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I’m still not over the historic night at the Billboard awards and everything that happened. It just really makes me proud and happy to be a fan of 7 talented amazing guys and be a part of this wonderful fandom. I never thought I would be such trash for any group or artists EVER. So since im feeling sentimental and ishh I thought I would make a long boring post about why I love BTS and ARMY.

I love their music and their music videos, the first song I heard of BTS was DOPE and then Fire came out and I was blown away, I still sing the Blood Sweat and Tears chorus. To me BTS came out with a hit after a hit after a hit. Like musically they keep surprising me. Even their album’s are amazing I don’t even know how many times I have repeated ‘The most Beautiful most of my life’ Album or the Wings album.

But there’s more to BTS, i love the fact that they are all talented and I like every single member in the group. Their other groups where maybe one or two members stand out a lot more or have more public recognition but I feel like every single members brings something amazing to the group and it wouldn’t be the same without one of them and for that I just want to thank Bang PD and whoever else was involved in choosing each of the members.

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about the stuff, again...

I don’t care about the stuff - and I don’t want you to think I am one of those people (I’m not judging). I’ve never been to a starbucks, I almost never work away from my desk at home and I rarely color code my notes (and if I do, I keep it simple). I’ve never owned a zebra mildliner or a muji anything. I used staedler fineliners and stabilo fineliners back when I was eight years old - yes, before studyblr and I’ve been using them ever since, because in my opinion if they don’t break when you’re eight they’re unbreakable. And even though I’ve always been a fan of stationery (my grandparents owned an art supply store and it kind of just happened) and I may find some notebooks or pencil cases cute, I don’t think they make you or me a better student. I am what you would call a minimalist and maybe that’s why I don’t care about the number of notebooks or pens I own. 

Remember what you see here is a snapshot of what our realities are. I had a rough couple of weeks not so long ago and I could barely get out of bed in the morning.

Yes, I upload pretty pictures because it works as motivation for myself. I set up my desk, I start working, and by the time I realize what has happened I’ve finished my tasks for the day.

And yes, I use tumblr and look at the pretty pictures, but I don’t see a perfect life behind them, and you shouldn’t either. Maybe I find something interesting or inspiring in those photographs and I take it into consideration, but that’s all. 

Please don’t think that because I’m uploading a photo of my laptop and a drawing tablet with a notebook and a latte it means that I’m a perfect student and you should copy that to be one. It just means that I’m doing my best - or trying to. 

of tesco & boyfriends

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil decide it’s the right time to come out. Later, in Dan’s liveshow, fans ask them to kiss.
WARNINGS: shameless fluff
A/N: so this fic is literally1,465 words longer than i thought it would be bc of the domestic intro and the liveshow. i also hope you like the edits bc i did them by myself. painstakingly slowly. remember my prompts are open here 
lowkey pulled inspiration from realityisnoplacetolive’s Problematic

Dan walked the long stairs to their apartment quickly, glad to be out of the harsh cold of the London air. He loved London and would hate to move, but sometimes he mentally cursed Britain’s strange ability to be constantly cold. Making his way quickly up the thousands of flights of stairs, he managed to make his way to their door. He looked momentarily behind him at their neighbor’s door, decorated with a wreath, and considered going out later to get one, but the harsh cold that had managed to chill him to the bone convinced him otherwise.

Dan pushed open the door and was greeted immediately with the smell of the fajitas that he and Phil had been making together when Phil realized they were out of fajita seasoning and given Dan puppy dog eyes that were unfortunately irresistible. Phil was very loudly singing along to Dan’s “C Word” music Pandora station. “Dashing through the snow! In a one horse open sleigh! O’er the hills we go! Laughing all the way!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey dude I've been following your blog for a while and you got some really cool animations. I myself am trying to learn how to animate but I don't know where to start. So my question to you is where do I start to learn how to animate? Like are there any books I should read or tutorials you would recommend. Thanks for your time man I really apreciate it.

First off, thanks for the compliment and thanks for following me!

I don’t really think there’s any one way, but…

As far as books go, I’d say Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation is probably the best place to start. The name’s pretty misleading- It atcually starts form the very basics. It’s where I started when I started getting more serious about animation, and I’d say it has probably been my biggest help. Learning good construction skills has helped me tremendously with my animation and art. You may have a lot of awesome ideas in your mind, but that won’t help much if you can’t translate them to paper (or tablet, or whatever you may use).  Learn about construction, how lines and features wrap around forms, clear and distinct poses, perspective, etc. Don’t trace the examples, but make your own copies of them step by step and compare them to the images given. Your copies don’t have to be perfect- what’s most important is that you’re learning how and why something looks the way it does.

When I first started copying I made the mistake of trying to make my drawings look exactly the same as in the book, causing frequent frustation. I’d spend forever on one drawing, not really absorbing and understanding what the goal was. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be careless about it… You do want them to look close. Just make sure to go step by step, checking your progress along the way. You’ll get better the farther you go.

You might have taken a look at those pages and thought “Well, that’s interesting and all, but I don’t exactly plan on drawing these old ‘40s Disney-style characters any time soon…”

That’s totally understandable and perfect because the next step is to use the tools you learned from copying those drawings and apply them to your own drawings. After all, what’s the point in copying and learning all those principles if you aren’t going to use 'em? I’d also recommend some life drawing every once in a while. Draw people and objects and learn what things actually do look like and not just what you think they look like. Once again, apply these principles to your own drawings.

