uploading it because this time i made it better


“Wrong Snapchat” - Yoonseok Social Media AU

Hoseok is given the famous rapper Yoongi’s snapchat when trying to flirt with this cute stranger. As Yoongi and Hoseok continue to talk, Hoseok starts to like the fact that the cute stranger had given him someone else’s snapchat.


I’m uploading because Jikook just made my entire existence suddenly worth it. I literally feel so happy now just because Kookie uploaded that video. Oh, and also super happy because of the news about them going on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Oh wait. We’re all crying, nvm. 

(also the time for them to meet is getting closer…. who’s ready????)

So I re-uploaded again because I couldn’t find it to reblog.

Basically, I made a short version of the film accompanied by music. Please watch and leave a comment with your response as it will help me to better for next time and I really appreciate it! Thank you!

Song~ Barns Courtney- Hobo Rocket.


I really don’t think it’s fair to photoshop/edit custom content that has very obvious flaws. Editing pics to create a beautiful presentation of custom content is fine…I enjoy how some creator’s present their CC as much as the content itself. It’s like a well done commercial.

 I’m talking about hiding things like gaps in a mesh, low quality textures, things of that nature. It happens more with custom content clothing. I’ve learned to avoid CC from particular creators because I know from experience that the way they present their CC is not what you’re going to get in game. You’re going to get a bunch of bad textures and huge open gaps in the mesh and ridiculous amounts of clipping, etc. I’m not the best CC maker…I only do conversions and frankenmeshing…but I would never hide flaws in what I make. I simply won’t upload it. Or if I do, I’ll tell you what the flaw is. 

Maybe I’m nitpicking because I guess I could use poorly made CC and edit my pics with it as well, but I think it’s an issue of integrity. Be true to yourself. Create content that you are genuinely proud of. If it takes a while to get the item looking flawless, then take your time. And sometimes you’ll have to scrap some stuff that just ain’t fixable, lol. I think it’s better than editing the pics, which is kinda like false advertising? lol

Anyway, just my two cents on it.

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 6: The Day The Tutor Died

Recommended Song: Really Really by Winner

|All Chapters|


What you saw that day had you missing your seat and very distracted.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, shirtless Kook.

Word Count: 2634 

Length: 6/?

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Cat Grant Appreciation Week 1/7 
Obviously one of the big reasons I love Cat Grant is that she’s one half of my OTP and like 9 of the reasons that SuperCat is my OTP is Cat Grant but there is so much more to Cat than that. This Cat Grant Appreciation Week I will refrain entirely from using any supercat moments, in order to highlight how much I appreciate Cat Grant even without all the great shipping.

Favorite Scene: Cat x Kara scenes aside, Mrs. Grant, Queen of All Media, CEO of CatCo and spectacular journalist, is so amazing, in part for her ability to inspire others. Besides inspiring an unbelievable amount of fan art, she also inspires people. Thats why this is one of my favourite scenes because it’s one of the first times we see that side of her without the stone-cold boss persona she so easily hides behind. We see her brilliance in action, and the side of her that wants to do good and make the world a better place and inspire people to do better, which is one of the things that made me fall in love with her as a character in the first place.

this beautiful face she makes whatever she’s doing

Dear @markiplier ,

I know you’re probably never going to see this post. You probably get thousands of notes and @s a day so it would make since if you never saw this and I’ll be okay if you don’t see it… I just need to get all of this off of my chest. So, I’m not trying to have a pity party or anything. I just want to clear everything, ya know? I just want to tell someone who doesn’t know me personally… and like I said you’re probably never going to see this so that helps, honestly.

I’ve been watching your videos for around three or four years, starting back in 2013/14. Around that time I had never watched any other Youtuber before, thinking that all of you were dumb and wondering why anyone would waste their time watching your videos.

But then I discovered you.

You were so vibrant and funny and energetic and I just couldn’t help but watch as many of your videos as I could that day. At the time I was beginning to struggle with depression and anxiety and didn’t know how to handle the mass feelings of self-doubt and hatred and sadness I was feeling. I didn’t know how to deal with the thoughts of suicide and self harm. I could almost never smile at or laugh genuinely at anything throughout the day. But then your videos… least to say you screaming into a microphone while being scared out of your mind made me laugh.

