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Yo! It's the Partition anon. I just thought about dexnursey and youtubers. And I just.... couldn't help it.... Dexisnotonfire (despite what his hair will have you think) and amazingnursey (because being chill is amazing). Basically Dex and Nursey being roommates and making videos. Even though Dex probably takes his sweet ass time warming up to the idea but then he realizes it makes money and he's like shit I need the cash fuck. And so it's born. Also let's face it Nursey was made for it.

ok i see u. i see what u did there. but as i have no creativity the names will stay. also idk much about doing youtube as a job but i assume u can also do other jobs?? if not oh well u can now

Anyway, Dex was not Nursey’s roommate by choice. Dex needed somewhere to live that wasn’t gonna cost him an arm and a leg (and another arm) and Nursey needed a roommate that wasn’t going to be breaking his lights or his
“borrowing” his camera only to loose it, or basically ruining his entire recording area. Enter Dex, the man who just needs a few hours of silence to do his own recordings. It’s a match-made in heaven, except that it’s not.

Dex is a nightmare. Nursey is the cause of 95% of Dex’s migraines. 

At first, they think their YouTube channels are totally different. Dex only looked at the first few videos on Nursey’s channel, who did the same to Dex’s. Nursey’s was about some poetry and book reviews, and a vlog about what’s been going on recently (the title said “NEW ROOMMATE!” so he had to watch okay) and Dex just had some how-to videos and a short video of some music he’s found that’s “pretty neat” as he says.

Of course, they totally set up notification’s for each other and subscribe to each other’s channels, it’s the nice thing to do, and that’s when they realize that they also play nearly the same video games.

Nursey is excited as fuck, because he’s been wanting to collab but all his Youtuber friends don’t play the games he likes, and Dex does so it’d be super awesome! Nursey has a larger amount of subscribers (came for the gorgeous face, stayed because he was super cool and dorky) so if they collab, then Dex gets more people, and everyone is happy!


Dex is not happy (”You never are,” Nursey mutter sullenly), they hardly know each other, and they don’t know their playing strategy. (Nursey just does whatever, skips through dialogue, and never listens to instructions. Dex pretends that he has a strategy, but he doesn’t. He does exactly what Nursey does, but with less panicked shouting and more angry curses). It takes Nursey a few more weeks to finally convince Dex to collab but he finally gets what he wanted.

It’s, unsurprisingly, absolutely terrible. Nursey and Dex are too busy trying to tell each other what to do, yelling about what to do, and cursing about what to do, to actually get any good footage. They still found it a little fun, but like, not enough to actually admit it. In the end the just barely edited the video and put it up. If they took out all the arguments from the video, then whatever they uploaded would be less than three minutes.

Surprisingly, the fans love it. Both of their fans, actually. Comments on both videos pile up, asking for more collabs and asking about the new guy.Of course, neither wants to disappoint their fans so they do more collabs.

As time goes on, they get big enough to get paid for this.Of course, Dex still fixes things on the side and Nursey writes poetry for those who can’t articulate their feelings well (or those who fucked up) but they’re getting money, which is great! The videos become less of a mix of anger and panic, and more of a mix of anger, panic and flirting. Nursey brings Dex on to write poetry (he writes this out, in case the link stops its the hot leg poem and Nursey almost pisses himself giggling at it) and Dex brings Nursey over to show how to fix/build a chair and it’s just. A mess).

They start to connect outside of videos, and Dex just pines away at Nursey, tries awkwardly flirting with him and looking seductive but it gets him nowhere and he doesn’t know if Nursey is actually this clueless or is just trying to let him down gently (Nursey knows, he’s waiting for the dude to just fuckin kiss him, he is so ready to make out oh my God) and it takes Nursey, who was down to his briefs ‘accidentally’ tripping onto Dex, who just got out of the shower.