all so handsome?
Himchan: You’re out!
Daehyun: Next question!

fan 2: How did each member get the alphabet for MATRIX?
Daehyun: It was organized by the company

fan 3: Will you perform Be Happy on music shows?
Daehyun: I want to! As a follow up track. So basically– nevermind.
Himchan: Unfortunately we dont have plans of it yet but I will ask.
Youngjae: It’s a good song right? I like it too

fan 4: Has Himchan won Youngjae recently?
Youngjae: I just lost on the way here in the car on a game lol

fan 5: Will Zelo reveal his abs at the concert?
Himchan: Why are you all laughing? (to the fans lol)
Zelo: I… have pretty pale skin so… it all depends on the light… If the lighting at the concert is alright maybe..? But I stopped working out after having so much schedules. But it sounds like an okay idea…
Himchan: So will you or not?
Zelo: Uh…… I’ll think about it.

Then Youngjae started talking about a secret call out that only the members and the fans would know. He gave the fans a mission to think about what lol Daehyun made Youngae say “I love you~”  and like other things happened which I’m too tired to write at this point.

Then they said good bye and all left. I had an amazing day today ;u;

Just speculation on their intent...how genuine is it?

I think that it’s sweet that some of the DM girls wished Chloe a Happy Birthday. However, I have my doubts and concerns as regards the intentions of a certain few of them (one in particular), especially in light of Chloe’s rising fame. I find it suspicious that Chloe is suddenly popping up in the background of a certain DM girl’s snapchat on more than one occation (whether this is intentional or not can be debated). Those snaps are then being “liked” by the particular DM girl when they are uploaded by Chloe’s fans who are eager to point out that Chloe was in them and inquire if the DM girls and Chloe have talked. Yet, this DM girl takes no photos with Chloe herself whatsoever. Why? As often as they see each other at events and supposedly “talk”, as often as they supposedly miss each other; Why no pics together…ever?

It’s already well known that Chloe is not close with the DM girls anymore (especially the one in particular) which is evident not only by the lack of photos and social media interaction we see but also their’s and Chloe’s own vague words about her relationship with them. Also, not long after Chloe’s departure from Dance Moms, we see Chloe being publicly bashed and degraded by the particular DM girl for being the reason for her failure in a competition on national television! So, clearly, the relationship between the two girls is not a great one to say the least. But then, curiously, and not long after Chloe won a Teen Choice Award, made multiple public appearances, gained 2 Million more followers, and got cast in 2 movies, we see this DM girl making illusions through social media, as to a positive relationship she has with Chloe, i.e. liking photos of her, following her pages, sending birthday wishes like shes her bff and peeping her in her snaps (still up for debate). We know the relations cannot be as friendly as she is making it appear because Chloe, whom may be cordial to the DM girl’s in passing, has never returned a “like” or any indication of a happy friendly relationship with them through social media (she doesn’t even follow most of them!) and yet there are tons of indications of friendly relationships she has with many other friends and aquantances through social media. (So for anyone making the argument that we can’t use social media to get at least an idea about a relationship, I’m sorry, but that is not entirely true.) Chloe’s encounters with the DM girls have always been more awkward than anything else. 

With that being said, It almost seems as if an attempt is being made by the particular DM girl to be inconspicuously popular by association with Chloe. This is not to say that the DM girl I’m refering to is not already popular herself and therefore does not need  to tag on to anyone’s fame, but I’m certain we can agree that Chloe is gaining a much more considerable amount of spotlight right now than the DM girl and definitely has a lot more social clout. This, in my opinion, is definitely something one would want to be somewhat associated with, especially if they were a former friend of the rising star.

Thoughts on this?

(P.S. I’m sure you all know which DM girl I’m talking about. I just didn’t feel the need to call out names)

anonymous asked:

yes but with those few fansites, yall arent even uploading their photos! and when you do, you upload them like 10 years later??? it has nothing to do with not being online, i check every ones tags to reblog their photos on to my blog because unlike yall i treat every member equally. stop acting like theres no photos, did you not see what i said initially? THERE ARE PHOTOS. YOU GUYS ARE JUST NOT UPLOADING THEM or doing a decent job to find them! ‘we do not play favoritism’ my ass.