I subscribed to you shortly finding your videos because you were just so funny, different from the other Youtubers I’d seen before. There was just something so charming about you that I loved.

Skip ahead one year and my depression and suicide thoughts were not getting any better. No one I knew knew how I felt because I couldn’t talk to anyone about them, feeling as no one would understand, ya know? The only person I felt who understood me was you.

Every time you uploaded a video I just ran to it, needing the comfort you somehow gave to me through the screen. And when you told me I was worth it and shouldn’t give up on life, I believed you. Struggled at fist, of course. And I still do. I have the thoughts of: “why should I be alive?”. But then I click on one of your videos and you chase away all of the self doubt and hatred. As long as I’m watching one of your videos, all of my fears and problems are rushed away. It’s as though I have no care in the world except for what you’re dealing with in the game you are currently playing.

Presently, I am still in school and having a troublesome time. I may be on anti-depressants now and they do help,  until I don’t take one on a day. I hate relying on pills. I’m so dependent on them to be stable through the day. If I miss a day I’m completely screwed up, I can’t function. I get panicky and anxious and can’t calm down and every little thing can send me into a panic attack. But you want to know what I fall back on on those days?


When I’m falling into the process of a panic attack I pull up one of your videos, listen to your voice. Just hearing you helps me focus on my breathing and calm me down. And if I can’t access the internet because school wifi sucks, I just try to think back to what you’ve told me in the past. That you believe in me. And that thought helps me draw in a deep breath and calm down. Because you believe in me and I can’t let you down.

I know it probably sounds weird and unbelievable that I depend on you because you don’t even know me. But I’m not lying for a second. I’m not stretching the truth in any way or form, either. This is just me rambling about how you’ve helped me through the years. So please ignore how badly its put together.

So, in summary, you have helped me through dark parts in my life, Mark. And you still are. You’ve saved me from myself on so many occasions and I just wanted to thank you… though I never will be able to thank you enough. You’ve saved my life countless times and I can’t put my gratitude into words.

I am going to start posting more of my own art and writing because you have inspired me to do so. Thank you so so much, Mark. 

And like I said before, you may never see this.And that’s okay. It would be great if you did see this, of course, so that you could know how much you’ve helped me. But I understand if you don’t.

Sorry that I just rambled. I just had to say all of that.

I love you Mark. So much.

From a life you saved,


Happy Birthday to...


Hey I got up to actually do something… and the result is ‘efin horrible (as always)

So I like Shadys Jou characters alot, a whole lot, they are cute, beautiful, gorgeous, diverse and sexy as all hell freezing over. Being the little fanboy that I am sometimes I wanted to draw something with my favourite of them, Aijou, well… “favourite” is such a thing to say, they are all great and I still can’t really say if I like Aijou or Yaojou more GNARGH…

Tl;dr - The jous are a great and prime example of OC creation and why I love and appreciate own ideas, own characters and all that meta alot and I am extremely curious on that huge lore post he wants to publish from them since I’m very interested (and feel creepy for liking them so much, kinda feel stalkerish, welp)

Anyway so here we have Aijou getting a birthday gift sweater and a sweet chocolate cake that is nearly half as much sugar as she is herself. I wanted to try something different with the coloring but I think I fucked it up big time, and to be honest I didn’t caught as much “cute” as I caught “scary” at least in SAI =w=

I think it’s the thought that counts but just maaaaybe quality is also something well appreciated if delivered… =w=; sorry to Shady that it’s just the thought that counts here… (and my horrible time management… - I made 4 versions and I will all upload them here… you all better go and check out his tumblr because his stuff is good, funny and sexy and has a lot of jous!)

Art © by @incodiac and Aijou and the jou race © by @averyshadydolphin

Colors and text

Colors and textless

Colorless with text

Colorless and textless

anonymous asked:

i agree with the other Jake Pauler. jake has talent. the only reason people like the dolan twins is because their hot. they don't actually have talent. jake has mulltiple songs out, do the twins have any out? no, so stop hating on jake. the dolans twins may have won in votes, but obviously the producers didin't think so

Sis … I’m gonna need you to go get your ears checked because if you think the shit Jake makes is music then you really are delusional. The twins made a diss track as a joke & its 20 times better then any song Jake uploaded! & can we talk about Catfish Pizza Peanut Butter Jelly? Bitch I threw ass like a stripper to that shit ok. Anyway. What talent does Jake have honestly? I don’t find him the least bit funny. He was in a Disney show that nobody even knew about. Dabbing isn’t a talent either. It’s just annoying. The twins actually put out good content. They’re goofballs but they’re genuine people. They’re such a positive inspiration to so many people. Where as Jake is toxic & is like a bad cause of the runs that won’t go away.