Like I said before, though, there’s no one way. That’s just the way I happened to learn. Some people can pull off amazing drawings and animation without a bit of construction!

As for learning actual animation… Watch and study the best! Take influence from both classic and modern animation. I love watching old Warner Brothers cartoons- especially those by Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones- and seeing how skillfully they move their characters. I also love anime, too. There are TONS of talented Japanese animators with unique styles and techniques. I have so many favorites I can’t even list them all, but SakugaBooru (occasional 18+ content there so beware) has a huge selection of awesome animation gifs and webms from just about everybody. Whenever you get a chance, browse around the site. Watch and analyze different animators’ works and study the underlying principles. Learn to recognize what’s great and what isn’t. Go frame by frame and see how things move, then try it out for yourself. If possible, check out rough animation too. Preston Blair also goes a little bit into animation (walk cycles, squash and stretch, etc.) later on in his book. I’ve also heard a lot of people recommend The Animator’s Survival Kit, but I haven’t really taken a look at it.

So, yeah, this is a big post coming from somebody who hasn’t had any type of formal training. Please don’t take my advice as the end-all be-all (…is that right?) Everything I’ve learned about animation so far has come from the internet, and I’m still just scratching the surface. There are still tons of things that I need learn and get better at (walk cycles still scare the heck out of me), but I’m going for it. Just look around and explore, both here on Tumblr and the rest of the internet. There’s quite a bit of treasure out there.

Some random tips and stuff:

-When animating, start with the basic forms first. Animating something that has a lot of details can be tricky and I find it easy to lose myself. Starting with the simple parts helps a bunch.

-This is probably just me, but I seem to have some sort of issue when it comes to erasing parts of a drawing. I tend to just draw over it, and over time that gets messy. Soo…. er, don’t be afraid to erase.

-If you’re making a project that’s a bit longer or more complicated than the usual gif or something, have a plan. Srsly. Storyboards help. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Miscellaneous recommendations:

-John K Stuff. Say what you will about him, but he gives solid drawing advice. Tons of information here that has also been a huge help in my learning. Also has some great animation lessons. I’d recommend it for those 16+, though.

-Animation Resources. They have the whole Preston Blair book uploaded.

I hope that wasn’t too long. If you or anybody else has any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Fukigen na Mononokean Drama CD Translation Part 1

Hello! This is something I’ve been working on for the better part of a week, but I’ve been attempting to write a translation for the drama CD. It was… pretty rough, to be honest, and I’m sure there’s some mistakes here and there. Please feel free to correct me on absolutely anything.

The drama CD has two separate stories, and this is the first one. I’ll be working on the second one soon enough, but both of them are pretty long. Please beware of a wall of text below the cut.

A hundred million thanks to @naoki-ss for uploading the drama CD tracks, I never would’ve been able to listen to them otherwise. The links to the audio of each track (at their tumblr) are placed at the beginning of each part of the translation (there are four). Enjoy!

Fukigen na Mononokean Drama CD - Part 1 “A Certain School’s Ghost Story”

Summary from official site: “Ashiya comes across some children making a fuss about a monster appearing at an old school building scheduled to be demolished. At the school, he meets a principal who was formerly appointed there and is asked to search for the source of the mysterious phenomena occurring.”

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fic: You Feel Like Home

title: you feel like home

genre: fluff, because i have no chill | warnings: swearing, sexual references

word count: 1500


dan lets phil get away with stealing the covers sometimes. it’ll be four in the morning and the window will be open so the room is freezing, (dan realises he really should start wearing a shirt in bed) and phil looks like a toasty burrito, but the content, almost angelic look on his face is enough to make dan feel all gooey and give in. so he’ll lay there with his inch of a duvet and shiver a little because, let’s face it, it’s been six years and he’s still a sucker for phil lester.

or, the one where i write about domestic situations in the dan and phil house.

a/n: nobody asked for domestic dan and phil but i’m giving it to you anyway. (also, yes i uploaded this super late last night but i sort of accidentally deleted it when editing out a typo at 2am…i’m so smart you love me, guys.)

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My Experience on Tumblr

Ok I haven’t been posting for a while and I think I should explain. I’m actually getting tired of Tumblr. At first I thought this site would be a good place to upload my art and stuff and I did find it kind of fun to begin with. I wanted to draw things for Steven Universe, the thing I found the most enjoyment drawing fan art for, and when i was feeling depressed it made me me feel slightly better when I’d see that people liked my stuff. I never really used this site for anything other than Steven Universe so when i say i’m getting tired of tumblr what I mean is i’m getting tired or this specifically. I’m not going to be on tumblr from now on but that dosen’t mean i’m deleting my account, I’m just taking a long break and will most likely start using some other site for my art. before I leave though i just have some complaints about some things regarding the SU fandom, the reason i started having doubts about this site.

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[Fic] Sunshine and Shadows

 Sam gets a dog, but it’s not just any dog. 1300 words. Sort of a continuation to this ficlet, an 11.09 tag in which Sam befriended a Hellhound puppy in the makeshift cage with Lucifer. You don’t need to read it to understand this. Written in celebration of Sam’s 33rd birthday.

Sol is a good dog, as good as any Sam’s ever met, but he’s not like other dogs. 

That’s okay, really. Sam isn’t like other people. They both have a touch of the infernal in them, scars on their souls. Both were raised for something terrible. Both overcame it.

