uploading old art i don't care

You know what. I am going to share with all of you amazing individuals some embarrassingly old Sonic art from 2011. Out of sheer curiosity I went through my “SONIC” folder on my laptop and I found a quartet of absolutely hideous gems from a bygone age that never made it up to this blog (there is some fabulously weird shit in the “sonic the hedgehog” tag on this blog if you feel like spelunking into depths uglier than Hell itself). Here, you all can have them:

And some wtf from 2013 that I know I uploaded here back when, but deleted it within, what, an hour? Here you can have it all over again because we’re well beyond the point of “this is embarrassing” by now; it has been solidly established that I am someone who should never be allowed to be a fan of anything ever:

Aw, Sonic, you’re my favourite.