Charli XCX - Boys [SEVENTEEN Ver.] 

Hello all!! I’ve been seeing a few of the kpop versions of this music video floating around on twitter and it inspired me to create a rendition of my own! I spent a good few hours to edit this, my neck is about to break and this song is now stuck in my head too haha. This was supposed to be uploaded here on tumblr but it kept having errors so I uploaded it onto YouTube instead. Also, this is my first time making videos like these so please bear with the horrendous quality! But then again, it came out better than expected :p Hence, hats off to the people that edit their videos flawlessly!  I hope you’ll enjoy watching this little video I made today. This is probably my first and last time doing this because my holidays are ending in 2 weeks and please do let me know if you liked it or not!! Do reblog and like this video!!! I want this video to be viewed by many because seventeen deserves that attention ^^ I also want this lil video to somehow make your day/night a lil better!! Alas, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST LEADER IN THE WORLD THAT IS SCOUPS!!!!!! 소리질러!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the part he said my name.

I’m uploading it only because I want to say, BRAVO Jack as we also say here in Greece you got it right the first time you said it and yeah it’s not pronounced how you would normally say it (and also you emphasize on irO and not on Iro but WHO CARES)

All in all, thank you for answering to me about Rime too, and that you said my name. You made my whole weekend so much better.

Surprise Date Night

Prompt: When Phil tried to plan a romantic evening, by, once again, professing his undying love to his boyfriend, who’s cackling in the corner, mumbling something about Hannah Montana.

Word Count: 1751

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Dan has epilepsy – does that need a warning?

And I’m back with another fic.  2 in 1 day!

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Source: 百愛かわいい
Artist: Rakkun
Pairing: Momotarou -> Nitori, Nitori -> (?) Rin

Scanlation: larabarq
Please do not repost outside of tumblr.
If you can, please visit the image source and rate it 10/10!

Happy Birthday Momotarou! This was done in a rush (please excuse my poor translations), I did not know it was Momo’s birthday until a few hours ago and I really wanted to contribute something so here’s a Momotori scanlated comic! (Poor Momo though, I’ll scanlate a happier one of them next time)

Oh, and this took me foreverrr to upload because the B/W comic size is over 5000pixels and I couldn’t figure a way to upload it onto tumblr without distorting the image so I had to crop it up. If you see random white spaces before a black line, that’s how that happened. It’s not an error made by the artist! If anyone knows a better way, please LMK.

This blog is dead and deleting

Nah it’s not lol but I needed your attention real quick 😂 and you better read this or Eric and Dylan will punish you and you will forever suffer in the cull >:(

Listen up my children! I know I have been fucking unbelievable inactive in the last two weeks! The thing is, my health condition is currently seriously bad and I am physically not able to do even the most basic things but I will soon undergo surgery and everything should get better! (Or I’ll die during the surgery or afterwards due to side effects lol)

I have also changed a lot of my life plans in the last week and was very busy but to be completely honest here, I thought about deleting this blog too.

The thing is, I really lacked inspiration and motivation to write in the last time and nothing that I tried helped me.

So, I thought that maybe I am at the point in my life where this is a chapter that I have to close in order to open a new one.

I spent a lot of time thinking about it and remembered why I made this blog in the first place.

I remember how it feels to be on the other side. I remember how it feels to send in a request and I also remember how it feels that this request is rejected. I remember that many true crime imagine blogs deleted over the years or abandoned their blogs and the amount is still increasing. People on here deserve to have imagine blogs that stay. I thought this was a chapter that I had to close but fact is that I made this blog one week after my best friend jumped in front of a train. I made this blog to cope. I made this blog to make other people happy because making other people happy did always make me happy. This blog helped me to deal with his loss and he is a chapter that I do not want to close. People on here gave me a will to live and I truly treasure all the people I met and all the experiences that I made here. So basically, this blog is a very positive thing for me and has played a big role in my life before, the life that I can still live because I kept myself so busy with this blog that I could banish ‘bad’ thoughts most of the time.