Sol knows Sam is his before the two of them leave Hell, and Sam knows the same. Hellhounds come in all shapes and sizes, but Sol’s big paws promise that he’ll be a tall one. Dean, of course, is more than a little cautious once they get out, and Sam makes sure to keep the puppy away from Dean.

The interesting thing about Hellhounds, Sam learns, is that they can sink their teeth into anything. They’re on a hunt just a bit north of Lebanon–a cakewalk; run-of-the-mill vengeful spirit–and Sam loses his focus for just a second, just long enough for the spirit to knock Dean into the wall and pin Sam to the fireplace, her ruined face twisted into a mirthless grin and eyes blazing with delight. 

Margaret Justice died in fire, and Sam can feel embers at his feet (too familiar, too much like there) and a fire blazes up inside of him. Michael, he thinks, please stop. Please. 

He’s choking on the rising heat, mumbling and pleading in Enochian, when the grip on his throat loosens and the fire inside him abates.

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So last night I started thinking about Youtuber!Klaine AUs and ended up writing out a huge idea for it in a post. Today I wrote that. It took me hours when I thought it would just be a quick drabble, so I really hope you like it! (I’m also not proofreading it so I’m sorry for any mistakes! I need to lay down now, haha)

Summary: Kurt gets popular on Youtube for a “It Gets Better” video. Blaine is popular for his covers. Kurt is out. Blaine is not. 8,500 words.

It Gets Better Really Happens uploaded by kurtehum 
Published on September 20, 2012

[Kurt sits in front of the camera, with a brick wall background. He takes a deep breath] I can’t believe how lucky I am right now. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, which was just so conservative and god even the parents of my bullies hated me and who I was, I never thought that it would get better. I always saw those Youtube videos about older people in the LGBTQIA community talking about the It Gets Better campaign and I just….never believed it, really. I had more bullies than friends in high school. Glee club was my only safe place and even then….performing didn’t end up being the escape I needed to get out of that town so I just - I took the chance and came out to New York City on my own with no plan. It’s been two weeks now and somehow - somehow I’m making it? [laughs] I got an internship at vogue dot com and it’s - it’s a whole new world for me and it’s amazing. My boss is probably the single most amazing person in the world and - now I can’t believe it but I’m making one of those videos I hated in high school because I thought it would never happen to me. [he reaches up and wipes away a few tears] Because I’m here in a city that accepts me for who I am and I’m actually thriving and I know I have so much more to do, but right now - I’m not in my little homophobic town anymore getting beat up by people who hate me just because I love who I love. Or well, hypothetically, because I still haven’t had a boyfriend but you know, New York City. It’s full of possibilities. [laughs] So to anyone like me who is watching this from Ohio or Kentucky or Texas or - or anywhere where you don’t feel safe being yourself….it can get better. It really, really can. [smiles]

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A broken cookiez (。•́︿•̀。)

and what if it was today?

Don’t worry, i’m physically fine.

( also, if you don’t want to read, i won’t force you. )∑(;°Д°)


i’m crestfallen and completely exhausted.  (。•́A•̀。)

You need to know that i genuinely hate talking about myself or my life on social networks.it’s none of your business but today ,i can’t hide it anymore. i reached an high level of sadness/tiredness .i’m also angry and artistically not satisfied. It’s clearly not an artblock or a depression. i kno’ how to handle the first one very well and the second would be childish towards the situation.

However, there is the problem: I am naturally an hyperactive person.I love doing so many things at the same time. However, i’ve been drawin’ almost only youtubers related stuff for the past 2 years . it’s not possible anymore.

1 /2 years ago,when i joined this art community,i had time to waste. Through the months, i’ve been a lot attached to Tumblr and all of you. I decided to impose myself an healthy and creative schedule.Something that could  push me to draw instead of being a lazy couch potato. Thanks to that,I’ve been extremely productive ( popularity or not,i was not expecting anything.i genuinely had fun . ) 

However, i almost lost this way of thinking. 

For the past months,i’ve been drawing for you and only for you. Since that,my life was conducted by the regularity of my posts and not by my creativity .

Who cares about eating,sleeping or working while i could draw for tons of people who claims for some doodles.  Few minutes per day ? i could give it to you. 

Months passing and these doodles became real artworks and these artworks became game concepts and now..you know the situation. i’m making a youtubers related game with an entire team. So,what was i expecting? i could handle my schedule, school+personal life and everybody would be happy? i’m not naive, i knew it was impossible buuuut  i love challenges , i love being extremely active. So where was my limit? i could finally find it .Finally. A real challenge.Something that my school was not giving to me . ( i hate competitions ,but i love personal challenges.Accumulating work and work under pressure is something i personally like.revealing your potiental through the small amount of time you get. That’s extremely difficult and challenging .)

I just want to make all of you happy and i won’t regret it. But today,the situation is different, it’s ruining my creativity and i have other IRL projects to manage. 

Right now. I need a break.

i need to draw less for you and more for me. I’ve been imposing to myself everyday new things and new challenges. At the end, the pressure was too high. 

i will now  concentrate my trashy mind on few things: My personal projects/school and S&P.  Of course, i won’t stop drawing youtubers. I love them way too much and this project is too important for me and the team.

From now,daily doodles/artworks will be COMPLETELY optional. i’m tired of this schedule. Maybe you’ll see 1 doodle per week or 5 in a row?! who knows.