I will try my best to be polite here but honestly i’m finding it hard to do when you’re being very rude and inconsiderate. First of all, in case it’s not clear enough:

  1. We are a fanblog.
  2. We are not being paid to keep the blog active.
  3. It’s not our obligation to post anything at all.
  4. We are using our own free time
  5. We could close the blog even right now if we wanted to.

Also i’d like to ask you, do you check the fansites’ twitters and their tag on our blog everyday to see if everything has been posted, every single photo? If you do, you’ll have noticed that at most, we post the photos ONE DAY late, NOT 10 YEARS, because we do have a life we have to live and are not free 100% of the time. Since we actually have a moderator assigned with each Seventeen member, i check the fansites’ twitters and tags on our blog, and see if our moderators have posted everything, not everyday because 13 members is a lot, but every week at least, yes i have a life and i’m a human being so i also need to sleep *shocking truth*. Don’t talk to me about favoritism when one of the members with least fansites happens to be one of my favorite, but yeah i can’t make photos of him magically appear.

Do you know how hard it is to maintain a blog dedicated to 13 membered group? Posting previews on the blog real time they are being released by the fansites (without even being able to appreciate them ourselves), posting fantaken photos (+ HQ link) and fancams with all the correct credits & tags for easy access, we gather information, translate tweets/info, look for streaming links (even when we can’t watch it ourselves, we still do so that others who may be able to watch have access to it), look for english subbed videos, try to reply every question others may have about Seventeen, etc. Yes it’s hard work. No i’m not complaining, as that’s what i’ve decided to do on my free time, i enjoy seeing Seventeen receive love from everyone and if i can help with that, i will continue to do so.

If you don’t like our blog, you can just unfollow us and never click on it again. You’re free to make your own blog if you think you can do a better job than us, you can post all the fantaken photos yourself, no one is making you reblog from us. Thank you.

okay but like, bitty teaching jack how to upload his photos and stuff

jack taking pictures even after the class is over and he’s graduated

artsy hipster photographer!professional nhl player!jack 

jack taking photos and figuring out how to send them as email attachments just so he can keep showing them to bitty 

jack getting a tumblr (not using his real name, probably only messing with the theme when bitty or lardo sees he’s using the default and shows him how to find better ones)

jack taking his camera with him for every away game in case he sees something cool

jack having an anonymous artsy hipster nature photo blog

One more old photo of me and Aceyyyyy😍 If anyone is looking at getting a husky, my honest recommendation is NOT to get one until you have done your research. I have two huskies because I have the time to spend with them, I take them everywhere with me, my parents/Leah(my sister), can look after them when I go away and I also have amazing friends at a doggy day care that look after and groom them too! Huskies are HARD WORK… but in saying that, once you have one, you won’t know how you lived without them. Ace and TJ (my other husky) are literally like my kids. They have the most gorgeous and loving personalities. They let me fall asleep on them, they are always by my side and they always make me laugh. I love them so much! I WISH Instagram had a comments section where you can upload photos so I can see all of your beautiful puppies!! What kind of dogs do you have ?👇www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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im glad everyone’s talking about the parallels of desensitization to black  murder’s and violence done to black bodies, and how they’re handled against white violence. 

when black people are murdered on film, they air it without warning of the graphic imagery we’re about to consume. we’re expected to be used to it and not have any feelings for it, to be numbed by it. 

and by god it’s worked. 

we see the gnarled twisted battered corpses of black men and women in tumblr posts as well as newspaper articles. (the murder of the boy in the Gym, and the woman who was raped and killed with acid in the army are prime examples) and there is nothing but silence. 

while white people are treated with the utmost respect. there families are considered, their loved ones honored. 

when and if their grim photos surface, the people who uploaded and circulated them are called out and torn down for being vile. 

while black bodies and are practically paraded around on floats and used as art pieces by and for white consumption. and when called out, white people bring up the death of Emmett Till and his mothers wish for all people to see what was done to her son. even though the opposite was asked by the loved ones of the deceased. 

this is all done on purpose. 

this is why white people, non-black POC, and even very misguided black people can watch the deaths of black people from start to finish and say “well…they deserved it”

it’s not SHOCK value, when no one is shocked. 

the view of black corpses , the lyrics of ‘strange fruit’ are very much every day occurrences. 

move it along now, move it along.