Long story cut short, I feel a bit better than I did in the past days and I will upload the next imagine on Saturday. I intend to stay and thank you all for your patience. I appreciate it a lot! 💕

anonymous asked:

If I remember correctly, didn't you make a bear fursuit for a friend at one point? I thought I remember you talking briefly about it on a stream long ago. If my memory's right, do you have any pics of 'im? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Yes I did! His name is Plox and he was made for a good friend of mine quite some time ago. I never ended up getting proper photos of this guy, because I needed to re-do his nose and fix his fingers/claws. The owner lives somewhat far from me, and hasn’t returned the suit back to me in order to fix him.

I like the suit, but i’m not sure if I will upload anymore photos unless I can do a semi-revamp. Just like any art, I’ve improved since, and there’s a lot I wish I had done better. I took a lot of new risks with this costume, which furthered my experience in what I should and should not use, but resulted in a product that needed rejuvenation almost immediately. (i.e.: heavy sculpey for nose and teeth, which re-hydrates and becomes sticky, even with proper sealing; using casted claws that were not properly set into fingers; and a head which could have been better shaped.) 

I am still in absolute shock that I got to meet this incredibly amazing human being! HE IS the sweetest, kindest most amazing person in the world.. and he Absoloutly gives the best hugs! This man has helped me through my worst times, When I wanted to kill myself, when I was down heck even when I was having a good day, for the past year he has been my constant, He was there every day, for the 15-20 minute videos he uploaded everyday they were an escape for me, I didn’t have to worry about anything going on around me.. Every time he replied to me on Tumblr or liked something of mine it made me feel amazing that I knew he was there and then last night after waiting for 3 hours he came out and spent a good 40 minutes just talking and having a laugh with us.. I will upload a better photo when I get home, but i love this one so much because in that moment were I am hugging him, I was crying into his shoulder and he was telling me that it was alright and not to cry ❤ Thank you Jacksepticeye for being everything I expected you to be and even more! I love you so much ❤


A year and two days ago, I was recruited to work on @undersongmusical, and I was so excited, because I’d been following that project intently for the past several months. Now, I’ve drawn this to celebrate my one-year anniversary, not only because Undertale is our inspiration, but because, like Frisk, I have faced many trials and made many friends, and come out changed for the better. Thank you, Undersong crew, for creating a story that will be with my heart forever.


bae and me moved in this little beauty while we’re studying. I dunno why I keep calling him bae, his real name is Matt. Suddenly Matt started to play Sims 4 which was a surprise to me, bigger surprise was that he only made himself, and lives alone - khm asshole khm

so university is almost over, and I already stared to make our first home, which hopefully will be done today, so I can upload it with a little honest and personal time too, because my life is getting better and better and I want to share it with you guys, because you’re the best! 

Hello!Hope u r feeling better! Can you, please, mad Yunho and Changmin as Goblin and Grim Reaper when u’ll come back? Thank you in advance. Get well soon! <3

Thank you for requesting it, feel free to do it as much times as you want, I hope you like it. I guess it’s a request inspired in the drama Goblin, I try to portray the different natures of the Goblin & the Grim Reaper, even if their punishment had some short of the same origin. Once again thanks for your well whishes, I’m feeling much better, but I’m still trying to not overdone myself, but it’s nice to been able to upload again, even if it takes more time to make it because I had to made pauses.

Splatoon 2 artwork I did on release date.

It was planned for an art competition and I only had one week to get it done (because I found out about it very late), so I was in a hurry. At the end I didn’t won and stressed myself for nothing. If I had more time, it would have turned out better and also had less mistakes. I just wanted to destroy it and pretent it wouldn’t exist. But at the end, I kinda started to like this picture. So I’ve keep it, and shared it online. Now that i’ve got tumblr, i’ll upload it here today :)

Hope you like it :D

P.s. sorry if may made some spelling mistakes, i’m german

P.s.s. please don’t pity me for not winning a competition, I actually knew it in the first place anyway :x