I love practicing so much. I can’t believe i’ve been standing still on my old art skills  for so long.i’m a real shame, a real trash . i should not even call myself an artist. my art style have not evolve for almost one year. i hate me .oh boi.i hate myself so much.

I hope you’ll understand my choice. I need to practice and create again.

Never fear the unknow. look at me ,if i can do it, you can do it as well. you have nothing to lose. 

what i told to everyone through the months is happening to me today. PRACTICE. DRAW. AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU RE DOING. Never regret your choices and let your creativity flow.  

φ(゚ ω゚//)♡  BUT DON T WORRY ! An infinite cookie neveh die ! i’ll be always there for answering to all of your awesome asks and share your art! i will enjoy every single thing but i’ll be artistically less active ! 

Thanks for your support ! 

I will certainly upload more stuff on my other personal account @expensivebrowniez

anonymous asked:

yee lol how do you make a gifset? I've been taking quicktime recordings of clips from movies and then idk what to do. yours are beautiful! thank you so much you lovely space child.

hi!! thank you so much for the compliment, this is so so sweet of you! i’m going to combine this with an ask i got from a different anon asking specifically how to gif on mac, if that’s okay! this  is going to be a detailed tutorial (with screenshots!!) of how to gif using photoshop cc, although i think it can also be used for other versions, you may just have to switch stuff around a bit! 

you can skip to ‘making the gif!!!!!’ if you already have your video clipped and are just looking for direction on how to gif in photoshop.

so to start off, there are a couple programs i’ve downloaded to make things easier for me when dealing with video files: handbrake and the unarchiver. both of these programs are free and pretty simple to use! the unarchiver is used to open archived (.zip, .rar, etc) files. handbrake is used to convert videos to mp4 format, which is necessary to import your file into photoshop! you also want to make sure you have the latest version of quicktime player and photoshop before starting.

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ipurpletigers  asked:

Hello my name is Lisa-Grace and I'm 19 years old. I am a new fan to big bang and I was wondering can you tell me something about them? Like tell me stuff I can't Google myself because I stayed up until 8 this morning googleing (stalking) them.

Ok, let’s get started!

Real name is Lee Seunghyun (also known as lil seunghyun because Top’s name is also Seunghyun)
B-day: December 12th 1990 (24)
Stage/nick names: V.I, Victory (Seungri is Korean for victory), Panda (because of his dark circles), Ri, flawless bitch(lol), Gwangju prince, Gwangju’s troublemaker (according to himself), Lord Seungdevort(unofficial), Lord Seungri(yeah i know), GD’s Panda bear(jk but he is).

From Gwanju, the makne of the group(youngest), vocalist and lead dancer, him and TOP are the visuals of the group according to himself, actor, songwriter, attention seeker(hah), incredible funny(weird sense of humor hahah…sometimes sexual), misunderstood a lot, people think he’s a playboy and what not (but he’s actually the nicest guy ever and he wants everyone to feel special, the best at fan-service, literally does everything for his fans (and we love him for that), he does whatever it takes to fulfill his goals, very close to not being put in Big Bang(check out BB’s documentary) but he proved YG wrong and earned his spot rightfully (Beast’s Hyunseung also tried out but he didn’t make it, it’s all good because he’s really successful too now and BB supports him (his personal fanboys lol)), was on Battle Shinwha before that (a reality show in the search of the next Shinwha but didn’t make it tho), has a solo career of his own besides BB (and he made beautiful music despite the fact that he didn’t get much time, GD helped with his first album), a master at languages (Korean (duh), English(it has improved a lot), Japanese (fluent), Mandarin(still learning). Loves being called cute (and tries really hard), he also likes being called sexy tho(like Top lol), incredible confident (he loves himself sometimes to the point of being cocky but can you really blame him???), very social (the others hardly have friends lol ok maybe GD has some too), loves it when vips say he’s their favorite in Big Bang, professional twerker, has amazing fashion sense these days, amazing dancer (has an academy where a lot of other rookies and idols attend and obv he’s the best, just ask J-hope), bought his mom a cafe (called AND.here), forever the victim of evil bitch YG (deep down YG loves him, the teacher is always the hardest on his best student), excellent MC (like Daesung), has a promising future as CEO (the next YG, he kinda already is), has a lot of idol friends but seems to be really close friends with FTIsland’s Jonghoon, was in a “girl group” named Wonder boys with Taemin(SHINee), Shindong(Super Junior), Eunhyuk(Super Junior), Jo kwon(2AM), loves to be on variety shows (esp Strong Heart), also been in Japan a lot and been on japanese variety shows, also wants to be a white horse(he was born in the year of the horse so he is a horse), practices Jiu Jitsu, loves taking selfies (when he learns a pose he will actually continue to do that until he learns a new one), has done musicals, business man (that’s why he’s the next CEO), if he wasn’t a singer he would be a recreation instructor(everyone else would still be a singer i read that Taeyang wanted to be a gag man tho but not sure if it’s true), hardcore Nyongtory/G-ri shipper(Nyongtory derives from Jiyong and victory), same person on and off-camera(he doesn’t give a fuck and speaks his mind so the other members usually have to be careful and watch his mouth, he used to be worse believe it or not). Seungri is a very transparent person so it’s pretty easy to find out how he is as a person. The others are more reserved.

Real name is Dong Youngbae
B-day: May 18th 1988 (27)
Stage/nick names: Sol, Bae, Youngbae, YB, “Yejungbu’s top fist/punch” (according to Seungri), sexy beast(unofficial), he is also called every variation of the word ‘hoe’, baebae, baeby, (also Taeyang is korean for Sun, because his passion will burn you, and because he’s hot)

From Seoul, second oldest, the main dancer and main vocalist, songwriter, sexy beast on stage and cute and cuddly off stage, he’s pretty confident but he’s also pretty shy by nature, also hard-working like Seungri but prob more of a perfectionist, judgmental bitch (he may not say things out loud but we all know he’s judging on the inside), ready to be a father tbh (just ask Tablo), really caring as well but doesn’t know how to show his feelings (he tries sometimes tho), instead he just fights them (esp Seungri, he’s loves that bitch but Seungri rejects him at times because GD owns his heart lol, poor bae just wants to be loved, luckily he has a gf now YAY!), the captain of the Baeri ship (my fave ship), was supposed to debut with GD as a duo but plans changed and they all (except for Hyunseung) became a part of Big Bang(but it’s all good because GDYB still happened), lethal smile (and cutest eye smile), also has a solo career besides BB (beautiful music as well), really good at speaking English (he’s Seungri’s personal English teacher), low key attention whore as well (he loves when fans pick him as their fave too and when they scream his name), good cook (the best cook among them all), loves kimbap lol, been in YGE since he was 12 years old, doesn’t really hang out with other idols (lol what a loser…i am kidding), does he really need other friends BB is enough for him, religious, only dream was to become a singer, was a child actor (he was so cute), has tattoos(i don’t keep a track of the amount), had a dog named Boss(RIP), he got a new dog that’s called ‘Homie’, good at maintaining his abs even tho he indulges in not-so-healthy foods, has killer eyebrows, considers Daesung his soulmate (because he’s the member that’s most like him).

Real name is Kang Daesung
B-day: April 26th 1989 (26)
Stage/nick names: Dae, Daesungie, angel, D-lite, dangerous kang (hahah), “Oryudong’s killer smile” (according to Seungri), sunshine, D-dae (because his hotness kills, ok no one calls him that but they should), also Daesung is Korean for succeeding/becoming big etc.(not 100% sure tho)

From Seoul as well, second youngest, lead vocalist, actor, will always lend you money, huge in Japan (the most popular after the emperor of Japan!!! and also incredible sexy to his Japanese fans), the cutest guy ever (he’s actually perfect), very brave, seems innocent but prob isn’t (yeah don’t fight me on this one), variety KING (i swear no one else is funnier, they can try but he will always be the best and we all know that), Born MC (so is Seungri, they’re really good at a lot of the same things actually and they’re both pretty successful in Japan too), also has a solo career (mainly in Japan), also fluent in Japanese , done trot music as well (these maknes are no ordinary maknes), loved by TOP, good listener and helps everyone else, he’s not good at opening up tho (i feel you Dae), he’s not really selfish and sensitive but at the same time a really strong person, religious, has amazing skin (please spill some more beauty secrets Dae!!), when he smiles your life will be improved by 100% (it’s science), the only one that doesn’t have social media (but luckily the others upload selfies with him so it’s all good), developed sociophobia and stage fright when they debuted because he thought he wasn’t as talented as his fellow member (luckily artist Gummy helped him overcome all that and became a close friend of his), has done musicals, even tho he has this reputation of being a smiling angel it’s also a defense mechanism,(he’s still a human being), scared of haunting houses, good at taking care of his health.

Real name is Kwon Jiyong
B-day: August 18th 1988 (26)
Stage/nick names: GD, ji, jiyong, “Little man of Itaewon” (according to Seungri), goat, goat-dragon, goat master, Dony’s loverboy(i am making up a lot of these nick names but we all know he is lol), (Jiyong literally means G-dragon G=Ji, Dragon=Yong, he was also born in the year of the dragon)

Also from Seoul, third youngest, lead dancer, main rapper, leader, face of the group, songwriter (he’s a genius ok, just look up all the songs he’s written), writes songs as often as i am on tumblr, most likely to become a dad first(he would be an amazing dad, and he knows it), fashionista (he attends a lot of fashion shows, so he meets all these designers/models/celebs, Karl Lagerfeld has given him clothes to not only him but his fellow members too (poor daeri tho, they only get scarves and shitty stuff tho haha), born celebrity (even when drunk just ask Seungri), into historical kdramas, loves to cuddle and sleep with Seungri and misses him like crazy when he’s away (we all know he does, lol he doesn’t even hide it), harcore Nyongtory/G-ri shipper as well (he literally always has to be around Seungri (he’s obsessed ok, he even said that he would date Seungri if the members were females lol), he’s an honest person and sadly he gets a lot of hate for it, one of the richest persons in South Korea (isn’t he the richest idol ever?, he has a a black card to prove it(is it a rumor? even so we all know he’s rich AF)), has nice legs, also has a solo career (you would think they would give other groups a chance but no, when they aren’t united their solo activities does really well on the charts as well), other than being in GDYB he has also been a apart of the subunit GD&TOP, he debuted first in Litte Roo'ra but after a few years the company decided to disband them, was an SM trainee for 5 years(obv that didn’t work out), trainee at YGE since he was 13(alongside Taeyang, that’s why they’re BROS FOR LIFE, he even wanted a tattoo in honor of their friendship but Bae was against it), debuted with BB in 2006, YG’s fave person(YG literally sees money when he looks at GD), besides knowing Taeyang since they were kids he knew TOP from school (they were friends too, RAP BROS FOR LIFE), their friendship was dead for a while but GD contacted him again when YGE was looking for talents, claims that he started rapping because of the Wu Tang Clan,  has a bunch of tattoos(again not sure about the amount), recently he opened his art exhibition called peaceminusone.

Real name is Choi Seunghyun (aka big Seunghyun since Seungri is lil Seunghyun)
B-day: November 4th 1987 (27)
Stage/nick name: TOP, T.O.P, bingu top or just bingu, (s)tahp (lol jk no one says that), Top gun(ok no one calls him that i just wanted to add it), the “Unmatched Beautiful Man of Jamshil” (according to Seungri)

From Seoul as well, a dance God according to himself, oldest, lead rapper, visual, songwriter, actor, got the stage name TOP by Se7en (doesn’t have a special meaning, just that’s he’s top in everything he does hah, also when you spell out top that’s how you pronounce it), used to be an underground rapper with the name Tempo, childhood friends with GD, later auditioned for YGE (rejected at first but proved them wrong the second time and also lost some weight(because they said he was too chubby) and got in), also has a solo career and like i mentioned he was a part of the subunit GD&TOP, loves Daesung to death (he’s what GD is to Seungri basically), these hyungs have an obsession with their maknes (poor maknes getting overly loved, no actually poor Taeyang who doesn’t have anyone to pair up with in the group, he’s still trying hard, Seungri will have to give in at some point.. i should mention that hyung means brother (bro to bro) if you didn’t know), attracted to chairs (chairs are sexy ok..jk he isn’t…sometimes i think he is tho…), highly interested in art (just look at topstagram), momma’s boy, actually very shy but really sweet and kind, very chill person but weird (but who isn’t???), really private person, awkward (but that makes him more lovable), they’re all jealous of his beauty (who isn’t??), not very good at expressing his love either so he’s more subtle (unlike Seungri and GD ahah…TOP isn’t always subtle tho..), which is why Todae(Top & Daesung) is so alive. 

Big bang always love to treat their fans so they have made a lot of kdrama parodies(just watch and see what happens, i don’t wanna spoil anything), they have also made Big Bang TV where we can see how they are in real life (or at least to some degree, they will be making individual TV’s this month too, they promised but where the hell is it?!?!?), Big Bang was considered to be named Diamond(thank God they changed it), T.O.P was almost called Mark(what…?), Daesung was Big Castle (WTF), Seungri was Sonic(sonic the hedgehog lol), Taeyang was Taekwon(apparently he did use that name for a while tho when he and GD were a duo), not sure about GD (that bitch spared himself). 

Hope this helped! 

Tyler Lets The Phanship Sail

Thanks for the prompt anon, was a tough one, so sorry its late, my internet was misbehaving as well :P

Title:Tyler Lets The Phanship Sail

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: A couple of swears :3

“Come on Phil we have to go now!” Dan called up the apartment stairs to phil.

“I-I’m coming, i’m just tryin’, tryin’ to-"  there was a huge crashing sound.

"Phil are you okay?”

“yeah, I just fell over putting my socks on!” He laughed.

“Well hurry up and get your arse down the stairs now” He ordered lightly. Phil came running down the stairs in black skinny jeans, black sneakers, mismatched socks, his bat shirt which he loved, and his hair flailing everywhere. He was about to walk past Dan when he stopped in his tracks, glanced over at Dan and gave him a peck on the lips. Dan sighed at Phil, but he couldn’t contain his cheesy smile which only came out for him. Phil smiled back and carried on walking past Dan and through the front door. Dan laughed quietly to himself.

“Make sure you don’t do that  in tyler’s vlog babe, imagine the shitstorm that would go on everywhere!” He called to phil as he followed him out the door locking it behind them. They clambered into the taxi that was outside their apartment waiting to take them to Tyler Oakley’s house to have a day out with him in one of his vlogs. They’d left the house before 9 o’clock to get there early so Tyler could get plenty of footage, so naturally both of them were still half asleep. It was rare to see either of them out of bed before noon. Tyler was the only one who knew about their secret relationship apart from one or two other people, so dan and phil had great trust in him to keep it a secret.

Dan paid the taxi driver the due amount as they got out the car at Tyler’s house. “Im actually looking forward to this.” Phil told Dan, now slightly more awake.

“Yeah me too.” He smiled as he knocked on the door to tyler’s home.  A few seconds later they were greeted by tyler and his camera.

“Look who I found at my doorstep!” He exclaimed to the camera as he swivelled his camera round to face dan and phil. They both smile and wave awkwardly.

“Heyyy” They both said in synchronisation. They both give tyler a quick hug and are lead to his living room all the while with tyler talking to his camera. Once tyler stops recording they decide on what the plans for the day would be.

“Well, I’ve got something come up this evening so it’ll have to have to be a quick walk round town and we can grab a bite at a café if you want.”

“That sounds good” Dan and phil both agree as they set out the door. All three of them squeeze into yet another taxi and travel to town laughing and chatting.

“So how are things between you two?” Tyler winked, smiling cheekily at the two men sitting next to each other hand in hand. They both laughed.

“Things are, well, good. Aren’t they phil?” Dan says looking at Phil “You know, same old.”

“Good good, any plans of telling your fans yet?” Tyler questioned

“Hell no.” Dan replied swiftly. “What happens between me and Phil is private and personal, the whole world doesn’t need to know everything.”

“Personally I wouldn’t mind” Phil said “I think our fans would support us and honestly I think they suspect it anyway, you know, with all the phan stuff going round tumblr.”

“Yeah, but there’d be so much hate phil, and I don’t know if I could tolerate it.” Dan added in.

“Well I’ll support you in what ever decision you make.” Tyler said happily as the taxi pulled up at the requested street.

“Thanks tyler” They both chimed as they climbed out of the taxi, letting go of each others hand.

They had great fun that day, walking round shops and round streets getting noticed and terrorised by danosaurs and philions everywhere. Towards the end of their day out they found a quiet café where they could hopefully eat their meal in peace. They walked in through the door to see that the café was completely empty. Perfect. The went and sat in the booth in the corner, furthest from the window, so no passer-bys could see them. The boys sat on one side of the table while Tyler sat on the other and linked hands under the table so that the camera wouldn’t catch any evidence of them being together. They ordered their meal and sat talking and laughing. They were just polishing off their desert when tyler pulled his camera out to do a quick summary of what they’d just eaten.

“Guys my camera’s not working.” Tyler said frowning as he fiddled with it. “I’ll trying putting the battery in and out again.” He exclaimed to Dan and Phil, who weren’t paying any attention to Tyler and were too busy play fighting over who should get the last profitta roll.

“It’s mine!” Dan said as he picked it up from the plate and was pushing towards his mouth just as Phil slapped his hand, sending it flying. Phil caught it and shovelled it straight into his mouth and laughed at Dan. Dan faked annoyance and sarcastically yelled at him.

“PHIL! That was MINE! Give it to me NOW.” He Laughed and took hold of phils face and pulling towards his own.

Just as their lips met Tyler who was completely oblivious to what was going on because he was too transfixed with fixing his camera yelled out “Hey guys I fixed it!” He turned the camera round to face a Dan and Phil who were passionately making out. Tyler quickly stopped recording as soon as he realised what was going on. “UUUUMMM GUYSS! I am here you know! Trying to make me feeling like more of a third wheel  I see!” He joked as Dan and Phil pulled apart laughing and blushing, unaware of the fact that Tyler had just videoed them making out.

“Sorry, Phil just stole one of my profitta and I had to retrieve it.” Dan laughed

“What? From his mouth?” Tyler joked as they all broke down into laughter. “Right, I have to get home and edit and upload this video SUPER quick before the thing tonight.” Tyler sighed as he stood up.

“Okay bye, nice meeting you!” Dan said as they both bid him farewell before making their own way home.  

After a couple of hours of laying round they house doing nothing in particular, Dan called out to Phil “Phill! Tyler’s  Vlog’s up! Wanna come watch it with me?!”

“Yeah im coming!” Phil called as he ran to where Dan was sitting on the sofa and snuggled up beside him, putting an arm round his waist. Dan pressed play and they laughed joyfully at the video of just acouple of hours ago. It was coming towards the end of the video as tyler’s face popped up and Dan and Phil recognised the background as the café. Tyler smiled into the camera and called out “Hey guys, I fixed it!”

“Strange, I don’t remember this bit?” Dan said confused.

“Oh, wasn’t that when- Oh… Shit.” Phil swore and looked worried.

“When what?” Dan asked as they continued to watch the video. The camera rotated round to a view of both of them kissing at the table. Dan paused the video and swore repeated under his breath.

“What is this!? Why would he put this in!? This is bullshit! I’m calling him now!” Dan said as he fumbled through his pocket for his phone. His scrolled through his contacts list to Tylers name. He clicked on it and heard ringing through the other end. “Come on come on, pick up the phone.” Dan whispered to himself. All of a sudden Tyler picked up.

“Hey Dan! What’s up!” Tyler said happily down the phone.

“Tyler take the video down right now!” Dan yelled angrily down the phone.

“Woah, why, what’s wrong with it?” Tyler said worried

“You put in a bit with me and phil making out in it!” Dan hissed “Why’d you do that!? Take it down!”

“What!? Dan I didn’t do it on purpose, I was really rushed for time and just shoved everything together into one video without looking! And I can’t take it down because I’ve just left for the meeting I have tonight!”

“Well go back!”

“Dan I can’t! Its really important.” Tyler begged

“I DON-“ Just before dan finished his sentence Phil snatched his phone from him and apologized to tyler and told him he’d sort it out before hanging up. ”PHIL!? What the fuck?!”

“Dan, calm down.” Phil pleaded with him.

“Do you not see what’s going on Phil!?” Dan yelled pointing to the screen infront of them as if phil was stupid.

“I do see! But what I don’t see, is the problem you have with it.”

“Phil! Everyone will know!”


“There’ll be so much hate phil!”

“Let them hate.”


“No buts.” Phil interrupted. “I love you Dan and that’s all that matters. And that’s all that should matter to you. You should be able to have a relationship openly without having to worry about it 24/7. Yeah, there’ll be hate, but as long as we have each other it won’t matter. I’ll always be here, the world was gonna find out sometime, so why not now?” Phil wrapped his arms round Dans shoulders and held him tight. “We’ll face them together with our heads held high. What d’ya say?” Phil asked softly as he lightly kisses Dans cheek.

“Okay Phil. Okay.” Dan sighed. “I love you too by the way.” He added as he turned his head to phil and pressed phils mouth against his.  

This article dealio has been in the works for a while and I figured I might as well publish it. Underneath the cut I discuss how I run my blog. These tips/tricks/hints can be applied to just about any blog that’s starting out, from a vintage blog to a nature one. Obviously it’s not end all be all guide about how to do it, but it’s how I approach running my blog.

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OBTumblr is THRILLED to announce a brand new special, Orphan Black: The #Cloneversation! 

Mark your calendars - the special will premiere on Saturday, April 12 at 8/7c on BBC AMERICA. The show will be hosted by Wil Wheaton (wilwheaton) and the one-hour special will cover all-things awesome in Season One and offer an exclusive look at the making of Season Two.

Of course an Orphan Black special wouldn’t really be SPECIAL without #CloneClub. We want to feature YOUR artwork and video in the show! That’s right - you or your art could be featured on TV.

There’s TWO WAYS to be a part of the special:

ART SUBMISSIONS. You can submit your Orphan Black fan work. You guys are incredible and we want to use Orphan Black: The #Cloneversation to celebrate all of the fantastic work you’ve been making for the past year. Click HERE to visit BBCAmerica.com to submit.

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS. We want you to create Orphan Black videos letting us know your thoughts and feels about the show, Season 2 and about all of the beautiful things that happen in #CloneClub!

*Tell everyone what you love most about Orphan Black.
*Talk about who your favorite clone is and why you relate to them.
*Show everyone your best Felix impression, by quoting your fave Fee lines from Season One or, make up something new!
*Tell us your favorite thing about #CloneClub.
*Share your craziest theories for Season Two. What do you hope will happen?

Click HERE to visit BBCAmerica.com to upload your video.

SOME VIDEO DOs: Make sure we can hear and see you. Be as creative as you can be - you could make an animation or an original song! Let your personality and individuality shine.

SOME VIDEO DON’Ts: Lose the jams (no music.) Logos are lame (don’t wear stuff with massive logos.) Watch your mouth (go easy on the profanity.) 

To be considered, you must submit your art and videos through BBCAmerica.com, but you can share anything you make on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, or any other platform for everyone to see.

DUE DATE: Please submit all your video and art entries by Tuesday, March 25 at 6PM/5c in order to be considered to be featured on the show. (You could also make Orphan Black videos and art for the rest of time and we would be very happy about that.)

FINE PRINT: (Click here to read it all.)

You must be 18 years old to participate. We really wish we could open this up to everybody, but unfortunately we can’t. Your submissions must also be in by March 25 at 6PM EDT. 

You should also be aware that BBC America and Temple Street Production will be contacting you directly if your art or video is selected for the special and you will be required to sign and return the production’s standard consent and release form. Please make sure the email address you use for the submission form is correct and you check it frequently - we’d really hate it if we couldn’t use something because we couldn’t get in touch with you.

We can’t wait to see what you create, #CloneClub! To us here at the Orphan Black Tumblr, the most important part of Orphan Black is you guys. It’s your art, gifs, cosplay, meetups, puns, your love for sugary products. It’s how you help each other learn binary code, all of your conversations with each other, and how you’ve made so many of your friends and family excited enough to join us on the trip. 


but imagine this concept

haruka nanase, aged 18

know how to user the computer!!!!!



haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

(altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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Every Day Is Okay (Chapter: 1)

Title: Every Day Is Okay (Written on AO3: Link)

Fandom: Pokemon Go/Pokemon

Characters: Spark (9 Years Old), Spark’s Mom

Word Count: 1,402

Summary:  Since he was born, Spark dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer, working hand-in-hand with Pokemon to battle in gyms and other trainers. When Spark turned 9 years old, he finally was able to enroll in the Pokemon Trainer Academy in his local city where he would learn how to work with Pokemon for a year before heading out on his own adventure. Here he meets the two students who would become his best friends, Candela and Blanche. Though it was difficult to leave home, he adjusts to life in the dorms of the Academy, and as he finally graduates after a year, he realizes that though life brings toil and rough-waters, in the end, it would be him to decide on his own fate. Spark embarks on his journey knowing that every day is okay.

Author Notes:  In which I set the mood by releasing a sort of “Pilot” chapter. An introduction persay. Just a little taste of what is to come. (Also, the song)

               “But look around!”

               “Dance up and down.”

               “The world is now!”

               “Still going ‘round.”

               “Just feel it pound!”

               “We’re skyward bound.”

               “Move at the top – speed – of – sound! Running to another day, I wanna break away and take the leap!” A nine-year-old Spark jumped off the couch in a child-like fashion, running over to the kitchen where his mother was singing along with him, though less enthusiastically.

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A Pondering of the Canaries Episode...

So, I’ve been thinking…

WAIT!! Tumblr did something different with how I do these postings… it’s not how I remember having to do it. DON’T SCREW WITH ME TUMBLR, I’M NOT IN THE MOOD!!! 

Ahem, okay, inside voice now. I think I can work out the new way to add things now… damn it, wasting precious brain space on uploading new information and deleting old, redundant info. It’s enough of a carousel rid up there as it is. 

Now, where was I? 

Oh yeah, thinking. 

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